This Sh*t Happens to POC Everyday: An Iranian Experience


"I began writing what you are about to read ten hours after the incident occurred. I wrote this piece as a Facebook post, and with minor editing, I’ve kept it intact for this publication. My hope is that the result of me telling, and telling, and telling my experience is that the circle of allies for people of color will widen. Primarily, I share my stories of oppression so that other oppressed peoples can know that they are not alone. That said, I do not expect for any oppressed person to feel less alone, not until every community develops an understanding of privilege and oppression so well-cultivated that the event I describe below becomes rare, unlikely, not the norm."

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SEAL Releases Workshop Presenter and Vendor Line-Ups


"Celebrate the return of leather to Charleston, SC at the Connections Niteclub, February 27 - March 1, 2015. This is the first regional leather contest weekend that has been held in the city, and also is bringing leather back to its roots, as the venue was formerly the Charleston Eagle, many years ago! Come and be apart of this history making weekend!"

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Leather Life Photography Contest-Extended to Feb 8


"The Goal of the Leather Life Photography Contest is to explore and exhibit the various avenues, and intricate ideals of the "Leather Lifestyle". This includes a raw exploration of an individuals view point of their life and of those that live in Leather. Photography brings an unspoken awareness, connection and insight into many journeys. "

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Erotic Awakenings Podcast


Check out the Erotic Awakening Podcast. Dan & dawn talk about topping from the bottom, and why it is a good idea.

PLUS they talk to Jazz about the International Person of Leather!

PLUS they talk […]

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E-Cigars: The Next Generation of Play

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Written by Squeaker Imp (Steven Disney)

Most of what happens in our lifestyle is based on the sensory of our environment. It only seems appropriate to open this article by setting such a stage. It’s a Saturday night […]

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