Sources of power


Fairly obviously, BDSM and leather have to do with power. This is why we talk about power exchange, why we talk about dominance and submission, and why we talk about mastery and slavery. They all […]

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Reclaiming Our Joy


Keynote at Leather Reign, Seattle, WA
October 18, 2014
By Hardy Haberman

I want to tell you a story.

Anyone who knows me knows how I believe in the power of stories, they can be evocative, funny, […]

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  • Midwest Leather Weekend (left to right) First runner up, Sir Ken of Kansas City, Mr Midwest Leather Jay Johnson of St Louis  Midwest Leather Weekend (left to right) Midwest Puppy contestants Pup Scout, Midwest Puppy 2014 Pup Helmut, Pup Sarge

Midwest Leather Weekend 2014


The annual Midwest Leather Weekend in St Louis, Missouri took place the first weekend of October. Leather folk locally and from surrounding states converged on the Bad Dog Bar & Grill for parties, fetish seminars […]

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E-Cigars: The Next Generation of Play

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Written by Squeaker Imp (Steven Disney)

Most of what happens in our lifestyle is based on the sensory of our environment. It only seems appropriate to open this article by setting such a stage. It’s a Saturday night […]

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