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On Lineage


"Most of the time when people speak and write of Old Guard values and protocols, a heated debate ensues, with one or more of our kinfolk ending up feeling insulted and no one finding consensus about the topic. Basically, we agree to disagree and we go back to our own lives creating more memories, adding to our journeys. Leather Culture is an endless amount of experiences that are developed from many rituals, traditions, scenes, and learned skill sets, many of which have been passed down from person to person. I think the one thing that many will agree on when it comes to Leather and our defining of Le Olde Guarde, is that we want to identify those aspects that individuals can hold on to and proudly say that, “Yes! These things are what made me who I am as a Leatherperson!” We want to give and pass down our most coveted items and memories to those deserving Leatherfolk so that our cultural carbon footprints are not forgotten, so that some tiny part of us lives on. But what is it really that we are passing down and preserving? And thus, I want to talk about lineage."

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The Peter Fiske Whip Collection

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Peter Fiske has been a player longer than many of us have been alive and along the way he’s amassed a truly spectacular, and one-of-a-kind, collection of whips. And trust me, Peter’s whips don’t […]

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SEAL Releases Workshop Presenter and Vendor Line-Ups


"Celebrate the return of leather to Charleston, SC at the Connections Niteclub, February 27 - March 1, 2015. This is the first regional leather contest weekend that has been held in the city, and also is bringing leather back to its roots, as the venue was formerly the Charleston Eagle, many years ago! Come and be apart of this history making weekend!"

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Leather Life Photography Contest-Extended to Feb 8


"The Goal of the Leather Life Photography Contest is to explore and exhibit the various avenues, and intricate ideals of the "Leather Lifestyle". This includes a raw exploration of an individuals view point of their life and of those that live in Leather. Photography brings an unspoken awareness, connection and insight into many journeys. "

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Erotic Awakenings Podcast


Check out the Erotic Awakening Podcast. Dan & dawn talk about topping from the bottom, and why it is a good idea.

PLUS they talk to Jazz about the International Person of Leather!

PLUS they talk […]

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E-Cigars: The Next Generation of Play

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Written by Squeaker Imp (Steven Disney)

Most of what happens in our lifestyle is based on the sensory of our environment. It only seems appropriate to open this article by setting such a stage. It’s a Saturday night […]

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