Fenn, Mr Toronto Rubber 2009, makes it three in a row for the Canadians.

MIR_Contest_Part2_003 Attendees at the second night of the Mr International Rubber 2010 contest were greeted by a caged baseball gear guy and then each person walked the paparazzi rubber carpet as they gathered to help select the new MIR.  The rubber was hot and hotter!

Finally we were all seated and ready for part 2 of the contest.  Once again we were in the great theatre at the Center On Halstead.  On tap last night were the contestant questions and the "mystery bag" fetish segment. 

Go Go Eddie was spot on and ready to roll as the curtain swept back to reveal 7 huge inflated white balloons, each one hiding a contestant who then "popped" out to cheers and hollers.


After a round of judge introductions, a newbie rubber guy was brought on stage to help each contestant provide the answer to the question supplied by the judges;  MIR_Contest_Part2_061 "What would you dress your newbie in and why?"  Fenn's answer really brought the house down as he pulled a pair of monogrammed rubber underwear out of his pants and instructed everyone that he always dresses his newbies in a pair just like them and then do

es a catch and release and so when you find a guy wearing them you'll know who he belongs to and you better bring him back. 

MIR_Contest_Part2_110 After a quick break it was back for the mystery bag with Tim the awesome demo bottom from the Chicago Rubbermen.  The idea is that each contestant selects a bag and then gets to turn loose on the captive bottom.  They are judged on how creatively they use the items in their bag.  Of course Eddie had to show everyone how it was done and soon had Timmy covered in rubber bands and tied to the chair.

We made it through the bags pretty quickly, I think everyone was eager to get to the gold!  Another really short break for the Tallymasters to finish up and then the moment arrived.

MIR_Contest_Part2_174 The judges selected Junya, Mr Midwest Rubber 2009, as the 2nd Runner Up and Skin Rubber Boy as the 1st Runner Up and finally it was revealed that Fenn, Mr Toronto Rubber is the new Mr International Rubber for 2010.

Huge applause and lots of pictures later and it was time to hit the road for the Recon after party at the Jackhammer and The Hole.

This was really a turnaround year for MIR and the new owners really pulled out a great event.  Next year?  Might need a bigger hotel to house all us rubber pervs!

All the pictures can be found here