Master olivier by Olivier Pratt

With so many serious and controversial discussions happening in our community these days, I thought it would be nice to write about something that’s just fun. While I agree that Leather has many MANY contemplative and important facets, it still needs to be fun. If we’re not having fun, then what’s the damn point? I can torture myself at work all day long and at least get paid for it right? Why would I do it for free? Duh? 

If I hear anymore talk about Old Guard-New Guard-Bullshit Guard, to Cover or not to Cover, or any of the key “Bingo” words; honor, integrity, community etc, I’m gonna stab my eyes out with a spork and become a nun. You don’t want to see me in nun drag, it’s not pretty. Imagine Lenny Bruce trying to be a nun, pretty fucking bizarre eh, and damn funny too! Funny as Bachmann trying to convince people she’s knows what the fuck she’s talking about.  

So on we go to Dallas, jumping head first onto the funny wagon of socially unacceptable behavior-the best kind of behavior in my book! Even if it killed me, this was gonna be an engaging, fun trip, leaving as much of life’s bullshit behind as I could. Not an easy goal, but worth a try? 

Now let me set the record straight, road trips with Sparky and I are never really normal. The word normal is highly overrated. Living normal is just not very exciting. I think if I had to choose between being “normal” and say, shitting in a bag and staring at it, the bag would win hands down. I could regale you with road stories that would shock the most hard core weathered road warrior, but another time.  

On this trip it was pup and I with two of my other boys, Tony and Justin, aka Bunny and Halfpint, two sweet feisty boys from Tulsa. We were an SUV full of contest staff and judges. I was heavily self medicated on the drive. Are you kidding, three energetic rebellious boys and me in a confined space for three hours? Get the fucking Spork, I have eyes to stab out. Its as much for my sanity as for their protection. Yes, I know, I have issues. I’m rather proud of them actually.  

We drove directly to the Eagle, changed into our Leathers, Sparky dressed his cheesecake for the auction and we got to work. It was the Friday night Meet and Greet, so the work entailed copious liquor consumption and frivolity. I remember most of it, ok, some of it, maybe. One should not mix Tequila and Vodka. Somehow I always seem to forget that little detail.  

Dallas is our adopted home community. Every time we’re there, it feels like we just left. I don’t think there’s another city in the country where pup and I feel so comfortable and welcomed. It was important to me this article convey the feeling we get in the Dallas community. Through all its faults, and every community has them believe me, it’s a fun, charming and active community, it will always be our home away from home.  

After a restful night at the Tucker Inn (Thank You Mera & Jimmy) and Interviews at the Eagle in the morning, the contest evening arrives. I took out the camera and said let the pictures tell the story… So, tongue in cheek, waving my E-Ticket waiting to get onto Leather Space Mountain, I dove in and had a great time. Thank you Dallas, you always keep me laughing and grounded.  

Congratulations to the new Gulf Coast producer Dan Perry and thanks to the Staff of the Dallas Eagle, ya’ll sure do know how to throw a great Leather shindig. Also a heartfelt Congrats and welcome to the ILSb family to the new Gulf Coast LeatherSIR, boy & Community Bootlblack winners; Jack Duke, Michael Dang and Brenton Kornegay… Good luck and see ya’ll in San Francisco next July. 

Next time, Oklahoma Mr Leather from Tulsa and Leather Pride / BLUF from Amsterdam. 

Here are some great pics to keep you amused:


Greeted at the door by boy Cat. With a smile like that, who needs anything else?


Dan Perry and boy Ed look so innocent, don’t let them fool you!


Look, it’s a Bunny!


I was wondering what his political views were.. Huh?? (EG)


The current Ilb, Nitro w/ his brothers Stallion & Sparky


The evening’s Emcee Jeffrey with Jack Duke and his partner, Ryan Snow.


You know you’d pay to watch these two go at it! (Mark & Lilith)


The Daves and boys! That’s Halfpint on the right.


I just got off a plane from fucking India, cut me some slack..


Just where ARE your hands Hardy & Faye? 


How could one NOT say WOOF to David Henry !


Love his party hat! Such a cute smile. 


SIR Robert, President NLA-I


Former and current ILSb’s … Look, Its me!!


Jack Duke – Image and Speech

Jack n Jock – Where do I put my hands?


Michael Dang during his speech


Michael is one confident boy! WOOF!


Bunny Sex!


My favorite puppy position!


The new Titleholders; Brenton, Jack and Michael


The Bootblack, Brenton already at work. I love enthusiasm.


The Contest Staff, Judges and Winners, a crazy bunch of folks


Add more crazies to the pile and we get Mama’s Family. Insane and fun, as it should be.