AboLby boy Leon Trujillo

Moving to Albuquerque late last year brought many changes to my life. After a couple months of being in New Mexico, I discovered the leather community and a need for boys like me to have a place where boys can be boys. So that is why I have created the Albuquerque boys of Leather or AboL, which is pronounced, "able". 

The Albuquerque boys of Leather is a leather social organization whose mission is to provide leatherboy’s a safe space in which to have fun, learn, educate, socialize, and support each other and the leather community. AboL are a group of kinky people who generally like the submissive or bottom side of things. We aren't, however, defined by what we do in bed; those tastes vary widely among our members. Rather, we feel we share some leatherboy personality traits. We're enthusiastic, inquisitive, playful, loving, and adventurous, and we're always looking for new adjectives. We have a youthful outlook, though we might be any age. We have masculine energy, and we're attracted to masculine energy, though we might be any gender or orientation. The Albuquerque boys of leather is based out of Albuquerque, NM but welcomes boys from across the state of New Mexico.

Abol in AZThe group is off to a great start as the Albuquerque Leather Daddy’s helped get the word out about the group and had boys who were looking for the same thing I was. We are now holding Gear Nights on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Sidewinders. We also just presented our colors for the first time with our Phoenix brothers at Leather in the Desert!

In the months ahead I will also be starting monthly workshops so we educate the community and each other. In April we are also presenting in a show that the Albuquerque Leather Daddy’s are putting on during Spring Pandemonium. 

Our business meetings take place the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. If interested in becoming a member, please email me at leathersoldier@yahoo.com 


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