Wil-internationalCes Williams sent us this info on WIL-International

A few years back Caro and Ces both attended Beyond Vanilla in Dallas, TX; while there they started discussing the fact that there was not a single international organization dedicated to Leather Women. That was the birth of what is now Women In Leather International or as it is affectionately referred to as WILI and the birth went off with a bang. Leather Women from all over the country, Canada, Europe and even Tasmania joined. 

The did a few things that made it easy for women to join without a lot of hassle and they also kept the price of membership to $10.00 a year. The website, www.wil-international.org, has the application on it and you can pay through PayPal. Last year at their general membership meeting the membership voted to allow men to become associate members for $5.00 a year. As each year passes more and more women and men are jumping on board and the support the organization has received from the leather community has been fantastic. 

WILI is now in its fourth year and since that time the organization has grown to include Women’s International Leather Fest, www.womensinternationalleatherfest.net  a weekend filled with lots of socializing, education, and the Women’s International Leather Legacy Contest. They didn’t forget the men, Mark Frazier at the Dallas Eagle loans WILI the bar all day Saturday for men’s classes, no females attend so they have the bar all to themselves and WILI provides them with great workshops and food.  The event takes place June 1 -3, 2012 in Dallas, TX.

WILI Goals include:

  • To welcome all adult Women who identify as Leather (despite ethnicity, physical impairments, sexual orientation or role) in an environment that celebrates our strengths and achievements, and providing support for the unique issues and challenges we face as Women in Leather.
  • To promote the success and welfare of Women in Leather by providing educational opportunities, publications, conferences and forums to share knowledge, viewpoints and practices with one another – drawing on collective energies to enrich the journeys of all Women in Leather across the nation and internationally.
  • To role model the power and pride of all adults who engage in SSC and/or RACK sexual expression and encourage those who fight for decriminalization of all sexual acts between consenting adults. 
  • To support individual and organized political activism, visibility and education, to eradicate all misconceptions and misrepresentations about the Leather community at large.
  • To organize, attend, promote and support fundraising for deserving charitable entities that directly impact and improve the lives as Women in Leather. 
  • To continue preserving a record of Leather history, traditions and culture.