Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 9.24.17 AMJoin the Sacramento Valley Leathermen for Sacramento Valley Heat.  Last year, SVH raised thousands for local charities including Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Sunburst Projects, Sacramento Valley Veterans, and the Gender Health Center.  The event boasted the biggest night ever for the Bolt, bringing hundreds of kinksters to Sacramento for a weekend of debauchery.

This event will be legendary!  Sac Valley Heat will start with a tribute to the legends and trailblazers of the leather community at the first annual Sacramento Leather Dinner.  Featured honorees include Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt.  Tickets to the leather dinner can be purchased online.

As always, SVH will feature a vendors fair, games, demos, bootblacking and more. The fun starts July 6-8 at the Bolt at 2560 Boxwood St in Sacramento, CA.  Registration is $35 for general admission and can be purchased online