by Leland Carina

IMG_4398This year brought the second annual Northern California Leather SIR, leather boy, and Community Bootblack contest to San Francisco, California. Congratulations to Sir Brent Ganneta, Element Eclipse for becoming the new boy, Pup Tracker for coming in first runner up, and to Scout Hudson for earning the title of Community Bootblack.

This contest feeds directly into International Leather SIR, leather boy, and Community Bootblack which will take place in Dallas, Texas August 29th to Sept 2nd.

Contests in this vein follow the tradition set forth by Drummer, focusing on a much more sexual play-based standard than those that feed into IML. In fact, the interview and the fantasy sex scene on stage both carry the same weight for judging purposes.

donna_lennyTo start the show, Shawn Kinnear and I enjoyed dressing up as veteran MC’s Donna Sachet and Lenny Broberg, respectfully. We welcomed the audience and introduced the MC’s: Lance Holman Mr. SF Leather 2010 and Bubblinsugar.

The production team, Shawn Kinnear California Leatherboy 2009, Jessie Vanciel Mr. San Francisco Leather 2012, Richard Sprott, Mr. Alameda County Leather 2009, and Deborah Isadora Wade, Ms. Alameda County Leather 2009 did a fantastic job.

IMG_4169Judges for Sir/boy were: Head Judge Graylin K. Thornton International Mr. Drummer 1993, Margaret Anderson executive producer for Northwest Leather Celebration, Sir Jack Duke International Leather Sir 2012, boy Bamm-Bamm International Leatherboy 2012, Miguel Rubio Mr. Bolt Leather 2012, Jessie Vanciel, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2012, and myself — Leland Carina Senior Correspondent for Leatherati. Judges for the bootblack portion were: Head Judge boyjean International Community Bootblack 2007, Ruin Unleashed International Community Bootblack 2012, and Q International Ms. Bootblack 2008.


MCs Lance Holman and Bubblinsugare

This year’s contest beneficiary was CARAS: Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities.

The end of the evening brought a heartfelt step-down by Deborah Isadora Wade. She is passing on this contest to Shawn Kinnear, Jessie Vanciel, and Richard Sprott. She looks forward to her continuing involvement in our community. IMG_4317

Thank you to Rich Trove for the images.

by Leland Carina