Back in February 2013 we ran a story on the new Mr SECC Leather for 2013 and the fact that there were two winners for what has historically been a single title.  Incoming SECC President Sir Wayne Turpin promised to keep us updated on further developments.

Shortly after taking over the reins of the organization, Wayne met with the incoming titleholders, Adam Damewood and Chris Hartness, to discuss their plans for their title year.  Initially the co-titleholders indicated that they intended to use their year to support the SECC member clubs and didn’t plan to advance to any other title contests such as IML or ABW.

At the beginning of March Wayne received a note from both Adam and Chris advising him that they had decided that Adam would go on to compete at IML in May of 2013.  Previously the SECC winner went on to compete at MAL, however in 2011 and 2012 the producers had sponsored the winner to advance to IML, and the SECC will continue that tradition with Adam.

Info on the SECC can be found on their website.