I sat in the interviews for the IMsL 2013 contestants. I’ve provided the list of all questions the judges asked each contestant in the order of when the contestants came in for their interviews. These are as accurately written as I could possibly make them and some are verbatim. Enjoy!


Contestant #1 Sahra

Miranda: Tell me a little bit about what are some of the goals that you have achieved while being current titleholder?

Sexsmith: Outreach in Alaska?

Sarah Lashes: What characteristic would you like to be known for?

Sara Vibes: I’m glad to see you are here. Why are you competing again?

Woody: Double Question:  You have a lot of “I want to I want to” in your application….How do you plan to accomplish going to travel longer distance?

Mike: How many times have you been in the Continental US, since you’ve live in Alaska?

Mike: Personal growth from last year?

Tillie: What are you going to do to make IMsL truly International and how are you going to balance that with your travel with your commitments within US and home?

Sara Vibes: If you don’t win, what is it there that you got?

Woody: What do you feel is your highest trait and highest weakness? How do you overcome weakness? How can you use your highest trait for your title.?

Mike: Favorite pelt?

Tillie: Portland Eagle incident, how would you deal with it?

Miranda: How comfortable are you with social media and internet?

Woody: Ask us a question or share?




Contestant 2: Nyx

Sexsmith: Leather and Kink community overlap. What is the difference between the two and where the values is?

Sarah Lashes: What do you want to be remembered for?

Sara Vibes: Tattoos on arm?

Woody: What does your Leather and your gear mean to you?

Mike: Bootblacking and boots what’s your favorite pair?

Mike: What meal would you cook for us?

Mike: What would you be knitting?

Tillie: How would you make things inclusive and acceptable to leather culture and events?

Miranda: How are you involved with the men’s community and relationship?

Miranda: Being an IMsL is big financial commitment. How well are you prepared?

Miranda: How are you with social media and preferred method?

Sexsmith: You see Leather as spiritual…say a little more about that?

Sarah Lashes: What would travel look like to you when it comes to being International?

Woody: I feel that we have so many people pulling at us. Think the relationship between IMsL and IML should be closer. Only saw Synn twice. Its not working like we are working at community not on the same things but just at different events.

Sara Vibes: Was very very busy in general. They would travel and do things together. They wanted to show that they are the best of the community.

Woody: How would you combat the divide ?

Sara: Not just about representing the title. There are times where you are not invited and not welcome. They got to go and I wasn’t invited….so keep that in mind.


Contestant 3: Minion

Sarah Lashes: I live in UK. If you were to win, what would travel look like for you and how International can you be?

Sara Vibes: You are normally giving or in service…how are you in letting people support and serving you?

Tillie: Have you and your Master discussed how your current relationship style will translate into a title?

Woody: Who are you as a titleholder? Titleholders are different. What is your persona and how would you use that as a titleholder?

Mike: One word only describe each judge?

Miranda: Clarification needed. Were you happy with your application and answers to the questions put forth to you?

Miranda: *Read part of her application and asked her to clarify.*

Miranda: What will you do with IMsL because you are inward community person?

Tillie: What would you do to navigate the different communities that you visited?

Sexsmith: Curious about your name? How did you get it and what does it mean?

Sarah Lashes: Wanted to have a message in her title year. Wondering what your message would be?

Woody: Ask us a question or tell us something that you’d like us to know that we haven’t talked about?


Contestant 4: Christy Ford

Sarah Vibes: Thank you for being here. Why do you want to be here at IMsL?

Woody: Within Leather community. What are the areas that need the most help?

Mike: Why are you a top?

Tillie: You are locally wrapped in the community. How can you will expand that too more international and outreach to greater community outside USA?

Miranda: How do you connect with people? What are you favorite modes of connections?

Miranda: What about beyond one on one spending time with people?

Sexsmith: What do you think about other communities that aren’t leather?

Sarah Lashes: You look fantastic. You look comfortable. What does your leather clothing mean to you?

Sara Vibes: I would like for you to go around and tell us what kind of animal we are?

Woody: Major philanthropy do you have?

Woody: You’ve done the backstage stuff and this position you are the rockstar. You are thrown in position to be a rockstar. Little roleplay. Given microphone, and please engage the audience and 60 seconds to get audience to support you.

Mike: Favorite word?

Mike: Cunt?

Tillie: As a mother and local volunteer, how will be balanced?

Tillie: How will family/children feel about your absence?

Miranda: How prepared financially are you for the title?

Miranda: What are you going to do about support?

Sexsmith: Youre a photographer, how does your photography influence your involvement with the community?

Sarah Lashes: What would be your message if you were to win?

Woody:  Ask us any questions? Or present info that judges didn’t ask you for?


Contestant 5: Youkali Youkali

Woody: Why are you here and wha tare you want to do with IMsL?

Mike: Read something on application,  and Miranda help out by role playing. The strong dyke and little girl with dyke story telling to her.

Tillie: You are a university professor, taking a 6-month sabbatical. How will you balance your teaching and title?

Tillie: You’re not out to your collegues?

Miranda: I would like to know, how much do you incorporate social media in your connection. Where do you get info from and how do you get info out?

Sexsmith: What do you teach….?

Sarah Lashes: I’m an introvert. And very quiet. And yet the role will demand will you be infornt of large audiences and speaking. What dyou draw upon to get up and speak to?

Sara Vibes: What is your dirty version of favorite fairytale?

Woody: Read through your app thoroughly. Got a lot of you want to do…What have you done so far, what you do action steps going forward to make things happen?

Tillie: What would be your message if you are IMsL

Mike: You like stories and listen to them? What story have you heard that you like people to hear?

Sexsmith: Speak on gear and what it is like to present itself to the community? I like what you are wearing.

Woody: Last opportunity to ask us a question or talk about something that we didn’t ask you?

Youkali: Would you accept bribes?

Woody: Defer to Sara Vibes

Sara: I’ll take them but don’t know whether or not they’ll affect your score.


Contestant 6: Toni Solenne

Mike: 8 contestants, what makes you more unique…what’s your one unique quality you have over the other contestants?

Tillie: How do you feel about Michigan’s Womens’ Fest and their policy on transgender persons?

Miranda: Platform? Why IMsL?

Sexsmith: Had a couple of titles…have you experienced any public conflict and what did you?

Sarah Lashes: If you were lucky enough to win IMsL, what would you like to be remembered for?

Sara Vibes: After your stepdown at MAL, what did you learn between then and now?

Woody: You look awesome and georgeous. You are so personable. Amazing personal quality. What is your best personal quality and how do you use that towards your titleholding and what is your weakness.

Mike: Rock musician in the summer?  Woody is a performer as well. What song would you want Woody to sing?

Woody: Ask us anything that you think you want to know or tell us something that you would want us to know…

Toni: Wish she had more time to talk to people one-to-one. Wants more opportunities to get one another throughout the weekend. She’s pushing her hotwear beyond her comfort level. Emotional courage and put it out there. She looks forward to getting to know you better and them getting to know her better.


Contestant 7: Master Ces

Tillie: Someone of your wisdom and experience has stepped up. What would you do as IMsL to try to reach out and include both of the gernations, trans women, queer people and deaf communities?

Miranda: Imagine that you have taken the title and one year later, describe to us what your accomplishments have been and you’ve got out of it?

Sexsmith: 50 Shades, bringing people into the fold?

Sarah Lashes: I’m from the UK, how would you reach out to the communities outside of Texas and outside the US?

Sarah Lashes: Would you have the ability to travel to other countries? Beyond the internet and social media do you have the ablitty to travel to other countries.

Sara Vibes: During your Ms Texas Leather contest, you freaked out. You basically told us to go fuck yourselves. Basically I want to know what you have to say to make me want to be your sister?

Woody: Seen you out in the community and you network at all the bars. And one of the things that they were talking about was connecting with IML. How can you create a stronger connection?

Mike: What is one person that you admire the most?

Mike: Who would you like to have dinner with and why?

Tillie: Should you win IMSL, what would be 3 things that you would do with your title?

Tillie: How would you do that?

Sexsmith: How are you at reaching out to everyone and groups of the media?

Miranda: Talking about working with communites and everything. What ideas do you have working with the IML community and address some of the issues you stated earlier?

Woody: Time. Opportunity to ask us anything you’d like to or give information on something that we haven’t been asked?

Ces: Didn’t get asked about wili and was surprised about that.

Woody: Expound?


Contestant 8: Cherries Jubilee

Miranda: Welcome.

Miranda: How are you?

Miranda: What else should we know about you? Do you have a platform or message?

Sexsmith: Outfit  is phenomenal. Tell us abou the pieces? And what wearing Leather means to you?

Sarah Lashes: Want to ask you, if you are lucky to win IMSL, what would you most likely want to be rememberd for?

Sara Vibes: You are already a title holder, why do you want this one? (IMsL)

Woody: As you know being on stage on a moment’s notice and you have to be on stage to audience. Talk about something that’s near and dear to your heart to the leather community. We are all your audience you have 60 seconds to engage us.

Mike: We all dance to a different drummer, whimisical side of this…cooking for us in a erotic way and cooking for a meal for the judges… you are doing the cooking, you are in the kitchen and tell us what it would be?

Tillie: What you will do with IMsL to make it fully international?

Woody: Time. But, give opportunity to ask us a questions or present us with information that we haven’t asked you about?

Cherry: What do you do for that one weekend a month when you are not home?