by David Stein

I love the predatory way you eye me sometimes, like a tasty unclaimed morsel — the lone canapé on a plate or the last chocolate truffle —

then swoop in and gleefully take me, using my throat or ass to get yourself off while keeping my tackle locked down, useless without your key.

I love how you mark your territory, from my head to my toes, with your white cum and stinking yellow piss.

I love the concentration on your face as you bind or torture me, intent on the task at hand,

and then how you relax and grin while I squirm in your rope/leather/chains or whimper from your gifts of pain.

I feel able to endure anything for the reward of your smile, an affectionate caress or pat on the head, or a “Good boy!” or “Good slave!” that enflames my cheeks as it warms my heart.


I love the pride with which you say, “You’re mine, fucker. I own you, and you can deny me nothing.”

Certainly the last is true, for what lover can deny his beloved’s demands, however unreasonable?

And doesn’t ownership begin when a property claim is accepted by whoever’s in the best position to challenge it?

What upholds your claim on me is that I want to be yours, always under your firm control, enjoying all that is good in life only as a gift from your hand.


I love worshipping your boots, your leathers, your cock, every inch of your body.

I love cooking and cleaning for you, fetching and carrying for you, working hard to make your life easier, more comfortable, and more satisfying.

I love obeying your orders, calling you “Sir” and “Master,” performing my part in the rituals of dominance and surrender you delight to devise.

I love making your happiness my job, my career, my guiding purpose.

And I love that you take this as your due, without hesitation or apology.


The more I give, the more you expect, because for you my acquiescence has no limit.

And when, by some secret calculus, you decide I have suffered and served enough,

you raise me up, hug me tight, and kiss me with a passion that erases the distance between us protocol prescribes.

Beyond legality or propriety, you are my Master and I your slave because we both will it to be so.

We live this dream open-eyed, in good faith, as partners.

That makes all the difference.


© 2013 by David Stein; all rights reserved.



Activist, writer, educator, and publisher David Stein has been heavily involved in the gay leather/SM world, mainly but not exclusively as a bottom or slave, since the late 1970s. In 1980 he co-founded and for the next 11 years helped lead NYC’s Gay Male S/M Activists, or GMSMA, which became one of the largest and most influential kink organizations in the world (it lost focus and disbanded in 2009). He coined “safe, sane, and consensual” for that group’s statement of purpose in 1983, hoping it would help spark serious discussion about SM ethics, but has deep reservations about how the phrase has since come to be used.

Over the years David has presented or keynoted at many important leather events, including three Leather Leadership Conferences and nine Master/slave Conferences. For six years he wrote the safety column for Bound & Gagged magazine, and in 1997 he guest-edited a unique issue of International Leatherman magazine (#14) devoted entirely to real-life gay Masters and slaves. In 2009 he wrote and published the award-winning book Ask the Man Who Owns Him on the same subject for his own Perfectbound Press imprint.

Perfectbound has also published a book of his erotic stories, Boots, Bondage, and Beatings, story collections by Thom Magister (The Slave Journals) and Christopher Pierce (Winner Takes All), and, most recently, Magister’s Biker Bar, which takes a playful look at the origins of the leather bar. In 2014 Perfectbound Press will release a revised edition of David’s epic-length Master/slave novel, Carried Away, published in 2002 by Daedalus, in both paper and digital versions.