Oakland, CA — Effective immediately, Sharrin Spector and Pat Baille are the new owners of International Ms Leather. Spector and Baille both have deep ties to IMsL. Spector helped revamp the registration and customer service at IMsL over the last five years and served briefly as a Producer. Baille is a past IMsL title holder (1995) who has been actively involved since.

The new leadership will bring changes to the structure of the organization following the resignation of Glenda Rider after her disclosure that she had mismanaged funds intended for beneficiaries. Spector will head up IMsL Productions, a for-profit LLC that will produce the annual weekend event. Baille will head IMsL Foundation, a non-profit, that will oversee charity money, title holder funds, and educational aspects. Spector emphasized that there will be a clear line drawn between these two separate arms of the organization. She added that the process of creating a non-profit is time consuming. They hope to have this dual structure in place by IMsL 2014, but since it depends heavily on the government agencies, it could take longer.

IMsL 2014 will take place in San Jose, California at the Doubletree Hotel from April 24th to 27th. Spector noted that the move from the previous San Francisco venue is taking place after an extensive search for an available Bay Area property that fit the necessary specifications. Of all the spaces that fit IMsL’s needs, only the Doubletree Hotel was open to an event of this nature. The new owners have signed the contract for 2014 on a trial basis and hope to sign a longer contract for multiple years if the event is successful for both IMsL and the Doubletree.  Benefits of the move include a reduced room rate of $109 a night, as well as cheaper parking at $6 a day.

Ms. Rhonda and tomo, who previously stepped down, will not return to their roles as Producers but will work with the new owners to transition the procedures they have established over the last years. More information about the changes happening at IMsL will be made available as Spector and Baille move into their new roles.