Written by Squeaker Imp (Steven Disney)

E-CIGMost of what happens in our lifestyle is based on the sensory of our environment. It only seems appropriate to open this article by setting such a stage. It’s a Saturday night in a dark bar where a man sits adorned in leather. Abootblack at service and boy fetching for his whims, he enjoys an item that has been on decline as of late, a cigar. The cigar has been idealized in leather as both a sign of dominance and manhood. Art, stories, life and sex have all focused at one point at the simple tobacco product. The cigar has been tied to Leather as much as a harness and the musk of a man. Without the cigar the scene and lust is considered lost, or is it?

Current society has continuously cast a soured gaze on the use of tobacco. In most States, you are not permitted to smoke in an establishment such as a bar or play spaces. Then when able to smoke, most places have you tucked away into a corner or out on a patio where weather can be blisteringly hot or frigid and wet. With so few bars left that cater to BDSM especially for the Leather lifestyle, this can be a tricky conundrum for the few men and women enjoy the fetish of cigars and smoking. There is now hope, an alternative to cigar and smoking! With the new development of “vaping”, vapors or electronic cigarettes have been popping up more and more as an option to smoking.

From pipes to cigarettes to yes, even cigars, these devices have helped people with their smoking habits and are safer forE-PIPE the surrounding audience. This reopens venues for smokers to enjoy, such as dungeons and bars. Vapors come in assorted flavors, scents and tastes that vary in nicotine levels for a smoker to choose from. This means that for the first time, non-smokers can also E-BASICutilize vapors that provide the scent of a cigar that contains no nicotine. Those that do not smoke can now make responsible choices without worry of nicotine addiction. Even the vapors that do provide nicotine to recipients do not pollute the environment with nicotine when they exhale. Nicotine is completely absorbed into the lungs and what is exhaled is purely free of nicotine.

Vapor devices come in many shapes and sizes: from a simple ten dollar one found in gas stations, to a customizable tank with the ability to have different flavors and requires batteries. In the name of efficiency, it’s important that we go over the technical aspects of a vapor unit to explain the basics of vaping.

E-CYLFirst, the rechargeable battery pack has the ability to adjust the output to the heating coil. This is a small piece with a wick that draws on the fluid from the surrounding cartridge and heats it intoE-JUICE a vapor that goes through themouthpiece from which you draw vapor. The fluid in the cartridge is called E-juice, a flavored glycerin based fluid that may or may not contain nicotine depending on the personal preference of the user.  Flavors and scents are as diverse as the user, and if someone does not have access to flavors or scents they want, they can take the time to learn how to blend their own. This will allow you to determine your own scents, tastes and strengths. With the current E-Cigars available, you can buy the disposable one-time use item for as little as 20.00, or go for more advanced devices.

smoke in faceHygiene and care are two big items in our community in regards to any play and should be noted when choosing your unit. The cartridge and mouthpiece that can be sanitized will go further for you than anything else. Remember, what you get is what you pay for so take the time to look at high-end models for the ability to clean and protect eachother. The one on my primary unit is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass; the best part of this setup is the ease of sanitation. When using an acrylic it is best to wipe down the tip with an antibacterial swab as this will be more effective than alcohol wipe, however this is often your personal unit so proper care and cleanliness is up to you. Just remember the abilities of soap and water people.

Vaping as a new form of play allows many with health conditions to interact in a form of play they once enjoyed. Please note, I am not a physician or someone in the medical field, but I highly suggest researching the effects of vaping. A Leatherperson who may have emphysema from years of smoking could possibly use this device dog conewith less impact on their health while still holding onto the classic style and feel they have had for many years. Someone with a nicotine or smoke allergy who wanted to do smoke play now have an option of trying and enjoying this new fetish with their partner. With the ability to adjust the nicotine, this helps the person wanting to quit smoking take the steps down without the issue of breaking habits or giving up pleasures. On a personal note, as a nonsmoking submissive I use my vapor unit to help curb my appetite while at work, it gives me the motion and a taste on my pallet which keeps me from over snacking. The use and ideas for this device are only limited by your imagination.

With cigar play you have many things to keep in mind with any submissive including the ability to do insertion, branding and ash. Worry of allergies, heart conditions, emphysema and smells that not everyone appreciates eases with the E-Cigar as you can still enjoy the scent, taste and smoke all without the worry of allergies, heart conditions and in most cases emphysema.

titled shirt blowVaping opens a new venue for both the Doms and subs to enjoy. Granted some things cannot be simulated such as the lighting of the cigar, but the act of prepping the vapor stick can be turned into a ritual much like the prepping and lighting of a normal cigar. The act of preparing a cigar and following the steps set forth for you by a Sir is a sign of devotion, so who is to say that this cannot be done with a higher end model of vapor stick or an E-Cigar. By using vapor sticks you are able to scene in the play space without having to lose the moment generated by the space.

A sub can still start by kneeling before his Dom and upon opening the case, he collects the vial of ejuice his Dom has chosen for the evening, filling the chamber, he assembles the unit. After powering it on he can take a couple of test puffs thus leaving his saliva on the tip for his Dom to taste after his sub presents it to him. As with cigar play, in a submissive bowing position, the ass may be used to hold the vapor stick in place.

Water vapor is all that remains when exhaled and can be used just as any smoke play in a scene. You can use a gas mask, hood, mask vaporetc. on the recipient and being vapor, it will not choke as much as smoke does. Depending on the E-Cigar purchased, insertion can be intensified, and with no nicotine leaking into the anus, the E-Cigar can remain inside longer. The person using the cigar may get creative, such as stimulating the rectum with thrusting motions while puffing on it producing a small bit of mist. Granted, though ash play and the burning/branding aspect of cigar play may have been lost, Vaping is something that can be done in other fashions and may develop as a new play for both of you. Each model of E-cig has its own advantages and disadvantages in play but that is where selecting can be fun as you research which will be best for you.mask face

Vaping will never take the place of the cigar, as they are not exactly the same thing. What it will do is reopen options closed by laws, health conditions, and other issues to those that wish to change their routine a little to stay in most places. Please note that a cigar chomping Dom will always be amazing, and with time we can see that a vaping Dom will as well. This is just the possibility of a new facet to the ever-growing world of Leather.

If you are interested in finding more information on vaping or where to get supplies do a web search for a vapor shop, local is better and they will provide answers and help in getting you started. Finally big thanks to Vince Andrews for advice and guidance, Warehouse Events of Knoxville for the event space, Tumlit & Yungcub for joining me in the photos, and MistressLizTN & BananaBanana for the photography. If you happen to have questions or want to find out about the presentation that has been developed with this please feel free to contact me on Fetlife at squeaker-imp.