IML Home Game

The IML Home Game has done major work in procuring the contestant numbers for both the IML and IMBB 2015 class. Thanks to all of those who contributed to help get this list together! As the competition starts tonight, check out the IML Home Game group for statistics and “Super Bowl” style banter with some of the biggest die hard IML fans around! And without further ado, here are the contestants and their numbers:


1-Laney Ballard- Mr Eagle NYC
2-Pup Tank- Mr Alamo City Leather
3-Rob Denk- Mr Iowa Leather
4-Steve Bianchi- Mr Ohio Leather
5-Clifton Tatum- Mr Palm Springs Leather
6-Will Boyd-Bohaczek- Mr Wisconsin Leather
7-Ren Rushold- Mr Minneapolis Eagle
8-Keven Allen- Mr Leather Ottawa
9-Erik Taylor- Washington State Mr. Leather
10-Jeffrey Williams- Mr. SECC Leather
11-Dalton Flint- Mr. New England Leather
12-Andreas Moore- Bavarian Mister Leather
13- Woodie Barnes‐McWhirter- Mr. CODE Florida
14- Arnaud Amsterdam- Mr. Leather Europe
15-Bill Nabors- Mr. Camp Mars Leather
16-Brian Donner- Mr. TriState Leather
17-Herman Groenewald- Mr. SA Leather
18-Greg King- Mr. Maryland Leather
19- Scott BIGRED MacLaren- Mr. Legion of Sin Leather
20-Al Parso-York – Mr. Alameda County Leather
21- Dennis Woods- Mr. CMEN Leather
22- Daddy Dave- Mr. Mid‐Atlantic Leather
23-Woody Stiner- Mr. Prime Choice
24-Daniel DeLage-Mr. Powerhouse Leather
25-Matthew Adams- Mr. Big Easy Leather
26- Michael Pacas- Mr. Leather 64TEN
27- Bas Stronks-Mr. Hoist
28-Josh Fortuna- Mr. Michigan Leather
29-Thomas Fincannon- Mr. New Jersey Leather
30-Douglas Dick- Mr. Long Beach Leather
31-Steven Patton- Mr. Twin Cities Leather
32- Jay Johnson- Mr. Midwest Leather
33-Jason Ashford- Mr Louisiana Leather
34- Alex Ruiz- Mr. Leather Chile
35-Luis Tipantasig- Mr. Chicago Leather
36-Greg Bearskin- Mr. Leather UK
37- John Skopoes- Mr GNI Leather
38-Richard Ziese- Oklahoma Mr. Leather
39-Patrick Smith- Mr Los Angeles Leather
40- Kevin Murphy Mr Leather Ireland
41- Miles “Milo” McDonald- Mr. 501 EAGLE
42- Mark “BigDaddy” Hurte- Mr. Bluegrass Leather
43-Trevor Black- Mr. San Francisco Leather
44-Steven Steinbock- Mr. Oregon State Leather
45-Frank O’Brien- Mr. Quench Leather
46-Pup Tugger- Mr. Phoenix Leather
47- Brett Murden- Mr Leatherman Toronto
48-Eli Correa- Mr. San Diego Leather
49-Dan Flood- DC Eagle
50-Russell McDarris- Mr. Heartland Leather
51-Max Mack- Mr. Queensland Leather
52-Andy Struckhoff- Mr. Missouri Leather



1. Bamm Bamm – San Francisco, CA
2. Bootblack Zach – Cincinnati, OH
3. Astro – Riverside, CA
4. Brooklyn – Dallas, Tx
4. 13 – Queensland, Australia
6. Fuzzy Buns – Palm Springs, CA