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International Mr Leather 2015 is upon us and we have a great team helping out with coverage from all over the country. The Leatherati IML 2015 Team is eager to keep you updated with minute to minute coverage of all the contest portions. Alex Lindsay, Tyesha Best, Tynan Fox, Simone Worthington, and JJ Deogracias are proud to represent Leatherati at International Mr Leather 2015. Also, something new for you to check out this year, is “The IML Home Game”, created by our Leatherati Guest IML Analyst Vincent Andrews. Check out and join the group here! Between the Live Blogging, Interest Topics, our  Photographers, and The IML Home Game, Leatherati has got you covered!

Photographer- JJ Deogracias

Contest Live Blogger- Tynan Fox

IML & IMBB Roast Blogger and Live Contest Blogger- Simone Worthington

Special Interest Topics and IML Home Game Participant-Tyesha Best



Sun 11:44am

Thank Goddesse for Vi Johnson.one of our wise and amazing grandmothers. She encouraged all of us to learn about and from each other and our elders. A brilliant and amazing woman, thank you, Vi for all the gifts you give us.

Sun 11:37am

Vi took a chair to tell us the stories people you probably know. Vi shared stories about people in our community. Pat during her title year collected food and fed people wherever they went. Her call out to those of us who have contributed to our community. Per usual Vi spent her time lifting up those of us who have contributed to the community.

Sun 11:27am

Vi Johnson is our keynote speaker this year. The first woman to win the Leather Leadership Award! She is and has been our story teller for 30 years. “I stood tall because I stood on the shoulders of those before me. I am now the tribal crone.”

Sat 11:10pm

International Ms. Leather 2016 is LasciviousJane!  Congratulations!IMsL_LasciviousJane2

Sat 11:05pm

International Ms Bootblack 2016 is Meghan! Congratulations!IMsBB_Meghan

Sat 11:03pm


IMsBB_AngelLeather Heart and Soul Award recipient is Angel, Southwest Bootblack 2014 voted and given this award by her sister contestants! Congratulations

Sat 10:45pm

IMsL 2015 Sarge now takes the mic and gives her step down speech. “I traveled over 93,000 miles. I visited five countries. I did 60 local national and international events.” “I literally climbed a mountain.” “It was an honor that people go out of the way for me. It was an honor to realize who I really was…” “I still struggle with self acceptance, self love, and self doubt.” “Suicide and isolation are no longer the ways that we cope. I felt like a fraud and phony [not acknowledging her border line personality] and “you are not alone” campaign is there for people…” You Are Not Alone has become a 501(c)3 serving those with mental illness. “Thank you for the rides, meals, gifts extra meals hotels comfy bed and pillow personalize bathroom, the cookies, loaning of cars, sightseeing tours, pool time, history conversation, getting to know people I stayed with one and one, the family feel…”12473702_1749810638583202_5297680162146297983_o

Sat 10:44pm

Sat 10:40pm

IMsL 2015 Sarge now takes the mic and gives her step down speech. “I traveled over 93,000 miles. I visited five countries. I did 60 local national and international events.” “I literally climbed a mountain.” “It was an honor that people go out of the way for me. It was an honor to realize who I really was…” “I still struggle with self acceptance, self love, and self doubt.” “Suicide and isolation are no longer the ways that we cope. I felt like a fraud and phony [not acknowledging her border line personality] and “you are not alone” campaign is there for people…” You Are Not Alone has become a 501(c)3 serving those with mental illness. “Thank you for the rides, meals, gifts extra meals hotels comfy bed and pillow personalize bathroom, the cookies, loaning of cars, sightseeing tours, pool time, history conversation, getting to know people I stayed with one and one, the family feel…”

Sat 10:26pm

slave tabitha and her Master! Thank you for serving the community as a team!

Sat 10:24pm

slave tabitha is giving her step down speech. “This title became a visibility for transgendered women.” “I did not see or hear a single disparaging remark…” “I blacked and taught my passion.” “I tried to live in the present moment.” “Our guard, we are creating leather that fits out times.” “Hold on tradition but have the guts to promote change.” “Change is a sadist.””Title holding is edge play.” In the end it is better that we work together than separate us.” “This is my leather. This is my sisterhood. It is an honor to represent the title.”


Sat 10:15pm

Sarge, IMsL 2015 and slave tabitha, IMsBB 2015 are about to give their step down speeches. They have been amazing ambassadors for our community. Thank you both for giving us a year of amazing service.

Sat 10:11pm

We are about to announce the IMsL and IMsBB for 2016.  Contestants this year again for IMsBB are Angel, Meghan, and Shelly. IMsL contestants are Aurora Lee, LasciviousJane, Miss BEEHave, and slavegirl marion! Best wishes to them all!

Sat 10:03pm

LasciviousJane finishes the contest with her fantasy. Welcome Rosie the Riveter taking control of her boss. A red white and blue experience. The ABC Corp (All Big Cocks). She takes control with her dick in hand. God Bless America!

Sat 09:47pm

slavegirl marion is presenting her fantasy. From the meeting leader who opens her briefcase and pulls out a flogger and she thought she was in control…her audience took control!

Sat 09:16pm

Aurora Lee did her fantasy and was a very very bad girl and was rewarded for it!

Sat 09:08pm

Pop Question”: The leather apocalypse has appeared what is in your dungeon survival kit? Lascivious Jane “Would have to include rope to tie zombie down, a flogger to make it wish it never came near me and my stilettos they’re already dead but to my damnest.”

Sat 09:05pm

Meghan (BB Contestant) pop question:What is your leather kink superpower and how would you use it.  “Power would be to see things cause your leather is think and I want to see through it.”

Sat 09:00pm

Who is your favorite fictional character is and what would you do with him in the play space. Shelly said “Patrick Smith and we would do whatever the hell he wants.”

Sat 08:56pm

First fantasy is Miss BEEHave who has been a bad employee and is being berated by her boss while her Pup wants out of his cage and is let out while the boss is put in the cage!

Sat 08:44pm

Bubblinsugare our amazing Emcee and our equally lovely interpreter!12987132_1293600390656799_4287553692904098503_n

Sat 08:43pm

#IMsL2016 contestants now are introducing their favorite storybook tales: Aurora Lee, LasciviousJane, Miss BEEHave, and slavegirl marion! Storybook tales includes stripping, rough body play, biting, wax play, fisting.  I like these fairytales!!!!13000318_1293601110656727_431125644527854466_n

Sat 08:28pm

First to the stage tonight are the three bootblack contestants for #IMsLBB2016!  Welcome Angel, Meghan, and Shelly!

Sat 08:27pm

13012697_1293594990657339_3127303202993631542_nOpening Scene was a Dickinson twisted tea party into a fantastic initiation party!

Sat 07:58pm

We are live tonight from San Jose for the 30th Anniversary of IMsL! People are gathering and schmoozing! Welcome to live coverage! Tonight our Emcee is Bubblinsugare! Hazzuh!! Welcome to #IMsL2016!

Fri 09:23pm

We’ll be back tomorrow night! Thanks for following us!

Fri 09:15pm

Our last contestant giving her speech tonight is LasciviousJane. “Speaking in front of people is edge play.” “Stripping is my regular Friday Night.” “I am empowered by Leather.” “Leather has taught me how to be vulnerable. Because I am Leather I am empowered.” IMsL_LasciviousJane2

Fri 09:12pm

Our last contestant for IMsBB takes the stage. “I am on the stage tonight because I am blessed”.  She thanked her circle of elders and mentors for her self love. “I invite you to find your circle of support.”IMsBB_Angel

Fri 09:08pm

slavegirl marion is about ready to give her speech. slavegirl marion starts her speech telling about her grandson passed away and her wondering what kind of person he would be, she vowed all her other grandchilden “get to be who they are as they grow to adulthood.” IMsL_marion

Fri 09:03pm

Megan steps up to give her speech for IMsBB, “Embrace in the moment and truly be present.” she describes bootblack, “Taste brings leather and sweat.” IMsBB_Meghan

Fri 09:00pm

Coming to the stage is Aurora Lee, IMsL 2016 contestant.  Sensual from hard ass to a pool of warmth she is a good girl. “We go strong.”IMsL_AuroraLee

Fri 08:54pm

To the stage come our first IMsBB contestant Shelly for her speech.  Commenting the 18 years of bootblacks at “We are grown up we get to sit at the grown up table.” IMsBB_Shelly

Fri 08:52pm

Tonight we get to hear the contestants speeches and see them in their formal wear. Ms. BEEHave is giving her speech. From Australia, Ms. Sydney Leather 2015. Her sensual speech was in praise of fierce femmes!



Fri 08:37pm

Honoring our IMsBB slave tabitha and IMsL Sarge 2015. Pat Baille gave them both checks for 750.00 for their charities (United Sex Workers and Unity House) from the IMsL Foundation. Jason Da Boi, IMsBB 2010 is giving out the Honey Award which is about selfless service or “Support Better Than a Bra”.  The award is given out by titleholders to the family/people who supported them during the year. Tabitha selected to give the Award to her Master!  Sarge selected to give the award to 10 members of her village because she is a “big” and needs lots of peeps to handle her!

Fri 08:23pm

We have been introduced to all the contestants for the evening.Tristan Taormino in her fascinator hat is gracing the stage as the evening emcee!  Trista is emceeing the Friday night portion of the contest and the Sunday Brunch. Bubblinsugare hosted Seduction last night raising money for the travel fund and will host the second night  of the contest on Saturday!

Taormino_TTristan is an award winning author, sex educator, college lecturer, and radio host, and feminist pornographer. She is author of seven books and editor of twenty five anthologies, including The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge.

Fri 08:10pm

The judges for IMsBB 2016 are: Head Judge Dara Bryant IMsBB 2014, from Portland OR, Bamm Bamm, International Mr. Bootblack 2015 from Phoenix, AZ, and Judy Tallwing McCarthy IMsL 1987 Baltimore.

The judges for IMsL 2016 are: Head Judge Patty, IMsL 1014, Toronto, CA, Annis Romano, Ms World Leather 2001, San Diego CA, Sarah Humble, American Leather Woman, 1994, Denver, CO, Patrick Smith, International Mr. Leather 2015 Los Angeles, CA, Paksen Burrell, International Mr. Bootblack 2001, Pittsburg, PA, Metis Black owner Tantus, Inc, and Sky Rento IMsL Producer (Generation 1, Palm Springs, CA!

Fri 08:00pm

We have four contestants tonight for IMsL 2016: Aurora Lee is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lascivious Jane from Philadelphia, PA, Miss BEEHave from Sydney, Australia, and slavegirl marion from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Fri 07:57pm

We have three contestants for International Ms Bootblack this year: Angel who was Ms. Great Plaines Olympus Leather 2009-2010 and Southwest Bootblack 2014, Meghan is from Louisville and is Great Lakes Bootblack2015, and Shelly began bootblacking in 2012 and fell madly in love with it.

Fri 07:51pm

Welcome to IMsL 2016! This is Deborah coming to you live from San Jose at the 30th Anniversary of  International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack 2016. The opening is in progress and we are ready to be wowed by the women stepping up to serve as our ambassadors for the year. Hot stripper on stage.  Wish you were here!

Fri 02:25pm

Sat 06:15pm

Hey everybody! We made it to the HEAT host hotel and we’re chillin with an adult bevvie

Sat 06:01pm

Getting settled in here at the Globe Theater. Looking forward to an exciting contest!


Thu 06:05pm

Pics from the SPLF Sunday Brunch





Sun 09:01am

slave marsha and Sir Cougar presented a personal award to Master Jim

Sun 09:00am

A very moving keynote from Ms Kendra of GLLA. The audio will be posted here later.

Sun 08:37am

Bye Southplains. Can’t wait to come home next year!

Sun 06:46am

SPLF Contestant Questions

Sun 06:45am

SPLF Contestant Pair #3 – Speech

Sun 06:44am

SPLF Contestant Pair #2 – Speech

Sun 06:43am

SPLF Contestant Pair #1 – Speech

Sun 06:41am

Sun 06:30am

SPLF Pics from Saturday night!





















Sat 08:12pm

The International Master/slave 2016 are Master Rhonda and slave tomo!

Sat 07:53pm

Getting close to the announcement of Intl Master/slave 2016!

Sat 07:52pm

Time for the MAST parade of colors.

Sat 07:51pm

Yes! We just got to see slave namaste bend over and pick up something off the floor which Master Obsidian conveniently dropped. Woof!

Sat 07:28pm

Presenting the Jack Stice Memorial Award which goes to Catherine Gross. Congrats!

Sat 07:02pm

Meeting the producers of the regional contests.

Sat 06:45pm

Time for speeches! But first Nameste’s outfit.

Sat 06:40pm

Meeting the judges

slave melissa
Master Tehala
slave joshua
slave bren
Ms Brenda
Master Neko
Master Duane

Judges boy – boy dave
Contestant Coordinator – slave raven

Master Kevin and slave feyrie

Sat 06:27pm

Master Obsidian and slave namaste have kicked things off by introducing the contestants.

#1 Ms Rhonda and slave tomo
#2 Master John and slave amendah
#3 Sir Gareth and toy

Sat 06:20pm

Just had a moment of silence for those we lost this year. We lost some amazing people this year.

Sat 06:17pm

Wow! Just had a bunch of former IM/s titleholders on stage.

Sat 06:12pm

Taking a historical slide show trip through the history of International Master/slave titleholders.

Sat 05:35pm

Contests for tonight are:

Master Rhonda and slave tomo
Master John and slave amendah
Sir Gareth and toy

Sat 05:33pm

Woot! The International Master/slave contest is about to start at SPLF. image

Sat 04:29pm

Get you butt to the SPLF vendor market and checkout these violet wand connected floggers from House of Markus.

Sat 12:54pm

Check out these awesome pics from Friday night’s Southplains Cruise – All photos by Rooks

















Sat 09:41am

Stop in the vendor market at SPLF and check out Belt Daddy’s bags. Amazing! He’s got em on canvas and leather.


Fri 08:43am

Why did they out so many good classes so early in the morning! It’s too hard to choose 🙂

Sun 10:18am

A tearful and vivacious SWLC producer judi is taking a moment to thank all of staff and volunteers that make the event possible.



Sun 10:11am

The Spirit of Service award winner for 2016 is slave  kiki.


The  SWLC Volunteer of the Year award for 2016 is Uma.


The  Master Steve Sampson Golden Paintbrush award goes to Lauren Ide.




Sun 09:59am

The Leatherwoman’s Heart Award for 2016 is Ms. Constance. She was unable to attend so Ms. Kendra accepted the award on her behalf.



Sun 09:54am

The Leatherman’s Heart Award winner for 2016 is Race Bannon.


Sun 09:49am

Kia’s Gift was awarded to Onyx.


Sun 09:47am

Presenting the Master Skip Chasey Spiritual Development Award. This year’s winner is Molly Johnson.


Sun 09:42am

Master Z is introducing the board.


Sun 09:40am

Mama Vi just concluded her remarks to a standing ovation. SWLC producer judi is now on stage introducing the board of Butchman’s board of directors.


Sun 09:28am

Mama Vi is discussing the history and meaning of three simple words “I see you” and how they relate to the tribe that is the Leather community.

Sun 09:25am

Mama Viola Johnson just took the stage to deliver the keynote.



Sun 09:13am

Sunday morning and time for brunch. The consensus from everyone I’ve encountered is that it’s both too early and there’s no place we’d rather be.  I can’t think of brunch and not think of Marge Simpson and her suitor’s description of brunch: “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of canteloupe at the end. You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal.

The  keynote will be starting soon.

Sun 08:54am

Sunday morning at SWLC and the consensus is that it is too early.  Brunch is starting now.  I can’t think of brunch andnot think of Marge Simpson’s suitor’s description of brunch: “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of canteloupe at the end. You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal.”

Since I’m near the front of the line it’s time to go.







Sat 07:47pm

The Southwest 2016 title family


Sat 07:47pm

The winners being announced

Southwest Master and slave 2016 (elect) hearing the news that they won the contest.


Southwest Bootblack 2016 Xiaoyi being announced as the winner.



Sat 07:41pm

The contestants gather on stage for the announcements.


Sat 07:39pm

Time to announce the contest winners…..

The Southwest Bootblack 2016 is Xiaoyi.

The Southwest Master and Slave 2o16 (elect) are Orpheus Black and slave Indigo.

Sat 07:22pm

While the results are tallied, it’s time for the parade of colors and titleholders.

Sat 07:20pm

After intermission representatives from the other regional Master/slave regional conference and South Plains Leather Fest (home of the International Master/slave contest) take the stage to invite attendees to their respective events.

Sir Cougar speaking on behalf of South Plains Leather Fest:


Sat 07:15pm

More fun from intermission

(L-R) slave elizabeth, slave Ann Goodpet, and Janet Ryan


Todd and Bella Price


Sat 07:09pm

Intermission time.

Tugger and his sexy heels poses with friends.


Volunteer coordinator and all around fabulous Leatherwoman Wish takes a moment to pose with slave elizabeth and me.



Sat 07:06pm

Bootblack contestant Xiaoyi gives her speech.


Slave Indigo gives her speech.


Orpheus Black gives his speech.


Sat 06:47pm

slave Neeka giving her speech.


Master Shado on the mike.


Sat 06:41pm

Orpheus Black and slave Indigo are taking the stage to give their speeches.  Slave Indigo is giving her speech first.  Her speech focused on how she is a woman, a black woman, and a slave.  She talks about how being a slave is a choice. Orpheus Black is up next.  In his speech he discussed that he wants to let other dominants know that it is okay to be emotional.  He said that being strong means being emotional.

Sat 06:35pm

Bootblack contestant Xiaoyi is taking the stage to give her speech.  Xiaoyi’s speech focused on that on how once you go black you never go back meaning that receiving service from a bootblack is a transformative experience.

Sat 06:31pm

Contestant pair number 1 Master Shado and slave Neeka are giving  their speeches.  slave Neeka is going first.  In her speech she is discussing that being a feminist and slave are compatible and that she has found freedom by choosing to be a slave.  Master Shado’s speech is up next.  His speech is focused on how with mastery comes responsibility and  his  slave represents his greatest achievement.

Sat 06:25pm

Introducing this year’s sole bootblack contestant Xiaoyi.


Sat 06:24pm

Head bootblack judge Gabriel Majors models his freshly shaved head and leather tuxedo tails.


Sat 06:21pm

Nick Elliot lives up to his reputation as a fashionista by sporting his fascination hat.


Sat 06:19pm

Time for the introduction of the Master/slave contestants.  Contestant  pair  number 1 is  Colorado Master Shado and slave Neeka and contestant  pair number 2 is Southern California Master and slave Orpheus Black and slave Indigo.

Sat 06:18pm

International Ms. Leather Sarge is excited to judge.20160123_191259

Sat 06:15pm

The judges sit at the table prepared to score the evening’s contests.


Sat 06:11pm

Head Master/slave contest judge Patrick Mulcahey.


Sat 06:10pm

Sir Gareth and slave toi are getting ready to tally the scores.



Sat 06:07pm

After a fantastic day of classes and socializing  it is time for the evening contest activities to begin.  Taking the stage is the always affable Nick Elliot.

Sat 06:06pm

After what seemed like too short of a day of having fun and catching up with friends both old and new, it’s finally almost time for the contest evening to begin.  Taking the stage once again is  the always entertaining Nick Elliot.




Sat 01:26pm

After last night’s contest activities it was time for the boots and cigars party sponsored by the San Diego girls of Leather.  In addition to lots of sexy bootblacking there was the almost mandatory chocolate cake.  All in attendance had a great time based on the laughter that could be heard from all corners of the party.  Yours truly stayed up until late in the night before heading in for some much needed sleep.




Fri 07:22pm

Next up is bootblack contestant xiaoyitmp_30013-20160122_201746-1586996915



Fri 07:16pm

Time for pop questions.  First up is Master Shadow and slave Neka.tmp_30013-20160122_201259-1-1069555289





Fri 06:54pm

Bootblack Shelley is giving her stepdown speech.



Fri 06:51pm

Southwest Master and slave, Sir Gareth and slave toi, are giving their send off speech.



Fri 06:48pm

Contestant pair #2 Orpheus Black and slave Indigo



Fri 06:46pm

Time to meet the contestant pairs:


Master Shadow and slave Neka.



Fri 06:39pm

Next up is emcee Nick Elliot. While this observer was disappointed that Nick didn’t show us the finer points of conducting a kilt check, he did start with pop questions for the judges. Fun stuff all around.




Fri 06:32pm

The evening activities began with the presentation of colors and a fine rendition oddthe national anthem. SWLC producer Judy took the stage to give opening remarks.










Fri 06:04pm

Sitting in the ball room getting ready for the evening show to start. Hanging out with the judges.

Sir Cougar and Ms Kendra at SWLC 2016

Fri 05:17pm

As I left my room to head towards registration, I ran into Seattle’s own Allena Gabosch.  After catching up with Allena and exchanging kisses, it was time to head down to registration.  The helpful and well organized registration staff made the registration process a breeze. 

Shortly after registering, I had the opportunity to catch up with the current Southwest Master Sir Gareth.  He described  his title year thus far as great fun and talked about all of the many things he and his slave toi will be doing in the coming year.

Right across from registration was the Carter-Johnson Leather Library.  One of the highlights is a fantastic display featuring bootblack history.  As always though there was too much to experience in a single and I’m sure this weekend will see me back again.  Below are photos of just a small part of the exhibit:

Shoe Polish DisplayShoe Polish  Closeup






Heading to the bootblack lounge we ran into the always affable and kissable Gabriel Majors, the head judge for the Southwest Bootblack contest.  Since this year’s contest only features one contestant, I asked Gabriel if he thought  it was easier or harder to run as a sole contestant.  Gabriel said  that  he thought it was harder to run without other competitors because it deprived the sole contestant of the contestant-class experience. He went on to explain that having other  people to run with, especially fellow bootblacks, gives a whole team experience where contestants help one another and become a family of sorts as they work through the trials of competing.

More to come!  We are heading down to the evening festivities.




Fri 02:00pm

After an all too early  but otherwise uneventful flight, yours truly landed safely in Phoenix and hit the ground ready to cover this weekend. First off is registration.

Watch this blog for updates on the most recent people, events, and contest results.

Sun 01:14pm

Photos from last night’s contest.  All photos by Rooks

Sun 12:51am

SATnightPart2 (2 of 4)2014 International Community Bootblack boy ed during his stepdown speech (photo by Rooks)


SATnightPart2and2 (3 of 15)2014 International Leather boy paul during his stepdown speech (photo by Rooks)

SATnightPart2and2 (4 of 15)2014 International Leather Sir Mark delivers his stepdown speech (photo by Rooks)

Sun 12:35am

After the contest it was time to head to the Dallas Eagle for the victory party.  The Eagle was at capacity and sex and celebration was in the air.

Sat 08:55pm

The 2015 International Leather Sir is Sir Tug. Sir Jim is the runner up.

Sat 08:53pm

The 2015 International Leather boy is boy Tim; boy Louie is the first runner up.

Sat 08:51pm

The 2015 International Community Bootblack is Briar. Cherielle is the runner up.

Sat 08:49pm

The 2015 Golden Brush award winner is Cherielle.

Sat 08:43pm

The results are in and it is time to bring out the contestants for the announcement of the winners.

Sat 08:31pm

2014 Internaional Leather Sir Mark is delivering his stepdown.

Sat 08:27pm

2014 International Leather boy paul is now giving his stepdown speech.

Sat 08:19pm

Time for last year’s titleholders to give their stepdown speeches. First up is the 2014 International Community Bootblack boy ed.

Sat 07:52pm

The final fantasy is from Canadian Leather Sir Isaac.  His elevator themed extravaganza marked the end of the contest.

Sat 07:42pm

The next speech is from Southwest Leather boy Tater who is talking about coming out and embracing who he really is encouraging everyone to embrace the fullness of who they are.

Sat 07:35pm

Southeast Leather Sir Michael has taken the stage for his fantasy presenting an unusual take on the boys in blue.

Sat 07:31pm

The next speech is from Southwest Leather Sir Joe who spoke about finding his voice as a Leatherman.

Sat 07:26pm

South Central Leather boy Louie’s construction themed fantasy left the audience laughing and no doubt inspired all sorts of things to be erected.

Sat 07:20pm

Southwest Community Bootblack Cherielle is giving her speech.  She spoke about how she had left the boxes that described and confined her and encouraged everone to break out of their boxes.

Sat 07:16pm

Next up for speeches is Great Lakes Leather boy who talked about discovering his interest in Leather.

Sat 07:11pm

South Central Leather Sir Tug is next up on the fantasy stage. While Commissioner of Major League baseball might not approve of the baseball-inspired fantasy the audience certainly did.

Sat 07:05pm

After intermission it was time for the parade of colors. Clubs from both coasts and points in between were represented.

Great Lakes Leather Sir Jim’s speech kicks off the second half of the evening’s contest. Sir Jim spoke about how his title year has given him the opportunity to grow.


Sat 06:28pm

Canadian Leather Sir Isaac gave his speech about his Leather journey focusing on how others taught him as he started in the community.

Sat 06:23pm

Southwest Leather boy Tater’s fantasy featured a hot play scene that left the entertained.

Sat 06:16pm

Southeast Leather Sir Michael is giving his speech about the importance of educating new members of our community.

Sat 06:13pm

Southwest Leather Sir Joe is entertaining the audience with his sexy and moving fantasy.

Sat 06:07pm

Louie, the South Central Leather boy is now speaking about the importance of accepting people who are different within our community.

Sat 06:03pm

Southwest Community Bootblack Briar just finished her speech about the reasons she bootblacks.

Sat 06:02pm

Great Lakes Leather Boy Tim’s Goldilocks-inspired fantasy. Very entertaining and hot.



Sat 05:53pm

Time for the first speech. First up was South Central Leather Sir Tug who spoke about his commitment to community service and his Leather journey

Sat 05:48pm

Time for fantasies. First up is Great Lakes Leather Sir Jim with a fun and sexy work inspired fantasy.

Sat 05:31pm

Before the fantasies begin it is time to introduce the judging panel.

Sat 05:26pm

Time for the contestant introductions.  The Sirs and their respective boys and bootblacks are entering from the back of the room.

Sat 05:16pm

The festivites have begun! Sir Robert is interpreting and the MC Thib has taken the stage.

Sat 05:14pm

The 2 minute warning was just announced.

Sat 05:06pm

We have reached the 10 minute warning.

Sat 04:56pm

Back from intermission and it is time for the paradeof colors. There are too many clubs to list here but clubs from both coasts and points in between are represented.

Sat 04:36pm

The lobby is beginning to fill in anticipation of tonight’s contest. Who will? Keep watching this page for the latest news and updates.

Sat 03:18pm

Saturday afternoon and time for Leather Bingo!  This is definitely not the game played by blue-haired old ladies in smoky rooms.

SaturdayDayXE1 (3 of 3)2014_0905_12152100Bingo fun (photos by Rooks)

Sat 03:13pm

In addition to the bootblacking contest, the Puppy Park provided a place for puppies and those that love them to romp and play.2014_0905_112255002014_0905_11220100SaturdayDayXE1 (2 of 3)Puppies frolicking in the Puppy Park (photos by Rooks)

Sat 03:08pm

Saturday’s activities began with the opening of the contestant bootblacking and the puppy mosh.

While the two bootblack contestants stayed busy polishing boots and other items, the lobby provided a relaxing meeting place for laid-back socializing and cruising. If watching the sexy bootblacking and cruising wasn’t enough, there was a cash bar and cookie sales to satisfy your thirst or sweet tooth.

2014_0905_11122200Southwest Community Bootblack and ICBB contestant Cherielle gets her hands black polishing boots (photo by Rooks)


SaturdayDayXE1 (1 of 3)South Central Community Bootblack and ICBB contestant Briar works on a leather outfit (photo by Rooks)


FridayNightX100s (1 of 9)Technical boots for the bootblack contestants on display (photo by Rooks).

2014_0905_12335200Did someone say snacks? (photo by Rooks)

Sat 10:13am

FridayNightX100s (8 of 9)

Gabriel and Blayne get friendly at the cigar social on the Dallas Eagle patio (photo by Rooks)

FridayNightX100s (3 of 9)

Pup Rylee blacks boots during the social (photo by Rooks)

Sat 10:07am

FirdayNightXT1 (10 of 13)

Titleholders frolic after the contest portion of Friday (photo by Rooks)

Sat 10:03am

ILSb and ICBB Titleholders and Contestants on Stage at ILSb/ICBB 2015

ILSb and ICBB Titleholders and Contestants on Stage at ILSb/ICBB 2015 (photo by Rooks)


Sat 10:00am

Ms. Kendra receives the Jeffrey Payne Lifetime Achievement Award

Ms. Kendra receives the Jeffrey Payne Lifetime Achievement Award (photo by Rooks)


Fri 09:38pm

After fighting traffic and an uncooperative hotel checkin system, we finally made it to ILSb and the party in full swing.

I sailed through event registration thanks to the friendly and efficient registration volunteers. After talking about moment to join the meet and greet as it was winding down, it was time to change and catch the shuttle to the Dallas Eagle.

The Eagle is packed with sexy Leather people unwinding and having fun. There is so much happening that another update will have to wait until the shuttle back to the host hotel.

Sun 01:07pm

And to end the weekend, we are having the after party at the Black Eagle. Three more pinnings for Mama’a Family occured. Luca and I each got repinned for each of our Mama’a names, and Jeremy Feist got pinned as the newest member, Mama’s Canadian Funny Guy.


Sun 11:14am

After getting through the Victory Brunch, we are gathered at the 519 to get ready for the Leather Pride March.  Don’t  know how I will do it in the high heel boots I am on currently but fashion is pain and pain is fabulous.

Sat 07:53pm

And the winners are….

As voted by the contestants, the Fellowship award is Jeremy Feist. His immediate response, “How am I the nice one?”

Toronto Puppy is pup Benny with Red Rex as first runner up.

Ms Leather Toronto is Sharazad with no first runner up. Obviously

Mr. Leatherman Toronto is Brandon Lee with Jeremy Feist as first runner up.

Congratulations to everyone!




Sat 07:36pm

Finally, Brett does his speech. He talks about the collections he accumulated – his favorite photos from the year, the business cards he collected from people he met, the dildoes he collected (he went from having one to now having 50). He did his thanks to the people who supported him.

Sat 07:26pm

Next was Luca’s speech. She talked about all the positives in her year – the women, the men, the events she was involved in from local Toronto events to the Northbound Leather fashion show to the International Ms Leather contest she competed in. She thanked everyone, but especially her partner Bex, the other half that carried this sash, and her title family especially when they stood by her in Montreal.

Sat 07:14pm

T’Hayla then remembers the people in this community that died recently.

Sarah comes back out in a other costume change with a leather corset and miniskirt. And they talk about Dan’s pup ego, Trouble before Pup Sprocket does his step aside speech.

He tells some fun stories about his trip to MAL, about teaching an old dog new tricks, about doing this title for 18 months, learned about Dee’s cupcakes and how he pooped out food colour for DAYS, talked about the pride he had for the title holders he worked alongside during his title year, and how they helped him evolve and find his inner strength and courage, and how they stood by each other (including when he and Brett chose to stand with Luca when she and her partner Bex were turned away from an all mens event in Montreal). He ended off by saying, “It was a very good year.”

Sat 06:58pm

T’hayla presented the Toronto Leather Pride Community Awards as voted by the members of the Heart of the Flag Federation.

– the Leather Pride Award was given to Patty

– the Jack Pearce Founders Award was given to Murray Lavigne

Sat 06:20pm

The raffle prizes are drawn before the 2016 title holders are announced.

As voted by the contestants, the Fellowship award went to

Toronto Puppy is

Ms. Leather Toronto is

Mr. Leatherman Toronto is


Sat 06:12pm

Sarah and Dan come back on and Dan teaches Sarah about “boy logic” before introducing the next minimal wear/pop question.

Craig gets the question – if you could be a superhero for one day, which superhero would you want to be and why. He answers, “He Man, and why? Have you seen him?”

Brandon L gets the question – you just won the title holder lottery to promote your community in any location you want, and where and why? He says back home to South Africa where he can inspire the new leather community over there.

David gets the question – the celebrity you fantasized about came into his workplace, whispers something kinky in his ear. Who is it? What did he say? Why? He says Heath Ledger to play with his long staff with him on the DVD.


Sat 06:03pm

Next was Pup Red Rex’s fantasy scene with Red Rex playing with a rubber clad surgeon who is spanking Red Rex with a tennis racket for being a bad pup. Rex then licks the surgeon’s boots, gets collared and led by a chain before “blowing” and biting the surgeon. Rex then chases the surgeon around the stage and vice versa to the theme of Benny Hill.

Sat 05:58pm

Sarah (in a leather scout uniform) and Dan come back and each showed off some skin before going into the minimal wear/pop question portion of the program.

Jeremy received the question, “ou have just been arrested. What are the charges?” His answer: “For giving crack” and bends over to show his furry ass.

Brandon R W came on, stripped before getting the question what is his favour fetish, and whice judge he would do it with. His answer was spanking with Daddy Ray because he loves his hugs and figures his hands would be great down below.

Sharazad came out with a strap on and got the question, who would she have sex with – Rob Ford or Donald Trump. She first asked how do we define sex before saying she would string up Rob Ford by the balls before giving him a pounding with her strap on.

Sat 05:50pm

After a short “bio break” and selling of raffle tickets for a HOT gift basket retailing 00, the pup fantasy scenes begin.

Pup Omega got toys and toyed with by a man in a motorcycle helmet before put in a straight jacket.

Sat 05:08pm

Pup Red Rex shows his pup image (and his nice butt).

MLT contestant Brandon Michael Lee does his speech. He talked about the tragedies in his personal life with losses in his family. He spoke specifically about his promise to his dying sister about living in the moments instead of committing suicide such as this contest. He also said he found solace in the leather community during those trying times.

MLT contestant David Knott talked about how he didn’t know what he was doing the first time he competed. He felt that this time, he had fellow contestants help him out to “breathe”. He talks about how always felt support from this community.

And for the final pup image, pup Benny starts by running on stage without his handler. Lol.

Now Sarah introduces the judges.

Sat 04:59pm

Now the hosts talk about how there is one contestant for Ms Leather Toronto, and how she must score 70% to achieve the title.

Sharazad the Alchemical Mistress. She compares leather and alchemy in her speech, about how it involves unions, synergy, symbioticism, and transformations.

Mr Leatherman Toronto contestant, Craig Goodenough talks about growing up on a small community where differences were not accepted. He talked about finding relief in the leather community in 1990s, and felt comfortable to come out as a gay man.

Sat 04:53pm

Now the Toronto Puppy Contestants are shown in their pup image with their handlers giving them commands and following starting with Pup Omega.

Sat 04:51pm

Now the Mr Leatherman Toronto contestants speak:

– Jeremy Feist: He talks about why he is running again (even though his mom said to take a hint). He talked about he thought what he liked or wanted is wrong, but then he found the leather community and found a home. He talks about how he wants to give back because everyone deserve to feel they have a home in this community.

– Brendan Roth Rollins: He talks leather and how he feels it is a great way to express himself, a great cross of fashion, fetish, and structure. He talks about how his self expression has cost him his family but felt the community has helped him to be who he is.


Sat 04:44pm

Hosting the contest by Dan Madden and Sarah Pie, the contest starts with the speech portion for the Toronto Puppy contestants.

The first to speak is pup Omega who talks about being in the pup community for only a year, why he is in into pup play, how he feels safe and helped and proud within this community, how the community pulls together. He admits he is nervous.

Next is Red Rex. He talks about his nervousness and excited. He talks about why he likes pup play for its physicality and energy. He talks about how he loves being in this community and wants to see it grow.

Finally, to speak, is Pup Benny. He talks about how he started in pup play with his sister playing a game, and talking about how the community is a great escape.

Sat 04:34pm

And I got to meld a couple of worlds together by helping with a blessing with the Toronto Sisters as Sister Wanda Wu Mein being pup Mushu translating the blessing in pup speak.

Sat 04:19pm

At the main event, the Competition at the Phoenix, and the event kicks off with HOTF board member Vince Ciarlo sings the Canadian and American national anthems.

A little nervous since I will be doing something a little special.

Sat 11:00am

And our contestants.

2015-08-07 21.44.29

Sat 10:58am

Our esteemed judges and tallymasters after they all got introduced (and hit on in one form on or another) by host Carlotta Carlisle during “Meet the Meat”.
2015-08-07 21.35.14

Sat 10:54am

While the contestants are interviewed, and participants attend the educational sessions at the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives and the Phoenix, I thought I’d share some of my photos that I took on my phone, such as this one taken during last night’s Toronto Puppy Contest Pup Mosh at Woody where the judges scored pups Red Rex, Benny, and Omega as they mosh it out.

2015-08-07 20.40.50

Fri 06:58pm

Carlotta then performs while patrons stuff cash in her bra all in the name of funds for next year’s title year to end off Meat the Meet.

The night ends with everyone moseying on to the Black Eagle Toronto for the Full Fetish Party.

Fri 06:43pm

Carlotta introduced Sharazad the MsLT contestant.

Then Carlotta goes to the bathroom with Jeremy the MLT contestant to help her get out of her corset.

T’hayla introduces the Toronto Puppy and Mr  Leatherman Toronto contestants, and makes each contestant twirl. They need lessons from Wonder Woman (or me) on how to do that.

Fri 06:37pm

The judges are first introduced:

– Bob Miller, exec producer of CLAW (whom Carlotta  was surprised he got through the border easily when she did not because the officers all went to Arby’s before she got to them)

– Daddy Ray Tilton (Carlotta almost had a miscarriage when he came on and I think he looked scared… almost)

(OMG Carlotta keeps hitting it out of the park so much I almost die)

– International Ms Leather 2014 Patty (and learning she has double jointed thumbs while the Puppy contestants are spread eagle)

– Mr Leather Ottawa 2013 pup Rolph  (and she said she will send a sympathy card because he is from Ottawa)

– Ms Leather Toronto 1995 Jo Ryan (which Carlotta found her to be the “right height” and wanted to celebrate her 20th anniversary as MsLT with a back massager from Sharper Image that can burn through ski pants)

– Toronto Puppy 2013 Pup Ego (and Carlotta could not say he was from Brampton as though it was a bad word)

– Enza Silano of Northbound Leather (which Carlotta pointed out that her lanyard disappears at her breaststroke and describes them as like looking into the sun and named them “Miss Coco” because of something related to motorboating them)

– head judge Master Jack Peace (with Carlotta saying of all the dirty messages sent to him through social media)

(Carlotta then chugs a bunch of drinks and then talks about how corsets hold alcohol in one place before it is taken off)

Then the tally masters are introduced: Buddy (the head) and Pup Sprocket.

Somewhere in there I ran up to fan her, and Carlotta  commented how I look like a Mariah Carey fan and how she wanted to do “Three Little Maids” from The Mikado with me.

Fri 06:01pm

Local drag queen Carlotta Carlisle once again hosts “Meet the Meat” at Woody’s, and is feisty in her humour and candor (and even cutting threats) during her introductions.

And every few minutes, she keeps yelling out, “I LOVE THIS JOB!”

Fri 05:39pm

It’s been a lovely VIP Reception to start off tonight where I got to assimilate everyone with my look du jour.

Before the Meet the Meat, the Toronto Puppy Contestants mosh it up on the mat for the judges and the public.

Thu 06:12pm

Before he could his clothes back on (just only got his vest back on), Brett is called back up to give his Impact Awards, to the people who impacted during his title year.

Brett felt the person who taught him how to be a leatherman and this the recipient of his Impact Award – bootblackgirl Susy. Which came in the form of a pink heart shaped dog tag.

Brett then gave Sprocket the “best fuckin’ puppy award”.



Thu 06:06pm

Then the three title holders got a chance to rebut.

SPROCKET instead toasts his roasters. Well at least Patty. For Ego, he did an impression of Ego’s sloshed pep talk to get him to run before he vomited.

LUCA thanked Nancy for bringing her into the leather world, and thanked both Nancy and Sarah Pie for keeping her as warm all day long. She thanked her partner Bex who was the “other half of the sash”. Then she showed her beaver to the audience and Sarah ran up and licked it.

BRETT starts gus rebuttal by taking off his clothes down to his jock. He was nice to James because he was nice and sweet. He talks about how he actually met Fenn. Then he declared his aspirant with The Toronto Sisters. He talked about his time at MAL spending  time in his room watching the Food Network, and Sprocket – his roommate that weekend – used Brett as the reason to not let a guy get into Sprocket’s pants. Then he advised the contestants to just “Be You”.


Thu 05:52pm

Finally Mr Leatherman Toronto 2015 Brett is roasted starred with Sister Constance Inner from the Toronto Sisters of the JOY:

– She talks about when she first met Brett, trying to “get a feel”.

– she gets quite a few good jabs – “Cumming a little bit behind” at IML, how he can take a room of cock but not take a joke, etc.

– he was circumcised as an adult, and in trying to get the cheapest one possible, he got a “rip off”.


Next was Central Canada LeatherSIR James:

– how he met with Brett without any clothes on, and how he realized that this was how he was every time he met

– how he undresses with every drink he takes


And finally, Fenn:

– he talks about they met on Scruff.  He describes himself as a jock…as he was firmly attached to everyone’s groins.

– he talked about how Brett is in a monogamous relationship and the two reactions they get is “Awww” and “Do they know that?”

– how he left toys that he used and left around the bathroom when his boyfriend Andrew brings his friends over and shows them the bathroom.

– how everyone at IML loves his pink socks despite showing off his pecs and personality

– “People in glass houses shouldn’t wear this shirt”. Fenn pointed at Brett’s Justin Bieber shirt that he is wearing

– to top it off, Fenn gave him a faux kilt in payment for taking a kilt from Fenn.

Thu 05:30pm

Next up to be roasted is Ms Leather Toronto 2015 Luca.

First to roast her is Naughty Nancy. Luca is already cringing. Especially when Nancy said she would go beyond Luca’s title year:

– Nancy talks about when they first met during an Amazon cottage event and wanted to know about BDSM. Nancy said she taught Luca the value of bottoms in this community. Then she was unleashed at Pup Night st the Black Eagle, and she liked it so much that she was enthusiatically inviting all the vanilla lesbians to come to the Black Eagle at the next lesbian event she went to.


Next was Sarah Pie who knew Luca even further back (as far back as when Luca had a beard):

– she talked about how they met at a bisexual discussion group

– she was proud of Luca winning Ms Leather Toronto  with a score of 98%

– she talked about Luca’s IMsL fantasy scene involving flogging a Mountie in a bathroom backdrop, and how she showed her “beaver” to the IMsL audience which Sarah licked. And a photo was shown.



Thu 05:13pm

For Pup Sprocket’s roast, we had IMsL 2014 Patty.

She talked about:

– Sprocket did 15.5 dog years (18 months) of a title year.

– Sprocket’s “maturity” (ahem)

– how he started as Toronto Puppy from a shy, nervous to being able to do boots to balls (especially this one I’m guessing), and other great raffle ticket techniques that contestants will need to learn

– and a few awwww  moments with gifts from her and her wife Dee making Sprocket cry, making the “best lube”


Next was Sprocket’s predecessor, Pup Ego:

– Ego said the best thing about stepping down is that he gets his balls back,  but could only find one. And it was blue.

– he talked about how he talked Sprocket into running for Toronto Puppy while sloshed at IPC. What he does remember saying to him, “You’re a better bitch than me.

– then Ego gave him a shot in a syringe.  As Sprocket takes that shot, T’Hayla comments on how it looked like he was “deworming” himself.

Thu 04:39pm

Now the contestants are introduced:

– Shazarahad for Ms Leather Toronto

– Mr. Leatherman Toronto contestants: Jeremy Feist, Brandon, Craig Goodenough, Brandon Lee, and David Knott

– Toronto Puppy Contestant: pups Benny, Rex and Omega


Thu 04:33pm

And Daddy Ray Tilton received a re-cover by Master Jack. With joyful tears, Daddy Ray re-received thus honour.

Thu 04:30pm

Hello everyone, this is JJ here.

As with every Toronto Leather Pride, I start tonight’s coverage with SALUTE!, the toast and roast of the current title team.

Tonight starts with pinning unto Mama’s Family by Master Jack Peace and Mama’s Husband Ray Tilton:

– Ms Leather Toronto 2015 Luca as Mama’s Canadian Gasoline  Queen

– MLT 2016 Brett Murden as Mama’s Canadian King of Leather

– Jo Ryan (MsLT 1995) as Mama’s Canadian Super Super

– Brad Zahlen as Mama’s Canadian Zahlen

Sun 07:04pm

2nd runner up was Brian Donner, Mr. Tri States Leather.

1st runner up is Kevin Murphy, Mr. Leather Ireland 2015

Sun 07:03pm

Iml 2015 is number 39, Patrick Smith Mr LA Leather!

Sun 07:01pm


Sun 06:57pm

And now it’s time for the last look! Each of the 20 finalists are brought back out to the stage!

Sun 06:55pm

The International Mr. Bootblack 2015 is the one and only:

#1 – Bamm-Bamm!

Sun 06:54pm

The contestants for the International Mr. Bootblack competition are brought to the stage and introduced!

Sun 06:42pm

Wow…some REALLY great speeches in the second half. Indescribabley moving.

Rick Storer, executive director of the LA&M takes the stage to say a few words about thay great organization.

Sun 06:33pm

Whoa! Mr. Leather Ireland just proposed to his partner at the conclusion of his speech at IML!

Sun 06:23pm

Hopefully this thing can finish repairing itself in time to bring you the final announcement later on!

Sun 06:21pm

Sorry everyone. The speeches from section 2 are starting now but I can’t type on my keyboard. I am relegated to my phone while my Chromebook is wiping itself clean and reinstalling itself. In five years this has never been a problwm. I am SO sorry to all our faithful viewers!

Sun 06:18pm


Sun 06:16pm

Sun 06:14pm

Sun 06:13pm

Everyone, this is Tynan Fox from my phone. I really hate to say it but my chromebook has DIED and there is bo way I can keep up with live blogging using only my thumbs.

And I mean worse than dead..I mean corrupted and TOAST.

Sun 05:46pm

Phew – those are some very hot guys! I can tell which ones the audience likes the most!

Time for the two groups to switch. Time for intermission! I”ll be back soon with more blogging of the 2nd half of the contest on Leatherati Live!

Sun 05:36pm


Sorry I couldn’t keep up with all those. The next session is the physique portion. The following contestants each do a short runway walk in a jockstrap and/or harness while having a short biography read about them. Here’s the list of the other half.

27 – Bas Stronks, Mr. Hoist 2015

34 – Alex Ruiz, Mr. Leather Chile 2014

35 – Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Chicago Leather 2015

36 – Greg Bearskin, Mr. Leather UK

39 – Patrick Smith, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015

40 – Kevin Murphy, Mr. Leather Ireland 2015

43 – Trevor Black, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015

46 – Pup Tugger, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2015

47 – Brett Murden, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2015

49 – Dan Ronneberg, Mr. DC Eagle 2015

Sun 05:35pm

25 – Matthew Birkhoff, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2015

Stop, look, listen. These words represent passage of trains. But today these words take on a brand new theme – bullying. Bullying is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people. I ask you my brothers and ssiters to stop the hatred, look at how it hurts our fellow man, and listen for the sounds of suicide. My Mother taught me to be the change I want to see int he world, so this is what I’m asking you here toight. Stop, look, and listen. I am telling you here now, standing on this stage in the top 20 at IML, it DOES get better. Stop. Look. Listen!

Sun 05:33pm

24 – Daniel DeLage, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2015

Being told “no” is what got me here. Being told no you can’t have a title. Being told no, you’re not good enough for school. Being told NO gave me the courage to run for Mr. Powerhouse, and prompted me to start a new community group in SF that says YES you can express your kinks, you CAN be ytourself, and yes you can have hands on demonstration. I’ve met so many great people here who’ve taught me so much….

Sun 05:31pm

18 – Greg King, Mr. Maryland Leather 2015

I keep wondering how did I end up here. A friend asked me if I am spiritual, and I do believe in a higher power When a group comes together and works with a common purpose…they create a higher power. It is the power of community but it also shapes us as individuals. It lead me to meet my husband. ….

I know I’m not here becuse I am the best fundraiser, but I am a reflection of the community I serve, and I know that this ……


(I am so sorry. He’s going way too fast for me to keep up)

Sun 05:30pm

17 – Herman Groenewald, Mr. SA Leather 2015

My leather life started very early, but I bet most of you didn’t expect to see a man of my age cross the stage tonight. I probably bought my frist leather before most of you were born! My leather life started when I was 16 or 17. I saw a guy called LeatherMaster, and Tom of Finland. IT blew my mind! So I went out to blow a couple other guys too. I was born a catholic, and for the first few years I tried to pray the gay away. It took years but it didn’t work.  Finally, I met my partner who introducted me to the leather world, the leather community, and and I never looked back (unless my legs were spread). I know who I am, and I am PROUDLY leather!

Sun 05:27pm

16 – Brian Donner, Mr. TriState Leather 2014

I could have worn a cape. Superman has quite the set. He can fly, he’s invulnerable, he can turn back time, and with his friends with their magic glasses and more….they can save the world. Change the world. And more. Here’s a secret, you all have powers too. You can be the inspration  to others too. You can be the one to help someone! You can be the one to let the community find the safe pace within themselves. The first thing you have to be is to get past the fear you have, and truly embrace being different.

Sun 05:25pm

14 – Arnaud Amsterdam, Mr. Leather Europe 2014

Tomorrow, America will honor the lives of those who gave it it’s freedom. Allow me to honor those who gave me freedom now. I’d like to thank my parents who raised me to be free of judgement. I want to thank the Drag Queens, the first ones to fight for our rights. I want to honor the community of Amsterdam who chose me, a foreigner, a Frenchman, and the leatherclubs who brought me here today, and you the public of IML, the handlers, the production team. Thank you, you make me feel at home!

Sun 05:23pm

12 – Andreas Moore, Bavarian Mister Leather 2015

(Non-english introduction). When I was a young open leatherman, I was attaked quite a few times, but I really grew strong beause I always could rely on my leather family. Everyday, life s alike a permanent struggle to be with them. We should all be really proud that we can have these leather families here that can support us. Since we are seldom proud that we are alone, we should be aaware that everyone of us is part of this complexion of our community.”

Sun 05:21pm

7 – Ren Rushold, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2015

“I joined this community only six years ago. From that time, I havd experienced tragedy. I lost not only ap artner, but the community lost a friend. He had given me the ability to ahve passion for everything I could do. I’ve taken my torch to each of you. I lead the way into the forest, lighting the path. But there’s something I”d like to see tonight….how will you lead into the woods, will you make your own path or follow mine? I’ll leave you here with one quote….(dropped it)….you don’t want to be judged? don’t be. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight!”


(He went way too fast to keep up…)

Sun 05:19pm

5 – Clifton Tatum, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015

“One in three LGBT youtyh will attempt suicide. That’s 1 in 3. Far too many will succeed. I worked for the juvinile corrections facility to try to help, but what more can I and you do? We can support more organizations that assist LGBT youth! Ones that assist them in their crisis and make the bullying that was part of our generation NOT one of theirs. We have a duty, and an obligation to be visible. We have a young person looking up to the strong image of a leather man or woman thinking there is hope, and that things WILL get better. I challenge you to go out and be active, be a guide, and a role model to our future generation.”

Sun 05:17pm

3 – Rob Kreisinger Denk, Mr. Iowa Leather 2015

“When I was raped, I told myself it was my fault, because I surrendered my power to a dom. I thought he had the right to ignore my please because he was a dom. I blamed myslef. Instead of getting mad at my abuser, I internal9ized the pain and shut down part of myself because that’s what our society tells people to do. I am no longer a victim, I ama  survivor. I have learned that any man can be raped. I have reclaimed my voice. I have the strength and power now to say no-means-no. Trust honor and respect is freely given, not forcibly taken. We are in charge of our own bodies, our own minds, and our own hearts. Every community has the ability to make change! My brothers and sisters, let us be the ones to step up, and be the ones to say that everyone has the dignity and the right to protect themselves. Let us stand up and protect those who cannot protect themselvs and find the solutions to heal their world. Thank you!”

Sun 05:13pm

The audience roars with applause as the contestants are all judged (en masse) on the leather image portion!

A few announcements are made!

Sun 05:11pm

Once again – here is your list of top 20 contestants!

3 – Rob Kreisinger Denk, Mr. Iowa Leather 2015

7 – Ren Rushold, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2015

10 – Jeffrey Donnell Williams, Mr. SECC Leather 2015

12 – Andreas Moore, Bavarian Mister Leather 2015

14 – Arnaud Amsterdam, Mr. Leather Europe 2014

16 – Brian Donner, Mr. TriState Leather 2014

17 – Herman Groenewald, Mr. SA Leather 2015

18 – Greg King, Mr. Maryland Leather 2015

24 – Daniel DeLage, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2015

25 – Matthew Birkhoff, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2015

27 – Bas Stronks, Mr. Hoist 2015

34 – Alex Ruiz, Mr. Leather Chile 2014

35 – Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Chicago Leather 2015

36 – Greg Bearskin, Mr. Leather UK

39 – Patrick Smith, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015

40 – Kevin Murphy, Mr. Leather Ireland 2015

43 – Trevor Black, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015

46 – Pup Tugger, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2015

47 – Brett Murden, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2015

49 – Dan Ronneberg, Mr. DC Eagle 2015

Sun 05:03pm

I missed one in there! I need to go back and grab it

Sun 05:02pm

3 – Rob Kreisinger Denk, Mr. Iowa Leather 2015

9 – Erik Taylor, Washington State Mr. Leather 2014

Sun 05:01pm

18 – Greg King, Mr. Maryland Leather 2015

Sun 05:00pm

46 – Pup Tugger, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2015

Sun 05:00pm

39 – Patrick Smith, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015

Sun 04:59pm

35 – Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Chicago Leather 2015

Sun 04:59pm

27 – Bas Stronks, Mr. Hoist 2015

Sun 04:59pm

24 – Daniel DeLage, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2015

Sun 04:59pm

36 – Greg Bearskin, Mr. Leather UK

Sun 04:58pm

7 – Ren Rushold, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2015

Sun 04:57pm

47 – Brett Murden, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2015

Sun 04:57pm

16 – Brian Donner, Mr. TriState Leather 2014

Sun 04:56pm

34 – Alex Ruiz, Mr. Leather Chile 2014

Sun 04:55pm

17 – Herman Groenewald, Mr. SA Leather 2015

Sun 04:55pm

49 – Dan Ronneberg, Mr. DC Eagle 2015

Sun 04:55pm

40 – Kevin Murphy, Mr. Leather Ireland 2015

Sun 04:54pm

25 – Matthew Birkhoff, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2015

Sun 04:54pm

Mike Gerle takes the stage to announce:

43 – Trevor Black, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015

Sun 04:53pm

All the contestants retake the stage! Top 20 announced soon!

Sun 04:53pm

Side note – I am not going to be commenting on the fashion or outfits of the contestants. You can probably follow all that on Twitter (under #IML37), or from my fellow live bloggers right here on Leatherati!

Sun 04:47pm


Sun 04:47pm

Please welcome our judges for the weekend!

Each of the judges are announced and their biographies are read to the audience.

Here’s a link to the judges’ bios!

Sun 04:45pm

The crowd rises to its feet to applaud Chuck Renslow!

“Welcome to the beautiful city of Chicago. We’ve come a long way, and just to give you a little bit of perspective, I’ll give you some history. When I opened the Gold Coast bar in 1958, the first leather bar in the USA, you had to know exctly where it was. No one knew. A leatherman questioned you before you were let in. Today, there’s neon signs outside screaming “GAY BAR!” The progress we have made is outstanding. Politicians court us. We can get married! We’re not where we want to be yet, but we’ve made fantastic progress.

In many countries, people live in fear because they are GLBT, in places like Urganda, Iran, and Russia, the government promotes this violence. For this reason, the Rainbow Railroad exists. Since 2006, the Railroad helps our brothers and sisters find a safehouse for those who NEED OUR HELP. Because a plane ticket issued quickly or a safehouse can mean life or death for one of our people. Those of us who celebrate our lifestyle and come together and help those who need it. Volunteers will be collecting money at this time for the Rainbow Railroad – please, give what you can without causing yourself harm.

Years ago I was in Egypt. There, I heard a temple was great for cruising. Of course, I went! I met a boy there into BDSM. When I left, he was crying! He wondered, “Where will I ever find a man like you? Here, this is illegal.” If the Rainbow Railroad had existed at that time, we could have gotten him to a country where he did not have to live in fear. As the collection volunteers come around, please, give what you can! Years ago, through a collection like this one, we were able to purchase the LA&M.

Today, the LA&M is listed as one of the top 10 best destinations of Chicago. The LA&M is supported in full from the leather community. It recieves no grants, no funds, of any kind.

I wanted to add something that’s not in my notes. Last Friday a Christian hate group was protesting outside the LA&M. All the nighbors of the group came out to support us and ran them out! Even a lady pushing a baby carriage that shooed them off. Yes, we have friends in the neighborhood that turned out. We have friends, but we also have enemies. We have to watch them and constantly keep our guard. We have got to continue to fight. This is OUR fight and we WILL win!

Again, welcome to the 37th IML contest. You are my species, I love you all. And with that, on with the show!”

Sun 04:37pm

“There is one sponsor who’s been a sponsor longer than any other in the history of IML. For Miller Coors, we’d like to introduce Doug Samorn with Miller-Coors! They are the longest running corporate sponsor of IML – even when it was unpopular!”

Sun 04:36pm

“37 years we’ve been doing this, and we’ve had a hell of a good time don’t you think? So many poeple come to join us. We have Imperial Court here, Sisters here, gay people, straight people, everyone inbetween. Unfortunately we don’t have here tonight is the Kardashian sisters. But let’s get ready with the show! Let’s find out which are going to make the top 20!

Sun 04:34pm

Phew. That was a LOT of men to walk off the stage. There’s DEFINITELY some crowd favorites here tonight.

IML 1992 Lenny (Groberg?) takes the stage!

Sun 04:31pm

Editor’s note: I’m really rooting hard for my hometown boys, #7 Ren Rushold and #31 Steven Patton. Bring it home, boys!!

Sun 04:30pm

52 contestants. Hard to believe!

Sun 04:26pm

I’m double checking my contestant list as each of the names are announced for correct spelling!

Sun 04:23pm

The curtain rises and all the contestants are in place on stage! Each one of them has their name read off as they exit the stage!

Sun 04:22pm

The Announcer begins!

“Tonight we celebrate the meeting of the tribe from 23 different states and 8 different lands! Ladies and Gentlemen, tongiht, the Land of Lincoln is YOUR land.

And now the IML 2015 Contest finals!”

Sun 04:21pm

The house lights go down! Live blogging beginning for the first half!


Sun 04:18pm

Well…it keeps STARTING to look like it’s going to start….not quite sure what we’re all waiting on…

Sun 04:14pm

So I’m not quite sure what all the fuss was. The IML volunteer staff and people working the busses were telling people that there would be “NO seats available” for vendors and volunteers with badges. They said that the show was sold out and there wouldn’t be any seats available so you might as well not go. And yet, here I sit in the 4th row from the front…and I turn around and see the house is LESS than half full!

Were they lying to us? Or has something gone horribly wrong tonight?

Sun 04:09pm

The music goes down! THe Audience is instructed to take their seats!

Sun 04:06pm

Here is your contestant list:

1 – Laney Ballard, Mr. Eagle NYC 2015
2 – Pup Tank, Mr. Alamo City Leather 2015
3 – Rob Kreisinger Denk, Mr. Iowa Leather 2015
4 – Steve Bianchi, Mr. Ohio Leather 2014
5 – Clifton Tatum, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015
6 – Will Boyd-Bohaczek, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2015
7 – Ren Rushold, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2015
8 – Keven Allen, Mr. Leather Ottowa 2015
9 – Erik Taylor, Washington State Mr. Leather 2014
10 – Jeffrey Donnel Williams, Mr. SECC Leather 2015
11 – Dalton Flint II, jMr. New England Leather 2015
12 – Andreas Moore, Bavarian Mister Leather 2015
13 – Woodie Barnes-McWhirter, Mr. CODE Florida 2014
14 – Arnaud Amsterdam, Mr. Leather Europe 2014
15 – William Naors, MR. Camp Mars Leather 2015
16 – Brian Donner, Mr. TriState Leather 2014
17 – Herman Groenewald, Mr. SA Leather 2015
18 – Greg King, Mr. Maryland Leather 2015
19 – Scott BIGRED MacLaren, Mr. Legion of Sin Leather 2014
20 – Al Parso-York, Mr. Alameda County Leather 2014
21 – Dennis Woods, Mr. CMEN Leather
22 – Daddy Dave, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2015
23 – Woody Stiner, Mr. Prime Choice 2014
24 – Daniel DeLage, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2015
25 – Matthew Birkhoff, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2015
26 – Michael Pacas, Mr. Leather 64TEN Chicago
27 – Bas Stronks, Mr. Hoist 2015
28 – Josh Fortuna, Mr. Michigan Leather 2015
29 – Thomas Fincannon, Mr. New Jersey Leather 2015
30 – Doug Dick, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2014
31 – Steven Patton, Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2015
32 – Jay Johnson, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014
33 – Jason Ashford, Mr. Louisiana Leather 2015
34 – Alex Ruiz, Mr. Leather Chile 2014
35 – Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Chicago Leather 2015
36 – Greg Bearskin, Mr. Leather UK
37 – John Skopoes, Mr. GNI Leather 2014
38 – Richard Ziese, Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2015
39 – Patrick Smith, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015
40 – Kevin Murphy, Mr. Leather Ireland 2015
41 – Miles “Mil0” McDonald, Mr. 501 Eagle 2015
42 – Mark “BigDaddy” Hurte, Mr. Bluegrass Leather 2015
43 – Trevor Black, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015
44 – Mister Sir Steven, Mr. Oregon State Leather 2015
45 – Frank O’Brien, Mr. Quench Leather FL
46 – Pup Tugger, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2015
47 – Brett Murden, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2015
48 – Eli Correa, Mr. San Diego Leather 2013
49 – Dan Ronneberg, Mr. DC Eagle 2015
50 – Russell McDaris, Mr. Heartland Leather 2015
51 – Max Mackenzie, Mr. Queensland Leather 2014
52 – Andy Struckhoff, Mr. Missouri Leather 2015

Sun 03:48pm

Hello one and all! This is Tynan Fox signing on for Leatherati Live presenting your live coverage of tonight’s IML contest!

Sat 09:40pm

Pup Tugger,Mr Phoenix Leather 2015 gave the writing staff whiplash. But we want to focus on your interest in Marie Antoinette. Question “If your coufierre was like hers, what it would be like?” He asks:”Well what is the dress?” Someone suggests cock, he says “No,too tacky! We’ll keep it simple.”

Eli Correra,Mr. San Diego Leather 2013 , is asked to plan the coming out party for Rick Santorum. What would be the theme?” Reply:” It’s raining men”

Midori is going to get so much action this year if all thes fantasies evolve.

Max Mackenzie,Mr. Queensland Leather 2014  asked Lenny to give it to (regards to his question) and do it as he has this accent and no one can understand him anyway.

Last contestant of night is Andy Struckoff,Mr Missouri Leather 2015. Is the audience ready for last question? Not as much as we are in seeing him turn around and bend over apparently. As Missouri is the show me state,”what is the most erotic, hot sexy thing Andy can show Lenny?” Reply: listen to the Becerly Hillbillies song as it was too funny to me recall it all.

And now to out parade of colors.

As JJ and I say “At least the answer wasn’t Midori!”

This is your friendly neighborhood Domiantrix ,Miss Simone signing off!


Sat 09:18pm

Up to contestant 36,Greg Bearskin who makes a cake for Midori. But I love his remake : “That’s about as far as I can go…I’m English. I can’t do this stuff.”

John Skopoes,Mr GNI Leather 2014 has an awesome cowboy hat. Ooh, my fashionista is showing.

Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015 ,Patrick Smith is into the super hero thing Question:”Which Avenrgers hero would you like to get it on with for your webcam show?” Reply:”Iron Man for his iron fist and Spider-Man for his hot sticky web. ” I missed someone in there cause I was laughing too hard.

Mr Leather Ireland 2015,Kevin Murphy is a musician. He is asked to create a piece for his experiences at IML this year. His reply is to take inspiration from “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” due to leprechaun and the pot of gold flagging yellow” .

Cuntchita wurst and Trevor Black ,Mr San Franciso 2015,have been comcast in a porn to tag team Lenny. “What is on the Dvd cover?” Reply:”Lenny suspended, pissing in his mouth while doing such and Conchita cock teasing, plus our favorite judge Midori recording the entire thing.”

Onto our last group!





Sat 08:56pm

Thomas Finacannon ,Mr Jersy Leather 2015 is a leather man who enjoys Broadway. Lenny is shocked! But he has also done ballroom. So, “which judge would you choose to teach a dance to, and which dance would you teach? Reply:”Midori and a bolero due to the twists and turns, and grooves.”

Ok boys, there are other judges on this panel besides Midori and Ramien! 😃

Poor Steven Patton,Mr Twin Cities Leather 2015 gets a question he can’t even answer. Hint: it involved a baby bison.

Alex Ruiz ,Mr. Leather Chile 2014 is up. He asked Lenny to be gentle as its his first time! As a travel agent, he is asked to plan a kinky cruise.

I love the fact that in many areas of the world, dance clubs are still called discotheque unlike the US which considers it a bad word.

“You are starring in a Horror porn movie luau, who is there with you and what happens?” is Luis Tipantasig’s question. Reply:” Midori and Ramien having their way with him.

It is definitely the year of Midori and Ramien


Sat 08:35pm

That is an image I did not need Lenny! A sexy leather man fucking  one of the judges as Goofy in the dungeon under Belle’s castle! Thanks!

Now onto our third group of wonderful contestants!

And a nod out to our lovely hearing impaired interpreters this evening. They are doing an awesome job keeping up with these guys. And I am loving watching them sign such phrases as …”huge fucking dildo, face fucking, and Hot thick wet load.”

Dennis Woods,Mr CMEN Leather wants to bring back cruising and get us all off our cell phones. I second that motion!

The judge that is getting the most action in these question rounds is Midori. It is definitely a Midori year. All these men want to feature her in their sex fantasies.. Hhmm!

Michael Pacas,Mr Leather 64TEN get the following:” Rick Storer is stalking you. What horror movie character is he and what is his weapon of choice? Reply:”He has become Hannibe Lecter, and his weapon of choice is doesn’t need one, I’ll be a sacrifice.”

Next group takes the stage!




Sat 08:07pm

There is some serious community service on the stage this evening. Such a list of groups and fundraising for all the  contestants- how wonderful! Onto the second group of hot men.

Bavarian Mister Leather 2015 is up. Let’s see what he is asked! Andreas Moore gets a thumbs up from  your blogger as he’s a cigar daddy –yummy! His question:” you are asked to  play a classical piece before a naked Dom/sub event, what do you play?” His reply:” C major to f major ending with f flat!”

It is nice to see the support the contestants giving to each other as their turn comes up to go under the question hammer.

Arnaud Amsterdam ,Mr Leather Europe 2014 gets the “who would you be in Rocky Horror minus most of the main characters and what sex toy will You bring?”He would be Eddie as he wears leather and is a biker. The sex toy would be rope as it is a sex toy for him”

Mr Tristate Leather 2014,Brian Donner, is a super comic geek. What do we think his ? Will be? Will it be cosplay? YES. “Who among his fellow contestants would he play with, what would they be and how play?” Answer:”Mr NJ  as Spider-Man as he can shoot webs all over you, and has super strength.”

Mr SA Leather 2015,Herman Groenewald has stolen Santa’s moustache, and it is awesome! I just wanna twirl it!


Sat 07:44pm

Whoever wrote these contestant questions this year is either a really mean sadist or clever as hell. Hhhmmmmm, could be both!

And continuing with our first group ,the men step up to these difficult but intriguing questions. For example : “what can you tell us about milking, and can you demonstrate some? ” Poor  Will Boyd – Bohaczek ,Mr Wisconsin Leather gives the best response ever,complete with graphics!

I am not sure I can type fast enough to get all the questions and replies so gonna go for short form with the most unusual and humorous ones. So far all the contestants are doing fabulous.

And I’m loving these outfits this year so far. So many harnesses with good handl holds!

Ok , I am now hungry for sweet and sore pork!



Sat 07:32pm

And we are starting! Starting w a clip from 50 shades,groaning.

and now to a classic! Easy Rider and Rocky Horror, better guys, much better. Mr. Benson please! Hot asses on stage. Contestants being introduced. Hot men everywhere ! Washington state has some good shaking going on. Bavarian Mr Leather ,nice beard. Lots of International competitiors this year. That is wonderful to see. Mr. Chicago just introduced, what a cutie. Mr. Leather Ireland is nice to see. All the contestants look wonderful and confident. Some sexy outfits,as a femme I gotta say. Lol

Lenny takes the stage as MC. Ireland is the first country to have population do things right over their lawmakers, he states. Wishes Wash DC would step up. Now to housekeeping…Buckingham room, Bootblack competition 10 – 2. Leather recovery meeting. Vendor market 10 to 5 tomorrow. There is a church meeting tomorrow and some of you might benefit from going, according to Lenny.

Judges introduction:

Ramien Piere, Kenneth Anthony, Daniel Dumont, George Giaouris Patrick Grady, Midori Master Bruce Ross,Riley Johnson, Jeff Willoughby

and the first group is presented!

Laney Ballard is Contestant 1. Mr Eagle Nyc. Asked what or who is his favorite ride. Pup Tank is #2. He is a chef. What snacks does he create for the next puppy mosh? His answer : “oatmeal, vanilla and chocolate cause puppies love it.  Rob Kreisinger Denk is #3 with a long list of exhausting service (now I am tired, lol) “who will fist you after a long day a:a mistress of discipline, a shoot dogger or rodeo clown?” Goes with rodeo clown. Great answer!

Steve Blanche is #4. Mr. Ohio Leather.

So many men…

Sat 06:40pm

Ok leather folk. Tonight is the event that everyone loves! Pecs and Personality… Or beefcake and smiles! This has always been my favorite night as the contestants get to show us what style they have and let their hair down for some diva styling.

The crowd is filling in quite well. Looks like it will be a full house. Leather to the nines! Our leatherati photographer , JJ ,will be capturing all the hotness for you while I report on the festivities.

JJ in his usual hotness is pulling off a lovely Wonder Woman ensemble with a sexy leather Green Lantern.

More to come…



Thu 09:02pm

And to close out the evening, we have Blaise  to roast Scout. Here we go people! Did we save the best for last?

Our lovely robot and jester with their therapist is how Blaise opens his intro to the outgoing family. When he started serving Scout, he was told he got 2 milk crates and a backpack, and if they didn’t fit in the van,they weren’t going.

Bootblack  credo according to Scout:

Get in the van

recruit recruit recruit

give in to the Stockholm syndrome.

Things Blaise learned while in the van:

how to pick a car in the woods with tools you have scouted.

If I wanted to talk to anyone while,in the woods, I need to get Verison.

on time actually means early.

and I’m only as good as my GPS

Packing for 3 events in under 3 sq feet

How much sex does a title holder get? Nada! They are all too tired. If you want to make them feel better, offer them a massage.

and that’s a wrap… time for the roast-ees to give back quickly.

Scout is first. Asks for us to notice the bootblacks. As to Ramien, he says he loves to stare into other people’s eyes trying to guess their feelings as he has none.  Tip your Bootblack. They are the ones in the dark corner that know all your gossip. Patty- gives her wife a gift of latex sheath to put the sex back in their marriage. He says would let Nick get in van even if he didn’t look like a hitchhiker.

Ramien is up, last but not least. PieML!  “the people around you define you” and as the last surviving black IML on the planet,these (referring to people on stage ) are my voices in the head.

He wrote a letter to the future to make sure his legacy was correct. So it goes ,” if there are still gender pronouns in the future, I prefer he, his,and his as I am a titleholder and a selfish individual. ”  He thanks Dominion for assisting his writing, and to keep his hands off his sash. Dominion does not,have a resting bitch face due to the Botox.

Steve, please take his heart as it’s the rarely used organ to the right of snark.

Patty, please take her MPR voice and her strength as she is always saying how she is gonna cut a bitch. 4 Minutes of lesbian over processing, followed by fisting reference then how some is gonna cut a bitch.

Scout has the ability to see the people on the fringe of our community which is surprising because he is so short. And the lovely hat smells like we’d, which is when Ramien decided to love him.

And without these folks ,Ramien is nothing.

That is a wrap! See y’all on the flip side tomorrow.

your friendly neighborhood dominatrix signing off!

Thu 08:35pm

The roast is being sponsored by Pleasure Chest Chicago, BLUF Chicago, Touché and Sharon St Cyr Fund.

The silent auction is in the Oxford room on Friday night. Come and bid!

The Women and Trans reception will be Saturday 3pm in the Buckingham room.

The Sailor Sid reception will be Saturday 1pm in the Buckingham room.

Please come out and support these other lovely events.

and now back to our regularly schedule program…next up is Dominion. Patty states she did not know flaggin church lady was a thing till she meet Dominion!

What did we learn from Patty he starts “Ramien likes cream pies”

Placing on his official Sir glasses, he begins to read a letter to Ramien.

Dominion has a few questions: why do you not have voicemail? It is the 21st century. But you seem able to take a lot of selfies! “do you really think it’s appropriate to be taking your clothes off the time? No one wants to see that eight pack ab and tight booty!”

Your jokes are not funny. If you complain about your weight one more time… We all knew you were special when you joined ONYX but first we all wanted to just fuck you!

To paraphrase the only diva that matters ,Jackie Washington, “your love for us has only made us love you more.”

Thu 08:18pm


Thu 08:18pm

Patty’s turn to roast  but first her intro, esp about the super hot wife (which she is if you haven’t seen her-but so is Patty) (( so sue your blogger, I got a thing for leather butches!))Both of our roast-eyes are up for shredding by Patty.

both of these men repeatedly during an event weekend kept pissing all over her bush- lilac – perverts!

how is it that Scout knows all these things ,such as lilac changes color when pissed on? Well he is a radical fairy who goes out into that strange thing called nature. If you cross a fairy with a bear, you end up with Scout – a Gnome! the trademark hat is what most people look for on a Gnome. His van has anal beads hanging from the mirror, sage burning on the dashboard.

Scout has a weird relationship with his van,Vanity. On the way to an event, Scout brings out 2 drunk homeless people out from the van. Introducing them to Patty, he states they are driving these people to the hospital. Unexpected and unusual is what you get with Scout.

Onto Ramien…takes his pants whenever he gets the chance, but at least it’s for money, for the leather children! His big amentity is pie! There was not enough pie provided during his title year! No cream pies as they are too close to pudding.

Feelings are not Ramien’s strongsuit. He had 3 feelings when he one : hungry,horny and this weird facial expression that made no sense. And poor Mother Nature played a cruel joke on him by giving him a dyke therapist as his sash wife!  Patty worked on him for a year with positive reinforcement. Now to see if he has passed, she has a pie to which she is giving him a facial expression test. For every right one he gets, he is rewarded with slice of pie!

Thu 07:59pm

Steve Dupont is up to bat! Let’s see if he can top Nick’ s fabulous segment. Patty states how lovely it would’ve been to be sash spouses with Steve.

Great into making fun of himself as the man with the almost winning smile. He, him and his are his preferred personal pronouns due to his first runner up status.

.Ramien is in the firing line.The man with so many names and so many things. He offered Steve best wishes and to do a great job, but not as good as job as he would. 2 points between him and shoving his face full of pie. When announced Ramien had won, his reaction was “Really?”

Ramien is really good at pretending to like people, as in the audience which he has fooled. He hates show tunes but knows all the lyrics somehow! The man tried to keep him down, meaning Steve. Ramien is the consummate educator trying to educate Steve on proper political correctness-not working out so well.

Oohhh… Low blow Steve.. Nope not telling ,just had to be here!

and he concludes with a parody of Bette Milder’s ” You’re my hero closing with you’re just the man who stole my fame!”


Thu 07:44pm

First roaster up is Nick Elliott and his beard! And he turns the tables on MC Patty. I have a feeling this roast is going to turn into a free for all! Nick goes for his fellow roasters first, esp Steve DuPont. Dominion is Nick’s favorite board game that he will be happy to play with later.

And the first name pun on Ramien has been slung!

Ouch, American vs British history puns.

Moving onto Bootblack Scout, Nick goes for the throat. Nick claims he is here to bury him. Kidnapping boys and blazing a trail of anger in his wake. Billowing trail of smoke behind the mystery machine van.

Ramien is referred to as a member of Hydra who recharges through hugs. First time in a dungeon was this year at IMsL. Undies and flip flops with no leather on at all.

And tag , next roaster is up!

Thu 07:34pm


Thu 07:32pm

The crowd is filling in nicely now. Of course we are on leather time! Our hearing interpreters are in place and MC Patty on stage! As Patty states ” now is time to thank our outgoing titleholders for giving up a year of their life like making fun of them”  By the end of the evening we will know and love both Ramien and Scott as much as Patty does.

Rick Storer on stage stating the murals on the auditorium walls are from the original Goldcoast. Encouraging all IML attendees to come discover a piece of our leather history in all the lovely exhibits they currently have The Roasters for the evening are being introduced and taking their place on the stage, awaiting their turn to toss those loving barbs at our roast-ees. Batter up!

And onto to the main event … Our roast-eels, Ramien and Scout!


Thu 07:20pm

And Fort Troff will be offering a portable sling up for raffle with ticket proceeds donated to the LA&M! Tickets are each, with only 400 available in total. They’re going fast so pick one up quick!

Thu 06:42pm

Well hello all! Welcome to the IML weekend. We are here at the Leather Archives & Museum for the IML roast of outgoing International Mr Leather Raimen Pierre and International Mr Bootblack Scout. Your MC for the evening is Patty, the roasters are Blaise, Steve DuPont:Mr New England Leather 2014 , Nick Elliot : International Mr Bootblack 2012, Patty : International Ms Leather 2014 and Dominion Onyx : writer/ blogger.

I am looking forward to this evening as in all my IML ,it is my first roast. This should be a fun evening .

Oh, and the air conditioning definitely works in the auditorium. I’m freezing my tits off! Waiting till all the leather gets here to warm up.

Sat 11:35pm

Congratulation to Sarge and Becca Bee!20150411_233103

Sat 11:30pm

IMsL 2015 is Tina M. AKA Sarge! Congratulations!  Sarge is from San Diego, CA!IMsL_Tina_Sarge

Sat 11:29pm

IMsL 2015 First Runner up is SalogdaiIMsL_Selogadi

Sat 11:27pm

IMsBB 2015 is Becca Bee!  Congratulations!!!!IMsBB_Becca

Sat 11:26pm

IMsBB 2015

1st Runner Up is Tabitha!IMsBB_tabitha


Sat 11:24pm

Heart and Soul Award giving the most of their heart and soul during the weekend.  IMsBB_BeccaBecca Bee was voted on as their peers for Heart and Soul!


Sat 11:18pm

The contestants are being brought back on stage!  We are about to learn who are new IMsBB and IMsL 2015!

Sat 11:09pm

We are about to learn our new IMsBB and IMsL for 2015.  668 were registered for the weekend including 219 virgins!  Huzzah!

Fourteen contestants have put on their very best for us this evening.  Thank you for all the service and entertainment you have given us!



And we take away fro th weekend….Remember to Tip Your Bootblack!

Sat 10:45pm

Dara, IMsBB 2014

Patty IMsL 2014

Thank you!


Sat 10:44pm

We are about to watch Patty’s video retrospective of her year. Patty is giving her step down speech.  Her year was filled with amazing travel including South Africa.  She has been a great presence this year. She has covered 98,102 km  and 60,958 miles of travel.  Her boots have walked many miles and parades!  Thank you, Patty for all that you have brought to your title year!  10457182_296748473837772_8763624442261062732_n

Sat 10:26pm

We are watching a fabulous step down video from Dara!  Dara has been a fabulous representative for the bootblacking and Leather Community.  She is about to give her step down speech.  Thank you, Dara, for all that you have brought with you in your title year and shared with all of us.

Sat 10:17pm

Tris is about to do her fantasy of this evening.  Orange is the new black for this jailhouse fantasy with a whole lot of breath and knife play!

Sat 10:09pm

Tina M. AKA Sarge and her Gang Bang Girl have taken the stage for her fantasy.  We all know, one is never enough!!!!

Sat 10:07pm

Salogadi  sits on the stage about to do her fantasy. We celebrate all things South African as she dances her dominance.  Powerful!


Sat 09:58pm

Val takes the stage at Hog-Warts.  Harry Potter is about to never be the same. All the houses are represented!  Sorting has begun. Sucking off the broom, caning what a way to be sorted!

Sat 09:42pm

Luca is on stage for her fantasy! And it starts with a flushing toilet.  Bringing in the Mounties to get the butch out of the bathroom.  Bathroom sex with the Mountie!!!  All you Maple Chasers and Mo9untie Muffins are in heaven!


Sat 09:16pm

Q is up for their fantasy.  Q the minister and the choir is on stage!  Serving the communion wafers from the plate of their cock!!!

Sat 09:11pm

The largest class of bootblacks in the history of IMsBB this year.  They spend an amazing amount of time working the stands!

Sat 09:09pm

One of the great improvements that IMsL/IMsBB staff have added is large screen telecasting of fantasies and pop questions.  It is great to be able to see what is going on during fantasy if they are on the floor.  Fabulous to see the entire fantasy from the back of the room!  Huzzah!

Sat 09:06pm

Summer hits the stage with her fantasy.  She brings us a alien themed fantasy “probing” to innocent girls.

Sat 08:59pm

Diana takes us in her fantasy to the tropics of Brazil where she is searching for the elusive blue macaw. I wonder if it is a catch and release!

Sat 08:47pm

One of the unique aspects of Leather Contests are the fantasies. Right now Sarge is taking us to Disneyland and with all the Princesses!  Evil Disney!

Sat 08:43pm

IrishGrrl is first on stage waiting for her Pop Questions.   Silly and difficult.  Thinking on your feet is important!  Being witty and quick is essential.

Sat 08:39pm

The Line up of IMsBB/IMsL from years past!20150411_202907

Sat 08:36pm

A retrospective of IMsL/IMsBB from the 80′-to the present starting with Judy Tallwing all the way to Bella!  The range of amazing women and man is a testament to the enduring and wisdom of all things IMsBB/IMsL!




Sat 08:27pm

All fourteen contestants are on the stage!!!  Welcome to IMsL 2015!

IMsBB contestants are Angel, IrishGrrl, Becca Bee, Tabitha, and Marta!

IMsL contestants are Lucket, Summer, Tina M AKA Sarge, Diana, Tris, Q, Val, Selogadi, and Luca.

This is the largest BB class!


Sat 08:15pm

And we open with a 007 theme Bond Jane Bond!


Sat 08:13pm

Welcome to IMsBB/IMsL 2015.  Tonight with  packed house of really good looking people!  This is Deborah and I will be blogging on and off through the contest.  Because of internet issues on the floor, we may have to jump in and out!


Sat 08:04pm

Good evening, this is Deborah axsiously waiting for IMsBB/IMsL to start.  Everyone is looking dapper in their Leather and finery!  Welcome to our lve blog from the floor of IMsL2015.

Sat 04:16pm

Today I went to Sarah Hobert’s interview(Joint IMsL/WILL/Women’s Leather History Project) of Barbara Carrellas and Kate Bornstein.  I think this will be one of the highlights of all IMsL’s for me.  Both of them exemplify the outlaw experience of sexuality, the confidence that comes with self insight, pioneering writings, and aging gracefully.   I asked Kate about what as a person in our 60’s, do we give to the world? The Crone simply answered “Listen. An elder, no a Crone’s job is to listen.”

Fri 09:53pm

Welcome to IMsL 2015!  Deborah Hoffman Wade here and I will be blogging live tomorrow at the contest!

Sun 02:24pm

Yes…I know there are rotated photos in the live blog… I have rotated them in the image library but the page hasn’t caught up yet. Joys of modern technology ;-). I’ll check on them again after I get some food and drink into my belly.

Sun 12:47pm


Sun 12:43pm

MAL 2015 Daddy Dave

Sun 12:42pm

And now the PRESS and photographers are swarming the stage to get photos of Daddy Dave and the whole MAL class…as the audience goes back to shopping in the market.

Alex is snapping photo after photo after photo….I’m sure they’ll be posted shortly. Enjoy them as they come in! I’ll leave all the rest for now to Alex. Congratulations to Daddy Dave! This is Tynan Fox signing out!

Sun 12:40pm

The audience rises to their feet with applause…wow, congratulations to the NEW Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2015, Daddy Dave, Mr. Connecticut Leather!

Sun 12:39pm

There’s only one spot left!

The new Winner is…

Contestant #3)Mr. Connecticut Leather, Daddy Dave

Sun 12:39pm

First Runner Up:
4)1st Runner Up to Mr. Maryland Leather, David Gerard

Sun 12:38pm

2nd Runner Up:
5)Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Ahren Hollis

Sun 12:38pm


Sun 12:37pm

Finally, all 5 contestants take the stage:

1)Mr. Mayhem Leather, Chad Bailer

2)1st Runner Up to Mr. New York Eagle, Darryl Smith

3)Mr. Connecticut Leather, Daddy Dave

4)1st Runner Up to Mr. Maryland Leather, David Gerard

5)Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Ahren Hollis

Sun 12:37pm

Frank now reads off the donations to the winner’s prize package…there’s SO MUCH! The prize package for the Winner and Runners up is huge!

Sun 12:35pm

Joe Birdwell:

“Looking back at this year, one thing I can say is to stay true to yourself as a piece of advice. This is a lesson you should never forget. Overcoming shadows is what I thought myd rawback was when in fact, I was casting my own shadows. We made it through another year of MAL. With only a few hours left, my advice as you embark on your personal path is to always look back at where you started, where you’ve been, and where you are going. After these lessons I’ve learned, and now I look back and think of where I came from and say “That’s just Joe”, and I smile.

I want to thank all of you out there, because without you, this would just not exist. I want to thank the Centaurs, because THANK you. The hard work of this team, to assemble this reunion, your volunteerism, and your hard work shows in the success of this MAL.

I want to thank a few single individuals. This person has always been on the other end of the phone, discussing the reasons and reassuring me of MY path. That’s Sir Tom. The next person David Dean, the man of all guidance, he can ask a few simple questions to ask a man to open up all of his baggage. He showed me a path of discovery, he’s the heart of many men in Pittsburg, I love you. This one, they get mixed up a lot. This is my OTHER Todd. Todd White. What can I say? Call schedule plan repeat. He’s always been there for us. I’ve never met anyone like him. He always lets us have choices and especially when we’re together backstage. He’s taught others how to have contests. He has an amazing heart and he’s an amazing teacher. And lastly, this is MY Todd. He’s not really a man of leather, when I met him, other than the vest that he had. But we work. He’s been with me for the last four years since we met. He keeps me full and happy and always wants to take care of me and make me perfect. NOT being a leatherman is okay, because I would not look good in a LaCoste t-shirt. I bought him his first pair of leather pants from Rubio this weekend – damn, he looks good in them!

Thank you all, thank you.”

Sun 12:32pm

MALs from over the years.

Sun 12:30pm

Joe Birdwell is asked to return to the stage as the rest of the MALs walk off…I believe he’s returning for his stepdown speech.

Sun 12:27pm

Contestants in their Formal Leathers. Video of their answers to their questions will come when we get the bits and bytes in order.






Sun 12:23pm

Well that’s it. That was the last of the judged portions of the contest. The tallies will be collecting the scoresheets from the judges for tabulations…and in the meantime….

Frank Nowicki is announcing the names of all the former MALs one by one. If they are present here with us, they are joining him on stage!

Sun 12:21pm

(Pictures from Alex are forthcoming)

Sun 12:20pm

One more time for the contestants to walk the stage in their formals for the judges to finish up their scoring. They all have some great looks, they’re all VERY sharply dressed in full formals.

This is all going to be pretty close….I really don’t have any idea who’s going to take it this time!

Sun 12:19pm

5)Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Ahren Hollis

Question: Which board game best describes your last sexual encounter and why? Risk, Monopoly, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders?

Answer: I’d like to thank the Centaurs for hosting this amazing weekend, this panel of judges, and to my class, and for all of you for coming out and supporting leather! And that’s why I can’t wait to share with you my most recent sexual encoutner, which was a lot like Chutes and Ladders. I hooked up with this sexy Ginger Bear of a man, and after I spent some time climbing his ladder, would you believe he grabbed a fist full of lube and let his fist slide down my chute. That’s how I spent my night, I hope you all had just as much fun as I had!

Sun 12:16pm

4)1st Runner Up to Mr. Maryland Leather, David Gerard

Question: IF you could choose one cartoon character to be your fantasy scene aprtner, who would you choose and what would be the scene?

Answer: First thank you to the Centaurs for putting on this weekend, thanks to Command MC for asking me to come here and compete. The cartoon character I always thought was gay was Bugs Bunny. He was in drag in every episode. In one episode, he married Elmer! My scene is me and bugs in the woods with Elmer. We’ll fuck like rabbits! Daffy Duck would be there…and even those are just the ones I would pick, I ‘d do any cartoon…because hey, I just like to Mickey Mouse around!

Sun 12:14pm

3)Mr. Connecticut Leather, Daddy Dave

Question: Please describe your perfect date or scene using muppet characters!

Answer: Well I’d first like to thankt he judges, the Centaurs, and all of you for an amazing experience this weekend. It’s been lifechaning. The other night when I got to the Green Lantern, all of the sudden, this Fozzie bear came over and sat next to me. They want to take me to their room, throw me into the sling, and who comes out? But Gonzo! So as fozzie bear is blowing me, Gonzo is fucking me with that beautiful curved nose, Kermit appears, and as I’m rimming him, Miss PIggy slams the front door open, and I just say to her, “You’re right. Frogs DO taste like chicken!” And she looks at me and says, “You are just a PIG.”

Sun 12:11pm

2)1st Runner Up to Mr. New York Eagle, Darryl Smith

Question: You have opened a drive through sex shop called McGenitals. What are the top five selling items on your value menu?

Answer: First item would be the buffet. That is an all you can eat ass rimming chair. Second, the McGenital Web, which is a rope bondage kit with safety scissors included as a prize. Number three is the Fistomatic 3000, for when you want that long deep stretch, and you know what I mean! Number four for the handlers and pups is The Howler. That is apuppy tail with multispeed vibrations with multi speed remote control for the handler. The last item would be The Chelsey Johnson Dildo Making Kit! Where you can create the ultimate toy of your dreams! And nothing you have in your mind cannot be created.

Sun 12:08pm

1)Mr. Mayhem Leather, Chad Bailer

Chad’s question: “Time Magazine and other sources recently listed words to be banned form the vocabulary in 2014. Suggestions include Polar Vortex, Cray Cray, etc. What word should be banned from the leather vocabulary, and why?”

Answer: My first one is…well because we are here and love leather, but we know when we hve pants  on there is NO way to move. You can’t bend over, you can’t lean, you can’t pick things up. So when I see someone TWERKING in leather pants….I don’t think twerking in leather pants works at all. It’s not pretty. Especially if you saw me in it.

My second word, is PERVERT. I think whether you’re gay or straight, everyone has a side of them that people don’t uderstand, but we’re all into something that pleases us. That doesn’t amke us a pervert. That makes us unique, and an individual.

Sun 12:05pm

The Parade of Titleholder and the American Leather Family


Sun 12:05pm

We’re entering the formal leather category! Each one has chosen what they think is their best dressed leather! The question that is asked of each of them finds out if they can speak well to their audiences

Sun 12:04pm

The titleholders very carefully exit the stage. 🙂

Sun 12:02pm

THAT is a stage full of incredible people who’ve done incredible things for their communities. Great work everyone and thanks for being here!

Sun 12:02pm

Our parade of current titleholders begins now! I’ll try to get as many names as I can.

Darryl Coffee, Mr. VA Bear 2015
Clifton Tatum, Mr. Palm Springs Leather
Mr. Bluegrass Leather, Mark David Perth
Matthew Theis, Mr. VA Cub 2014
Mr. Big Easy Matthew Berkhoff
Mr. Iowa Leather Rob (Kissinger)?
Great Lakes Leatherboy Tim Hotchkin
Toronto Puppy Pup Sprockle
Mr. Leatherman Tornot Greg Murden
Washington State Mr. Leather Aaron Taylor
Mr. Twin Cities Leather Greg Menzel
Oklahoma Mr. Leather Richard (Zeitzer?)
Mr. Eagle New York City Lanny Ballard
Mr. Michigan Leather Josh Fortuno
Mr. Louisiana Leather Jason Ashford
Mr. New Jersey Leather Thomas (Dropped it sorry)
International Mr. Olympus Leather Dave Phalus
Mr. Leather Akron, Boy Cody
Mr. Snowbound, Jay Minnik
The American Leatherman 2014, Dominic (Debalde?)
The American Leatherboy 2014, Boy Dave
The American Leatherwoman 2014, (Dropped the name sorry!)
Mr. New England Leather Dalton Flint
Ms. Iowa Leather, Luckett Kiche
Mr. Long Beach Leather Douglas Dick
Mr. Heartland Leather, Branny? Vineyard
International Puppy 2015, Pup Figaro
International LeatherSir Mark Eddy
International Community Bootblack, Boy Ed
Mid Atlantic LeatherSIR Marshall Roberts
Mr. Tri-State Leather, Brian Donner
Mr. Maryland Leather, Greg King
International Ms. Bootblack, (Darryl? So sorry….ugh)
International Mr. Bootblack Scout
International Ms. Leather, Patty
International Mr. Leather Ramien Pierre

Sun 11:53am

“Welcome to MAL 2015! Let’s give our competitors one more round of applause!”

Frank is wearing a very VERY shiny silver and black highway patrol shirt….that’s incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Sun 11:51am

The judges are taking their seats as Frank Nowicki harrasses the audience to take their seats and we will be starting again soon!

Sun 11:47am

Five minute warning! The judges are being called to return to their table.

Sun 11:41am

So what’s going to happen in the second half of the contest here at MAL? The parade of current titleholders, the formal wear portion of the contest (including the onstage question and answer)…tabulation of the results as Joe Birdwell will present his step-down speech…and then finally, the new winner will be sashed!

Sun 11:38am

So in the intermission, I did some investigation and I was able to clarify to some degree of certainty the contestants names and titles. Here’s my updated list:

1)Mr. Mayhem Leather, Chad Bailer
2)1st Runner up Mr. New York Eagle, Darryl Smith
3)Mr. Connecticut Leather, Daddy Dave
4)1st Runner Up Mr. Maryland Leather, David Gerard
5)Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Ahren Hollis

Sun 11:12am

Contestants in the Physique Category






Sun 11:10am

Cocktail and bathroom break! The parade of CURRENT titleholders will be held after our break. I’ll try to get as many of those names as I can when we come back.

There’s only one final portion of the contest – the formals portion! So we’re going to take short break here at the #MAL2015 contest. We’ll be back shortly right here on Leatherati Live!

Sun 11:08am

The contestants are being asked to stand and be judged. All four of them wore jock straps, but contestant number 4 is also wearing a nice shoulder strap/flag harness…a risk sort of? 🙂 This is going to be a tough one!

One by one they exit the stage.

Sun 11:04am

Beautiful men. All of them. 🙂

Sun 11:01am

Each of the contestants walks out on stage and has a few words about them read. There’s really no way to describe this – Alex is getting LOTS of photos though. One by one they do a walk in a jockstrap: here they are

1)Mr. Mayhem Leather, Chad Bailer

2)1st Runner up Mr. New York Eagle, Darryl Smith

3)From Connecticut, Daddy Dave

4)From Washington D.C., David Gerard

5) Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Aaron Hollis


Sun 10:59am

Our current IML, Ramien Pierre takes the stage!

“I am the continuing Mr. DC Eagle and IML 2014. My preferred personal pronouns are he him and his, and I am so happy to be here with you. So it’s a little hard for me to see you all out there but I know I have my sash family, in the audience as well. This is a special weekend for me for a couple of reasons. I don’t know if you know that MAL was the first leather event I ever went to. I remember the parade of colors and the bathroom that smelled like poppers. IT’s also special to me because it’s the contest of my brother Joe Birdwell. And this is my home! It’s nice to have all of you wonderful people here at my home because of the fantastic job the Centaurs do putting together this weekend. The strength of the Mid Atlantic region is our clubs and the Centaurs are a great example of that!

But most important to me is the reminder of the priviledge and responsibility we have as leatherpeople. It’s a priviledge to be comfortable in your own skin. To have your inside match your outsides. But we have responsibility with that. Whether we take care of each other at events, our youth, our elders, it’s our job to take care of each other. Whether here, in DC, in Iowa, in Oregon, there are brothers and sisters around the world that we are reaising money for to support. The Rainbow Railroad: It works to get people who are the victims of state enabled violence to safety and out of those states to places where they will be safe like Canada or the USA. It costs 00 to save a life. Donate today!

Thanks to the Centaurs, and thanks to the bootblacks for raising money for the Leather Heart Foundation. This is a great foundation that supports leather people in times of need. Be sure to love on your bootblacks!

I want to thank the panel of judges for putting up with me. I want to thank my Onyx brothers.

I love each and every one of you, even if I don’t know you. I love you! And I like MOST of you.

To the contestants – I know that Frank said that we’re going to pick a new MAL. We do not pick winners – we pick a holder. They’re called title holders for a reason. They hold that title for a year, and they return it in as good or better condition than they found it. I am so excited that there are 5 men willing to step forward and speak for the MAL community. To the four gentlemen who won’t be named MAL, please know that every step you have taken to get this far has been worth it. To the person named MAL, you have my personal thanks and support, and also my personal sympathy (joking).

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!”

Sun 10:58am

Ramien Pierre giving some welcome remarks

Sun 10:52am

The next portion of the contest is the Physique category, and then there’s the Formal Leather portion coming up afterward. During formal leather, the contestants will have to answer their question on stage.

We are instituting Olympic scoring this year, so the top and bottom values for each category are thrown out for each contestant!

Sun 10:51am

Contestants in their Bar Wear

Sun 10:50am

The gentlemen exit the stage! And Frank Nowicki is making a few announcements….

Sun 10:48am

(pictures from Alex are forthcoming….)

Sun 10:48am

All the contestants are brought back out to the stage one more time for a look and judging by the audience/judges panel!

Sun 10:47am

5) Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Aaron Hollis

5’9″, 140lbs, server, database, and website developer. On the hunt for a handsome ginger bear.

Sun 10:46am

4)From Washington D.C., David Gerard

5’9″, 150lbs, dark blonde hair. Happily single and having fun! University professor in Computer Science and Business. Favorite vacation spot, Berlin Germany

Sun 10:45am

3)From Connecticut, Daddy Dave

6’0″, 170lbs, been romantically involved for 2.5 years. Owns and operates a day spa. He’s an esthetician.

Sun 10:44am

2)1st Runner up Mr. New York Eagle, Darryl Smith

5’9″, shaved hair, brown eyes, favorite vacataion spot, Montreal Canada!

Sun 10:44am

Next, our competitors take the stage for the Bar Wear portion of the competition!

1)Mr. Mayhem Leather, Chad Bailer

5’6, 170lbs, SINGLE, manages a Hilton Hotel. Favorite vacation spot is Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Sun 10:43am

Introduction of the Judgesimage

Sun 10:41am

Introduced now is the panel of judges. Again, here they are:

Joe Birdwell, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2014
Ramien Pierre, International Mr. Leather 2014 (and also Mr. DC Eagle!)
Alan Penrod, International LeatherSIR 2011
George Hester, 26 year veteran of the Lords of Leather
Luke Moon, Laird Leatherman 2011
Joey McDonald, Den Daddy for IML
Rodney Burger, Maryland Mr. Drummer 2001

Sun 10:38am

The audience roars for all of the members of the 2015 Centaur Motorcycle Club!

Sun 10:35am


Sun 10:35am

The Associate members are announced and each one leaves the stage one by one. (I can’t possibly type all these names that fast).

Sun 10:34am

At this time, to administer the oath office, Rick Storer takes the stage (From the LA&M)

“Gentlemen please repeat after me: I, plesae state your name, do solemnly swear to uphold the constitution and bylaws of the Centaur MC, and to fulfill to the best of my abilities the office of which I have been elected.”

The end.

Sun 10:33am

The Incomming Officers (each lights their new candle):

VP: John Bonnage
Treasurer: Steve Ranger
Recording Secretary: Paddy Brown
Corresponding Secretary: Danny Linden
Road Captain: Tom Buckley
Tribune:  Patrick Grady
Centurian: Bob (Dye? Die?)
President: Chris Brush!

Sun 10:30am

Current Centaur MC Officers: (each extinguish their candle on stage)

VP: Evan Robero
Treasurer: Steve Ranger
Recording Secretary: Paddy Brown
Corresponding Secretary: Josh Pennington
Road Captain: Tom Buckwheat (SP?)
Tribune: Chris Wilkins
Centurian: Frank (Sorrils?)
President: Todd White

Sun 10:28am

A candelabra is brought out onto the stage at this point. I believe this is the point at which the newly elected officers of the Centaur MC will be announced.

The members of the Centaur MC  take the stage!

“ON the occasion of our clubs 30th anniversary, we have dedicated the candelabra you see before you to the members that have gone before us. Candles are extinguished and relit. Their memory is passed along from brother to brother in service of the club.”

Sun 10:27am

Contestant introductionsimage

Sun 10:26am

“We have 5 competitors this afternoon!

1)Mr. Mayhem Leather, Chad Bailer

2)1st Runner up Mr. New York Eagle, Darryl Smith

3)From Connecticut Ink, Daddy Dave

4)From Washington D.C., David Gerard

5) Mr. Pittsburg Leather Fetish, Aaron Collis


(Best I could get with names and titles. I’ll be retyping them etc. as I collect more info)

Sun 10:22am

Judges have assembled

Sun 10:19am

“We’re ready to start the competition! At this time the Flags and Colorguard come forward from the Honor Guard. We ask for a short moment of silence for our brothers who cannot be here with us any further today. Let’s give them all a round of applause!

And here’s the colorguard, the Queer Leather Alliance.

Sun 10:18am

“Good afternoon and welcome to the MAL competition 2015. This is our 30th anniversary of this competition and some of us have been here ever since the very beginning! Tonight we have 5 incredible men competing for the title of Mr. MAL 2015 and will be representing this region in Chicago Illinois at IML.”

Sun 10:17am

Getting ready to get this show on the road. Frank Nowicki has taken to the stage and is guarding…umm, manning…the podium.

Sun 10:17am

The house lights come down!

Sun 10:13am

Curtain in 2-3 minutes! It’ll be starting soon!

Sun 10:12am

The Master Steve Golden Paintbrush award winner for 2015 is Elwood Reed.

Sun 10:10am

Leathermen are slowly filing into the room and finding seats for themselves. The house looks pretty packed!

Sun 10:07am

The Southwest Leather Conference 2015 Volunteer of the year is slave Tabitha.

Sun 10:04am

Alex must have had a cocktail too early today. The first photo he shoots comes in upsidedown 😉

Sun 10:04am

The Southwest Leather Conference 2015 Spirit of Service  award is slave Eric of Northwest Leather Celebration. Slave Eric was unable to attend so slave Garret is accepting on his behalf.

Sun 10:01am

While we’re waiting for the contest to get underway – take a second to look over the panel of judges for this afternoon’s contest. Thank you to these amazing men and the service they’ve provided!


Sun 09:58am

Goooooood Afternoon Leatherati! I have my seat at MAL 2015! Front row right behind the judges. The contest begins promptly at 1pm  Eastern. My fingers are warm, my Chromebook is charged, and Alex Lindsay is sitting right next to me to grab photographs as we blog away! I’ll be bringing you up to the minute updates right here during the contest to stay tuned!

Sun 09:57am


Sun 09:54am

The winner of the 2015 Spiritual Scholarship is slave Carla.

The Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s heart award winner is Master Skip.

The Southwest Leather Conference Leatherwoman’s Heart award winner is Gypsy.





Sun 09:03am

Time for the keynote given by Desire producer Olga.



Sun 08:34am

Sunday morning and time for brunch and the keynote speech.

Sat 08:07pm

The Southwest 2015 titleholders elect.


Sat 08:02pm

Time for the announcement of the contest winners.

The  Southwest Bootblack 2015 is Shelly.

The Southwest Master and slave for 2015 are Sir Gareth and slave toi.



Sat 07:43pm

Time for the parade of colors and current titleholders.

The boot revamp contest raised 4 for the Bootblack travelfund. The Denver girls of Leather were the winners of this year’s revamp contest.

Sat 07:31pm

Master/slave contestant pair #3 Sir Gareth and toi deliver their two minute speeches.


Sat 07:20pm

Master/slave contestant pair #2, Orpheus and indigo Black aye giving their speeches.


Sat 06:38pm

Bootblack contestant Shelly is giving her speech.


Sat 06:30pm

Contestant pair #1, Master Neko and slave koneko just finished with their two minute speeches.


Sat 06:18pm

Due to popular demand, Nick Elliot once again explains the proper way to conduct a kilt check.


Sat 06:11pm

MC Nick Elliot


Sat 06:08pm

The Saturday evening contests events are beginning. MC Nick Elliot has taken the stage to warm applause. He is joined by ASL interpreter Gabriel.  The words for this evening “pixelated bukkake.”







Sat 06:05pm

Alright leatherati, I really hate to do this but I really can’t hear ANYTHING from where I have to stand to try to live blog. Please don’t hate me for this but I have to sign off for the night. Take care and I”ll see you tomorrow at 1pm Eastern for my live coverage of the official Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest!

Sat 06:00pm

Editor’s note: I can’t hear SHIT from where I’m standing to try to blog. I don’t have a fucking clue what’s happening.

I’m PRETTY sure that Patrick Grady just won a Pantheon of Leather award…but I honestly have no idea. The crowd is talking too much over the guys at the mic.

Sat 05:57pm

Frank Nowicki introduces to the stage, Rick Storer from the Leather Archives and Museum:

“Welcome! I want to thank all of you who help tge Centaurs MC support the LA&M, who help them help us make possible everything we do!”

Sat 05:55pm

And the parade of colors (so many clubs!) finishes out with the club colors of the Centaurs Motorcycle Club (the hosts of MAL weekend). Congratulations and thanks so much to all of the clubs representing this weekend!

Sat 05:52pm

And next is the “parade of colors”! This is an event where members of leather clubs from all over the country can sport their colors on stage. One by one (and in alphabetical order), each of the clubs sends a member up on stage to proudly display their club colors and have the title of their club announced.


Sat 05:51pm

Frank Nowiki

“Hello everyone, thanks to all of you for joining us at Leather Cocktails!”

The manager of the Hyatt Regency says a few words of thanks to all the leathermen and women in the audience for our presence this weekend!

Sat 05:43pm

So here’s a couple quick details about Leather Cocktails. The only way to get in is to hold a weekend package for the whole MAL weekend. When you walk in, all the Centaurs MC (which is the club that hosts the entire weekend) stand in a row as the whole crowd walks in. They applaud all the attendees as we enter the room! For two hours, from 7pm-9pm, the Hor D’oeuvres and drinks from the bar are FREE. Attendees are all dressed very, very well. This is definitely a “high cow” event. People are in their best leathers including Sam Browne’s and ties….or if you’re not a leatherman, your best latex, your best sports gear…your best of WHATEVER you are. People are friendly and cordial and social…it’s just such an incredible event!

Sat 05:27pm

So I thought things were starting up but it seems like things are just going on with mingling. Although I’m having lots of great conversations with people about “Who are you wearing?” So far Northbound appears to be the label of the night

Sat 05:17pm

Frank Nowicky takes the microphone and announces a few minor things that I couldn’t hear.

Sat 05:04pm

And I’m back! It’s been another amazing Leather cocktails here at MAL. I love this event!

(BTW, This is Tynan Fox…and I may or may not have enjoyed some of those cocktails…so we’ll see how fast my fingers can actually fly tonight!)

Sat 12:55pm

Sitting down to see Fakir Musafar and Cleo Dubois’ class after a fabulous outdoor Arizona style Mexican lunch and a quick jaunt through the vendor area.

Sat 09:53am

It is Saturday morning at SWLC 2015.  Classes began earlier.  The Master/slave contest presentations are about to begin.

Sat 09:45am

And now the press is all swarming around the scores of title holders taking photos and mingling.

So what’s next? Well, I (Tynan Fox) am going to shop in the amazing leather market downstairs at MAL. It’s kind of difficult to Live-Blog about a leather market, so I will probably be back up here live blogging this evening at 7pm Eastern to cover Leather Cocktails. 🙂 I’ll be shoving microphones in guys’ faces to find out who they’re wearing!

Beyond that, the 2015 Mr. MAL contest begins at 1pm Eastern Time tomorrow (Sunday). Thanks for following along – see you at Leather Cocktails!

Sat 09:35am





Sat 09:34am

And as the announcement is complete, IML has already updated their own webpage. Check out the full list of judges with their bios here:


But don’t forget – you heard it first from Leatherati Live!

Sat 09:32am

Once again, the list of tallys and judges is as follows:


Danny Tamez

Don Leach



Ramien Pierre

Master Bruce Ross

Daniel Dumont

Jeff Willoughby


George Giaouris

Daddy William Shields

Kenneth Anthony

Patrick Grady

Sat 09:29am

This next judge is a great community organizer, and always offers help. We’re doing something we’ve never done before. There is someone in this room right now that’s about to be invited to be a judge right now. They don’t know this is coming! And if this falls flat on it’s ass, I’m ending back up in the woodchipper. There’s a huge risk that this person could say no. But there’s a reason we’re doing this. His work in his home community, his club, and his hometown is one we could all strive for. We decided that while asking in front of all here today, we should do it to pay tribute to someone we all have great honor and respect for, and to give you a sneak peak on how we drop the bomb on someone when we ask them to be a judge!

We say the following,

“On behalf of the executive committee of IML, Patrick Grady, will you honor us by being a judge this year?”

Patrick stands up, shocked, and embraces Krongaard. I think he accepts!

Sat 09:26am

Cofounded the Arizona Pups and Handlers Groups. He served as the Imerial Soverign Empire in Arizona. Kenneth Anthony, from Phoenix Arizona!

Sat 09:25am

Leaving New England for Chicago, he met a guy named Harry Shaddak and learned the art and love of bootblacking. He’s enjoyed his evolution into daddy along with his boy Troy. In 1994 he took on the title of International Bootblack. From Boston, MA, Daddy William Shields

Sat 09:24am

Our next judge will tell you he’s just a tailor. He’s a friend to virtually everyone in his hometown. He is the driving force as the 3rd generation in the family business! The fundraising and support he provides is well known in Canada. From Toronto, Canada, George (Bjorn? Spelling)

Sat 09:23am

One of those moments that just happens….



Sat 09:22am

She has been dubbed the supernova of kink by Dan Savage. In 2013 she was the pantheon of leatherwoman of the year. She’s been honored for her tireless activism and outreach and has written the very first ENGLISH book on shibari. Native of Tokyo Japan but now from San Francisco, CA, Midori!

Sat 09:21am

Our next judge. It all started at a place called teh Glory Hole, and his journey into kink began. He’s now a well respected advocate and community fundraiser, one of the first members of Onyx. He’s an event coordinator for CLAW. He’s Mr. Chicago Leather 2005. Jeff Willabe

Sat 09:19am

The current secretary of the European Motorcycle Club, and was president off MSC Belgum for over 20 years. From Brussels, Belgium, Daniel Dumont

Sat 09:18am

Originally from NYC now calls Florida home. He recieved the Pantheon for the Florida region 2005, and holds several titles. From Jacksonville Florida, Master Bruce Ross!

Sat 09:17am


Ramien Pierre, Mr. International Leather 2014 (of course)

Sat 09:17am


“It is our pleasure to announce the Tallymasters and judges panel.

Danny Timess, Mr. NJ Leather 2012

Don Leach”

Sat 09:14am


“Remember that there will be growing pains and please be patient with us as we work through these changes, and remember that the real reason we’re doing this is the 18,000+ people who will be in Chicago at IML this year.”

Sat 09:13am


“Now let’s talk about Joey. I’ll keep it clean. Last year, I announced from this podium that my position would change. IN doing so, we added Bill as managing director. Now we move on to phase two. My job is changing again. The reason for that is very simple – I need to restart and reboot my professional career and put more time and focus on my 22 year relationship. I have been living on Hwy 80 more than I need to. So I am going to begin to slowly step away from the day-to-day operations of IML. Joey will slowly but surely be taking over a an operational role of IML and will eventually be moving into the Executive Directors’ role. “

Sat 09:12am

Introduction of members of IML Staff and Chuck Renslow.


Sat 09:11am


“Every organization does need to change and evolve in order to succeed. With this announcement, Joey McDonald will be stepping down as Den Daddy for IML. Joey’s history begins with the first IML in 1971. (He was 12 years old.) He is the longest serving volunteer from the IML staff. I’ll share Joey’s new role in a moment, but signing on and taking over the Den Daddy responsibilities will be IML 1994, Jeff Tucker.” (The crowd roars with applause!)

Sat 09:09am

“We’d like to acknowledge some of our behind the scenes staff:

Billy Lane, Judges’ Coordinator
Toby Brown, Registration Coordinator
Brad Zahlen, Transportation Coordinator
Joey McDonald, Executive Committee
Bill Stadt, Managing Director
Chuck Renslow, Founder, Executive Producer, and Owner of IML

Sat 09:07am

After introducing themselves by name and title, the future contestants from the class of 2015 all return and take their seat.

Krongaard: “Not everyone of the titleholders can be here today, but be aware that we are approaching 40 contestants thus far.” Wow!

“The host hotel this year is the Congress hotel. We are going back to our past a little bit as this is where IML started. The hotel is nearly sold out! Get your rooms ASAP. Go to www.IMRL.com to book your weekend package! We are pleased to say that at the present time, the vendor market is SOLD OUT! Vendors are down to a waiting list. Friday and Saturday’s contest events will be held off site. Returning as MC this year is IML 1992, Lenny!”

Sat 09:05am



Sat 09:04am

About 25 or so titleholders in their sashes join Mr. Krongaard in the front. “Gentlemen, your first order of business is to announce yourself and your title.”

There are FAR too many of them and they’re going way too fast for me to catch all the names and titles. Just be sure to check out the photos from Alex.

Sat 09:02am


“Thank you all for coming and welcome to the IML 2015 Judge and other stuff announcement at MAL. We have a lot to do today. First and foremost, besides welcoming all of you from the class of 2015, we want to send a very warm thank you to the Centaurs, our hosts for the weekend. And especially for Patrick for making this amazing room available to us! Thank you. You guys are awesome and you’re amazing hosts. This is the 44th year of the Centaurs!

Now the fun part begins. Will all of the contestants in the class of 2015 please join me up here.” They all walk to the front.

Sat 09:00am

Jon Krongaard, Executive Director of the International Mr. Leather contest takes the podium!

Sat 08:57am




Sat 08:48am

I’m trying to pop my fingers and warm up. I’ve been warned by Mr. Krongaard that there will be a lot to transcribe and to arrive with my fingers loosened up!

Sat 08:45am

There are SO many titleholders here. Everyone wants to know who to suck up to for the next five months. 😛

Just offhand I see Mr. NJ Leather, Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Mr. Leather Michigan, Oklahoma Mr. Leather, and that’s without even trying too hard. This room will be filled with titleholders within the next 15 minutes.

Sat 08:40am

In about 20 minutes (at noon, EST), the IML Press Conference will begin at MAL. At this morning’s conference, the judges for IML 2015 will be announced as well as 3 (three!) other major announcements regarding IML weekend. Stay tuned!

Sat 08:38am

Good morning one and all! This is Tynan Fox, and I’m here to begin our live-blog coverage at MAL 2015.

I’ve been here since yesterday, and to be honest, there hasn’t been a TON to live-blog about! MAL thus far is packed. The hotel sold out really early this year and there’s a ton of people here!  However, whereas generally the contestants are announced and draw their numbers on Friday night, the coordinators did away with this portion all together.

This year’s MAL contestants haven’t been announced publicly yet and I have no idea what order they are in!

Sat 08:16am

Tonight we’ll also be getting shots from Leather Cocktails, where we’ll capture the glitz and glamor of “high-cow” leather! It’s well set to be a fun weekend, and now that I’ve got some caffeine in my veins…I’m ready to tackle the day! As always…there are those parts of the weekend that we just can’t bring you photos of…and even if we could, it’s not the same as being here in person. There are a number of official parties, as well as offsite parties, dungeon play, and of course, whatever’s going on behind closed doors… Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (http://www.leatherweekend.com) – it’s one of the Leather Community’s most incredible, exciting, and fun weekends. It’s one I always enjoy coming back to Washington, DC, for.

Sat 08:09am

Good morning, kinksters far and wide. Alex Lindsay here with Tynan Fox, covering the goings on here in Washington. There’s a lot going on here in DC at MAL. Stay tuned for the announcement of IML 2015 judges at 12pm EST. We’ll also be posting pics from the lobby from Friday night and around and about the hotel throughout the day.

Fri 07:12pm

Now it is time for pop questions for the Master/slave contestants.

Fri 07:03pm

After a brief intermission, Nick Elliot is welcoming back the audience by explaining the proper way to conduct a kilt check worth Gabriel’s thorough assistance.





Fri 06:34pm

Southwest Master and slave Sir Valentino and slave panda are delivering their step aside speeches.

Fri 06:30pm

Angel, Southwest Bootblack 2014, is giving her step aside speech.




Fri 06:23pm

The Bootblack contest has only one contestant Shelly.

Fri 06:18pm

The Master/slave contestants are now being introduced.  Contestant pair #1 is Master Neko and koneko.  Contestant pair #2 is Orpheus and indigo Black. Contestant pair #3 is Sir Gareth and toi.



Fri 06:12pm

Nick Elliot has taken the stage. He is pictured here with ASL interpreter Gabriel.


Fri 06:06pm

SWLC  executive producer Judi is on stage talking about this year’s theme, Earth and introducing the MC.





Fri 05:58pm

The Friday contest festivities are almost ready to begin.  The Bootblack and Master/slave contests will continue.

Nick Elliot will serve as tonight’s MC.

Fri 02:27pm

Just finished watching the Master/slave contestant interviews.  Classes have also begun and the conference is in full swing.

Fri 11:14am

Opening ceremonies for SWLC 2015 are underway outside to honor this year’s theme Grounded.

Inside the hotel the vendor area and silent auction are now open.

The fun is officially ready to begin!



Sat 11:20pm

Winners announced

2nd runner up Jeff Hocker
1st runner up Brien O’Brien
Winner Clifton Tatum


Sat 09:40pm

The whole crowd swarms the stage for pictures and to congratulate our newly sashed Mr. International Rubber, as all the audience members wave their hands in the air (which is, of course, the ASL for applause instead of clapping! Incredible to see the winner applauded in silence!)

They’re pushing non photographers to the exit. I’m off to drink and/or party! This is Tynan Fox signing off this evening from Leatherati Live!

Sat 09:39pm

Wow! Incredible! The WINNER of MIR 2014 is Max, from the Netherlands! MIR continues to push boundaries of community and inclusiveness as the winner of this year’s sash is deaf!


Sat 09:36pm

And the WINNER! of MIR 18 and Mr. International Rubber 2014:

Contestant #4

Max, Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands!!!!!


Sat 09:35pm

1st Runner Up:

#7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany


Sat 09:34pm

The envelopes are handed to our Emcee.

2nd Runner up:

#8  Alejandro, Independent Contestant, from Mexico


Sat 09:31pm

Teri Yaki once again takes the stage!

Holy crap she’s going to announce the winners! It’s almost time!

Andy Cosmicroo takes the stage to be present and hand off the sash. Each of the contestants one by one takes the stage!

#1  Marc “Rubbgloves”, Mr. New England Rubber 2014 from Boston, MA

#2  Duckyboy,  Mr. Rubber Montreal, from Qubec, Canada

#3  Northman, Mr Southeast Rubber 2014 from Atlanta, GA

#4  Max, Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands

#5  Chad, Mr. Florida Rubber 2014, from Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6  John, Mr. Hoist Rubber 2014 from London, England

#7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany

#8  Alejandro, Independent Contestant, from Mexico

#9  Joe Spaceman, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2014 from Chicago, IL

#10 Massimo, Mr. Rubber Italia 2014

Sat 09:30pm

Willie takes the microphone:

“Please give it up for Teri Yaki1 *applause* Two years in a row, that bitch fucking BROUGHT IT! *applause*

KinkRubber does not like to talk on stage, but I brought him up anyway for these important announcements.

I want to thank Eric and Jada at Broken Brains for the custom goggles for our moniker this year. We can’t thank them enough for this donation to us. I want to thank everyone who’s on our team who’s pulled this event together. We have our debrief in the near future, and we work on this the entire fucking year to make this the best event possible fore you, because this is about community. It’s about building community for poeple. I want to thank the volunteers, executive staff, but there is one person that I need to single out.

A few years ago, I lined the whole team out in front of me and said I was going to step back a little, and it all fell apart and it didn’t happen for a lot of reasons. But I really want to say thank you to Brad Barlety, the head of our production team! He’s really worked hard and he deserves all the credit for making this possible. 14 years ago, I started all this because I didn’t want to be alone. And because of everything he has done, he’s allowed me to get back out there and be a part of that group. Thank you Brad!

One of the things Brad was adamant about on production was next year’s theme and images. So we are proud to announce next year’s theme of “Destination: Rubber”. The dates next year are November 6-8, 2016. The website will flip on Monday with our new images, new graphics, everything so you can already see all the new information and you can start making your new reservations…with the Hawthorne Terrace on MONDAY! That’s right, on MONDAY, you can reserve your rooms for MIR in 2016 at the host hotel!

All of the bars of Chicago have gathered around us. Let’s give it up for the Center on Halsted for supporting us here! They take a lot of heat for this, especially during election years. So thank YOU to the center on Halsted!

Cellblock is open after the event!

Steamworks has the after MIR Victory Party! You need to have your photo ID and ticket at the door to get in.

The Market opens at NOON! We will show Rocky Horror Picture show here in the theatre.

Then there’s Rubber Showtunes at 5pm at Sidetrack! Come in Rubber and sing showtunes, and proceed to our closing party at Jackhammer for the final night of MIR!”

Sat 09:22pm

Teri Yaki retakes the microphone and proceeds with some witty banter wth the audience.

“Two of our organizers are going to be brought out. We need to say thank you to these men because without them, this wouldn’t be possible. Give it up for KinkRubber and RubberWillie!” *applause*

Sat 09:19pm

The house lights dim further. The final list of vendors is read off to say thank you to them. And that means there’s only one part left! Get ready for it!

Sat 09:18pm

Our final vendor tonight is the Chicago Rubbermen Gear Sale. We have out fit Jim with a rubberized streteched apron. Stop by the CR Gear Sale to pick up some great gently used items from the resale. Thank you Chicago Rubbermen!

Sat 09:17pm

The hosue lights dim! A hush settles over the crowd!

Timmay takes the stage.

“I am not Teri Yaki. I am RubberTimmy, some of you may have seen me running around the market like a crazy person. I’m very, very happy to see you all here tonight. I’ve been managing the vendor market! We thought we’d do something a little different for this evening’s contest tonight. I thought you might like to see a little fashion show!

This is to say thankful to the vendors for supporting us over the years and say thank you to them with some advertising. Get ready for a short, breif, fun fashion show! Remember the market is open tomorrow from Noon-5pm!

“Antonio is showing off a lovely look with a sleeveless black and red tank with gloves, football pants, and sneakers. Thank you so much, TLS Rubbergear!

Next we have Ruff, supporting Mr. S Leather! Ruff is modeling our sleeveless hoodie from Mr. S that’s even made of neoprene! He’s paired that with a hot looking pair of red stitched neoprene breifs and a face shield.

Our next vendor is very exciting from Full Kit Gear! Eric is wearing a semitransparent blue sleeveless top with a custom harness, rubber kilt, and boots. Opening a new location very soon on North Clark Street in Andersonville, Chicago!

Our next model hails from Stockroom/Siren/Stormy leather in Los Angeles. He shows off a transparent polo and a pair of handpainted rubber bleachers!”

Sat 09:12pm

Remember you can also tune into the live feed/broadcast of the event at:


Sat 09:07pm

The house has been reopened! We’re not starting yet but I can only assume that the judges are continuing to tabulate the winners…because otherwise, what would we be waiting for?

(Editor’s note: I really have NO fucking clue who’s going to win the title tonight! I feel like it’s going to be very, very close. I’ve talked a bit here or there with the judges and they speak similarly. The contestant pool has just been SO STRONG this year that it’s really, really difficult to say who’s going to win!

This truly has been one of the best MIR’s and contests I’ve seen in a long time. All of the contestants really put their hearts in it and gave it their all – they really made it something special this year!)

Sat 08:52pm

Woof! Just got to see all the contestants in their jock straps.

Sat 08:46pm

And we’re off to a short intermission for voting, etc.! We’ll be back with you soon with the WINNER!

Sat 08:45pm

The contestants are cleaning up and the stage crew is cleaning up the stage, as Teri Yaki continues with a bit of witty banter!

This is our last chance to see the contestants! Each one of them is going to come out to the stage for us all to see. Then we will immediately be released for intermission. During intermission, the audience members can vote for one contestant for the audience vote portion of the contest. The tallys will add them up and tabulate the winner – and we’ll find out who it is after the intermission!

Here’s the contestants again!

#1  Marc “Rubbgloves”, Mr. New England Rubber 2014 from Boston, MA

#2  Duckyboy,  Mr. Rubber Montreal, from Qubec, Canada

#3  Northman, Mr Southeast Rubber 2014 from Atlanta, GA

#4  Max, Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands

#5  Chad, Mr. Florida Rubber 2014, from Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6  John, Mr. Hoist Rubber 2014 from London, England

#7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany

#8  Alejandro, Independent Contestant, from Mexico

#9  Joe Spaceman, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2014 from Chicago, IL

#10 Massimo, Mr. Rubber Italia 2014


Sat 08:41pm

The contestants are released off stage, after a well deserved round of applause for our demo pig, and for each of the boys!

Sponsor plug! The Leatherati Live! They’re saying thank you to us for the live blogging. You’re welcome, and we’re happy to serve you!

Sat 08:39pm

Mystery Bag #10 Massimo, Mr. Rubber Italia 2014

Massimo selects a bag which includes: A dog toy (a rope), chip clips, and Nutella!

Massimo has the pig lay down on his back. Uses the chip clips to clip them onto his toes, and rolls him over onto all fours to bind his legs with the rope, right on to the ankles, and smears the nutella all over his back, and licks it off before kissing him!

Sat 08:36pm

Mystery Bag #9  Joe Spaceman, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2014 from Chicago, IL

Joe selects a bag that includes: cream starter (as in, a soup base), plastic tubing, and a toy princess microphone

Joehas the pig get on his knees, and makes a collar out of the plastic tubing and plays catch with him with the princess microphone, (as he tries to catch it in his mouth!) and then feeds the boy out of a “bowl”. What a nice puppy play scene!

Sat 08:34pm

Mystery Bag #8  Alejandro, Independent Contestant, from Mexico

(Editor’s Note – I’m sure the Gunge and Wet-and-Messy fetishists are just EATING THIS UP)

Alejandro selects a bag that includes: Amish Macaroni Salad, a halloween scarf, a masonry brush.

Alejandro uses the scarf to blindfold the pig….opens the Macaroni salad, smearing it all over his hands and arms as lube, and proceeds to “fist” the pig with that arm….only to shove the handle of the broom up his ass like a plug.

Sat 08:32pm

Mystery Bag #7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany

Franz selects a bag that includes: a mini plunger, hairbands, strawberry NesQuick syrup!

Franz makes the audience do the wave twice for energy. Then he uses the hairbands to tie the pig’s ankles and wrists to the chair…the Nesquick and plunger are being used together to plunge the Nesquick into the pig’s butthole! Awww. He made a Strawberry Shortcake!

Sat 08:29pm

Mystery Bag #6  John, Mr. Hoist Rubber 2014 from London, England

John’s bag contains: a novelty witches broom (aka a pom-pom), a dog toy (rope), and some pineapple yogurt

So he uses the pompom as a tactlie sensation play toy and tickling his body before making him bite down and use it as a gag…bending him over, he swings the rope like a baseball bat at his ass…..opens the pineapple yogurt…and squeezes it all over his body like a pastry bag. Nice work!

Sat 08:26pm

Mystery Bag #5  Chad, Mr. Florida Rubber 2014, from Fort Lauderdale, FL

(minor break to mop the floor, and our demo pig for that matter!)

Chad has a bag which contains: rubber twist ties, a splatter screen, and carmel syrup.

Chad uses the twist tie to make an impromptu collar and tie the pig’s wrists, beats his ass with the splatter screan, and sprays the carmel all over his back and ass…


Sat 08:24pm

Mystery Bag #4  Max, Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands

Max chooses a bag with: Butternut squash soup, a rat trap, and a spiral phone cord.

Max proceeds….The rat trap is bent backwards…and placed directly into his crotch…and tying the phone cord to the other end of the rat trap and pulling on it, only to step forward and stand over him…..open the bag of soup……and dumping it DIRECTLY into his face!

Sat 08:21pm

Time for the pop questions.

First up Jeff McDonald

Sat 08:21pm

Mystery Bag #3  Northman, Mr Southeast Rubber 2014 from Atlanta, GA

He picks a bag out with pureed baby food, a tension dog lead, and a rubber wall baseboard. (That’s kinda fucking random, Willie! A baseboard???)

Northman uses the tension leash to get the pig up and tie him up a little bit…and starts to beat him with the baseboard, supsequently spraying cottagecheese everywhere, and proceeding to smear abyfood all over his body! And rubs himself all around with it too.

Sat 08:18pm

Mystery Bag #2  Duckyboy,  Mr. Rubber Montreal, from Qubec, Canada

Duckyboy selects a bag..with cottage cheese, a bungee tie down, and a 4 prong fuzzy duster!

He uses the bungee cord to tie his hands behind his back, and runs the duster all over his body for tactile play…and then opens the cottage cheese…..holds it near his head…….and force feeds it to the pig after teasing him with it a bit!….rubbing the rest in all over his chest!

Sat 08:16pm

Mystery Bag #1  Marc “Rubbgloves”, Mr. New England Rubber 2014 from Boston, MA

Marc picks a bag…and inside, he finds an open mouth hood, a beaded necklace, and a hostess snack cake. The twinkies are being put into the ninja hood….and eating one of the lunchcakes himself as well…..and then puts it RIGHT int he face of the pig….shaking it out into his crotch. He’s being gagged with the beaded necklace and the beaded bracelet is used as a cockring. Nice!

Sat 08:13pm

Before we start with the actual contestants, Teri Yaki takes a random bag to show the boys how it’s done.

She gets a toilet bowl scrubber…which she shoves into the ass cheeks of the demo boy. After tossing it aside, she finds a bag of cream cheese…which is getting smeard directlyinto his crotch under his jock. And into his mouth!

Sat 08:11pm

And now, the little demo pig is introduced. Ryan Dixon has volunteered to be used and abused this evening during the Mystery Bag portion of the contest!

Sat 08:11pm

Skip Mlakar just presented the PSLOD club colors to the Bullet Bar and the Barracks Bar.

Sat 08:09pm

Now it’s time for (almost) everyone’s favorite category – the Mystery Bag! The contestants are provided a bag of small, household items (mostly from the Dollar Store) and they must develop a scene using the items inside.

Sat 08:08pm

A couple of our former MIR winners are brought on stage!

MIR 1998, Christof Lehner!
MIR 2000, Tom Kelly!
MIR 2003, Rubber Willie!
MIR 2010, Fenn!
and our current MIR 2013, Andy Cosmicroo!

Sat 08:07pm

We’re ready to get back to the show! By the end of the evening we’ll be sashing a new Mr. International Rubber!

Sat 07:59pm

The crowd is reassembling in the theatre. We’re going to bring back our live coverage and get back into the contest first by doing a short COSTUME contest with guys from among the audience! 🙂

Sat 07:39pm

And the contestants:

Mr Barracks Leather Jeff McDonald
Mr Off Ramp Leather Brien O’Brien
Mr Palm Springs Rodeo Spike
Mr Toolshed Leather Clifton Tatum
Mr Streetbar Leather Jeff Hocker

Sat 07:38pm

There will now be a short intermission for the contestants to change, etc. We’ll be back shortly on Leatherati Live!

Remember if you can, you can also see the live videostream of tonight’s contest on www.mirubber.com/live!

Sat 07:36pm

We’re going to thank Boi Magazine for their continued support of MIR and this weekend. With over 20,000 copies distributed all over Chicago leading up to the event, they’ve been a great publisher of our MIR weekend!

Sat 07:34pm

The contestants are brought back out to the stage for one more viewing by the judges and audience!

Sat 07:33pm

Question #10 Massimo, Mr. Rubber Italia 2014

“So we are in Chicago, the city of Skyscrapers. So I think we can rent the top roof of the Willis Tower for one night. At midnight, when there’s a nice view, I’d like you to wear tight rubber like Catwoman, take you up to the top of that tower and fuck you!”

Sat 07:32pm

Question #9 Joe Spaceman, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2014 from Chicago, IL

“Personally I don’t find myself to be much of a clownfucker, so…..so what I would do is take Teri Yaki to one of the finest restaurants on Michigan Ave, The Cheesecake Factory. I would flip you over on the table, throw my throwing line into your face, call you a prostitution whore, and walk out. Because that’s the best kind of scene!”

Sat 07:31pm

Question #8 Alejandro, Independent Contestant, from Mexico

“Did you see Roo yesterday wearing the high leg boots? I want to see you wear them, but it doesn’t depend on me. It depends on what YOU want tto do to me. I want to take orders, I want you to tie me up, do what you want to me. I want to feel your heels in my back. It’s not up to me, it’s up to whatever this beautiful lady wants!”

Sat 07:29pm

Question #7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany

“Who in the audience knows how to have kinky and nasty sex? Sweet. I was disappointed you didn’t wear rubber yesterday. We’ll have to change your makeup and replace it with liquid latex. We’re going to put her in a nice ballroom rubber dress. I would wear my nice terrycoat as well – and we’re going to have a nice time having a tango and a ballroom dance…plug, dildo, keep her shut, and of course I show who’s in charge!!”

Sat 07:28pm

Judges are:

Tommy Hamilton
Marc Bellenger
Eric Paul Leue
Matt Foreman
Michael Lara
George Saltzman

Sat 07:27pm

Question #6 John, Mr. Hoist Rubber 2014 from London, England

“The scene is. I’m going to get some cling film, and cling film you to the bannister. Stick and apple in your mouth…and then, could I get some house lights please…and then I’m going to get you and you…(pointing at audience members)…And then you’ll find out what we’d do with you in a house with seven of us!”

Sat 07:26pm

Question #5 Chad, Mr. Florida Rubber 2014, from Fort Lauderdale, FL

(same question – scene with Teri Yaki)

“World peace. Oops wrong question! I would bind her and put her into a J-Lube filled sleepsack…and gag her! Because silence is golden.”

Sat 07:25pm

Question #4  Max, Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands

(same question as previous)

“Well well. Drag queens are too dressy for me. I want to put her in a doggie bag. And then have all the time in the world to find her ….(dropped it sorry!!)

Sat 07:23pm

Question  #3  Northman, Mr Southeast Rubber 2014 from Atlanta, GA

“If you were to have a scene with your emcee Teri Yaki, what would it be and why?”

“Well, last year we got to see a sock go into your mouth, and you took it too willingly. I want to indludge your foot fetish, soak my toes, and make you suck on them for hours on end!”

Sat 07:22pm

Question #2  Duckyboy,  Mr. Rubber Montreal, from Qubec, Canada

“If you were to have a scene with your Emcee, Teri Yaki, what would it be and why?”

(Answering through interpreter – I don’t speak French)

“Last night because she was in the fantasy, he’s going to make her pay for that. Take her to Steamworks, put her int he sling, strap it up…and…And…..tickle her until he’s crying because she’s into so much tickling…..so just to make sure that she doesn’t do anything with her mouth again, he’ll be using a gag on her! Just to make sure!”

Sat 07:19pm

Question 1 –

#1  Marc “Rubbgloves”, Mr. New England Rubber 2014 from Boston, MA.

“You’re going to have a scene with your emcee Teri Yaki. What’s it going to be and why?”

“Well I’ve been waiting for you to ask me this for a whole year now! I would like you to be wearing the tallest boots you have with heeels. And I want to be on my knees licking them from the toe, to the heeel, all the way up to your crotch!”

Sat 07:18pm

Interview portion starting now!

Earlier today after contestant interviews, the contestants were each given a question to answer. Everyone was given the same question and think about their response, which they will be judged according to.

Sat 07:17pm

Our main sponsor tonight: Steamworks – Which is hosting the Sick and Twisted Victory Party immediately after the contest!

Sat 07:15pm

Our ASL interpreters, Ann and Robert!

Sat 07:15pm

Introducing the contestants.

Lenny is announcing the parade of colors with the attending clubs.

Sat 07:14pm


#1 – Michael Kaplan

#2 – Miguel Torrez

Sat 07:14pm

And now, on with the show!

Once again, to reintroduce our judges:

#1 – Bob Donnelson

#2 – Cristoph Lehner

#3 – David Katsenberg

#4 – Eddie Hibbs

#5 – Leslie Anderson

#6 – Pup Snuggles

#7 – Andy Cosmicroo

Sat 07:12pm

Teriyaki takes the mic to start the show!

“I really appreciate you guys coming back. Are you excited to find out who our winner is tonight?” And she proceeds to strip into a teal pleather corset and throw on a matching wig.

Sat 07:10pm

The witch feeds Snow White an apple…but fed up with waiting, clubs her unconscious. (And Snow White is actually a close friend of mine, and I’m dying here. 🙂 )

Sat 07:09pm

The PS Gay men’s chorus just kicked off the event with the Star Bangled Banner.

Now getting a welcome from City Manager David Redding who noted now ironic it is that we’re at the Women’s Club.

Welcome emcee Lenny Broberg.

Sat 07:07pm

A phone rings. Our witch answers.

“Hello? Prince who? You wanna talk to Snow White? Well I’m afraid she’s at the clinic right now with a raging case of herpes!”

Sat 07:06pm

The lights go down!

A bellydancer takes the stage! She looks like the evil witch from Snow White! Dancing and lip syncing to “Bitch” by that one white girl from the 90s.

Sat 07:04pm

Before we start, once again for your plasure and information, here is the list of contestants!

#1  Marc “Rubbgloves”, Mr. New England Rubber 2014 from Boston, MA.

#2  Duckyboy,  Mr. Rubber Montreal, from Qubec, Canada

#3  Northman, Mr Southeast Rubber 2014 from Atlanta, GA

#4  Max – Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands

#5 Chad – Mr. Florida Rubber 2014, from Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6 John, Mr. Hoist Rubber 2014 from London, England

#7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany

#8 Alejandro, Independent Contestant, from Mexico

#9 Joe Spaceman, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2014 from Chicago, IL

#10 Massimo, Mr. Rubber Italia 2014

Sat 07:01pm

At the contest! Wow. Been a busy weekend so far at PS Leather Pride. Last night was the parking lot party. So much gear! And so many hot guys.

Back in a minute with the start of the Mr Palm Springs Leather contest.

Sat 06:59pm

The doors are open! The audience streams in and we’re out of chairs faster than you can blink an eye!

Sat 06:56pm

Good evening one and all! This is Tynan Fox logging in for your live coverage of the 2nd night of MIR 18! The new Mr. International Rubber will be sashed tonight.

I have a much, much better connection tonight so hopefully I can bring you even more and better up to the minute updates. But remember – you can also watch the live stream of tonight’s event on http://www.mirubber.com/live!

Fri 09:19pm

Tonight’s afterparty – Manhole! Also remember tomorrow’s kink u sessions.


And my connection is dying rapidly – I must go now before I throw my computer at the wall. Thanks for tuning in – I hope you enjyed the coverage on Leatherati Live!

Fri 09:17pm

All the contestants are coming out for one last time!

#1 Rubgloves
#2 DuckyBoy
#3 Northman
#4 Max
#5 Chad
#6 John
#7 Franz
#8 Alejandro
#9 Joe Spaceman
#10 Massimo

Fri 09:16pm

Ladies and gentlemen, time for a sponsor plug!

We’d like to thank the Chicago Rubbermen for their continued sponsorship of this event.


Fri 09:13pm

#10 Massimo

-Massimo is going to start his usual working day as a policeman! Getting his stuff together he puts on his uiforma nd has himself together for a long work day, ready for anything that comes his way. One of the bikers is going to create a little chaos! Massimo’s ready for that. I don’t know how he will manage is but he’s goingt o make sure this man gets what he deserves. That guy is in for some punishment! But Massimo knows how to manage it!

Fri 09:11pm

#9 Joe Spaceman

-Just his luck. The spacegym was packed again. All he wanted was to get a good chest pump and take a few beefy selfies. But all the benches were taken! Damn! Out the corner of his eye he saw a sizeable boy! He motioned for the boy to come over so he could help with his form. Spacemanneedded good chest workout as muvh as he did.

(sorry, computer dropped me. Lost the rest)

Fri 09:09pm

#8 Alejandro

-His footsteps rumble behind me. Rays of soft light are drawn nto my eyes through the rubbermask. I feel no fear! Suddenly he grabs me strongly, slaps me. Kisses and spits on me. I feel the clamps on my nipples. but i am mute to scream. Each turn makes me want to yelp in pleasure. I can’t see his face or know his name, I just want his kiss or spit on me again. He takes my mask off, throws me on the floor, pulls my mask up and walks me to the door! You’re going to do something to me now, crawl! I do it. I crawl to the door knowing exactly to be lost in lust…..or love?

Fri 09:07pm

#7 Franz

I am at a rubber party after work. Tired. Sleepy. Asleep. Silence, darkness. Slight noise, I’m floating! I can’t move! I feel rubber on my skin. A mask! Blindfolded I can’t see! Feel something, I hear breathing! Shave, lighter, I hear a scream! Gasmask! Rubbersheath. Thick cock. I feel what I see. Not a dream, reality. My gasmask has videoglasses. I feel abused. Rubber guy I want to lick and smell but I can’t. A rubber tube goes into my urethra, totally abused. I wanna cum! But I can’t. I’m totally at his mercy! I smell! I feel rubber! Please let me cum! Nooo…….

Fri 09:04pm

#6 John

-There he is again, Nate. It’s the only thing I really know about him after 2 years, is what turns him on. It makes me flashback to 2 years ago when we met in that club. The only conversation we ever had being a mutual thank you at the end of the night. My mind cranks over what’s coming next. He walks over, he sticks hishand into the waistband of his chaps and rubber joc,, then wiping them on my face and nose so I can smell his scent. As I close my eyes and smell it in I can smell his wet scent. I’m marked. We kiss…..

Fri 09:02pm

#5  Chad

-I entered the shower, my rubber filled with JLube. I slowly massage it around my calves, and then my theighs. Slowly up my legs, and then intyo my crotch. I rub the lube into my crotch and balls as my cock gets bigger and bigger. I continue to stroke my bodty under my rubber, in my armpits, down my arms, and then back to the crotch. With each stroke, I edge closer, closer, until finally…(pop!)

Fri 09:00pm

#4 Max

(This one appears to be silent. Max approaches the stage with someone in a blue rubber gimpsuit [latexplosion!!!] and assumes the role of Dom in a scene. See no evil,hear no evil, speak no evil. it would seem that he’s some breath control dom for sure!)

Fri 08:58pm

#3 Northman

-I enter the dimly lit bar and start to order a beer. But I notice a young guy keeps staring at me. I apprach him. His eyes say everything. I tell him, “Come with me.” He complies without wquestion. And then, I order us beers. “I’m Northman” “Greg” he squeaks, and a short converstation before he follows me home. Fromt here, I take him home, and put him into a bondage surfsuit. As he pulls the rubber over his skin, he feels compelled to give him utter pleasure. I spank him, rim, and plug him. I unzip that suit and piss inside. When all is completely I cum in his face! And I leave him bound for the night marinating in piss. In the morning I feed him more cum. As he’s leaving , he sees my diploma and asks me, “Do you have a brother named Paul?” I tell him, “I knew my brother had kinky fraternity brothers!”

Fri 08:54pm

#2 Ducky Boy

-The lightning storms make him very hrony. I’ve always wanted to walk and have outdoor sex during one of those storms. I’ve decided I wanted to go to the traintrack bridge. I wanted to see if some hot guys were there.I was alone so I decided to take a leak on federal property, getting caught by federal agents! He hancuffed me, slowly cuffed me and put me on my knees. He treated me like a dirty Frenchy boy, by spitting all over my face. Seeing that I was liking it, he then decided to pull his cock out and piss all over me. (Which is actually happenning on stage!) Realizing that I was regretting my bad action, he forgot me, put me on his leasha nd from then on, I became his ducky.

Fri 08:50pm

#1 Marc Rubgloves

-Transformation. It is happening around us all the time. A boy appears in a public park wearing a jjogging suit. Looks normal. This boy was ordered to appear in this park with instructions to meet a man. A transformatio will happen before your eyes! A man appears and orders that boy to strip. As he strips that boy reveals that he’s in full ru ber. And now they can see who the rubber boy really is! Or is he? The man commands the boy to his knees and places fist mitts onto the boys’s hands. A hood is put over the head followed by a collar and leash! The transformation is about to happen. Soon i t will…and the boy is now a poppy!Bark puppy, bark! Turn around and show the people the puppy’s tail! Now walk the puppy through the park for all to see!

Fri 08:46pm

We’re back to getting to the real show tonight!

Were moving on to our next category. This is “Rubber Fantasy”. This is something for which they’re exposing themselves (not literally) . This is where these guys have prewritten some of their fantasies and will b acting them out for our entertainment pleasure. They’ll be acting it out for us! Teriyaki will be reading them and they will be acting them out on stage.

Fri 08:39pm

And we’re slowly coming back here at MIR. We’re having a somewhat impromptu intermission costume contest from members of the audience! 🙂

Fri 08:12pm

That’s the conclusion of the first 1/2 of the contest tonight. There will now be a short intermission. I’ll be back soon on leatherati live!

Fri 08:12pm

Rubberwillie takes the stage to say a few words.

“Welcome! Thank you so much for bearing with us. I appologize, I got hit by a car while I was riding my bike!

Every year we like to celebrate the life of those whoa re no longer with us. I’d like to share with you the things I’ve learned about them. I want to share with you a few things about Philip. A few years ago, he found out he had Neuroblastoma. As he knew he was nearing the end of his life, he came out to his parents as a kinkster. The very last event he could go to was the MIR blast at MAL. Philip just loved rubber, loved to feel and experience it. He wasnted to bewith his friends and family as he departed with us.

Last year, we had a contestant from Denver named Paul, and he passwed away unexpectedly two months after the contest. Paul took so much advantage of his experience here at Mr. Itnernational Rubber. Tell your friends, don’t hold back. You never know when you’re going tob e here tomorrow.

Greg Nelson was the partner of Christoph. I asked Christoph how his partner was, only to find out that Greg had been killed. For almost 20 years they were together to support each other.

The last one is someone who reached international bounds – all across. This year, the world of dance music lost the godfather of housemusic, Mr. Frankie Knuckles.  Chicago threw the biggest house party for him.

Cheers to those whoa re not here, and we will continue to celebrate on!

Fri 08:06pm

“Tonight, there is a party sponsored tonight for us by Steamworks. One of the last sponsors of us Perverts! (The Sick and Twisted victory party on Saturday night. All tickets MUST be purchased ahead of time at MIR registration!)

Fri 08:02pm

The contestants take the stage one more time for everyone to take in the latex look!

Fri 08:02pm

#10 Massimo, Mr. Rubber Italia 2014

Fri 08:00pm

#9 Joe Spaceman, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2014 from Chicago, IL

Fri 07:58pm

#8 Alejandro, from Mexico! (No title, no sponsorship, just one strong independent rubberman. WOOF!)

Fri 07:57pm

#7  Franz, Mister Rubclub 2014 from Germany

Fri 07:56pm

#6 John, Mr. Hoist Rubber 2014 from London, England

Fri 07:54pm

#5 Chad – Mr. Florida Rubber 2014, from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Fri 07:52pm

#4  Max – Mr Rubber Amsterdam 2014 from the Netherlands

Fri 07:50pm

#3  Northman, Mr Southeast Rubber 2014 from Atlanta, GA

Fri 07:47pm

#2 (speaking fench) GF Duckyboy – Mr. Rubber Montreal, from Qubec, Canada

Fri 07:45pm

First contest portion – latex look.

#1  Marc “Rubbgloves”, Mr. New England Rubber 2014.


Fri 07:44pm

The next presenter coming out to the stage is one of the Co-Owners of Mr. International Rubber – KinkRubber!

“Thank you. So about five years ago, Willie told me to bring this contest out fo the bar. On behalf of all of us and all our volunteers, thank you for being here. Thank you for being here, and being yourself. This year our contest includes contestants from 7 countries. That’s the most international we’ve ever been! THank you all!


Fri 07:41pm

Andy’s stepdown speech:

“This is the thing. I tried desparately to sit down and right a speech. It just didn’t feel right. How do you sum up on paper a whole year of this? (some heckling from the audience) I’d like to take a second to take this in because this was a dream for me. I found out about MIR a couple years ago on my computer, and it was a dream for me. It became a very sudden reality. You come to things like this and you don’t knwo what to expcet. I had a title in Toronto where I was fighting for acceptance, I was fighting for this. I was gighting the “norm” if such a thing even exists. I could tell you all about how it was a great journey, but you’ve heard all that before. Every competition you go to, the title holder tells you what you want to hear.


But when I was a kid, I would look at caterpillars in the yard. Do they know what they’re going to be? We loose touch of ourselves in t he daily life. I’m very lucky that didn’t happen to me. Last year, I got to stand up on a stage like this. Wehen I came into this competitil I didn’t expect that I was a leader. I was just looking for a place for me. I quickly realized that so many people out there were also looking for acceptance. From all of YOU. I am extremely lucky to include in my famiily all of you perverts. This is not about rubber, this is a celebration of individuality. We are all here to be who we are. I want to thank all of you for supporing me, and for your individual communities. Without them, this contest does not exist. This is the year that this contest has been more International than it has ever been!

A titleholder is supposed to facilitate for you. It’s not always easy, but we try. The truth of it is that I’m not the leader, all of us are. We fight for what we need for our communities. It’s all possible because you stood up before I even got here and said that I can do this. This is okay. Thank you! But honestly, I’m really glad it is over. Because I’m tired. And one of these poor suckers is going home with this sash! Do they know what they’re signing up for? This shits’ work.

You have 10 incredible people before you. Do not discount that  work it takes to do this before you all. Please embrace all of this, and it’s work to embrace all of YOU!

I want to wish them all the best of luck. Thank you all so much! You ahven’t seen the last of me – this is one bitch that won’t go away.

)tje audience roars!_

Fri 07:34pm

Our two ASL Interpreters are Ann and Robert. Thank you both for your service!

Last year’s winner, tonight, is stepping down. As Will likes to say, it’s a bittersweet thing that we do to get together tonight where everybody is a winner. Just to see the community get together and do all this is great. Andy takes the stage to make a stepdown speach

Fri 07:32pm

“This is the 3rd year in a row that we are streaming live! If you’re running for office please don’t look back. Now we need to introduce our judges!”

Bob Donnelson

Christopher Dehner

David Katsenburg

Eddie Hibbs

Leslie Anderson

Pup Snuggles

Andy Cosmicroo

Fri 07:30pm

“You’re excused bitches, get off stage.” The contestants exit.

“So I know you guys waited a long time outside – so we’re just going to cut my banter and get right to it! Onto the business.”

Fri 07:28pm

And somehow the contestants use their magical powers of the sash? to ward of the evil of the grim reaper…this is so cheesy and campy you can’t help but love it. :)


Fri 07:27pm

And somehow the contestants use their magical powers of the sash? to ward of the evil of the grim reaper…this is so cheesy and campy you can’t help but love it. 🙂

Fri 07:26pm

The contestants dance on stage with Roger…looks like they’re the zombies having some kind of orgy of unspeakable intent. There’s even a rubber Grim Reaper!

Fri 07:25pm

Dancers enter the stage in rubber and present an incredible choreographed piece to “It’s raining men”!

The coffin is opened. There are gravestones behind it. Roger (my former MIR classmate!) arises fromt he coffin and lifts the dancers, leading them off. It looks like they’re going to do a dance to Thriller!

Fri 07:24pm

This is really a well done piece! Even including the Brittney mic! (Even though Roger is lip syncing) The audience is loving this!

Fri 07:23pm

Dancers enter the stage in rubber and present an incredible choreographed piece to “It’s raining men”!

The coffin is opened. There are gravestones behind it. Roger (my former MIR classmate!) arises fromt he coffin and lifts the dancers, leading them off. It looks like they’re going to do a dance to Thriller!

Fri 07:21pm

The lights come down!


Fri 07:20pm

Fri 07:19pm

Fri 07:19pm

Fri 07:19pm

This internet connection is rather shaky at best. Sorry to you all out there if and when I get behind while blogging – I’m sure this damn thing is going to drop at one point or another.

But remember you can always watch the live broadcast at http://www.mirubber.com/live

Fri 07:11pm

House doors are OPEN! The whole rubber crowd filters in and takes their seats throughout the theatre. Onstage is…a white coffin with a HUGE paper/fake rose ontop of it.

Fri 07:07pm

Well, that was a fun cocktail party! I’m getting things set up here and ready to go in the contest! Live coverage begins soon!

(By the way – I never explicitly said – this is Tynan Fox, live blogging the MIR 18 contest for Leatherati Live!)

Fri 07:06pm

Well, that was a fun cocktail party! I’m getting things set up here and ready to go in the contest! Live coverage begins soon!

(By the way – I never explicitly said – this is Tynan Fox, live blogging the MIR 18 contest for Leatherati Live!)


Fri 05:44pm

Alright folks, I need to conserve some battery life!  Please excuse me as I mingle at the cocktail party! I’ll be back rip roarin away on Leatherati Live shortly before 9pm CST.

Fri 05:40pm

The cocktail party is quickly filling up! I’ve been able to steal David Katsenberg, one of the judges for a quick interview.


“Are the contestants sucking up to you yet?”

“ooooooooh, yes.”

Fri 05:38pm

Okay, so through the magic of Chrome Remote Desktop , I’m able to remote into my computer for a much (paradoxically) faster connection by bouncing this off my home PC back in Minnesota! Gotta love the joys of free public Wi-Fi.

Fri 05:31pm

OMFG I’m a moron. It’s posted right in front of me.

You can watch the contest tonight starting at 9pm CST at:
www.mirubber.com/live !

Fri 05:24pm

Keep in mind that there will also be a live feed streaming of the contest from MIR themselves. I’m digging around trying to find the link for you all now so you can watch live!

Fri 05:19pm

I tried to upload a picture but it just wasn’t working. You’ll have to take my word for it that the costumes are amazing!

Fri 05:14pm

Good evening one and all! Welcome to Leatherati Live’s coverage of MIR 18! We’re having a great time here in Chicago at the Center on Halsted. Happening now: Rubber cocktails before the contest begins tonight!

Sun 01:21pm

There was no police escort for the March, so volunteers were needed to guard the front, side, and rear.

Because I did have RED and BLUE fans, I became the stop light in front.  In other words, I was the last minute grand Marshall for the parade.

And I gave myself fully into the role.  I even gave my blood as one of my fans cut me while being that “light” for the community.  The things we do for community…

Sun 11:39am


Sun 11:32am

Gathering together as a community before we launch!


Sun 11:29am

After the brunch,  everyone heads to the 519 to gather for the Toronto Leather Pride March.

Sun 10:26am

The title holders and contestants for MLT and MsLT were given their prizes.

Sun 10:18am

At the Victory brunch, the Best Boots contest results were announced. It was Explained that this was not a contest but a workshop where the contestants were paired with an experienced boot black.

– Best Polished Boots award went to Jeremy

– Best Grease Boots award went to Polo

– Most improved went to Polo

In a gesture acknowledging that Wolf signed up for the contest but could not be there physically due to his work schedule, but his spirit and heart were there, the contestants and judges agreed to award Wolf for his participation. How sweet.

Sat 07:32pm

And now it’s time to party.  It’s Leatherball time!

Sat 07:13pm

For the Toronto Fellowship Award goes to Brad Zahlen.

For the Ms Leather Toronto contest, Luca achieved 98% and therefore won the title.

For Mr. Leatherman Toronto, second runner up was Brad Zahlen,  first runner up was Craig Goodenough, and the winner is Brett Murden.

Sat 07:02pm

The contestants come back before the winners are announced.


Sat 06:59pm

I would like to note that there were a number of mentions of recently passed MLO, Jon Nizzi throughout this night in both contestant and stepdown speeches.

Sat 06:49pm

Now the 2014 title holders do their step down speeches.

Sat 06:46pm

Before the Current title holders step down,  there is a video of their title year to the tune of “We are Family”.

And I recognize half of the photos in the video.

Sat 06:37pm

We get a singing duo of Vince Carlo from HOTF board and one of the former MLT doing a Torontk rendition of “Someday”.

Sat 06:18pm

Carlotta Carlisle did a song about Cruella da Ville dressed as her with the pups of the Black Eagle Kennel Klum.


Sat 06:02pm

Victoria and Greg McDowell presented the inaugural HOTF Founders award to Master Jack Pearce.


Sat 05:58pm

Now Sir Robert is presenting the HOTF Community Awards:

– Toronto Leather Pride award => Mistress Syd Chreighton

– President’s Award => Former MLT Peter Theodropolus



Sat 05:46pm

John was asked if he was a tootsie pop, how many kicks would it take to get to his Centre.

Answer: hopefully one but will take as many as he can get.

Frank was asked which two judges would be what types of chocolate. He answered Joey as dark chocolate and Master Mike as full of nuts.

Brett was asked which Disney movie would be like his sex life. He answered Dumbo because he likes sex with chubby people.

Brad was asked what food would be like his sex life.  He answered pigs in a blanket.

Craig was asked to describe a sex scene using a box with chopsticks, boot polish and dental floss. Craig would tie the chopsticks together, dip it in boot polish, and draw nude men on his husband.


Sat 05:35pm

Luca was asked what Star Wars would she be and she would have sex with.

Answer: she would be Leia and she would have sex with Hans Solo.


Sat 05:33pm

Now it’s the MLT minimal wear and MsLT hot wear portion.

Sat 05:26pm

Now the judges are being introduced.


Sat 05:22pm

Before starting the second set, Andy Coatham did a scene with Best Boots contestant Polo and Central Leather Sir 2014 Sir James.

Damn my camera went full!

Sat 04:59pm

I’m sorry i couldn’t  get pics of contestants, MLT #4 – Brad Zahlen and MLT #5 – Craig Goodenough during their speech on here. But I will try later!

Sat 04:50pm

MLT #3 – Brett Murden


Sat 04:47pm

MLS #2 – frank Mirandola


Sat 04:44pm

MLS contestant #1 – John Stewart Bell


Sat 04:42pm

She will need to achieve 70% to win the title. By the screams of the crowd after her speech,  I hope she gets it.


Sat 04:39pm

First, Luca Is introduced for the MLsT contestant and does her speech. She talks about building bridges.


Sat 04:36pm

Now the emcees for the contest, Richard Ryder and former MLT Matthew Pavelich come on stage.

Sat 04:29pm

Roll call of MLT


Sat 04:23pm

As part of talking about the history, Farrell, Carolyn Kelly,  and Matthew Pavelich put together a documentary of the 25 years of MLT as the different MLS shared their memories. This was part of the teaser shown.


Sat 04:16pm

Sir Robert Miller, HOTF President addresses the crowd and thanks the sponsors before our local Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence chapter, the Abbey of the Divine Wood, give a blessing to the event.

Master Jack Peace and Victoria Windsor address the crowd and talk about the milestones – the 20th anniversary of the Leather Ball and the 25th contest of Mr. Leatherman Toronto.

Sat 04:08pm

So the content start with an immediate presentation of the national anthems of US and Canada.

Sat 02:01pm

Speaking of getting ready, I just figured out what I’m going to wear. Despite suggestions of me trying all black *shudders*, I just couldn’t gear up to that challenge.

Anyway, off to get ready. See ya later!

Sat 02:00pm

As the Educational Series wraps up this afternoon, I’m sure every one is getting ready for tonight’s main event – the contest for Ms. Leather Toronto and Mr. Leatherman Toronto. And for this year’s Mr. Leatherman Toronto, it will be the 25th anniversary; I’m curious which MLTs will be appearing at this tonight.

As you wait for my blow-by-blow of tonight, please feel free to peruse these bios of:

– the contestants for MLT (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/mlt-contestants/), MsLT (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/mslt-2015-contestants/), and the Best Boots contest (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/best-boots-contestants/)

– the judging panel for MLT/MsLT (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/toronto-leather-pride-judging-panel/) and Best Boots (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/bbt-judging-panel/)

– the hosts, ASL interpreters, and entertainment (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/tlp-contest-host-and-entertainment/)


Fri 08:03pm

And with that,  I am off to the Eagle for the Full Fetishes Party. Night all!


Fri 07:51pm

Awww how nice! Carlotta is donating the tips from the next two songs to the travel fund of the next team.

And for the second song, she said, “This song is for you, Joe!”

It’s ‘This Boy is a Bottom’ LOL.

Fri 07:31pm

OMG,  even the dog turned around when all the contestants turned around. That’s so cute!

Fri 07:30pm


Fri 07:28pm


Fri 07:28pm

Now the contestants are introduced. First, the only MS Leather Toronto contestant Luca is introduced. Then the Mr. Leatherman Toronto contestants come on stage: – John Stewart Bell – Frank Mirandola – Brett Murden – Brad Zahlen – Craig Goodenough

Fri 07:12pm


Fri 07:07pm

And of course, Carlotta flirts with ALL the judges. And the judges are flirting back!


Fri 06:57pm

First are the judges.


Fri 06:53pm

Meet the Meat is hosted by Carlotta Carlisle. In her opening number, the ASL translator is signing along.


Fri 06:48pm

Now the Meet the Meat portion where the public meets the contestants and judges for the first time is about to happen on a very trippy stage.

The media – Dave Rhodes from the Leather Journal and me – already have front row seats.


Fri 06:20pm

The Best Boots contestants have been working hard at this event.


Fri 05:57pm

Gotta stop doing this sideways.


Fri 05:56pm


Fri 05:54pm

So the VIA reception at Sailor’s is hot. Or is that the outfit I’m wearing?

I’m meeting a lot of interesting characters from out of town.  And a lot of people wearing blue. Even me. Who the heck sent the memo to wear blue today?

Thu 07:47pm

So Jeremy has gone nude and is going in every position to get the job done in the Best Boots contest while Polo sits steady in his chair working on his boots.

Can’t turn my head away…

Thu 07:44pm

So far my outfit for tonight has been referred to as “Godzilla” and “Kimono Dragon”.



Thu 07:24pm

Now we’re all at the Black Eagle Toronto for the Best Boots contest which coincided with the monthly “Kink 101” event in the dungeon area. I wonder if I should subject the boot black contestants – Jeremy, Polo and Wolf – to my green leather Alexander McQueen shoes.


Thu 06:43pm

Now each title holder gave their Impact Awards to the people that impacted their title years:

– Andy gave his award to Sam Brighton who taught Andy to stand strong being himself.

– Patty gave her awards to two people – Tae Hart and Jenn Lion

– Farrell gave his award to Peter Kincheloe

Now the judges are being introduced.

Thu 06:32pm

Now the rebuttals begin.

Andy only rebutted that he didn’t make out during the leather swap but at Black Christmas.

Patty expressed surprise that majority of the sales for the Surge calendar she put together for fundraising were men.

Farrell talked about how his beard became the colour it is now. He said to Peter that he was going to star in “The real Leather men of Toronto”.

Thu 06:24pm

Last but not least, it’s Farrell’s turn.

Robert Miller ribbed at Farrell for being delicate after wrestling him, for the colour changes in his beard, and an impression of Farrell’s speech at IML that was a cross between Captain Kirk and Betty White.

Then Peter Kincheloe went on stage and talked about how he coached Farrell during MLT and IML.  And ended his speech by asking Farrell if he is Auditioning for “Duck Dynasty”.

Now Victoria Windsor talked about how not “nice” Farrell is or what he didn’t do what he was supposed to for Andy. Then Andy wondered if she was roasting Farrell or himself.

Finally Frank Manciano (Sp?) spoke about they met on Bear411 but Frank stayed away because Farrell was married and had kids. Then he said how he blossomed into the “rosebud” we all know.


Thu 06:02pm

And now Patty’s predecessor Youkali comes on stage with a tablet. Wow. How high tech!

She talked how Patty had a whole entourage at IMsL – handlers, handlers’ handlers, assistants to those handlers’ handlers, secretaries to those assistants – bringing “organization” to a new level.

And at the end of her speech,  Youkali gave her a new sash – Miss saran wrap Toronto – based on her trend #saranwrapsunday.

Master Tony Palazzo then came up and talked about how he first met Patty and her wife Dee when his demo bottom accidentally squirted both of them with piss. And how gracious they took it.

Thu 05:47pm

Fenn had a game where Andy had to eat everytime “skinny bitch”.

Then Robert gave Andy a Pikachu plushie and Patty a flamingo. He followed with a story of how she cornered a bunch of kids in the park that stole her front lawn flamingos.

Now T’Hayla talked about the antics they had when they competed together last year. And her slave Gillian said that Patty couldn’t find her nipple because she was four inches too high. And many other moments.



Thu 05:38pm

And now the roasting begins!

Beginning with MIR 2014 Andy Coatham.

Now Novice Sister Eva Extrema was very nice. BUT Fenn was not pulling punches. And the ASL interpreter had to sign “anal beads”.


Thu 04:50pm

Now the current title holders,  MIR Andy, IMsL Patty and MLS Farrell are introduced along with the current contestants for MLT and MsLT.

Thu 04:38pm

Greg McDowell introduced the “Best Boots” contest Judges and contestants.

Thu 04:34pm

Past board members,  Master Jack Peace and Victoria Windsor “pinned” the new inductees to Mama’s Family.

Thu 04:25pm

And beginning the event is the introduction of the current Heart of the Flag board by its president Sir Robert Miller and VP Master T’Hayla.

Thu 04:22pm

It’s busy at Crews & Tango!

Thu 04:11pm

Well for once, I arrived fashionably early to SALUTE! with enough time to say hello to everyone at the patio of Crews & Tango before the fun begins.

Sat 07:18pm

Southeast Bootblack 2014 – Blackjack

Southeast Master/slave 2014 – Master Kevin and slave fairye



Sat 07:16pm

Time for the contest results.

Ms SELF 2014 – slave pat






Sat 07:13pm

Lady Dee just received the 2014 SELF Community Service Award.

Sat 06:13pm

Master Mustang and slave filly ate in stage for hot wear and their pop question.

Sat 06:01pm

You’re for the parade of colors.

Sat 06:00pm

Loren killed. If you haven’t seen him perform, make sure that you don’t miss out if you have the opportunity.

slave pat is back on stage for her speech.  She talked about how we as a community often focus on teaching thee young, but that out is important to also learn from them.

Sat 05:34pm

Time for Master and slave contest hot wear and pop questions.

Master Kevin and slave fairye went first.

Now it it’s time for the comedic styling of Leatherati’s own Loren.

Sat 05:12pm

Black Jack’s bootblack speech focused on his journey as a bootblack and his love of teaching other bootblacks.

Sat 05:05pm

slave pat’s fantasy was amazing. Playing of of her she, it hit the sweet spot of being both hot and sexy. Amazing!

Sat 05:01pm

Time for slave pat’s fantasy.

Sat 04:52pm

Yay! For Kitten Chaos opening the contest with a hot number.

Sat 04:49pm

Kitten Chaos and her awesome red hair just took the stage.

Sat 04:47pm

Ultra Karen has taken the stage for emcee duties.

Sat 04:46pm

Karen Ultra is tonight’s MC. Anything, and I mean anything, can happen.

Sat 04:43pm

Master Conrad and slave jazz just gave us a short preview of the third annual Sin in the City weekend in Las Vegas.

Sat 04:39pm

Catherine is explaining the audience scoring system.

Sat 04:38pm

Sitting down for the evening contest wrap up. Catherine Gross is getting the evening started.

Sat 04:38pm

Lady Catherine has taken the stage to welcome everyone.

Sat 04:37pm

Ok! Back for the contest part two!

Stay tuned. Just getting ready to start.

Fri 07:50pm

Having fun at the cigar party. The contest events are over and it is time to party.

Fri 06:05pm

Time for Speeches

Fri 05:58pm

Time for pup questions and hot wear!

Fri 05:43pm

SELF Contestants


Fri 05:42pm

Let’s meet the contestants:

Master/slave contestants
Master Mustang and slave fillie
Master Kevin and slave fairie

Bootblack contestant

Ms Southeast Leastetfest contestant
slave pat

Fri 05:28pm

Bootblack judges

KD Diamond
Girl Dale
Theatrical Toy

Fri 05:25pm

More judges

Master Cecil
Master Barrett

Fri 05:19pm

Woo hoo! Emcee Karen Ultra was just brought in on a pony cart.

Fri 05:11pm

And the contest part one is finally under way.

Fri 04:39pm

Waiting for part one of the contest to start!

Fri 09:21am

Consistency is the key

Fri 09:10am

Dan asks: Is slavery a negotiable act?

Fri 09:05am

The contract isn’t as important as the negotiation.

Fri 09:01am

An opinion expressed is that an M/s contract is very much like a marriage contract.

Fri 08:59am

Another person indicated that a contract is very confusing.

Another opinion is that a contract helps keep a large household organized.

Fri 08:58am

What purpose does a contract serve in an M/s relationship?

Putting it in writing helps negate potential problems.

Helps keep everyone on the same page.

Fri 08:56am

We’re talking about contracts versus protocols and how labels hurt or hinder

Fri 08:48am

Question: Is it the level of control that defines a Master/slave relationship?

International Master Mike supplied his opinion that no it is not the level of control but it’s about the authority.

Fri 08:43am

Question: Does anyone have experience dealing with brats?

One person opined that he can’t stand brats. Just ask for what you want. You can be a smart ass and still get what you want.

Fri 08:40am

Doing introductons and finding out who’s who and what’s what.

Fri 08:37am

Headed to Dan’s Master’s Roundtable

Sun 07:31pm

Alright folks, the contestants are now taking the podiums for their photo opportunities with the media and the celebration is about to begin for the winners of tonight’s contest. Thank you all so much for following along with me tonight. I hope you had as great of a time as I did! I’m off to the parties…and remember, you heard it FIRST on Leatherati Live!

Sun 07:29pm

The crowd was ROARING and is on their FEET! Congratulations to our new International Mr. Leather 2014, Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014

Sun 07:27pm

Removal of the extra number

IML 2014 is:

16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014

Sun 07:26pm

IML 2014 is:

16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014 20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

Sun 07:26pm

1st Runner Up:

15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014

Sun 07:25pm

2nd Runner UP:

41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014

Sun 07:24pm

Finally – The awarding of the medals is next! Bringing Chuck Renslow back to the stage!

Sun 07:22pm

Alright. Judges, thank you for the job that you did. Tallymasters, thanks for your work. Lets bring back those contestants one last time!

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014

4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego
6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014
10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014 12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014
12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014
14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014 15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014
15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014
16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014 20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014
20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014
22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014
23) David Payne, Mr. Missouri Leather 2014
26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2014
30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014
31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014
32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014
33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014
35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather
37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014
40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014
41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014

Sun 07:21pm

One final set of thank-yous to the sponsors of IML.

Sun 07:20pm

Alright! Back at it!! Well Strung received SEVERAL standing ovations.

Sun 07:13pm

And hey everyone….thanks so much for the e-mails, the comments, and the messages of ‘thank you” for all the blogging. I don’t have access to this sites’ stats, so I honestly have no idea how many, if (anyone!) is ever out there paying attention. Thank you so much to all of you! Love you guys!

Well Strung is still playing. I’ll keep bringing you updates as the drama unfolds here.

Sun 07:06pm

This string quartet is AMAZING! The audience is on their feet!

Sun 06:52pm

And now, while the tallymasters complete their work…we have entertainment for the audience. Welcome to the stage, the SEXY, leather and harness wearing string quartet, WELL STRUNG!

The next time we see the the contestants on the stage, it will be at the time of the announcement of the winner and runners up of International Mr. Leather 2014!

(BTW, this string quartet is doing some really AWESOME covers of pop music!)

Sun 06:47pm

The contestants who made the top 20 take the stage in a jockstrap and boots for the FINAL TIME! Once again, the top 20 contestant list is:

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014

4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego
40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014
35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather
32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014
20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014
6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014
 22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014
14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014
30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014
16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014
33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014
23) David Payne, Mr. Missouri Leather 2014
12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014
15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014
37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014
31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014
10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014
26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2014
 41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014
Sorry I got them out of order!

Sun 06:43pm

International Mr. Bootblack 2014 is…

#3, Scout!!

Sun 06:42pm

1st runner up

#8, boy thompson

Sun 06:42pm

2nd Runner Up:

#7, boy jason

Sun 06:42pm

The recipient of the IMBB brotherhood award is contestant #4, boy erik!

Sun 06:40pm

The Bootblack Contestants take the stage!

1) Bootblack Kai, Great Lakes Bootblack 2013
2) Jay Falcon
3) Scout
4) boy erik
5) Ray “Piglet” Izard
6) Fuzzybuns
7) boy jason
8) bootblack thompson

Sun 06:38pm

In addition to the IML contest this weekend, we also had the International Mr. Bootblack contest this weekend. Now for these results, let’s hear it for Andrew Bootdog!

“Good evening. It’s been my pleasure to coordiante the bootblack competititon. This year’s contestants worked harder than ever to impress the judges and apture the ballots of the IML attendees. Thank you all for your support of the men who made sure you looked your best this weekend! Thank you for yoru kind donations tot he IMBB travel fund. Thanks to you, we raised over 00 for the travel fund! Thank you to IML, and to our volunteers for making sure all things ran smoothly. And thank you to our judges, Sammy, Taylor, and Tyler McCormick. …

Sun 06:36pm

Rick Storer, the executive director of the LEather Archives and Museum

“So the year was 1996. Joe Gahallager was running for IML. Mirah Cary was breaking up the Billboard musing charts, and the LA&M was NOT a 10,000 squarefoot building with an auditorium. It was a small storefront bursting at the steams. The time for us had come to find a home for our history, to build for protecting our history for decades to come. Here we are, decades later, you have filled it, FILLED it, with boxes and boxes and boxes of leather history from all over. And we have not even STARTED to plan space for Jeremy Morris’ porn collection! As our archive/treasure trove continues to grow, we need to find more space for our collections. We have a forthcoming space problem that has two solutions: 1)Stop collecting. But given that 18,000 people showed up this weekend to make Leather History (at least, that’s what I’m saying you were doing in the lobby last night), ceasing to collect is no solution at all. Solution 2) Engage the community to find a solution for the leather archives. We could build a third floor! We could move to a new space. We could find offsite storage. We’ve even solicited surveys to determine a solution. If you’ve found a volunteer of the LA&M asking you to take a survey, I do hope you will do what you can to answer to the best of your abilities. I hope you all have new membership cards in your hands – last year, the LA&M joined the association of Museums. Your membership card now gets you free access to HUNDREDS of museums all across america. It’s a big deal! Now before I go tonight, I want to make sure I have explained our forthcoming space problem in language that many of you will understand. Imagine that our archives/history is like your fist. Now imaginet hat our building, our beloved building, is a hot asshole. We have spent the last years moaning and groaning and grunting and it has felt SOOOO GOOD! But we have realized that there is just. NOT. ENOUGH. SPACE!!!

(audience roaring with applause)

Now, I have seen many of you fix this EXACT problem in a sling. So I am confident that we can work together to make our history FIT into the leather archives. Thank you!!”

(The audience roars)

Sun 06:29pm

Well, that’s all for contestant speeches. (*phew*) My fingers are exhausted!

Coverage continuing.

Sun 06:28pm

41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014

“Good evening Chicago. I’m Cody Troy. I’m a man, I’m a lover, I’m a kinky fucker, but most importantly, I’m a SLUT. Now mind you, before you r minds turn this speech, I need to SAFETY LEARNING, UNITY, and TRADITION. Things this community was built on. Safety builds trust. WIthout trust, we have no community. Learning…..Unity brings us together, and tradition ensures that we are not going to fade. This is my call of action to every person out there tonight. Be a bigger SLUT! And make sure you have a great time doing it! Thank you very FUCKING much!”

Sun 06:25pm

40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014

“Some people question my validity of a leatherman, because I’m also a drag queen. Drag Queens don’t give a shit about it. Here’s the reality. I AM both. I am a leatherman. I am a drag queen. I do boeth because their fun and they make me happy. We are societies that face fear and judgement on a daily basis. We are the people that support shoving FISTS up asses and pissing on each other, but you all are going to tell me that putting on wigs and makeup is WEIRD? I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for leather AND drag. Drag taught me how to work hard, how to love, and how to own a stage. Leather has made me a better man, and a MUCH better fuck. Without either one, I wouldn’t be me. Don’t listen to those who say you can’t have both. DO what makes YOU happy!”

Sun 06:23pm

37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014

“Gooten nacht. Before you stands a born East-Berliner. A londoner, and a man who’s now fought for 40 years to his current belongings. I remember my first leather, hidden in a closet. I remember my first dark room (that was hot). I also remember lying on the couch with the first man I ever loved, in Berlin, cuddling me….and then? It was fear that brought us apart and poisoned our relationship. Because he was afraid of infecting me. We have SO much to be afraid of at times, but we can’t let fear ruin our lives. Embrace YOUR form of kink. Enjoy! Fear is powerful. And that power belongs to us. “

Sun 06:20pm

35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather

“Howdy. My name is Jim. And a practicing homosexual. Get real. There’s something I don’t have to practice a lot, and some things I’m DAMN good at. There are some things we all need to practice.  A few years ago, I was invited into the leather community. I got to know them, they got to know me. But you know, these days, it’s really easy to isolate ourselves, whether we’re staring mindlessly at our cell phones or staying home and not participating. The future leaders of our community are depending on use to share our future  our dreams and hour history. We must feel the love for ALL of the members of our community. ALL of them. No matter what their gender, orientation, or fetish. I can guarantee you that as your next IML, I will be AUTHENTIC.

Sun 06:18pm

33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014

“I. Am. Black. (applause) But I’m also white. And red. And blue. When Tony DuBlaise created the leatherflag, he journeyed to represent us all as one unified leather community. ONE community. NOT divided. My motto has always been and always will be that we can always create more together than we will apart. All our community. Lesbian, transgender, brothers, and sisters alike. In closing, DON’T FUCKING BE THE PROBLEM. (applause) Don’t be the problem! Be the solution for a bigger and better leather community!”

Sun 06:16pm

32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014

“I creid when I left CLAW this year. Not because I was leaving another fantstic event. When I said, Hey, maybe next year, a friend of mine said, No. I’m dying. And this is my last event. It made me think – what if, right now, this is my last event? Can we say we’ve built ourselves into the leathermen and women that we’ve always wanted to be? Have I developed myself and y skills and my attitudes? Have I stopped shaking my head at the guys on their phones at the bars, and told them “Hey? Invite those people out?” Let’s celebrate those who have gone before us, and celebrate the future of those to come next!”

Sun 06:14pm

31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014

“I was 22. And terrified. It was going to be my first night giving HIV test at a bar where NO ONE was wearing Abercrombie. My coworker Rob comforted me with some leather history and said, Jason, you might find something tonight that you never knew you were looking for. I went in that night and found men who were kind and willing to help…and HOT! I stayed and proceeded to max out my credit card that night buying leather. Who was your Rob? Who gave you your first harness? Who invited you and gave you permission to go out and be the leatherman you always wanted to be? Raise your voice! Come on! Raise your voice for the next generation of leather we can create!”

Sun 06:12pm

30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014

“So I have to admit that when it came to havong any clue about this scene, I was total blind to it. It’s not just about wearing leather, but it’s about accepting who you are. Having respect for our traditions, but for working to be the best generation we can become so we can have a better future tomorrow. Stand up! And show the world that our community is perfectly acceptable to be who you are. Leather doesn’t discriminate to age, race, gender, or personality type. Open your eyes to be the best version of yourself, and inspire others to do the same.!”

Sun 06:10pm

26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2014

“Grinding. That’s when my leather journey started. All my gear had no pockets, because what would I need those are? As I mmoved to Ottowa, I saw more of a community in those pockets of kinksters. I saw the teamwork they had. I started in a competition. I ended up winning. I got leather with pockets for my business cards! It took me a month to finally find tmy direction. It was finally handed to me by our bootblack. It’s not just the gear, it’s a cog. I am a cog in the community machine in Ottowa. Just as you all! If you ever see an opportunity, jump in and be that cog so that we can work together and continue to build the future we need!

Sun 06:08pm

23) David Payne, Mr. Missouri Leather 2014

“Good evening judges and guests. Think back to when we began our leather journey? We were curious and cautious and inexperienced. It’s very important for me to learn everyday. It’s important for me to learn more and more. I learned about the leather flag and what it feels like to be a brother in leather. When I found I was HIV positive, I thought of my loved ones, I thought of their fears. I taught them I was the same man they had always loved. I taught them that I had never changed! It’s important that those people who live witht he stigma of being different live in a scary world. We learned that there is no reason to be ashamed of who we are! We are leathermen and leatherwomen! Thank you very much and goodnight.

Sun 06:06pm

And now back to the contestant interviews from the 2nd half of the top 20! Again, I’ll get as much as I can…forgive me for errors!

Sun 06:03pm

Applause analysis: They REALLY like Raymond Pierre!

Sun 05:58pm

The next portion of the physique contest…The following contestants each walk the stage and strut their stuff.

(I’m not going to bother describing the stage fashion because I’m sure Twitter and Facebook is already blowing up with pictures of the contestants. Here they are!)

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014

4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego
6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014
10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014
12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014
14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014
15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014
16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014
20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014
22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014

Sun 05:56pm

We’re coming back live on Leatherati!

Sun 05:32pm


IDK how long we get, but we’ll be back soon. Stay with us for the next 10 contestant speeches right here on Leatherati Live!

Sun 05:29pm

These contestants each do their physique portion of the performance. Each one takes the stage and does a short runway walk in a leather jock and harness to show off their bodies. This is purely a physique portion – their bodies are being judged for their sexuality. WOOFY GUYS!
26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2014
30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014
31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014
32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014
33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014
35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather
37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014
40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014
41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014

Sun 05:24pm

Here we go! It’s now time for the physique portion for the remaining top 20 contestants.

Sun 05:23pm

22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014

“I remember being the new guy, standing in the corner of my first leather bar. No one talking to me. Finally, someone grabbed me and helped me fnd my kinky side. We get so obsessed with our communities that we forget our own kinkiness! I’m going to introduce a new concept for you: Getting reblacked. A reinvestment if you will. Embrace that guy that is new out there! Grab them, and show them what being kinky is all about. Get reblacked. Teach them what it means to go from that corner to this stage!”

Sun 05:21pm

20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

“So is a title relavant anymore? This title was asked to me about three weeks into my title. Standing here now, hell yeah, it’s relevant. It’sm more than just a backpatch or a sash. SOmeone told me, in the best way of describing, this is like an internship. It’s crazy, raunchy, and kinky, but it pushes you to your limits. I have met many people, and I have turned back and found people following me, and discovered I’m a leader. A lot of you don’t need a title to become amazing. But some of us? Need to take that leather brick road. Find our hearts, find our courage, and tonight, I can click my heels, and find my way home. Thank you for that!”

Sun 05:19pm

16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014

“Tonight I want to talk about being enough. The first time I walked into the DC Eagle, I was scared. I thought it’d be a dark ripe bar full of sexual deviants. But I was horny, so I went anyway. I’m glad I did, because I learned the Eagle was full of passionate, confident, sexy people like you! It gave me a chance to meet, know, and love them. Second, I learned that now, I was enough then. I was xcared because I didn’t feel man enough, leather enough, or just enough. But I learned that feeling vulnerable is the first step to trusting yourself, and trusting others. Even if you don’t FEEL like you are neough, YOU ARE ENOUGH. And if you ever doubt that? Just go with being horny!”

Sun 05:16pm

15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014

“So my friends’ father had an old car with a wide leather seat. I would sneak into their garage to lick the seat. I was 8. When I was 19 I had heard he was doing really kinky things to young boys. They were right. For 16 years, he had been my daddy….and we had been through a lot. His HIV diagnosis, his sickness, and all the gay men I could meet in the world were getting ill and dying. I thought that the man that I always wanted wasn’t out there anymore. ……….

(I’m so sorry…He’s speaking too fast. I couldn’t keep up.)

Sun 05:14pm

14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014

“Good evening. Political theorist Edinberg once said, “Evil thrives when good men do nothing.” I’m lucky. We’re lucky. We live ina  community where we can be gay. We can be leathermen. We can walk down the street holding hands with our parytners, we can come to IML. There are other brothers and sisters of our community who aren’t so fortunate. They’re tortured, they’re put in jail, and they’re often murdered. What can we do? In the spirit honost and true to the Underground Railroad, there is the Rainbow Railroad. They provide food, shelter, and support for refugess for those that are being persecuted by their state. Please join me in supporting them. Thank you!”

Sun 05:12pm

12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014

“Good evening judges. Brother, snad Sisters. You would like to knw about who I am? My main motivation is always to connect with people and touch others’ lives. I was overweight and introverted growing up, but at some point, I took control of my life and changed things for the better. Your life would be very different from where it is today without those smallest moments in your life. Being Mr. Leather UK has been a great honor in my life, and I can’t say thank you enough to my leather community. That’s what I need you to do too…make a difference in life!”

Sun 05:10pm

10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014

“Here I am at IML, and I think, what brought me here? When I was 13, I ran away, to where? The leather community. Shortly after I was arrested for prostitution, I ran away to the leather community. When 40% of us died in the 80s in Atlanta, it was the leather community that cared for and buried them. When I decided to go back to high school and finish college, I did it in leather. When I found, met, and married my husband, I did it in my leather. A short time ago, when someone assaulted him, smashed his face and cracked is jaw, and I was arrested, I was in my leather. And as I stood, a victim of a hate crime, the community that stood behind me, was the one in leather!”

Sun 05:07pm

6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014

“Growing up I was a pimply faced ginger who wanted to have sex with men. I was told that was wrong. I wanted to tie people up and have sex with thim. I was told THAT was wrong. I lived in fear, and I was afraid if anyone found that out I would be outcast forever. One day, that changed forever. I walked into a bar and smelled the scent of leather! I saw a man being flogged in that bar. I knew at that moment, I was home! I knew then that I was in the space that allowed me to embrace my sexuality. I knew I would be a part of that forever as a kinkster. When I see the nervousness of a newbie at the bar, I see them, and think about what that was like. I walk over, and I say “Hello, I am BIG RED. Welcome!”

Sun 05:05pm

4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego

“Good evening. It’s been said the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. When you give your time, you give a portion of your life you will never get back. I knew I would never be the leatherman I am today without the time others have given to me. The first time I went to leatherbar, I met this master off this site called Gay.com. This guy flew me here from NC and showed me the ropes! LIterally. That man put me on the path to being the leatherman that I am standing here today. When mentoring someone from the community, especially someone new, you may not get your time back, but you may get the joy of seeing someone new grow and lead. That joy is worth every second you ever gave. Thank you!”

Sun 05:03pm

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014

“As a leathermen who has been diagnosed as colorblind, my biggest challenge has been the hanky code. Some in my community solved this by wearing hankies that are labeled with their colors on them. This is what I love most about the leather community. As an immigrant from Venezuela, I am proud to live the American Dream. To my family, I say, stay proud, and be who you are. Whether you’re a leatherman, a rubberboy, a pup, or a drag queen. So mom, I know you’re in the audience today, thank you. Thank you for teaching me to love and be who I am. You’ll need to make a bigger turkey at christmas, you no longer have one son, you have 46!”

Sun 05:00pm

The final top 20 contestants exit the stage. at the right.

“Didn’t I tell you we had an incredible group of men for you this weekend? When you look at the pool of contestants this year, we had contestants in a range of ages from 22 to 60. Somehow that tells me we had old guard, new guard, and all our new kinky children. We had bankers, bartenders, IT consultants, and even a detective. We’re everywhere. And that should come in pretty helpful. Especially if you get pulled over. Late at night. ;)”

“What I’m going to ask is for your undivided attention. Each of them men is going to come out and give an 90 second speech about what’s in their head and in their hearts. It’s a demonstration and an explanation of their true character.”

Sun 04:53pm

Once again, the final top 20 contestant list:

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014

4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego
40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014
35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather
32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014
20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014
6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014
22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014
14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014
30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014
16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014
33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014
23) David Payne, Mr. Missouri Leather 2014
12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014
15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014
37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014
31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014
10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014
26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2014
41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014

Sun 04:50pm

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014

Sun 04:49pm

4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego

Sun 04:49pm

40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014

Sun 04:49pm

35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather

Sun 04:48pm

32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014

Sun 04:48pm

20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

Sun 04:47pm

6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014

Sun 04:47pm

22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014

Sun 04:46pm

14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014

Sun 04:46pm

30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014

Sun 04:46pm

16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014

Sun 04:45pm

33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014

Sun 04:45pm

23) David Payne, Mr. Missouri Leather 2014

Sun 04:44pm

12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014

Sun 04:44pm

15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014

Sun 04:44pm

37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014

Sun 04:43pm

31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014

Sun 04:43pm

(Nevermind, maybe I CAN do realtime. Here goes nothing!)

10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014

Sun 04:42pm

Top 20:

26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2014
41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014

Sun 04:42pm

IML 2009, Jeffrey Payne is invited to the stage for the announcement of the top 20.


Sun 04:41pm

“For the last three days, these people have done nothing but hurry up and wait, the IML diet, the tanning salon, the Interview, the Pecs and Personality, and please welcome the contestants back to the stage as we announce the top 20!”

(I will compile my list of top 20 all in one post. This thing is a bit too slow to do them one at a time!)

Sun 04:40pm

“Now for the last two nights, I have worked them to death. They’ve had a LOT of fun!

I’d like to recognize our ksigners, Andrea Hamlin and Kirk (dropped name. Sorry.)

I can’t tell you how great the hotel staff has been! I can’t possibly tell you how much we can appreciate all of the Marriott staff for all of their hospitality and support.”

Sun 04:37pm

The judges are taking the stage for applause from the audience. Who is on their feet!! 🙂

Sun 04:32pm

Lenny: “I would be remiss if we did not say thank you to the hundreds of volunteers that make this possible. And a contest like this does not happen without our judges and our tallymasters!”

The judges and tallies are being announced now. See http://www.imrl.com/visitorguide/judges.php for details.

Sun 04:31pm

The whole audience is once again on their feet for Chuck Renslow.

Sun 04:30pm

Chuck: “Thank you! Welcome, the annual gathering of the leather tribe. Welcome to IML. For the last decade, IML has occupied a unique place in history. We are the oldest and largest leather contest in history. Tonight 46 contestants from 5 countries will compete. All have titles from previous contests, though none as big as this one. A while back, I was fortunate to attend another contest. There was only 3 contestants. The promoter told me he thought he’d stop having the contest. No one wanted to run. I told him to LOOK AROUND! Over 500 spectators watched that little contest…having a blast! The only reason to stop having a contest is to stop having spectators. Even if no contestants show up, say you’re sorry and try again next year. but DON’T GIVE UP! Our community needs champions!! (crowd roars)

I dont’ want to take all the credit for IML. Our contest has accomplished many feats. We put condoms in bars, drew the line on crystal meth and barebacking. Sign up to be a contestant yourself, or participate. But wahtever you do, DON’T GIVE UP!

Speaking of barebacking, there’s a new tool in our arsenal. PrEP. Recently the CDC reccommended that gay men use PReP. It’s a once a day pill that is as effective as condom use. There’s lots of stigma around it – some think we will sink back in to the 60s and 70s. But our society has matured to this point. Hell, we can even get married!

It’s a personal decision, but the bottom line is, IT WORKS. As president of IML, I will always speak out and try to do what I think is est for my community, and that is the benefit of this contest.

I want to tell you two things.

1)I love you, and I’m proud of you all, and


Sun 04:25pm

“Over 36 years ago, this contest began as an idea. Over 1700 men have competed for this title. 35 have won and one more will tonight. Each one represents their community, showing the heart on the leather pride flag. We all exchange ideas and we share, and come together as a family. 36 years ago, there was a man who had a dream. Please welcome the man who made the dream a reality…..Chuck Renslow!”

The crowd has risen to it’s feet as Chuck appears from backstage and takes the podium. He looks great!

Sun 04:24pm

Other Sponsors:

ID Lube
Orbitz Travel
Mr. S Leather
Gearfetish.com and Fetishmen.com
Chicago Pride

Sun 04:23pm

“Good Evening Chicago!

There were 46 wet dreams on this stage. This has been an incredible weekend. The weather has been wonderful, and the religious protesters last night. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve spent a lot of time with the contestants and it’s best when you get to spend time with them and overhear their conversations ont he bus! See if you can figure out which one said,

‘Oh you’re just a closet sub! (And that closet door has a glass door!)

Anyway, we want to let you know the victory celebration is the celebration party at the House of Blues! Starting at 8pm.

11pm Recovery Meeting, Indiana Room
Monday: 11am-4pm Vendor Market
4-5pm: Recovery Meeting

Let’s not forget to thank Miller Light – for over 16 years they have sponsored us, even when it was not popular to be here!”

Sun 04:20pm

Your host is a SF police officer…and International Mr. Leather 1992! Over the past 20 years he’s been honored often, including the winner of the Jeffrey Paine award. Please welcome Lenny Broberg! 🙂

Sun 04:15pm

Mr. Oklahoma leather just opened up a leather fan on stage with his runway walk! Incredible! 🙂

Sun 04:12pm

One by one, the contestants names are called and do a short runway walk down the stage, before exiting left and right. 🙂 Beautiful men who have all done some great things for our communities!

Sun 04:11pm

The room goes dark!


A video plays…the leathermen/contestants all take the stage!

(Bloggists note: I’m rooting for Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014, and Greg Menzel, Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2014. Bring it home boys!!)

Sun 04:09pm

And, by the way – here are the judge’s and tallymaster’s biographies:


Sun 04:07pm

Alright folks, the show will be beginning very soon. I’ll be keeping you updated as the drama unfolds! The stage, by the way, looks beautiful! My fingers are feeling pretty limber so I’ll try to transcribe as many speeches and announcements as accurately as I can – but please keep in mind that I am NOT a court reporter. Please expect there to be grammatical errors and I will have to skip portions in order to keep up!

Sun 04:01pm

They’ve asked the audience to take their seats! The lights are coming down soon – looks like a pretty decent house! 😀

Sun 04:00pm


10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. Big Easy Leather 2014

I had typed him as #9, Mr. San Jose Leather Kinkster. Sorry! #CopyTypistProblems

Sun 03:54pm

Contestant List:

1) Miguel Torres, Mr. Chicago Leather 2014
2) Kirk Ruben, Mr. Ramrod 2013
3) Tommy Hamilton, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2014
4) Scottie Tidwell, Mr. Leather SanDiego
5) Knut ‘Loki’ Larsen, Mr. Woofclub Sydney 2014
6) Scott “BIGRED” Farrell, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014
7) Phoenix Pendragon, Central Florida Leatherman 2014
8) Domenic Sgro, Sydney Mr. Leather 2014
9) Timothy Perkins, Mr. SanJose Leather Kinkster 2014
10) Adikus Sulpizi, Mr. San Jose Leather Kinkster 2014
11) Chuck Braidwood, Mr. Michigan Leather 2014
12) Avi Angel, Mr. Leather UK 2014
13) Michael Verret, Monsieur Cuir Montreal 2014
14) Farrell Collier, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014
15) Steve Dupont, Mr New England Leather 2014
16) Ramien Pierre, Mr. DC Eagle 2014
17) Keith Govert, Mr New Jersey Leather 2014
18) Redneck Robert, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2014
19) Adrian Thompson, Oklahoma Mister Leather
20) David Pfau, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014
21) Joseph (Rocky) McCombs, Mr. Ohio Leather 2013
22) Michael Kaplan, Mr. Heartland Leather 2014
23) David Payne, Mr. Missouri Leather 2014
24) Peter, Mr. Austin Leather
25) Marc Ransdell Bellenger, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2013
26) Jon Nizzi, Mr. Leather Ottowa 2014
27) Jordan Stiefel, Mr. Alaska Leather
28) Jim aka Pup Torq Moran, Mr. Alamo City Leather 2014
29) Cee Jay, Mr. Eagle NYC 2014
30) TC Hammond, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2014
31) Jason Little, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2014
32) Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2014
33) J Tebias Perry, Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014
34) Omar L Boots, Mr. Connecticut Leather 2014
35) Jim Benton, Mr. Texas Leather
36) Greg DeRushia, Southwest Leather Daddy Bear 2013
37) Eric Paul Leue, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014
38) Joe Birdwell, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2014
39) Gage Fisher, Mr. SF Eagle Leather 2014
40) Drew Riebhoff, Mr. Iowa Leather 2014
41) Cody Troy, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014
42) Matt Bunch, Mr. Bolt Leather 2014
43) Ralf Schaffelhofer, Bavarian Mister Leather 2014
44) Greg Slaven, Mr. 501 Eagle 2014
45) Raymond Walker III, Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest 2013
46) Greg Menzel, Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2014


1) Bootblack Kai, Great Lakes Bootblack 2013
2) Jay Falcon
3) Scout
4) boy erik
5) Ray “Piglet” Izard
6) Fuzzybuns
7) boy jason
8) bootblack thompson

Sun 03:41pm

Good evening fellow Leatherati followers! I’m here, live blogging the IML 2014 contest! Follow me here as I update and add details from tonight’s contest. Currently seated with the press seating (and what wonderful seating it is! Amazing view!). The contest begins at 6. Currently, the house is slowly filling with people taking their seats – more details to come soon!

Sat 08:54pm

And Rex passed making him Mr. Leatherman Kingston 2014. Congratulations!

Now it’s time to party. Play party, that is!

Sat 08:44pm

It was revealed that Patrick was Ms. Kingston before becoming MLK.

now, he was posed with one of the pop questions, which ended up being mine: “if you were stranded on an island with one of the judges, who would it be and what would you be doing with him/her?”

he Answered Nizzi.

Sat 08:39pm

Patrick Brant is doing his step down speech. Started with some testicle… I mean, technical difficulties.

he announced that a new leather club, The Towers of Kingston is forming.

Sat 08:36pm

Now a Mama’s Family photo happened. Both of which had groping again.

Sat 08:32pm

now the current and past titleholders are being called up to be on stage for a photo.


Sat 08:29pm

While the judges conferred, the raffle happened. I have won only one prize, thankfully!

Sat 08:20pm

Sorry, it’s Mistress Judy.

Sat 08:18pm

OMG, we’re going through another questions!

he got asked about what kitchen tool would he use.

now, Mistress Jinny is doing a burlesque performance to Depeche Mode.

Sat 08:10pm

Rex came out in minimal with his good, harness, and fuschia boxers.

and his pop question is “Sir Kira came out as a puppy. What would you do?”

Kira crawled on all fours, and Alex called her, “Sir Slaps-a-lot”. Kira says Rex would abe allowed to do anything, but he would pay for it later. After some nervousness and “I don’t know”, he got to say wrestling, and running around.


Sat 08:01pm

The emcees come out shirtless, and boy are they hot!

Sat 07:39pm

Rex came up, did his speech.

And he threw out his original speech, and spoke from his heart. He spoke about his experience with his interview with us and how he felt calmer and more comfortable. He spoke about his experiences as a shy person and how he wanted to bring the onea shy to come into the leather community. E spoke about how being in leather is not necessarily about the gear, but what’s in his head in his heart.

there was interaction with the audience, especially Sir Kira (which she did promise that he could pick on her if needed). There was interuption from people outside, but he persevered.

now we’re on break. And more raffle tickets being sold. I bought worth again; hopefully, I don’t clean sweep everything again.

Sat 07:15pm

Jay (or “Rex”) was introduced As the contestant.

we the judges were introduced, and it was funniest introduction ever with groping, jazz hands, and conga line!


Sat 06:58pm

Wow, we gone bilingual thanks to Douglas Connors.

Sir Kira yelled out, “Wow, that is hot!”

Sat 06:55pm

And there is a warning of corny-induced groans from the audience. Many groans already.

Sat 06:52pm

So we’re starting the contest. And already there is comical bickering Alex and Patrick on stage.

Alex introduces the production team – himself, Keith the Den Daddy, and Patrick.

then the masters of ceremonies were brought out, Matt Salton  and Douglas Connors.

Sat 02:00pm

Other good points:

– groups or events can’t accommodate for everyone

– using big business to promote “small” community events

– how to approach vanilla businesses as places to have kink-friendly munches and events

– the leather clubs and organizations that are out there, and what they do for leather communities

– how to deal with bickering within communities

Sat 01:08pm

The round table discussion brought up a lot of interesting points including:

– the use of print media versus online media in promoting events

– the perception that people in the community were “converting” others vs making this community accessible to others

– the issues of privacy that people in the community encounter; the “in” people vs. “out” people

– the use of munches to bring interested people together

Sat 12:27pm

And I missed Sir Kira’s impact play seminar because I had to get something to eat, and I had a wandering eye for stores en route to Time To Laugh.

but I arrived just in time for the roundtable discussion regarding leather event planning amongst dignitaries from the four cities – Patrick for Kingston, Nizzi for Ottawa, current M. Cuir Montreal Michael for Montreal, and Youkali for Toronto (and Ottawa and Montreal). Feels like a Babylon 5 moment…

except Alex (who is playing moderator) was outfitted with Nizzi’s shock collar in case Alex goes on and on and … *SHOCK*

Sat 10:48am

What a shock, one of my camera batteries almost died….

i’m going back to where I am staying to get it fully charged for tonight. But I’m missing Nizzi’s pup play workshop as a result. FortunaTely, Jenn Lion is on scene and taking in the experience (and pictures) while I go back and forth.

Sat 10:15am

It’s fun to do a human electro chain! So much tingling and giddiness.

Sat 10:10am

First, Mr Central Olympus Canada Leather John put Patrick Brant in a rope bondage harness before going into electro play.

it was so cool to have John (who was connected to an electro wand) touch Alex, and then Alex touch others. And then John electro massage my head.

Wow that’s better than coffee for waking me up!

Now people in the audience are getting shocked by touch and even feeling the shock through a metal table. That was so cool!

Sat 09:54am

After almost two hours, the private interview was wrapped up. A lot was revealed by the contestant and the judges. It was very cathartic. It was a supportive environment. It was very different from my first time judging.

After the interview, we scrambled to get to the Educational series. Especially when some of the judges have to do seminars.

Sat 06:56am

Off to the interviews. Hopefully, i won’t be late.

at this point, I will switch to judge mode, and not blogging during interviews.

Fri 10:42pm

And here I am with Jenn Lion working side by side.

And with that, I wish you all goodnight!


Fri 10:33pm

Poor Jay… he doesn’t know what he’s in for 😉


Fri 10:30pm

So here’s a pic of Jay the contestant with Alex, Patrick, and the judges (which includes me).


Fri 10:25pm

During the Meet & Greet, there was a “Boots to Balls” style raffle for prizes donated by Northbound Leather. The tickets were sold by volunteers which included Jay, the sole contestant for this year’s MLK contest.

After Patrick’s roast, there was a draw. And I won three of the four prizes that night – which included the “Dark Knight”, a toy that stimulates scrotum, erection, and clitoris simultaneously.

Wow, I forgot how far twenty bucks of tickets can go!


Fri 08:29pm

Patrick speaks and thanks everyone for being supportive.

Fri 08:27pm

Some highlights from Patrick’s roast (and there were roastable moments, believe me):

– he has Native blood and oceans of cum running through him, and his Native name is “Riding Big Cock”

– his dance moves are like an epileptic in a strobe light factory

– one woman was proud to say that she may have been the only woman to get a penis from Patrick; it was actually a picture he drew of a nice long penis (Which I hope I attached).

– then somehow Patrick was asked about his most embarassing moment in kink by last year’s emcee, and Patrick actually answered about screaming about spiders in a dungeon.


thanks for lowering the bar for other competitors this year” (Seriously that’s what one person said)


Fri 08:08pm

So Alex and current Mr. Leather Kingston Patrick Brant has taken stage. Alex made announcements about the weekend before talking about how Kingston is a good place to draw leather communities together.

Now, Patrick is being roasted.

Fri 07:45pm

So there have been a lot of antics involving boobs and candle play on boobs and bouncing boobs and staring at boobs… And the boobs belong to one person. Can you guess who?

Fri 07:03pm

So as  serendipity would have it, I have a new minion…. I mean, correspondent to help me out as play both reporter and judge. Her name is Jenn Lion. I luv her for helping me out!

Fri 06:53pm

So it’s time to laugh… MLK weekend had begun with its Meet & Greet at a comedy club that is incidentally called “Time To Laugh”.

I had my judges orientation with MLK organizer, Alex Sonoc with fellow judges – Sir Kira, Nizzi, Youkali, and Joseph from HIV/AIDS Regional Services. It started with Alex bending over the spanking bench with the judges being naughty all over him… At least, me and the ladies.

Then we got to business…

Sun 12:16pm

Brunch is wrapping up! Leland Carina signing off.

Sun 12:15pm

I was listening to Sarha talk about getting off the megabus in so many places, hoping someone would pick her up.

I was thinking about how so many things happened for me like that.

How many of you have gotten Yenta mail from me? I know I can send my people elsewhere. My boy was going to South Africa. Who do I know there? One person. Jaco. Did the boy get play? Yes, yes he did.

Both our new IMsL and IMsBB, during their speeches, talked about their lineage. Not only does it make us remember where we came from, but also makes us aware of who comes after us. What will the next generation look like? I look around and seeing people be kind to 19 year old like I was — all mouth, no brain, and completely wacked out. Thank god, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. That’s how a lot of us came in. That’s how we became braver.

How many people remember the first time they stood in front of another living person and said out-loud what you wanted to do with them? The second time? Not that what we want gets tamer.

There’s a lot in standing there. Brave isn’t about not being afraid. It’s about standing in your fear and doing it anyway. Some of us get really good at that. I wonder how many of us have? (dog barks) At least one? Some good news!

I’m not going to go on much longer seeing as I have abandoned my speech, told my stories out of order, and mostly cried. I’m going to see if I can relocate myself and finish, instead of just stopping.

I’m a parent… I have a 4 year old and an 18 year old. People want to give you lots of advice and books. One of the pieces of advice people are fond of saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Hilary Clinton titled her book this, but that’s not the actual saying. “It takes a village to raise a villager.” Makes so much more sense now. Everyone is very busy this weekend trying to take care of me… part of what occurs to me, it’s because I’m part of the village and now I’m part of the process.

I’m not going to leave you with a huge challenge, I’m just going to say… now that I understand the real saying — we’re pretty much doing it exactly right.

Thank you!

Sun 12:06pm

Bear (keynote)


I love to play. I love to fuck. For sure I have done terrible, terrible things here this weekend with great enthusiasm. What I am starting to really get is how much we learn about each other from these weekends.

Has been suggested that we are in danger from losing our thumb. I don’t think we’re in fear. I think we’re getting more comfortable standing in the daylight with those people we like to bend over for in the dark. We feel connected and close.

After long consideration, I would like to submit there are some things that give us our particular skills — because we are such dirty, dirty perverts that we’re good at it.

We’re in our history. Who here is wearing earned items? Who are wearing items they inherited?

Let me tell you about what I am wearing. Suspenders from my Master when I was 19. Cufflinks were a gift. I picked out my own shirt and had it tailored. Honest to god, this is all the Leather I own. I took these pants out of my closet and dusted them off. I wear the suspenders when I want him with me, I wear the boots when I want ___ with me.

This is a terrible keynote, I’m sorry. Just have a bunch of my feelings.

Laura “stop being such a lesbian, and get on with it!”

Bear: you know what’s amazing? That’s what she considers help. Forgetting two very important things: I’m twice your size now and I have a live mike. Now I feel like Karen Ultra. I was warned not to say things about Karen Ultra.


Sun 11:59am

Bear (keynote)

As I prepared, I researched and looked at notable keynotes of the past. You had Lolita, Laura Antoniou, and now I’m here for the first IMsL of the new era. I want to talk about how we bear each other up. How we tend to each other so sweetly.

I came out in 1989 when I was 15. I was a little, tiny baby butch. I was too young for bars, but extremely opinionated. (Not like now.) I joined Queer Nation, ICQ, and AOL. Leathermen and bathhouse faggots raised me up. Before marriage equality and Ellen we were all just dirty queers. No one’s career was ever ruined by making a homophobic comment. I was a little girl in a short skirt so I got put in front. I gotta gather it together, this is going to take too long. Of my friends who helped me writing my coming out letter, bought me my first boots, attended my school plays… in the very back row it’s like a biker gang. School theater director sort of looked at me like, “these are your friends?” They loved me like I mattered. I was one of the few of us who could reasonably expect to live more than 5 more years.

It’s now 25 years later, first of all, all you kids get off my lawn! But here I am, and when I look around this room and hotel I see a lot of my life. Friends, lovers, trick-buddies who I turn to for so many things. People here I helped raised up from practically zygotes. Katie Diamond and I make trans positive children’s books. Monica Glass got my husband pregnant. When I wrote that sentence it didn’t occur to me that was  a strange thing to say outloud. “When two transsexuals love each other very, very much… they share a special hug.”

Sun 11:51am

(S. Bear Bergman) I spent the whole time back stage telling myself not to cry, too late. I’m really sorry. It had never occurred to me that keynoting an IMsL brunch would be something I would do, but it turns out that when Sharrin and Pat ask you to do something it’s hard to say no. I want to make a short video to Kate to let her know we miss her. So, if we could have the house lights…? Wow, you are all super good-looking!

Bear made a video of the crowd going nuts, so she won’t feel so bad about not being here.

Sun 11:48am

Lolita (emcee) As you know we had first had slated Kate Bornstein. She wasn’t able to make it for personal and health reasons. When we asked her to recommend someone, she did not hesitate to mention S. Bear Bergman. His books include “Butch is a Noun,” and “The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You.” Recently introduced Pat Baillie to the Creating Change Conference.

Please welcome Bear Bergman!

Sun 11:46am

Lolita (emcee) After brunch, Pat and Sharrin will be hosting a “talk to the producer’s” session here in the ballroom. It’s a bitch-session. No, not really. But come tell them. It will help them plan for the next time and it’ll be better.

One group we want to be sure to recognize — presenters put on 34 workshops! These are your brains and fabulousity.

We hope to have back the winner of the 12 minute talks that Hobbit hosted this year. She’s the first one chosen to present next year.
Have you noticed the ASL interpreters? Aren’t they doing great? Give a big thank you! And a big thank you to the SSC Fund for making it happen.

Sun 11:41am

Sharrin Spector: Housekeeping for people who have made this possible in my life… Monica, Pat, Lolita (more names) … my entire Leather family, thank you for giving me your energy and love. Thank you for telling me it was possible to make this happen. Thank you very much.

Sun 11:39am

Lolita (emcee)
I have never seen so many slings! It’s really good.

Please support our sponcers, they support our community.

Bringing to the stage Sharrin Spector and Pat Baillie.

Pat Baillie: I think Vixen Noir was my prize for working so hard. Happy boy. Let’s have all of our contestants stand up! Great job! Let’s have the new IMsBB and IMsL up!

Patty (IMsL): This is going to be interesting, we’re already fighting about who will go first. Two housekeeping things, you know it’s going to be a great year when your new boss says — it’s not your’s until you fuck on it. For Harry Potter fans, “mischief managed.” I’m going to invite you guys to flag Maple for the year.

Dara (IMsBB): I ran for Oregon, and all the way up to it I was saying that I wasn’t going to do this just because the two guys before me did it. But here I am. Thank you to my Oregon and greater Northwest community… at some point Canada jumped on board. Thank you to my club, Annamarie and Kat, my partner Melissa, my Master DJ, my handle Nik, and everyone else I am forgetting.


Sun 11:31am

Lolita (emcee) Perfect blend of sex and spirituality for IMsL brunch! I have a fetish for daisy dukes! Thank you to Sponsors — SSC Fund, Austin Law Group, Folsom…


Sun 11:27am

Spontaneous dance party at the front of the hall!

Sun 11:24am

Vien Noir (performer) — singing “Dangerous”

Sun 11:23am

Vixen Noir (performer) I was always highly sexual, humping things when I was really little. This was not learned, must be inside me. Where did it come from? I spent two weeks with my Grandmother, interviewing her. I had to pull, but she told me things. Inspired this poem about family history.

Sun 11:16am

Vixen (performer) — I worked at the Lusty Lady… it’s closed now, sad. Inspired me to write a song.


Sun 11:09am

Vixen Noir (performer) Sorry I wasn’t here this weekend, but I had another show last night… but I’m here now! I’m going to start out with a little something called Sky Rocketing.

(Spoken word — story about fisting — what I can catch)

Portal to my highest high, somehow she got the f*cking combination. How did she get that? Did she have to sell her soul? Must have, or those 5 fingers never would have made it through… Hey, remember that movie? She thought she had lethal pussy because people disappeared. Fireworks shooting from my head — red, white, and blue — I’m not patriotic, I’m erotic. Show me no mercy, if you do I will scream bloody murder. They will run to my rescue. I want what I want what I want when I want it. You, the washed out respresentation of forefathers gone… smell of crispy brown flesh. What is it that attracts me to you? White butch Daddies. You are my fucking weakness. What the f*ck is that about? Especially when I know how white folks treated my ancestors. Kept my grandmother from going to school. But we are here. I like being a slave. I like being dominated, flogged, slapped, fucked roughly. But I gotta love you or trust the f*ck out of you. I don’t have the answers. I like masculine white women with edge. I fear them. Oh, scuse me all. Her fist, ah, is twisting and turning. She’s driving this train. Throwing these people from the cars. Don’t you DARE stop. I’ll kill you myself. When you tuuuug like that, you pull my sanity apart. Short breath, short tug of war. Push and pull. My pussy divided, but whole. Don’t you dare stop. Float, Levitate, fly. I’ll f*cking kill you. Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh god, oh yeah…. f*ck that feeling is like nothing I’ve felt before! Don’t stop. (singing) Ohhhh, Gooooooooood you’re truly amazing. I could feel it coming. Oooooh yeah. God! You’re truly amazing. I feel like, oh yeah baby…. (orgasm sounds) (singing) — thank you!

Sun 11:00am

Our performer! She’s a burlesque dancer, “alternative dance soul” describes her music, and many other talents. Please welcome to the IMsL 2014 stage — Vixen Noir!

Sun 10:56am

Lolita (emcee) — I was taught that it’s this (making an attempt at hand sign for sex)… interpreter says it is very formal, Lolita says she’s more formal than “you West Coast pigs.”
Karen told me that she was supposed to “class it up.” But I wasn’t told that, so I figured, why not, I can get away with stuff.

Sun 10:54am

Lolita (emcee) — The other thing happening? Play! Why MC if you aren’t taking advantage of it? Here I am cruising from the stage.

There’s a little’s party tonight and a party by Bad Uncles. I don’t know who they are, but sounds like they should come to the little’s party.
Lady Hilary is running a poker tournament at four.

Author’s book signing tonight.
Bawdy Storytelling with an amazing lineup tonight! And Bawdy Slam — if you have a story, you can go up and tell your story.

Sun 10:51am

Lolita (MC) — I shouldn’t say how old Pat is, because I judged her at IMsL in 1995.

If you always dreamed of being a bootblack… it’s one thing to do it at home, but something else completely to do someone when they are up in the chair. We’re going to have Tarna and bootdog in the bootblack lounge to mentor. Great opportunity.

Boots, boots, boots! Boots are a big deal.

I didn’t bring boots, but I went down and had my purse done. They will black anything you bring them that is Leather. They are not judgmental at all and they will take care of you.



Sun 10:48am

Lolita is MCing — telling us about her two Daddies (who know about each other,) she said “Daddy!” this weekend and both turned around and said, “yes, Princess?” She hope that we all have such great lives.

Who’s Vending? Kinky Craft — flagging with hanky flowers.

Wian Floggers.

Winter Fetish with sleep sacks and shiny suits.

Doctor Clockwork with Electrical and Medical Oddities.

Kilts (sorry I missed the name.)

Daddy Wendell — custom leather gear and repairs. He will make things to measure as you wait.

Bulldog Tattoo. Can get work done right here.

Leather Masters. Beautiful leather wear and toys.

Luscious Link. Chainmail. Frugal Domme.

Need to support vendors!

Sun 10:44am

Owinnersur new IMsBB and IMsL 2014!

Sun 10:37am

Photo of the stage projection — In a brilliant move, IMsL did a photo shoot this year pairing all of the possible combinations of contestants with the sashes so that they would have this photo as soon as the outcome was announced.photo(5)

Sun 10:31am

Brunch is starting in 10 minutes! The hall is filling up with groggy, happy looking Leatherfolks.

Sun 10:14am

Leland Carina here — set up and ready to cover brunch with a keynote address by S. Bear Bergman.

Sat 11:13pm

IMsBB 2014 is Dara from Portland, Oregon.dara

Sat 11:10pm

IMsL 2014 from Toronto,patty Canada is Patty!  Congratulations!

Sat 11:09pm

First Runner Up is Nerine from Oakland, CA!!! Congratulations!



Sat 11:05pm


Jenniffer, from Des Moines, Iowa is the recipient of the Heart and Soul Award voted on by her fellow contestants.

Sat 10:47pm

We are waiting for Sarha and Bella to give their step down speeches.

Bella Oliver, IMsBB 2014, takes the stage for her step down speech.  She is not a shooting start that blazes across the sky and fades out of existence, she is a burning star, that lights the way for others.  She does not burn by herself but has kept the flaming star alive with the support of her community.  She thanks her family, producers, and fellow IMsBBs for taking care of her.

Sarha Staubach, IMsL 2014, is coming to the stage for her step down speech.  She did all the things she promised.  There is leather everywhere.  IMsl is a foundation now, she requested all of us to support the it.  “Nine months ago Sharrin and Pat were impregnated with IMsL.  They are two amazing woman.”  She gave two challenges we need to continue to meet: 1. Listen to your gut, if your gut tells you to try again, do it.  2. Trust yourself before you trust others and if your insides do not match your outside you are a fucking liar.  Her last hope for each of us is that I that we will be taken care of and spoiled like she was taken care of and spoiled this year.

Both Bella and Sarha receive a standing ovation!

Sat 10:18pm

Mel takes the stage for her speech.  “I get to serve my community and surroundings. I want to be an ambassador for sharing our stories.”

Lynn, IMsL Contestant, is about to do her fantasy. Angels Take the stage and the goth angel is probably not hanging out with St. Peter.  Just sayin’.

Lydia, IMsL Contestant, comes to the stage to give her speech. She told us a story and scene for us as a Dominant.

And our fantasies and speeches are complete for the year!  Now we wait for the Judges and Tally Masters to complete their jobs.

Sat 10:03pm

We are back!  I estimate about 400 people filling the seats of the ballroom.

Nerine, IMsL Contestant, comes to stage to give her speech. “I still get butterflies in my stomach when I meet someone is new. I want to be there to teach.”

Submissann takes the stage with her ponies for her fantasy.  The pony trainer shows off her training skills and the ponies prance and play!

Lynn, IMsL Contestant, is ready to do her speech.  She comes out with her medical condition (genital herpes). “Twenty percent of women have genital herpes.  One in five people have this virus we need to be educated.  Find out the risks and make an informed decision.”

Jenniffer, IMsL Contestant, is doing her fantasy.  Amish Fresh Jam. Oh. Yes.

Flossie, IMsL Contestant, is about to do her speech. “I am a troublemaker. We are sexual outlaws.  As long as we stay true to our ethical standards, do what you want! I will have no shame.”

Nerine, IMsl Contestant, does her fantasy.  Rock Em Sock Em Robots take the stage.  Robot condoms, say no more! I will never look at Rock Em Sock Em Robots the same again.

Sat 09:06pm

We are ready for Mel’s fantasy.  Ride that Pony!!!

Dara, Bootblack Contestant, takes the stage for the Bootblack pop question.  Yes, they continue to ask sick and sad questions to show how fast you can think on your feet.

Submissann comes out for her speech.  “I want to bring pony play home to leather.”  “I will seek out new tribes and new herda and seek out diversity in new ways.”

Lydia Joie Divine takes the stage for her fantasy and brings home the blues and brings out the Catholic Nun and rosary.  Oh. Yes.

Tabitha, Bootblack Contestant, comes to the stage for her pop question.  How fast can you think on your feet and be funny!

Jenniffer, IMsL Contestant, takes the stage for her speech.  She is the first Ms. Iowa Leather!  “Everyone is welcome to come to Iowa.  It is in the middle of fucking nowhere. So, kick off our shoes put our ass in the air and have a good time.”

Patty, IMsL Contestant, comes to the stage for her fantasy.  And the rock star takes the stage as her security holds back the screaming fans!


Sat 08:34pm

Our emcee, Karen Ulta, takes the stage in silver sparkles.  She looks fabulous. We are at the 28th Annual IMsL and the 16 Annual IMsBB.  We are in the process  of introducing the judges and tally masters.  Sharon St. Cyr funded a interpreter staff for all the workshops and contest this year and Austin Law Group were our presenting sponsors!

Flossie comes to the stage for our first fantasy!  Our lumberjack is chopping down trees!

Patty from Toronto takes the stage for her speech.  “What is your community doing and how can I support you?” is her mantra that she will carry through her year!



Sat 08:07pm

We are bringing sexy back and the opening number brings all our contestants to the stage.  And the crowd goes wild!!!!

Sat 07:58pm

By Deborah.  We are live at IMsL 2014.  The line extended a block long as a row of amazing Leather and Kink people got ready to enter Part II of the Contest!  The smell of leather permeates the air.  I am surrounded by handsome and beautiful people.  San Jose welcomes the world to it’s doorstep and we all await the outcome of the contest!

Sat 03:32pm

By Deborah  The workshops I have gone to have been well attended.  My favorite so far has been the 12T 12 Minute Talks. Good presenters know their material. Great presenters know their material, connect and read their audience, use natural story telling/acting/dramatization to enhance their material, are passionate about the topic, have a great sense of humour, and flow with needs of the audience while getting their teaching goals met.  I loved the 15 minute talks: Even You Can Be a Presenter.  Hobbit and IMsL provided a great service and an amazing opportunity for us to hear new voices.  I would look forward to going to any of the workshop amuse bouche I saw today!

Sat 01:14pm

By Deborah.  Education is important to both the nurturing and development of the circle of kink and Leather.  IMsL has expanded their workshop offerings doubling the choices. The greater number of workshops is providing a well developed variety of both topics and presenters.  Topics range from esoteric to the sublimely acoutrama.  They are also encouraging “new” presenters by letting them have 12 minutes of space to present their workshop ideas.  This is a smashing way to expand and create future generations of teachers.

Fri 09:07pm

We are in the hot wear and pop question portion of our evening.  The hot wear of all the contestants rocked and the questions ranged from the mundane to the just plain silly.  Of course that is the nature of pop questions. The best of the night was not the question but Contestant Patty putting on a glove and fisting her answer out of the bag!

Tabitha and Dara gave amazing speeches and their leather was absolutely fabulous.

We are now off to the Uniform Party and to play!

Part II of the Contest will take place tomorrow night! See you then!

Fri 08:33pm

By Deborah.  We are getting a preview of High Shine, a film about the art of Bootblacking.  Looks like a fabulous documentary that will be out next year!

Introduction of our Contestants….

Our contestants for IMsL 2014 are:

Lynn from Indiana Lather Pride 2013

Mel from Sacramento and Ms ACL 2013.

Patty from Toronto, Canada.

Jennifer Allen from Des Moines, Iowa and Ms Iowa Leather 2013.

Flossie from Columbia South Carolina.

Lydia Joie Divine from Sydney Australia

Submissann  from Los Angeles, CA, and

Nerine from Oakland CA  Ms SF 2012.

International Ms Bootblack 2014 Contestants are
Tabitha from Phoenix, Arizona, and Dara from Portland, Oregon.

Welcome to all the Contestants!

Fri 07:50pm

By Deborah.  It is the 28th Contest for International Ms. Leather and the 16th for the Bootblack Contest.  Pop questions, hot wear and are on the agenda for the IMsL Contestants. The Bootblacks will be doing their speeches and their hot wear, too.

Fri 07:40pm

By Deborah Hoffman-Wade  I love how Leather men and women gather together. The delighted screams of people seeing old friends, the intimate whispers of play partners, and the overall excitement of waiting for this year’s contest to begin.  IMsL 2014 has 13 former Titleholders in attendance this year!  And the lights darken, the music rises and Karen Ultra takes the stage as Emcee!  Here we go!

Fri 07:27pm

By Deborah Hoffman-Wade.  The ballroom is filling up with people dressed in al forms of leather and fetish gear.  The contest is about to begin!!!!

Fri 05:28pm

by Leland Carina Interviews are done! I will likely not have time to post them today… but I took very copious notes and it will be worth the wait! I promise!

Fri 12:21pm

Deborah here!  I am sitting in the bootblack lobby waiting for my number to be called to get my boots done.  One of my favorite things about bootblacks is the view.  Yes, the normal view of bootblacks is of course, their backside!

Fri 12:15pm

by Leland Carina IMsL contestant interviews start in 5 minutes! I’m here to cover them, but will post after they are done for fairness!

Fri 11:29am

More photos from the Bootblack tech boot part of the contest! Dara’s tech boot pictured first, slave Tabitha’s second. Then, the judges looking at their finished work. Last, first shine.

photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 FIRST

Fri 10:22am

photo 2 photo 1(1)Bootblack contestants Dara and slave Tabitha work on their tech boots at International Ms Leather 2014!

Fri 10:17am

techbootIMsBB 2014 contestants slave Tabitha and Dara are working on their tech boots! They have 45 minutes to do everything they can to get the boot they chose looking great. Bootblack judges and contest attendees are watching intently!

Fri 08:32am

This is Leland Carina, here at IMsL! Last night was a great Seduction. This hotel, the Doubletree by Hilton in San Jose, has a club space complete with booths and stripper pits. One attendee remarked to me last night that it seemed we had all drifted into a seedy ’70’s underbelly, out of time and space. Highlights of the show included emcee Lamalani, Ceci My Playmate dancing to “when you’re good to Mama,” Tobin with a butch strip number, James Darling giving lap dances, along with the performances of many others.

I had a chance to catch up with Sharrin Spector, one of IMsL’s new owners and producers. She expressed great enthusiasm about the new Foundation, filled me in on improvements that have been made to the silent auction and bootblack area, and generally seemed very excited about the upcoming weekend.

The play space opened last night. We made sure to break it in!

Today will bring the tech boot for the bootblacks, the interviews for IMsL contestants, and the first part of the contest in the evening. Stay tuned!

Fri 12:32am

Welcome to IMsL 2014!  Walking into the lobby this evening was fabulous!  I love seeing all the women and men who have traveled to San Jose.  I am looking forward to a hot weekend. I have already seen Sarha, IMsL 2013 and Lamalani, IMsL 2009 wandering through the venue.  It is going to be steaming!  Welcome to the Bay Area!  Play! Laugh! Scream!images

Sat 12:03pm

Gary’s fantasy scene involved with bondage, being thrown around, and urination.

Now Sir George is addressing the audience.

Already, people referred to His ginger-ness. He commented on Toronto’s tight-knittedness in its leather community. He also talked about doing a fundraising event involving a black out party on a plane.

International Community Bootblack 2014 Paul also spoke. He also had praises the community in Toronto as well for his first time here.

Master R said his step down speech . He talks about how he almost wanted to put up his cap until he heard Nancy’s and Master Tony’s stories and felt inspired to stay.

Sat 11:44am

So the fantasy scenes have begun.

James did flogging, spanking, and urination.  Then there was some bonus when Tom got one of the women to come on stage and pull down on James’ demo sub’s penis.

Before Gary’s fantasy, boy Dominic did his step down speech.


Sat 11:22am

The Awards were given to the following people:

– Darcy F. received the Community builder award

– MLT 2014 farrell received the Boy’s Spirit Award

– Steamworks received the Tom Stice Community Award

Sat 11:12am

After trying to International LeatherSIR Sir George to be a contestant, Tom introduced the contestants for all three titles.

The contestants did their leather image and speeches. After their brief speeches, Tom would ask each one with a funny question. The funniest question was when Tom asked CBB contestant Henry to cum on command, and Henry actually took out his dick and started to jerk it.

Oh Tom! The only emcee to get people to do anything, including getting the audience to say”fuck” as the word of the day

Sat 10:59am

Tom Stice already started off by called Master Tony a lesbian and Master R a boy.

Then, he had a mini-contest for tickets to the Spearhead Fantasy Ball by trying to get a random guys in the audience to get a banana into a pup (aka boy dominic).


Sat 10:34am

The contest is starting. Brandon Matheson is thanking sponsors and volunteers before introducing emcee Tom Stice.

Fri 04:09pm

The keynote address was done by Nancy Irwin (a.k.a. “Naughty Nancy). She talked about her personal journey in kink and BDSM, and her views on sex and politics.

Originally, Master Mike Zuhl was supposed to be speaking at this event, but could not make it due to a family emergency. In lieu of His absence, CCLSb executive producer Brandon Matheson interviewed International LeatherSIR 2009 Master Tony Palazzo on stage that was very Barbara Walters like (not my description, this is more Brandon’s words). In this rare interview, Master Tony opened up about his personal journey in leather and kink, and the ups and downs he encountered.

Both Nancy’s speech and Master Tony’s interview were both personal and moving to see. And both were videotaped by yours truly (well, Master Tony’s interview was more videotaped in pieces as I ran out of space on both cameras and my iPhone).

Fri 02:16pm

So I am sitting in Club 120 relaxing with both of my cameras exhausted in both space and battery life.

The Changing of the Guard / Meet & Greet  had a lot of things happening.

First off, there were two contestants for the new Community Bootblack portion of the new Central Canada LSb competiton – Henry and Susy. They were working on the boots of the people attending this event.

There is one contestant each for the LeatherSIR and Leatherboy contests – James and Gary respectively.

Sat 08:31pm

Master Michael and slave angie


Sat 08:30pm

We are coming to the end. The announcement of the winners.

Let’s welcome back
Master Todd and slave elizabeth
Master Brian and slave mel
Master Joe and slave kim
Master Michael and slave angie

And our outgoing titleholders and producers to help with the presentation of the patches and medals. Sponsored and produced my LeatherMasters Dallas.

Obsidian and namaste are naming off the prize package.

The winners are
Master Michael and slave angie

Sat 08:24pm

We are filled with the spirit of leather this mornin’

Sat 08:22pm

Obsidian is listing off the sponsors and MasT chapters in his revival! Sing-talkin’ voice! Hallelujah!

Sat 08:19pm

Namaste is doing announcements in her church lady voice now.

Sat 08:15pm

We have just broken into a singalong to ‘Lucy in the Sky’.

‘Let’s see if they can harmonize’

‘Oh damn hurry up with the scores’

What else can we do?


‘there better be some bux for the travel fund for that’

Let’s do an announcement!

Suddenly a crowd starts to rush the stage with dollars in hand.


Sat 08:11pm

Master Obsidian is resisting pleas to sing. But slave namaste is persuading him…


Sat 08:09pm

‘To 25 years’. Run and Cokes raised!


Sat 08:08pm

Introduction of the representatives from various MasT chapters.


Sat 07:44pm

Presentation of the Jack Stice Memorial Award. Tom can’t be here so he sent a letter for Marsha to read.

I would much rather be there with you than recovering from double hernia surgery.

2014 award is going to a group that has definitely made a difference. Tonight we celebrate the regional producers without whom this event couldn’t happen.

A description of the symbolism of the award. Room for the titleholders to all sign the award.

Stay tuned for video of the award presentation.

Sat 07:36pm

Master Michael and slave Angie.

What unique something will you bring tot the title. – Besides bringing this hot Leatherman with me? We’ll bring the Great Lakes with us.

When you get back to your hotel room tonight. What is the first thing you’ll say to your slave?



Sat 07:33pm

Master Joe and slave Kim.

‘Oh my – that’s a long one’

You meet someone totally opposed to the idea of master slave. – you can lead a horse to water but thou can’t make them drink. Well you can take them out back and try. :-). What to say. You can give them the benefits. This is why we’re here. We don’t have titles like this in Australia.

Watch for video on Leatherati.

‘Oh that’s right I don’t have my reading glasses.’

Why do you want to win? So I can take it back to my country and share it with more people and get them involved and to compete.


Sat 07:29pm

Master Brian and slave mel.

‘Reach in there and grab a viper’

What is more important in a master slave relationship obedience or service? – The ones in back are saying phew! In our relationship they are equal. She serves me in her heart. And she is a good slave.

What was the best advice you got about running? – I have two: one have fun,two be yourself.

Sat 07:27pm

Master Todd and slave elizabeth.

‘Hopefully there are questions in here and not small vipers’

‘You know the drill. You pick read it silently. Hand it to me. I hand it to you. You hand it to the judges. They hand it to the audience. We all do the hokey pokey.’

What do you want to say you accomplished at the end of the year? – That we strengthened our relationship.

What has been the most difficult thing – well…not the box of vipers….the emotions.


Sat 07:24pm

Now it it some for the pop question!!

Sat 07:23pm

Marsha is at the podium to introduce of regional producers.

Southwest: first region to provide a contestant…Judy is the Executive Director of Southwest Leather conference. In Phoenix, Jan 22-25, 2015.

Great Lakes: Master Steven and Lynn (standing in for Ms Kendra) August 21-24, 2014 Indianapolis, IN. We believe in education. We believe in drinking. We believe slaves make great ashtrays…

Northeast: founder of the region Master Taino. Washington, DC over Labor Day weekend 2014. A complex of two hotels. Exclusive use of both hotels. Education, networking and history. 9 service stations for early arrivers – hands on experience. Lady Lynnette, associate producer – to translate ‘worships is workshops’ ;-).

Master Taino once again has taken back the mic :-). Surprise face…

Southeast: joined in late 2014. Lady Catherine, one of SOutheast Leatherfest. Atlanta, GA. SELF is 19 this year. Half the categories are going to be judged by pre registered attendees. A new approach to education. Expert answers to your questions. Socialized education. A very new experience. A new approach to socializing. June 19-22, 2014 Atlanta, GA.

Northwest: joined in 2006. Four title couples have come from the region. Slave Eric representing Miss Margaret. San Jose, CA May 16-18. The region of romance.

Sat 07:04pm

‘You have to grab it firmly and turn it slowly’

Sat 07:03pm

Speeches: Master Michael and slave angie


Sat 07:01pm

Speeches: Master Michael and slave angie


Sat 06:58pm

Speeches: Master Joe and slave kim


Sat 06:56pm

Speeches: Master Joe and slave kim


Sat 06:53pm

Speeches: Master Brian and slave Mel.


Sat 06:52pm

Speeches: Master Brian and slave Mel.


Sat 06:50pm

Speeches: Master Todd and slave elizabeth.


Sat 06:49pm

Speeches: Master Todd and slave elizabeth.


Sat 06:47pm

Speech and pop question will take place tonight. LET’S GET STARTED. MWUH HAHAHHAHAH!

Sat 06:46pm

‘As tallymasters, we are here, because I am not all there.’

‘The pair with the most points wins…DUH!’

Sat 06:43pm

‘I almost lost an eye! Oh my, that was dangerous!’

Sat 06:42pm

Recognition of the judges slave, contestant coordinator, and tally masters. Outgoing titleholders Master Morris and slave Jonathan are being introduced now.


Sat 06:37pm

The judges are being introduced now.


Sat 06:35pm

All the contestants.


Sat 06:32pm

Contestant pair 4: Great Lakes Master and slave – Master Michael and slave angie


Sat 06:30pm

Contestant pair 3: from Australia – Master Joe and slave kim


Sat 06:28pm

Contestant pair 2: Northwest Master and slave – Master Brian and slave mel


Sat 06:26pm

Contestant pair 1: Master Todd and slave elizabeth


Sat 06:24pm

Reintroduction of emcees Master Obsidian and slave namaste.


Sat 06:22pm

A moment of energy and recollection for members of the community who were lost this past year.

Sat 06:21pm

As key members if the Master/slave community, particularly responsible for helping keep the contest get started and to keep it going, Bob Farrell, Tom Stice, and Rick storer are being presented with patches with a special 25th anniversary logo design. slave kiki designed the patch and logo and is also being honored with one. Master Jim and slave Marsha were presented with patches 1 and 2.

Sat 06:14pm

the present prior titleholders are now being introduced. They are coming up to the stage and each adding a black rose to the table.


Sat 06:11pm

The contest is beginning. And entry processional with contestants placing a black rose on a memorial table holding. Cap and collar with two lit candles.


Sat 02:57pm

Had an amazing day at SPLF.  Tonight is the contest!

Sat 08:19am

The bottom line is that it’s an individual process and it’s up to each of us to embrace, or not, as we see fit and to make it important for ourselves.

Sat 07:57am

Sat 07:56am

The point was just made that in our community we develop common symbols such as flagging red, or the leather pride flag.  We recognize these because we commonly share an understanding of them.  The cap or cover is in the process of becoming a commonly understood symbol.

Sat 07:45am

Malik just talked about the stories he’s read about Guy Baldwin buying his cap from the Muir company in Canada.  Someone added “by mail order”.  At which point Malik said “Mail Order Master”  Everyone got a good laugh and thought that would make a good book title.

Sat 07:38am

The cover isn’t the important part.  The most important part is the person him/herself.

Sat 07:36am

He asked the question in his survey, “What kind of ceremony did you have for your covering?”  The responses ranged from a bar scene presentation to a very formal gathering of friends and community members

Sat 07:25am

It would very difficult for Malik to recognize and honor someone as a master who has just popped up on FetLife and starts calling themselves a Master with no external evidence of who they are and what they do.

Sat 07:20am

In the bigger scheme of things, how much does it really matter whether or not someone is formally covered?

Sat 07:18am

Our traditions are mostly unwritten.  They are handed down from person to person.

Sat 07:14am

Of the 68 responses he received back, approximately 40% were not covered.

Sat 07:13am

It’s so good to see Master Malik debunk the myth of the legendary Old Guard Covering Ceremonies.  He feels there is is no use to spend a lot of effort trying to figure out how it happened or where it came from.  The important thing is to pay attention to how it happens today and what traditions are developing now.

Sat 07:11am

Master Malik sent out a survey to solicit answers to numerous questions about Covering Ceremonies.  He sent out 120 surveys and received back 68 responses.

Sat 07:05am

Master Malik is recounting several legends of how people got their caps.

Sat 06:58am

Good morning!  Headed to the first class: Covering Ceremonies with Master Malik

Fri 08:02pm

Save a horse…ride a cowboy!


Fri 07:55pm


Fri 07:53pm


Fri 07:52pm

Final performance of the night….
South Plains own Drag King Sir Cougar


Fri 07:42pm

Oh yeahhhhhh!

Fri 07:41pm


Fri 07:40pm

We are welcoming back to the stage for a second song – Nikki Trash.


Fri 07:10pm

Tina’s working the room for some bills. Meanwhile. Master Rick has started a sideline if getting some to sneak up on Marsha and ply her with some dollar bills as well.

Fri 07:07pm

Loren…hard at work 😉


Fri 07:05pm

Watch for more photos and video to come …… Hot. Sexy. Fun.

Fri 07:04pm


Fri 07:03pm


Fri 07:02pm

Fri 07:02pm

Everyone knows that slaves have hidden talents. Sometimes those talents don’t stay hidden very well… Help us welcome to the stage 2008 slave Tina’s evil twin Amina.


Fri 06:59pm

All the contestants.


Fri 06:57pm

Master Joe and slave Kim come from Australia. They were accepted through the international petition process.


Fri 06:55pm

Master Todd and slave Elizabeth hail from the southwest region.

Contestant pair number 1.


Fri 06:53pm

Next up…Master Michael and slave Angie from Great Lakes region.

From the moment I met you…I was in pure list. But then I learned that I really wanted to get to know her….after ten years I am still in LUST.

Contestant pair number 4.


Fri 06:50pm

Namaste is going to omay the role of Vanna…

Master Brian and slave Mel from the northwest regional.


Fri 06:48pm

Introduction of contestants and drawing of contestant numbers.

Fri 06:46pm

Fri 06:44pm

Master Morris and slave johnathan are coming to the stage to give their step down speech. Uniqueness is the theme. ‘I have met many of you this year. And YOU ARE UNIQUE!

At 83, I may be the oldest titleholder. I would love to be able to tell you that wisdom is out there and someone has arrived. But…I am still growing, myself.

Recognition of certain people not by name who have been influential in their year. A slave who was left alone by the death of her master who did not provide properly for her in his will. Masters who have taken in young men to the point of adopting them. The volunteers who serve and who take care of themselves. A Dom who takes care of his ailing mother. And a family of slaves.

I propose that we have a lot of unsung heroes in out midst. Let’s support each other in out journey.

My slave Jonathan and I were married. We can do that in California. We had many guests. We had a brief collaring ceremony…in public.

Stay tuned for full video on Leatherati.com.

Fri 06:33pm

Now we are being entertained with a video montage appreciation of Master Morris and slave Jonathan.


Fri 06:28pm

About to experience a drag experience here at South Plains Cruise. First entertainer Nikki trash!image


Fri 06:22pm

Master Obsidian and slave namaste have taken the stage.

Fri 04:35pm

Hey! It’s almost time for South a plains Cruise!

Fri 08:36am

Talking about the suspense of the cruise and how that’s changed with our current deluge of information.

Fri 08:33am

Advice for newcomers:  Be open minded.  Be observant.  Learn from those older and with more experience than yourself.

Fri 08:04am

Bob says that his slave journey has never become boring.  There’s always something to see and do.

Fri 08:01am

Even though a highly sexual component is important to Bob he recognizes that many M/s relationships are service-based and can be quite successful.

Fri 07:58am

Flexibility and adaptability are key attributes.

Fri 07:54am

Bob is talking about why Master/slave relationships are rare and very hard to maintain.  He feels that there is very little support from the world at large for the M/s dynamic.  He also feels that it’s very difficult to maintain the intensity from both the Master pov and the slave pov.

Fri 07:42am

Bob stated:  “All sex involves dominance and submission to some extent.  We just push that envelope.”

Fri 07:36am

Bob’s talking about how rare it was to find people into the Master/slave life back in the days when he first came out as kinky.

Fri 07:35am

SPLF is under way!  I’ve been cruising the lobby catching up with old friends but now it’s time to head to my first class of the weekend – “Sexual Slavery” with slave Bob Farrell.

Sat 10:13pm

The winner of the SW Mr Olympus Leather is Papa Bear!


Sat 08:24pm

And that was something I’ve never seen at a contest!

Sat 08:16pm

OMG!  There’s a mass strip tease going on for the travel fund. Trying to top k  Talk about wronger!

Fri 08:15pm

Basket auctions!  Benefits the travel fund.


Fri 07:28pm

We’re learning all about chips and stuff!

Fri 07:14pm


Fri 07:08pm

Opening ceremonies are under way at


Fri 07:07pm

Headed to the opening ceremonies.

Fri 02:15pm

Try to get to the point where you put kink shame behind you.

Fri 02:12pm

I like the fact that Dr Clockwork is very open with the government about what he sells.

Fri 02:09pm

Do a lot of planning before you execute. Plan twice and do once.

Fri 02:07pm

Get quick books!

Fri 01:57pm

Two ways to run a BDSM company: Not take it seriously and do it for fun or you can attempt to take over the world.

Fri 01:52pm

Dr Clockworks says the first rule of running a kink business is “don’t be an asshole”. The community is too small and word gets around too fast.

Fri 01:42pm

Sin in the City is fully under way. Classes started this morning and the place is packed! We’re attending our first class with Dr Clockwork on Making Money in the Kink Community

Mon 12:05am

With BlacKKnight dying down at 3:00am, so ends my coverage for this Family Day weekend.

Happy Family Day everyone. May you spend it with whoever you consider family in your life – blood or choice.

Sun 11:05pm

And the porn stars are back entertaining the crowd as they grope and kiss and mamhandke each other on stage.

Sun 10:53pm

With all these hot bodies packed on the dance floor, I finally took off my leather pants. Wow, there are a lot of hot men.

Sun 10:00pm

Now the porn stars come out on stage!

Dirk Caber flogs Jesse Jackman (apologies for the misspellings of their names).

Sun 08:49pm

So far, at BlacKKnight, I found out that hot boys are drawn to the spikes to my outfit.

I need to wear spikes more often…

Sun 07:55pm

So I kinda missed the Victory Party on account of me taking a nap. Whoops.

But I’m heading to BlacKKnight now, and I wonder how my Power Rangers-inspired outfit will fare amongst all the men in leather, rubber, jockstrap, and uniforms I’ll be rubbing up against.

I can’t wait to see the reactions…

Sun 01:02pm

Please note, BlacKKnight Toronto is not a part of the roster of events for Toronto Bound. However, it just happened to fall in the same weekend as all the other events I’m covering, so stay tuned. There is more posts and photos to come!


Sun 12:58pm

At this moment, the TWISTED Sunday Service Men’s Party as part of Toronto Bound Weekend is happening at Steamworks. And soon, the Toronto Puppy Victory Party and Tea Dance at the Black Eagle will be starting soon.

I am at home trying to get work, rest, food, and packed before my next event that I’m covering, which is BlacKKnight Toronto. This is one of those times where I need minions, and quite possibly I might have recruit a few potentials for that. Yay!

But not for tonight…

I will try to get to the Eagle, but I’m not making any guarantees. And with Steamworks, as much as it’d be fun to hang with the guys, I wouldn’t dare try to live blog the events that happen in there; I mean, what happens in Steamworks should stay in Steamworks, right?

Sun 09:49am

Things heard at my brunch table: “Where is that ass midget?”

Sun 09:46am

So the raffle prizes were given out. One of the porn prize went to a woman who graciously and quickly donated it back. Sprocket’s partner actually drew his own ticket, and true to “tradition”, he took off some clothing – his cap.

Then the contestants received their prizes, and agreed to wear both of my novelty goggles during the photo op.

Gotta love novelty integration!

Sun 09:12am

So after a number of tall people have been used for measuring arm lengths of tickets as part of the raffle, the title team raised 5 for Rainbow Road.

Thank goodness for the arm lengths of tall people….

Sun 09:08am

MsLT Patty and MLT farrell congratulated Sprocket and Timbehr for their work in the competition yesterday.

They explained about the charity the funds of today’s raffle – the Rainbow Railroad, which helps LGBT people get out countries that have state-sanctioned homophobia.

Sat 10:41pm

So it’s 1:32am here in Toronto.

I finally sat down after running around the Phoenix taking photos, and getting flogged in the dungeon area. Need to do that more often.


Sat 08:26pm

After a much-needed dinner break and more people taking pics with my sparkly glasses, I made it to the Northbound Leather fetish Night anniversary party just in time for their mini-fashion show on stage at the Phoenix.


i feel a naked in the outfit I finally chose to wear with my white feather cap since I am exposing a lot of skin. But it seems to work with a pink and black harness and jock and pink rose covered goggles.


Sat 03:41pm

Congratulations also to the people who were honoured during the HOTF Community Awards:

– Jake English for the Pantheon of  Leather award – Canadian reguon

– Victoria Windsor for the Pantheon of Leather – Community choice (woman)

– Alex Dunlop for the bootblack award (I want to say the David Galbraith award)

– T’Hayla Ferguson for the Woman of the Year

– Sir Marc Pacquet-Decker for the Man of the Year

– Buddy (the tallymaster for the Toronto Puppy contest) for the Volunteer of the Year

– Tyler Austin for the Youth of the Year

Sat 03:02pm

Congratulations to Toronto Puppy 2014, pup Sprocket!

Sat 02:55pm

The HOTF Community Awards were presented. Unfortunately, my phone internet connection dropped and I couldn’t transmit all the winners in time.

Pup Ego done his step down speech before the winners were announced. He did a lot of thank you, especially to Paul. Before ending his speech, he wanted to throw a bone  – courtesy of Northbound Leather – to the next winner.

Sat 02:36pm

Jake English and Victoria Windsor were presented their Pantheon of Leather Awards for Canadian region and Community Choice (Woman) respectively.

Sat 02:33pm

 The fantasy scenes were very funny, and showed how naughty both these pups really are.

Then the pups wrecked the stage during the mosh.

Sat 02:20pm

So the fantasy sequences are about to happen

Sat 01:42pm

Pup Sprocket talked about his experiences as a pup, and being an “old dog”, but still wanting to learn new tricks.


Pup Timbehr talked about his experiences as well. He managed to get a belly rub during his speech by Sarah Pie.


Now it’s intermission.

Sat 01:35pm

Pup Ego was introduced as the Den Puppy (or Den Bitch). Ego knocked a helmet over.


Now the pup contestants do their speech.

Sat 01:28pm

The contestants are introduced in the Puppy image as each one was brought out by their handlers, given the “up” command, and showed to the judges.

Then the judges are introduced with a lot of “mistakes” in his bio for head judge, Paul Ciantar.

Sat 01:20pm

Wow, they are really following the script given to them. Sarah already showed off her beaver… As in her beaver-themed socks.

Sat 01:17pm

So the Toronto Puppy contest is starting. Master Jack Pearce thanked the sponsors before introduced the emcees, Sarah Pie and Bob Watkins.

Fri 08:35pm

So the Toronto Puppy contestants are flagging colours this weekend – Sprocket in blue and Timbehr in red. Feels like a pup version of Pokemon. I bet Mr. International Rubber 2014, Andy would love that theme!


Two side notes about the judges:

– Enza graciously came in last minute to replace a judge who couldn’t make it

– pup Tripp luckily made it to Toronto despite the snow storms in the US

Fri 08:05pm

The Toronto Puppy Contest judges are introduced:

– head judge, Paul Ciantar (aka pup Argo)

– Enza Silano from Northbound Leather

– pup digger

– International Puppy 2014, pup Tripp

Soon to be fuzzy wuzzie, Toronto Puppy 2013 pup Ego handed the contestants’ medals to them.

MLT 2013 Robert Miller announced about what was happening the weekend. And that ended the official introductions of the night.

Fri 07:16pm

So while we wait for the kick off party for Toronto Bound to start at the Black Eagle, pups bark and hump, and more people try my sparkly goggles.


Fri 06:30pm

In true gaysianista tradition, I tried another one-off item in the store – a white feather bathing cap – and I end up waking out of the store with it. Now, here’s the challenge: I need to change my entire outfit concept for the Northbound Leather Anniversary party tomorrow night, and I don’t owe a lot of white.


Fri 04:43pm

Although I was fashionably late to the Northbound Meet & Greet, I was just in time for a group photo of everyone in the store doing heart shapes with their hands for Valentine’s Day. I will post that pic later.


There were a lot of immediate reactions to my sparkly goggles. Already people have tried them on and I took photos of them with my goggles, including the two Toronto Puppy 2014 contestants – pups Timbehr and Sprocket.

Then, I semi motoroated Sarah Pie, one of the emcees of tomorrow’s Toronto Puppy contest.

Sun 12:28pm

The awards ceremony is over.  The Dance of Souls is underway.  There is a steady trickle of people leaving or preparing to do so.  There is still some activity going on, but the weekend is starting to wind down. Time for a quick pass through the vendor market.

Sun 10:40am


Sun 10:39am

Reintroducing the incoming titleholders Sir Valentino, slave panda and Angel.

Sun 10:38am

Going into 2015, the element for consideration is ‘Earth’.  A theme that kept coming up was a seed being planted, growing strong roots through nurturing, care, and consideration.  And in that growth discovering if it will be a delicate flower or a mighty redwood…

Sun 10:34am


Sun 10:34am

Master Z is introducing the incoming organization that will be running the event for the next year.

Sun 10:33am

Joseph is introducing Master Z, head of the Board of Butchmann’s to talk about where things are going for the next year.

Sun 10:32am

Joseph is offering some closing remarks and thank yous to previous leaders for the event.

Sun 10:24am


Sun 10:23am

Master Steve Sampson Golden Paintbrush Award – originally offered by Master Steve Sampson (known also by a variety of other names in the community) – who has a brilliant way of coming up with creative ideas and somehow coaxing others into getting the work done.  “You’re the Tom Sawyer of Leather…”  It is given annually to an individual who has given significantly to the growth of the leather community through the ability to create a vision and share it.  Presented by Master Bert Cutler.  Looking at the vehicles that have helped build our M/s community, there are not many…MAsT International being one of the few that can be pointed to.  There was a time when it was faltering, but it has had a resurgence.  Master Bert is referring repeatedly to Master Alex Keppler as an ongoing force in maintaining that growth in the community and his consistent presence.  Congratulations to Master Alex Keppler.

Sun 10:16am


Sun 10:14am

SWLC Volunteer of the Year award is given annually to the individual who has made the largest or most significant volunteer contribution to SWLC over the past year.  Presented by Boy Joe, last year’s recipient.  One of the hardest decisions the board has to make.  First it is clear that all the volunteers deserve recognition and celebration.  *big applause*  This person has been incredible responsive; she has been visible; ubiquitous; creative, offering new ways to think of things.  To the registration team lead: Tricia.

Sun 10:12am


Sun 10:11am

SWLC Spirit of Service Award – Given to an individual consistently performs acts of service for the leather community.  Presented by Wayne Brawner.  Wayne has served twice as a judge for him in a boot black competition.  Well known as an ASL interpreter, he has been visible far and wide in the far corners of the United States.  Congratulations to Gabriel.

Sun 10:08am


Sun 10:06am

SWLC Leatherwoman’s Heart Award – given to a female identified member of the community exemplifying authenticity and integrity.  Presented bt Ms. Kendra, this year the award goes to college professor, sexologist, therapist and co-producer of Desire: Olga Cox.

Sun 10:00am

The SWLC Leatherman’s Heart Award – Last year awarded to Patrick Mulcahey – given annually to a male identified member of the community who is a model of authenticity and integrity.  Presented by Master Z.  This year’s award is being given to a long standing member of the community.  Known for his filmmaking both within the community and outside.  Congratulations to Hardy Haberman.

Sun 09:57am


Sun 09:56am

Spiritual Development Scholarship:  was originally created to honor and celebrate Master Skip’s bringing of religious and spiritual experience into the leather community.  The scholarship is offered to aid a member of the community pursuing specific religious or spiritual training.   This year 00 is presented to Terry Ann Long.

Sun 09:54am

TK receiving Kias gift


Sun 09:52am

Master Skip Chasey has taken to the podium to emcee the awards ceremony.  Joining him on stage is the board.

Wayne Brawner is describing a new award.  Kia’s Gift: includes a scholarship to next year’s event:  Don Burns and TK

Sun 08:58am

Brunch is served. Coffee is being poured. Mingling is happening. We’re getting ready for the Keynote with Race Bannon and awards presentation.


Sun 07:34am

Good morning, one and all!  Alex back with more coverage here in Phoenix on Sunday morning at Southwest Leather Conference.

After the contest and announcement of the 2014 title holders, I spent the rest of the night hanging out in the ad hoc Leather Bar with some friends here at the conference.  An enjoyable wind down from the day, with good conversation and always a little bit of hush hush politics <g>.

Today we have the Awards Brunch and Keynote Speech with Race Bannon, more workshops, the vendor market, the Dance of Souls (Southwest’s keystone experience, which truly exemplifies the interaction between BDSM, community, spirituality, and communing), and dinner this evening.

As it is a very powerful, intense, private, spiritual experience, we are not allowed to cover the Dance of Souls as press, so you’ll just have to come to Southwest Leather Conference 2015 and experience it yourself!

Sat 07:52pm

Right to Left: Southwest Bootblack 2014 Angel, Southwest Master Sir Valentino, Southwest slave panda

Sat 07:51pm

Time for the announcement of the winners:

Joseph and Judy are back for the announcements:

Southwest Master/slave 2014:

Sir Valentino and slave panda

Southwest Bootblack 2014:


Sat 07:44pm

Announcements about what’s going on for the rest of the evening and for tomorrow…. Including announcing Race Bannon as the keynote speaker for the Brunch.

Sat 07:42pm

Doug is recognizing the vendors and that the vendor market is still open tomorrow.

Sat 07:42pm

Doug is back out in another costume change! 🙂


Sat 07:35pm

Doug Connors is back on stage to pick up the emcee duties for the rest of the evening.He’s about to introduce the Parade of Colors.


Sat 07:20pm

State feeder producers introducing their events and activities. Lots of activities going on.  NOW the other regions are coming up.

Sat 07:10pm

Introduction of the representatives from the other regions.

Sat 07:08pm

There is quite an array of current titleholders here this weekend – ranging from International Ms. Olympus to International LeatherSir to American Leatherman amongst about two dozen others…

Sat 07:06pm

Douglas Connors is doing his best Marilyn Monroe happy birthday Impression.


Sat 06:57pm

Current titleholder roll call.

Sat 06:56pm

Six of the nine Southwest Bootblacks


Sat 06:53pm

The previous holders of the SW BootBlack title are being invited to the stage.

Sat 06:53pm

The contestants for Southwest Master and slave.


Sat 06:50pm

Speech Category: Sir Valentino and slave panda
Southern California Master/slave 2013

slave Panda is speaking on how the M/s relationship creates a new sense of family and how in the face of loss and crisis, a slave becomes the closest family that their Master may have to hold them together.

Sir Valentino is speaking on the value and role of being a titleholder.  Giving a personal experience of being in a store and having been spat on because of being known and recognizable as a member of the leather community.

Sat 06:41pm


Sat 06:40pm

Master Justin and slave Cheryl
Arizona Master/slave 2014 with their speeches

Master Justin is talking about consensual non-consent.   In accepting a collar from Justin, does Cheryl have to be content or happy in everything that she does.  No.  Consensual non-consent effectively comes down to obedience.  Complete obedience.

slave Cheryl – What is surrender?  It is being emotionally and physically vulnerable.  It changes my entire worldview.  Can compress it or expand it.  In surrender I have found my authentic self.  I have a safe and secure place to explore my self, think bigger.  It also grounds me.  Through surrender, I am truly free.

Sat 06:38pm


Sat 06:31pm

Bootblack contestant Angel: Question- If you were a book, what book would you be?

Kama Sutra for Dummies.

Sat 06:26pm

Starting with the first master and slave couple in the speech category.

Lady Marquetta and slave Leonis
Colorado Master/slave 2013

Lady Marquetta is speaking about what the nature of Leather is to her. That is has to do with one’s attire. Not necessarily what you are wearing but the attitude with which you wear it.

slave Leonis is speaking on the nature of his appearance being Victorian Leather. That like Lady Marquetta, it is not what you wear but how you wear it.

Sat 06:23pm


Sat 06:13pm


Sat 06:11pm

Douglas Connors has taken to the stage and is thanking the various Sponsors.

Sat 06:05pm

The judges are gathered. Papers are being rustled. We are on the verge of starting.


Sat 05:46pm

Passing through the lobby. How could I not take a pic 😉


Sat 04:05pm

And we’re back – after a little mid afternoon break, some photo uploading, a power nap, some other Leatherati business, and a costume change!  Getting ready to head down to the restaurant for some dinner and to see who I might be able to cajole into a mini interview before the contest…

Sat 02:07pm

The next couple to present is Southern California Master/slave 2013 – Sir Valentino and slave Panda. Talking about doubt, fear, and crisis and how they can interfere with the relationship.

Doubt is like cancer eating away at the core under the surface. The best cure for it is communication.  That helps transform doubt to a concern which can be addressed.

Fear can cause jealousy anger a sense of inadequacy. It can be dealt with with trust.  Fear is probably the easiest to demonstrate.

Crisis is the easiest to see. These are the things that just happen. Going broke. Losing a job. Losing a family member.  It can cause strong, unexpected emotional response.

Sometimes all you can do is hold their hand as it happens. (said just after panda helped holding Valentino’s hand as he walked barefoot across three feet of broken glass.


Sat 01:37pm

The second Master/slave couple is entering now – Arizona Master/slave 2014: Master Justin and slave Cheryl.  Justin is beginning with a recounting of having had a heart attack and dealing with the logistics of managing his health care on his behalf.  Fortunately they had been married which have her some backing legally.  But there are legal forms that can be used to further clarify what your desires are.

Durable Power of Attorney – offers financial decision making ability in the case that you are indisposed

Durable Medical Power of Attorney – offers medical decision making ability in the case that you are indisposed

Living Will – spells out how you want your affairs handled if you are indisposed

Medical Directive or DNR request – indicates your specific wishes for medical treatment under various sorts of circumstances

Will – whether or not you have assets, can help clarify your desires for personal effects, guardianship for children or pets

A household manual – with all the info about what accounts exist, personal contacts, how to get at assets or asset managers.

A specific resource mentioned that can be looked at for documents and the roles they play in protecting a couple: caringinfo.org


Sat 01:17pm

I’m sitting in on the Master/slave contestant presentations.

The first presentation is being given by Colorado Master and slave 2013 – Lady Marquetta and slave Leonis.   The presentation began with an example of a greeting ritual. Alfredian service.  Leather, military, and gorian style of service and protocol.   Three tenets: protocol (With two levels of intensity: low and high); anticipatory service-where the slave serves to use skills to attempt to learn how to meet needs that will be expressed beyond meeting the needs as verbalized and requested-this is something that requires a LOT of patience by both parties; and devotion – considered by the Master as being the most critical – recognition that this is a 24/7/365 commitment – also a devotion to the master/slave dynamic. It can be a challenging but spiritually rewarding connection.


Sat 12:51pm



Sat 12:39pm

One can always find trouble close at hand…even at lunch.


Sat 11:17am

The press…doing what we do (well…one of the things we’re known for).


Sat 11:15am

Boots….and not boots

Sat 11:13am

One of the interesting things about SWLC here at the Crowne Plaza is that there are a few different places where people tend to congregate when they’re not in the various sessions going on. Right now I’m in the main hotel lobby, where Dave Rhodes is headed in one direction slave Gypsy in another, and periodic Leatherati contributor Douglas Connors headed in yet a third. And … let the mingling commence! Still there are those other favored spots. In the courtyard, adjacent to the pool area, near registration there are some tables which often find themselves occupied with various deep and meaningful converstions going on. Near the hotel restaurant and coffee stand there are always the clumps of eventgoers coming and going, stopping to have a hello or quick catch up. Been chatting with George and Bren – who it seems I only get to see when we’re at the same event in some other time zone.

That is one of the things that I really love about coming to events. Getting to spend a few minutes here and there with people I don’t get to see on a regular basis otherwise. Sooooo….if you see me out and about (with computer or camera), PLEASE come say he and sit down and chat (or we can stand up and chat).

Sat 10:12am

Something I’ve already heard repeatedly while being here is a very high degree of satisfaction with the Crowne Plaza this year. I’ve overheard it in conversations in the restaurant. I heard someone complimenting a CP staff member stepping off the elevator. I’ve had two different repeat event attendees mention to me that they’re impressed with the extent that the Crowne Plaza has responded to feedback and suggestions after last year’s event.

Good job Crowne Plaza – Pheonix!

Sat 07:52am

Good morning, Leatherati! It’s Saturday morning, Day 2 of SWLC. The hotel courtyard is still pretty quiet as I sit here in my room, getting ready for the day. The activities of the day are just getting started with ZaZen meditation with Master Z. Some of the things to look forward to today include: a Silent Auction which will be open until this evening; the Master/slave Contest Interviews; the Bootblack Technical Judging; an Avalonian Water Ritual with slave tiffany; a Havdallah Service with RickeyLynn; a Drum Circle; the Master/slave Contest; Bootblack Lounge; a collection of workshops. It’s going to be a full day here, and Leatherati will continue to bring to you a taste of what you can experience here at Southwest Leather Conference. Stay tuned for more throughout the day!

Sun 12:21pm

The press and photographers are swarming the stage to get photo ops with the new Mr. MAL!

I think I might take this opportunity to depart for the moment. Congratulations to Joe and to Pittsburgh on the win! Thanks for staying tuned in and you heard it first from Leatherati Live!

Sun 12:18pm

And the winner, your new Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2014

Contestant #3

Joe Burdwell!!!

Sun 12:17pm

1st Runner Up: #4 Thomas Idoux!

Sun 12:17pm

All the contestants take the stage one last time. The winner is about to be announced!

Sun 12:15pm

It’s time for us to bring Bryce Caine to the stage for his stepdown speech.

“Thank you. I’m extremely honored to be here and to see the wonderful turnout in the room this afternoon. It never ceases to amaze me the feeling I get on this stage. Last year I felt like Baby New Year. Last year, young, dumb, and full of cum. Now, a little fatter, a little older, and I rattle because of all the Viagra(shakes pill bottle). I’m going to keep this short because I know a lot of you want to get out there and see that football game. Two years ago, I had a gentleman from my community approach me to talk about running for a leather contest again. At that point, I thought he had just smoked some rightous chronic, but it wasn’t true. Instead, he explained to me the importance of MY journey and reentering the leather community as a contestant. David Dean, I thank you. I swore I wouldn’t do this (starting to cry). This year has been such and amazing year. I have learned so much from each and every one of you that I have touched ( and I’m not talking dirty here). I also want to thank the two brothers that were on stage with me last year. KJ Nichols. KJ, you taught me that hearts can be as big as that goddamn beard. Josh Pennington. Josh, I want to thank you for being the little brother that life didn’t give me naturally. You…I could not have asked for a better little brother. And the conversation before your journey to ABW…I told you. If it doesn’t happen on stage, it’ll happen in real life. And look where you are now.

I also want to thank the Centaurs, Todd White, Patrick Grady, and the list goes on. What a wonderful group of people! They deserve a huge round of applause. The most amazing thing about the Centaurs before the last well lubed, well ridden, sore ass walked out the door last year…THIS year’s MAL was already in progress. That much devotion is impossible to ignore.

Thank you to my local community in Pittsburg. Without my club, Three Rivers Leather Club, without the love and support of Master Mike Zoll, and without the community at large, they, and all of you, have made this year the success it has been. I need to thank all of them, as well as all of you.

Last but not least, I need to thank my partner. God bless than man! When I wasn’t, he was. He was on the computer looking up airfares, travel destinations, everything I neeeded to do to appear at every event I’ve attended this year. I’d be running out the door to and event and you’d HARDLY hear him whimper about being tied up downstairs. God Bless Him. He’s put up with a lot from me this year and I couldn’t have done it without him. Michael, Thank You.

As many of you may have known, back in May, I took a trip to Chicago to compete at IML. That didn’t work out so well for me, but that’s okay. We have a terrific International Mr. Leather. The only regret that I have from that weekend is that I did not reach the Top 20, because I wrote a speech that I poured straght from my heart. But it’s much better in hindsight to deliver it now.

From the time we are all born, we learn  basic skills that are imperative to our growth. These skills form a foundation that follow us through life. The leather community is no different. After WW2, our clubs were formed with many ideasl in mind. For years, we have followed protocol while welcoming new kinksters. There are growing pains. The pain that I’m feeling in my heart today is the lack of respect. We demand and request it, but how often do we give it? During the national anthem, I see the wearing of covers. Lack of respect. A contestant riddiculed for his size rather than his accomplishements. Lack of respect. When I hear of a backpatch wearing club member being disrespected, it speaks for itself. How can we fight for equal rights and respect from the world when we cannot even respect each other? Do you remember Stonewall? What was that for? Civil Rights, and respect. I ask that our community does not follow into the trends of todays’ society. It’s in our ideals. We’re better than this. When we’re training our boys and our pups, remember that respect is our foundation, and respect is in our future, and respect will carry us on as long as we continue to remember our core values. Thank you.”

Sun 12:03pm

Current titleholders


Sun 11:59am

And there you have it folks! The last time we will see the contestants on stage before the winner is announced. The the tallymasters are collecting the binders from the judges and are beginning to tabulate the results. In the meantime….Our former Mr. MAL titleholders are up on stage

Sun 11:54am

#4 Thomas Idoux is also in all black leather formals.

Q: If you were to rewrite a score form the Sound Of Music to reflect a leather scene, how would it go?

A: Well I only have 90 seconds not 90 minutes….”The Boys come alive, with my sounds of music! Anal twice, Anal twice, every morning you greet me! You are sixteen going on seventeen…come back in two more years!”

Wow…..absolutely hilarious. The crowd is on their feet for that one!

Sun 11:52am

#3 Joe Burdwell approaches wearing full leathers as well, minus the hat. Basic black all-around.

Q: If you could turn any board game into a real-life scene, what would it be, and what would the scene be like?

A: Well. I get a little butterflies in my stomach at the bar. I get really nervous. I immediately rush myself to the Emergency Room. They rush me into a room. I tell them, “I met this boy Chandler! He worked me over…” Dr. Christopher comes in to inspect me, they get me a rectal exam…that bone that needs to be pulled out gets so hard….next I know, they’re sounding me…and on the montior? My charts are off the hook! And then someone hits the sounding device, and it’s electrified….”EEEERRRGHHH!!!”


I think he’s describing “Operation”. 😀

Sun 11:49am

#2 Omar L Boots approaches the mic, wearing FULL leathers, boots, pants, shirt, tie, sam browne, hat, and holy crap those amazing dehners on his legs. WOOF!!

Q: If you had to pick a color to describe a date, what would it be and why?

A: First I want to say thank you to the Centaur club for this weekend. Picture this Monday, sunny afternoon, in New Haven, I’m working in my backyard, as proud as can be. Because Mexicans like to work their backyards. (HA!) And I saw this guy who was flagging a yellow hankercheif. I said to him, “Hi, do you know what that’s for?” He said “Yes, yes I do.”

Sun 11:47am

Now we’re moving on to the Formal wear portion of the contest.

#1 Jeffrey Williams in leather chaps with denim jeans.

Q: You meet a hot leatherman in the lobby. You notice he’s flagging red-right. During conversation, he admits he’s colorblind. You soon realized he’s confused Red for Green! How do you handle this?

A: Well, the only thing I can think to say is “I’m your Batboy! I’m in command now, and you’re going to do exactly what I ask you to do!”

Sun 11:45am

The first EVER South African Leather contest is happening in 2014! December 3rd to the 13th in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Anybody want to go with?? 🙂

Sun 11:41am

Judges reassembling after the intermission. Getting ready for the announcement of current titleholders.


Sun 11:37am

We now present the parade of titleholders! All the titleholders file up on stage! These are of course, CURRENT titleholders from this title year (which runs from IML to IML). I will NOT be able to come up with all of these names, sorry, they’re just reading way way WAY too fast!But it’s incredible to see how many titleholders have already been nominated and are entering the stage.

Sun 11:35am

Okay so the judges are back at their assigned spots and the audience is returning to their seats. We’ll be underway shortly!

Sun 11:18am

Second category – physique


Sun 11:15am

Cocktail and Bathroom break! We’ll be returning here in about…well…they say 15 minutes, but it usually gets longer than that. Stay with us, we’ll be back soon on Leatherati Live!

Sun 11:13am

One final round for the physique portion on stage for the judges to make a comparison!

The jockstrap choices are pretty nice. You can tell who’s got a big package underneath each of them. 😀

Sun 11:12am

#1, Jeffrey Williams. Wow, what a body! 5’11, 170lbs.

#2, Omar L Boots, 5’11, 170lbs, pierced nipples and a 2ga PA!

#3, Joe Burdwell, 5’10”, 180lbs, and “a smile that won’t stop!”

#4, Thomas Idoux, 5’7″, 170lbs, 5 body piercings and tattoos!

Sun 11:09am

Frank Nowicky is currently stalling as the contestants prepare for the “Physique” portion of the contest.

Sun 11:07am

Leather New Flash! The International Deaf Leather contest will hold its event in Providence, RI! It will be held on July 25th to the 27th.

The Reaction Dance tonight is at the 9:30 club, shuttle busses will be running to the venue.

Sun 11:05am

Frank Nowicky is taking some time to promote IML weekend in Chicago and the LA&M.

Andy Cross now takes the stage to deliver a welcome speech.

“First I want to start off by thanking the Centaurs. This is my FIRST MAL, and I can already say it’s one of my favorite events this year. Special thanks to Tom and Patrick. You have four amazing guys on this stage! During interviews, we were conversing among the judges. We all agree that any one of these winners will serve the title very well, and they have worked very hard. Thank you very much!”

Sun 11:01am

All the contestants retake the stage. As this is the Bar wear portion, they’re all wearing jeans or chaps with either a harness or a shirt with a vest. They look very sharp! I wonder who’s going to take it this year?

Sun 11:00am

Okay, it’s time for our first category, Bar Wear! We’ll see one at a time, then all at once for comparison judging.

Please welcome
1) Jeffery
Jeffrey is single, a mussculoskeletal technician. Gardening, biking, and kareoke are his hobbies. 🙂

#2 Omar:
He’s a floral designer! (I’m not discussing their fashion as I’m sure Dawg is putting up plenty of pics).

#3 Joe:
He’s partnered and has his chosen family as his leather club. He’s an architecht!

#4 Thomas
Partnered for 18 years! His occupation is retired sales, and he enjoys cycling sailing, and boating!

Sun 10:55am

The judges are introduced for the contest this afternoon. Here’s the list:


Sun 10:53am

Editor’s note: Steve Ranger has the TIGHTEST leather jeans I’ve ever seen. Nice ass!!

Sun 10:51am

Each of the members, from Associate to Full is announced as they step off the stage. Huge thanks and shout out to the Centaur MC! Without their hard work and their strength as a club, this amazing weekend and al the other work they do wouldn’t get done. Thank you Centaur MC!

Sun 10:50am

The oath of office is delivered:

“I (please state your name) do solemnly swear, to uphold the constitution and the bylaws of the Centaur MC. And to fulfill to the best of my abilities the office to which I have been elected.”

Sun 10:49am

Incoming President of the Centaur Motorcycle Club-for his second term-Todd White.

Sun 10:49am

At the 30th MAL weekend, this candleobera was dedicated to those leathermen and women of the Centaur MC who are no longer with us. We remember their lives, recognize their accomplishments, and we will never forget the commitment and service to the club. There is one member that is with us in spirit that I have to mention. Mr. Jim Raymond.  *a moment of silence is observed for those who have departed the Centaur MC*.

One by one, the outgoing officers of the Centaur MC each blow out a candle on the stage.

And one by one, the newly elected officers of the club are announced, and light the candle anew on the display.

VP: Evan Ribero
Treasurer: Steve Ranger
Recording Secy: (Pady?) Brown
Corresponding Secy: Josh Pennington
Road Captain: Tom Buckley
Tribune: Chris Wilkins
Centurian: Frank Sorrels
President: Todd White!

Sun 10:46am

Moment of silence to recognize JIm Raymond followed by rousing applause.

Introduction of the officers. The outgoing officers each blow out one of the candles as they are announced.


Sun 10:42am

“And now it brings me great honor to bring our hosts for the weekend to the stage, the members of the the Centaur Motorcycle Club!” All the members of the club march out on to the stage (some of them more jovially than others. hah) and assemble together behind the candles.

The audience applause reaches a loud roar and stand to salute the men and women who make this amazing weekend possible!

“And now we’d like to recognize Joe Ward, our newest member of the Centaur MC.” Joe is invited to the stage and is announced as officially being the “baby centaur”. AWWWWW!!!!

Sun 10:42am

The candelabrum ceremony, introductions of the members of the Centaur Motorcycle Club and recognizing the changing of officers.


Sun 10:38am

Contestant introductions


Sun 10:37am

The contestants walk out on stage. Here’s the list!

1) Jeffrey Williams, running independently but affiliated/supported by the Knight Hawks of Virginia
2) Omar L. Boots, Mr. Connecticut Leather 2014
3) Joe Birdwell, Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2013
4) Thomas Idoux, 1st Runner Up to Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

Sun 10:32am

The lights go down! The music fades!

Frank Nowicky takes the microphone.

“How’s everyone doing today? I alaways call this our leather reunion after the holidays.

There are a couple of people that I’d like to mention today – first of all, thank you to Chuck Renslow for being here today.” *applause*

“This afternoon we have 4 competitors. Our catetories this afternoon is Bar Wear, Physique, and Speech, and all categories will be judged by our alustrious panel of judges.”

Sun 10:26am

We’re waiting for the contest to begin here at MAL. The attendees are settling into their seats, the line for the bar is filling up, the judges are waiting to be wrangled and there are pups on the loose.


Sun 10:25am

The afternoon’s ceremonies will be begining shortly! My fingers are warmed up and stretched out for you all. I’ll be bringing you all the drama as it unfolds! But unfortunately, my network connection is being a bit finicky this afternoon so PLEASE bear with me as I deal with the hiccups.

Sun 10:09am

Editor’s note – every time I see Bryce Caine, our outgoing Mr. MAL, I can’t help but notice his package tucked down his right pant leg. 😀

Sun 10:07am

Gooood afternoon Leatherati! We had a great morning at Leather Brunch, and now we’re ready for the contest. The doors have just opened and the crowd is rolling in!

Here, once again, is our list of the weekend contestants:

1) Jeffrey Williams, running independently but affiliated/supported by the Knight Hawks of Virginia
2) Omar L. Boots, Mr. Connecticut Leather 2014
3) Joe Birdwell, Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2013
4) Thomas Idoux, 1st Runner Up to Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

Sat 06:00pm

And that is IT for Leather Cocktails! Lots of parties tonight that I can’t really blog from. You’ll have to rely on Dawg for coverage and pictures. 😛

I won’t be able to blog for you tonight – but check in tomorrow! I’ll b bringing you live coverage of the 2014 Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather contest, starting at 1pm Eastern Time! Enjoy the pics of the parties tonight – or go out and create your own fun.

Remember, you heard it FIRST on Leatherati Live!

Sat 05:57pm

Frank Nowicky returns to the stage.

“At the first leather cocktails 40 years ago, a group of leathermen gathered for what has become this cherrished tradition. As things that were hard became soft, a loud thunk of a cockring fell off it’s owner. That chime announces the finale of this event. It is now with great honor that I  drop this cockring, and announce that the 40th Leather Cocktails is officially OVER.” *Frank Nowicky drops a metal cockring into a large glass….THUNK! CHIME!*

Sat 05:55pm

“You guys have heard where clubs are from. Many have asked what general clubs do. If you look around this room, this is what we do. When you go back home, I’m not asking you to be a club member, but I’m asking you to SUPPORT your local clubs. They do a lot of work behind the scenes, and make a lot of your leather life easier.

In the showing off of clubs and awards, there is ONE more thing our club must do. Our presentation of our colors to another club shall bestow the highest honor of an award. (!!! OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!) I would now like to ask the president of Three Rivers’ Leather Club to please, join me in front of the stage and receive the presentation of the colors of the Centaur MC.”

The crowd is on their feet as Bryce Cain takes the stage and cordially accepts the colors of the Centaur MC!

Sat 05:51pm

“We’re ready for our presentation of colors!

Houston Area Bears, Houston, TX
Onyx, New York, New York
Onyx Southeast
Onyx Mid-Atlantic
Swarten Motorcycle Club
Knight Hawks of Virginia
Alameda County Leather Crew
South Florida Boys of Leather
Mid Atlantic (something)
Mid Atlantic Uniform Leage
Knights (New Orleans LA)
New York Boys of Leather
Discipline Corps, Dallas
Anchor Leather/Levi
Promethian Guard
Santa Clara County Leather Assoc.
The Shipmates of Baltimore
The Corps of Men making Noticible Difference
Blue Man Cycle Club
Three Rivers MC
Titans of the Midwest
Icon of Detroit
North Star Kennel Club
Atons of Minneapolis
SM Solidaridy
Seattle Men of Leather
Last Fronteir Men’s Club of Alaska
Chicago Hellfire Club
Seven Bardsmen
Philidelphia MC
Potomac MC
Avatar Club, LA
Low Country Leather Club, Charleston, SC (NEW CLUB!!!)

The Centaur Motorcycle Club

Sat 05:46pm

Frank Nowicky retakes the microphone. We’re moving on to the Parade of Colors!

(I’m really not going to be able to grab the names of all the clubs as they parade onto stage and show their colors. But I will do my best to get at least a few! You’ll have to rely on Dawg to get pictures of the rest!)


Sat 05:45pm

Todd (White?) takes the stage (The President of the Centaur MC).

“The Bikus award is given by the Centaur MC to individuals who’s significant honor and brotherhood has had a significant impact on the community. Two men will be receiving the award this year. There are some awards in this community that you have to spend many years to earn. These two men exemplify many years and years of work and are quite deserving.

‘Centaur Motorcycle Club Bikus Award, 2014’ – The first recipient is Jim McGlade, the second recipient is Steve Z
Zamper. Congratulations!”

Sat 05:42pm

Frank Nowicky takes the stage, to bring to the stage Brian Burnofsky, the asst. food/beverage manager of the Hyatt Hotel on Capital Hill.

“We’ve been fortunate to partner with your group for the last four years. We’re having a great time and looking forward to seeing you back next year!”

Sat 05:39pm

Goooood evening Leatherati! I had a great afternoon mummifying a boy! 🙂


Well, anyway, I’m about to bring you live coverage of Leather Cocktails. The party has been going on for about an hour and a half so far, and there’s’ plenty of well fed, well drank leather, rubber, and kinky men around  right now. Very shortly, the “festivities” will begin. I’ll be bringing you up to date coverage!

But be forwarned – they’ve been mixing the drinks strong, so my transcription skills may be sub-par at the moment. 🙁

Sat 03:48pm

We’re gathering in anticipation of the opening of Leather Cocktails – one of the keystone events of the weekend. Everyone is decked out in their hottest gear, ready for schmoozing, boozing, and cruising.

Sat 09:52am

Red. image




Sat 09:40am

One POV on some of the contestants. More boots, anyone?


Sat 09:39am



Sat 09:38am

Leatherati correspondent Tynan Fox doing his thing!


Sat 09:34am

Okay, here’s the list of judges for IML 36 with their proper names and spellings:

*Andy Cross, San Francisco, CA – IML 2013
*Chandler Bearden, Atlanta, GA – Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010 and Outreach Specialist for the MISTER Program of Positive Impact
*Tobin Britton, Portland, OR – American Leatherwoman 2002, President of both Blackout Leather Productions and The Boiys In Leather Service – Rose City
*Will Clark, New York, NY – Northeast Mr. Drummer 1997, Community MC and Fundraising activist
*Carlos Fileti, Tornto, Canada – General Manager and Co-Owner of the Black Eagle-Toronto
*Mike Maez, Denver, CO – Mr. Leather Colorado 2006, Photographer and Executive Director of the The Mr. Leather Colorado Foundation
*Jeremy Morris, Des Moines, IA – Mr. Iowa Leather 2012, Co-Founder of Titans of the Midwest, Community Activist and Contest/Event Producer
*Justin Terry-Smith, Laurel, MD – Mr. Maryland Leather 2010, US Air Force Veteran and Human Rights activist, Advocate for HIV/AIDS education, prevention and awareness
*Andrea Zanella, Venice, Italy – Chairman, Leather Friends Italia


Amy Marie Meek, Omaha, NE – International Ms. Leather 1993
Danny Tamez, Neptune Township, NJ – Mr. New Jersey Leather 2012

Sat 09:32am

Marc Bellenger, Mr Long Beach leather.


Sat 09:28am

Totally random by one of our volunteers, there have been randomly placed a Gold, Silver, and Bronze package for IML 36 under your seats!

Lemme go grab a press release to get those names!

Sat 09:27am

IML has placed a gold, silver, and bronze package under three seats in the room.

Sat 09:26am

More judges:
Mike Mays, CO
Jeremy Morris, IA
Tobin Britton, OR
Andrea Zanella, Venice, Italy

And last but not least:
Will Clark, NY


Sat 09:25am

Tallymaster – Mr. NJ Leather, Danny (Tunesh?) – Head Tallymaster, returning from last year
Tallymaster – IMsL 1993 – Amy Marie (Mink?)

Andy Cross, IML 2013
-Moving from his home in Brazil many years ago, Respect, Honor, and Integrity mark his work in the leather community. From Toronto Canada, Carlos Filetti (owner of the Black Eagle).
-Outspoken HIV and AIDS activist, and hardcore leather switch (frustrated bottom), Centaurs member, and lives in the suburbs of D.C. From Laurel Maryland, Justin (Darryl Smith?)
-Teaching many classes in his hometown and his region, and named best HIV/AIDS advocate in Atlanta, Chandler Bearden from Atlanta, GA.
-A professional photographer and trainer, Mr. Leather Colorodo 2006, Mike (Mayes?)
-Someone once told this judge “Oh honey, just try it”. He’s been an advocate ever since. A past IML contestant, Mr. Iowa Leather 2012, from Des Moines Iowa, Jeremy Morris.
-American Leatherwoman 2002, from Portland Oregon, Tobin (Britton?)
-A high school art teacher by day, and a dedicated leatherman the rest of the time. Chairman of leather-friends Italia. From Venice Italy, Andrea Zinnella.
-And finally, producer of over 1000 fundraising events, and has raised millions of dollars for GLBT non-profits and chairities. Soon he will join a new club (the AARP?). From New York, New York, Will Clark.

Sat 09:21am

Apologies for typos in advance – corrections forthcoming.

Tally masters and judges for IML.
Tally masters:
Danny Tamez from NJ
Amy Marie Meek from NE

Andy Cross, IML 2013, CA
Carlos Filetti, Toronto, Canada
Justin Terry Smith, MD
Chandler Bearden, GA

Sat 09:15am

In 2015, IML will be moving back to the Congress Hotel.


Sat 09:15am

Fast housekeeping.

The Chicago Mariott is the host hotel this year and the hotel is 75% sold out at this time! Don’t delay in getting your hotel room BOOKED!

The brand new IML website at www.imrl.com will be launched in about seven minutes. Please check the brandnew website as updates will be coming frequently!

Returning as Master of Ceremonies this year is Lennie (missed the last name).

Friday and Saturday night events will be moving from the Vic Theatre to the Park West. Sunday night the event will be announced at a later date.

Chicago is very competetive for hotel rooms, and there are huge conventions that happen on either side of IML weekend. For 2015 – IML WILL be returning to the scene of the crime and taking a jump back into the future, and returning to the Congress Hotel on Michigan Avenue! They have done SOME renovation. The carpet is gone, so bring your rollerblades as it is all marble.

Sat 09:12am

Members of the class of IML 2014.


Sat 09:11am

“To each of the contestants in the room after today’s announcement, stick around. Your first assignment is to stand, state your name, title, and your from. Go!”

Yeah…there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep up with the 30 of these names and titles. Sorry. Haha…But there ARE a lot of very impressive titleholders here – I’m sure Dawg is getting some great pics of them right now. 🙂

Sat 09:10am

IML Staff Members Billy Lane, Tony Brown, and Bill Stadt scampering out of the spotlight.


Sat 09:09am

Jon Krongaard takes the podium in the hall for the announcement. …and walks away.

And now he takes the podium again.

“Good morning! Welcome to IML invades MId Atlantic Leather Weekend! There are three or four of you int he room who may be confused, the Mitt Romney campaign staff has been relocated out of this room.

Welcome! We appreciate the turnout. I’d like to thank the Centaurs and Patrick Grady for coordinating this press conference this morning. And congratualtions on the 30th anniversary celebration of Leather Cocktails this evening. It all started with a Cocktail and a Cockring all those years ago..

I’d like to introduce some folks from behind the scenes at IML. Last year when I stood on this podium, Chuck Renslow was being prepped for Triple Bypass surgery. He’s here with us today!” Chuck stands up in the audience, and the audience is on their feet with applause! He really looks great. 🙂 “That fine gentlemen to his left is Juan his partner. It’s been an amazing road and it’s great to say, Daddy, it’s good to have you back.”

“A few more staff I’d like you to meet:

Judges Coordinator, Billy Lang
Registration Coordinator, Tony Brown
Staff Photographer, Brad Bartley
Contestant Coordinator, Dean Ogren

Back in August, Chuck and I finished changing the internal management structure of IML. We recognize that this is no longer than just a 5 day party in may. The coordinator’s job is too big for just a part-time person. I got fired (with a hell of a severence package). Two new positions have been created.

Executive Producer and other duties; I got a new job!
Managing Director – In charge of day-t0-day management. I could not be more pleased to share this with you all today, and ask you to join me in welcoming back Bill Stadt as the Managing Director of IML.

Sat 09:05am

Jon Krongaard – Beginning introductions.


Sat 09:01am

The crowd is coming together in anticipation of the announcement of the IML 2014 Judges.

Sat 08:59am

Mary giving a few contestants a bit of a pep talk this morning. :)

Mary giving a few contestants a bit of a pep talk this morning. 🙂

Sat 08:56am

IML Contestants Waiting for the announcement of the judges.

Sat 08:46am

As always, please allow for spelling errors as I type through the announcement. There is usually a paper press release given out to to the media immediately afterward – I’ll be sure to update the page here with the correct spellings, etc. after the release is over.

Sat 08:41am

I have a great seat here at the press announcement. My fingers are warm and I’m ready to transcribe away!

Sat 07:11am

Goooooood morning Leatherati Live! The parties must have been pretty busy last night – and the lobby was OUT of control! 🙂

This morning I’m heading off to the IML Judges’ announcement and press conference at noon ET. Stay tuned to be among the first to hear of who this years’ IML judges will be!

Fri 04:54pm

Well, that was it. Quick showing and done! The room is already cleared out. I’m going to grab a beverage quick, and I’ll do my best to bring you more details from tonight’s parties for Leatherati Live!

Another important thing you won’t want to miss though – is my live coverage of the judges’ announcements for IML 2014! That will be coming to you at 12noon Eastern Time tomorrow.


Fri 04:49pm

Okay, so I was just able to bum-rush the contestants and get those names and spellings. Here they are again!

1) Jeffrey Williams, running independently but affiliated and supported by the Knight Hawks of Virginia
2) Omar L. Boots, Mr. Connecticut Leather 2014
3) Joe Birdwell, Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2013
4) Thomas Idoux, 1st Runner Up to Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

Fri 04:44pm

I couldn’t pick up all those names and their affiliations. I’ll get their names with correct spellings and get them published ASAP!

Fri 04:43pm

Mr. Connecticut 2014, El (Boots?)! El will be number 2!

And our final contestant,

Jeffery D Williams, and independent competitor from Portsmith, New Jersey. Jeffery will be number 1!

Fri 04:42pm


Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2014 Joe Burdwell. Joe will be number 3!

Fri 04:41pm

Frank continues after the introduction of the judges and the tallymaster,

“Now we’d like to introduce our 4 competetors.

1) Runner up of Maryland M r. Leather 2014, Thomas (Idle?) Tomas will be number 4!

Fri 04:37pm

Patrick Grady takes the stage to introduce Frank Nowicky who takes the stage.

“This is the hardcore group of the weekend befcause we are here to see the contestants, 4 of them, who will compete for the title of Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2014! But first, let’s introduce the alustrious judges.” (Please see the link I gave you earlier).

Fri 04:35pm

And the room floods! My “Press Badge” has gotten me in the door just a moment earlier than the rest of the guys. TItleholders are abound!



Fri 04:20pm

While we’re waiting for things to get underway here, why don’t you take a second and look over who the judges are and read about their biographies? They’re all listed at this link – and in more detail than I could ever hope to transcribe live. 🙂


Fri 04:15pm

Alright folks, after being just a hair bit lost in the hotel, I’m up and at them in the *right* location for the Contestant introductions and number drawing! I’ll try to get everything correct as I type while everyone talks.

Fri 12:48pm

Hello one and all! This is Tynan Fox signing on for your live blog coverage of MAL 2014! Participants have been greeted at the door by one amazing leatherpride beachball.

leatherpride beachball

The crowd is just starting to show up, and registration just opened! I’m off to get my press credentials and then look around a bit at the market.

Plans for tonight: Meet the Contestants and Judges 7:30-8:30pm, with intermittent trips to the Rubber Meet and Greet across the way. Then…we’ll see what the night brings me!

Thanks for following along with me this weekend – I’ll keep you up to date on the latest of leather fun and fashion here at Mid Atlantic Leather 2014.


Tue 02:54pm

Sun 04:26pm

I’m on my way home from Ottawa. I pulled off the interviews  for Nizzi, Hound, and even the current titleholder for Kingston, Patrick Brant.

It was a great contest weekend, and I come back home, a little heavier in terms of photos and luggage. I like to thank everyone in Ottawa’s community for the wonderful treatment of Pete and myself makin our jobs covering this event easier.

Look forward to my photos and videos from this weekend.

Ciao-nara for now!

Sun 09:43am

Pat Croteau said this will be his last year as producer of MLO.

He thanks the caterers and sponsors. Dog thanked the entertainers.

The judges were thanked. The contestants were thanked.

Then the MLO team was acknowledged. Pat talked about how things changed from how a few people had a ton of jobs to a lot of talented volunteers wirking together. And already, there was a thought of a theme next year – MLO: The Musical.

Well, I have thought of outfits already.

Then, Nizzi was presented with a gift from bad schoolgirl and Count Jeff – a leather pride themed blanket.

Pat announced that Dog will be taking over as MLO producer. And Dog is Passing his role in tech producer to one of his assistants.

Now, there are local announcements.


Sun 09:24am

Doug Saunders actually said “world peace” during when he talked. LOL

Sun 09:20am

The BBO and MLO contestants were given their prizes.

Sun 09:17am

I changed into – of course, Wonder Woman – after several People living my WW wallet.

now the Eagle Award is being presented. Three people were nominated: Burt Schoff (SP?), North American Pony 2014 Bixy, and Benoit Lalonde.

the recipient of the Eagle Award (for community service) is Benoit.

I apologize for any spelling errors of the names.

Benoit who organized the Leather swap said that it raised 00, and 00 is going to th Venus Envy fund.

Another 00-1100 from the Silent Auction, Pup Pen, and the boot lacks will be added t that fund as well.

Sun 08:47am

So Pete and I are at the MLO Brunch. Everyone commented about my camo jumpsuit as either “pyjamas” or “onesie”.

I might need to do a costume change…

Sat 10:03pm


Sat 10:02pm

And Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2014 is:
#1 Tommy Hamilton
First Runner Up:
#2 Clay
Second Runner Up:
#3 Dominik Owen

Sat 09:47pm


Sat 09:46pm

Lenny is now going to spend a little time bantering with Tabitha, the sign language interpreter.

Sat 09:33pm


Sat 09:31pm


Sat 09:28pm


Sat 09:26pm


Sat 09:25pm

Time for formal leathers and speeches. I love a man in dress leather. WOOF!

Sat 08:45pm


Sat 08:44pm

We’ve just had the jockstraps and funny questions.

The questions and a taste of their answers…
Tommy Hamilton
Mr. Off Ramp Leather 2014

Hot new star in latest porn flick. Name and known for
I’ll have to go with the classic formula for that and I end up being Jake Locust and I would be known for rimming.

Kran Clay (Clay)
Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2014
What sex toy describes your personality and why?
I’d have to say a vibrating double headed dildo. Cause I can stimulate you on both sides.

Dominik Owen
Mr. Barracks Leather 2014
Leather sex with a vanilla boy. He runs what do you do next?
Tossed out try again
Next tossed out
And another tossed out.
What is the strangest household object you have used as a sexual device and what did you do won’t it.
A hammer and I think it goes without saying.

Sat 08:27pm

Time for jockstraps!!!

Sat 08:21pm

Acknowledgments of sponsors.

Sat 08:20pm

Back after the first intermission. Instruction of the production management staff and club officers. Skip Mlaker is making some thank you comments and talking a bit about how they’ve made it work to bring the event together this year.

Sat 07:58pm

The MLO contestants said final words before Karl said his step down speech. It was a good speech about life being puzzle and finding all the pieces that make up who he is.

Then, the winners were announced:

– 2nd runner up is Pierre Gerrard

– 1st runner up is Doug Saunders

– the new MLO is Nizzi Letke

Congratulations to Nizzi, Hound, and all the winners!


Sat 07:53pm


Sat 07:45pm

Meeting the contestants:
Tommy Hamilton
Mr. Off Ramp Leather 2014

Dominik Owen
Mr. Barracks Leather 2014

Kran Clay (Clay)
Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2014

Sat 07:42pm

Description of the scoring.

Sat 07:41pm

Lenny is recounting the short story of how Scott Smith outgoing Mr. PSL was fired from his job almost immediately after winning his title. He fought them … And in the end, won. Personal challenge and personal triumph in the end. Title years are often fun but often present hurdles that are unexpected or larger than expected.

Sat 07:38pm


Sat 07:36pm

The MLO contestants are doing their fantas scenes:

– Doug did his scene looking at himself in the mirror  as both a drag queen and as a Leatherman to the tune of Cher

– Pierre did a sexy strip act

– Nizzi dwas tortured by agents led by evil boss played by aMr. Rubber Ottawa Oliver Foulkes (at a least a video cameo of him as he is currently at MIR)

As the points are tallied, two drag acts are performed by Jasper Cox  and Coco.

Sat 07:35pm


Sat 07:32pm

Introduction of judges:

Stephen Bloom
Andy Cross
Tom Dickerson
Leo Iriarte
Charlie Matula
Scott Smith
Jon Wright

Sat 07:31pm

Introduction of current titleholders. A little confusion on the stage mixing up names and titles. Cause that NEVER happens ;-). As many titleholders as Lenny has met, introduced and know over the years…he can oops once and again. All is rearranged and right now.

Sat 07:28pm


Sat 07:27pm

Lenny Broberg is doing opening remarks and introducing the parade of colors.
California B&B
Golden Gate Guard
Utica Tribe
Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert

Sat 07:23pm


Sat 07:22pm

Introduction and welcome by Palm Springs City Manager David Reddy.

Sat 07:19pm


Sat 07:18pm


Sat 07:11pm

We’re getting ready for things to get going here at Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2014. The judges have been seated. The crowd is coming into the room.

Sat 06:59pm

It’s awesome every time I do this contest because the contest happens in a deconsecrated church. But the presence of Jesus is felt as the crucifix stands erect on the stage.

Sat 06:57pm

The contestants did their speeches. There were some god poins in there about being yourself an representing who we are in the leather w

Now the Capitol Kings, Ottawa’s drag king troupe entertained the crowd With two back-to-back performances.

The contestants did their minimal wear and pop question.

BBO 2013 Beth Tyler did her step down speech before announcing the new BBO – Hound. Congratulations to Hound and Henry!


Sat 05:29pm

The lights are dimming. The James Bond Moby theme is playing. The show started with Bond accidentally coming out, but then retreating and getting “shot”. Then Q came out, and introduced the MLO judges. Now, the MLO contestants were introduced all at once. Before they do formal speeches, local Toronto singer Mike Matzi (SP?) sang songs while I shook an egg.

Sat 05:17pm

On the stage at MLO…


Sat 04:28pm

Now the Parade of Colours is happening after a great meal. Then, a presentation of titleholders in the room.

Sat 03:38pm

One great piece of advice from Don before eating main course:

– people will talk crap about you even if they don’t know you

– think before you post

That’s good advice. Let’s eat!

Sat 03:31pm

During the dinner, we had a moment of silence for IMBB 2010 Tim Starkey and the soldiers who died for our freedom.

Now, MLO head judge Isaac Wesley introduced his boy, Southeast Leatherboy 2012 Don Melville who entertained the audience about his leather journey. He even smiled in my direction as I took pictures.

Sat 03:22pm

Oh yeah, one thing I learned about Karl during his roast that I forgot to mention.

After hearing the story of Karl in a sounding scene, we all learned that you Never say “Oops” to Karl during a scene.

Sat 03:11pm

The theme, “Your License to Thrill” was evident is evident at the centre pieces for each table. The centre pieces reflected James Bond movies such as “From Russia with Love”, “Casino Royale”, and “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

I was so enthralled with The Golden Gun that I traded my assistant/minion Pete to Pat Croteau, MLO producer for it.

Well Pete, your sacrifice is not in vain…


Sat 02:29pm

I also wanted to introduce the Leatherati world to my assistant for this weekend. Hailing from the Land Down Under and visiting Canada is Pete Jarvis. He has been incredibly helpful in taking photos during the day at St. Brigid’s, and will be helping me tonight cover the contest. Say hello to Pete! Thank you for being my minion…. I mean, assistant for the weekend.

Sat 02:22pm

Hello all, JJ here! Waiting for the night to begin as the Vendor Fair/Leather Swap wrap up, and tonight’s formal dinner is set-up. Fortunately, I managed to retrieve a few final pieces before they closed up shop; some of which I am wearing right now. Which one(s), you wonder? We’ll check out my WDJJDW? column to find out.

Fri 07:14pm

Now Dog asks each contestant a lightening round series of questions before ending the night.

Fri 07:08pm

Douglas  found at his table that all of them have have jocks that were not black or white, but Douglas is the only who collects comics.

Pierre found at his table that all of them have floggers, but Pierre is the only one who has been to MLO only twice (the rest have been there more)

Nizzi found at his table that he’s the only one who is wearing a glove, but all of them have made love above the Atlantic Ocean.

Fri 06:53pm

Now, each contestant has to pick a table where they have to figure what he has in common with every one at the table, and one thing that the contestant has that no one else on the table has.


Fri 06:46pm

Now, the contestants had to figure out which of the three producers (Dog, Pat, and Murray) to figure out which of them rode a bicycle on a tight rope.

Dog was the producer who did that. Pierre figured it out. Good one, Pierre!

Fri 06:38pm

The MLO contestants wee playing games to see how they react in te “real world”

First, the host (Dog) and the contestants made up the story of “Karl’a Bad Day”. Which ended with Karl quitting his job, becoming a stripper challenge, and trying to take on American’s greatest vibrator challenge.

Now, they’re searching for items in a scavenger hunt bingo. Shockingly, I had items the contestants needed. And now what I would expect. Doug won that challenge.

Fri 06:27pm

Now the “Meet the Meat” portion begins.

First, the Bootblack contestants (Henry and Hound) and judges were introduced.

Then, the MLO judges and contestants (Doigwere introduced

Fri 06:14pm

Well by now, the contestants in both contests have been interviewed, showed their skills while on their knees (for booblacks), and rehearsed strutting their stuff on the stage (for the MLO contestants).

Now, we wait for this THRILLING night to begin…

Fri 05:25pm

now there is stories about Karl stealing someone else’s sweater, and scatting straight men.

but finally I got an embarrassing photo of Karl by putting my Hello Kitty ears on him and taking photos of him in it.

in the end, Karl is congratulated for “growing the role”, being himself despite the pressure he had to conform.

Fri 05:09pm

A lot of the roast was very toast-like.

A lot of the stories showed how Karl had turned from a shy introvert to an in-your-face extrovert, how he was true to himself as a pup, and how he inspired others.


Fri 04:56pm

So far, the best stories are from Karl’s beta whom they travelled together, such as singing in the shower then dropping and barking his soap, and his IML adventures with random cuddlers in his bed and disappearing and  partying and strangers in the room.





Fri 04:48pm

Now Karl is being roasted. Karl was brought up to sit on stage. Newspapers were placed around his seat in case he has an accident.

Fri 04:14pm

Murray Lavigne, producer of the Bootblack Ottawa competition talked about the silent auction whose funds (along with part of the funds raised from the leather swap) will go to the Venus Envy Educational Bursary Fund, which provides funds for people in need who are going to school and are involved in the community.

Now it’s time to put my phone down and enjoy my food before Karl, the about-to-step-aside Mr. leather Ottawa, gets roasted.



Fri 04:08pm

Well aside from the leather swap, the puppy mosh pen has been set up and pups have already romped around In. The Bootblack contestants had a brief showing of their skills before the buffet dinner is served.

Pat Croteau, the producer of MLO introduced the new MLO logo (which is displayed as the feature image for this post). He and the design minds behind the new logo explained the meaning behind it which acknowledged the history of Ottawa as a an industrial town, as the city capital.



Fri 03:54pm

Hello everyone, this is JJ coming to you live from the St. Brigid’s Centre of the Arts where things kicked off for the MLO-21 Weekend.

The infamous leather swap has already started, and so many people already picked up great leather items for a steal. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I liked did not fit with the exception of a pair of red lacy long glo

Sun 08:44pm

Bootblacks hard at work!image

Sun 05:28pm

Hanging out above the Powerhouse with Andy Cross IML 2013. image image image image image

Sun 05:06pm


Folsom is in fuuuuuul swing!

Sun 12:55pm



Sun 12:41pm

Posting photos live from Folsom Street Fair!


Sun 12:35pm

image image image

Sun 11:36am

image image image image image

Sat 11:15am

Volunteering at Mr S Leather this morning — 50 hot guys were waiting to come in at 11am!

Fri 09:47pm

Mark I Chester in his gallery. image

Fri 09:45pm

Hanging out in Mark I Chester’s gallery. image

Fri 09:14pm

If you are at Folsom tonight check out Mark I Chester’s gorgeous gallery show.  I just went by and Mark is there looking very handsome in a full suit. So happy to be in San Francisco — blogging live right now from the corner of Folsom and Dore — just headed into the Powerhouse!image

Mon 10:59am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: it’s important to remember that protocols are not laws that cannot be broken. Sometimes yes you want to be able to have some fun and get a little silly. Absolutely possible. But the slave needs to learn when it’s okay to bend a little or the master needs to convey information that the protocols have been relaxed a bit.

The list might be managed by the master or it might be managed by the slave, but it is the master’s list of protocols in the end.

Anecdote about two masters going to a restaurant and standing out front for a good 5 minutes before they realized nobody was there to open the door for them cause they were each so used to their protocols of having the door opened for them.

And on that note a thank you and close of the session.

Mon 10:42am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: Master Jan passed around an informational handout and her list of protocols for her house.

Master Jan considers her household to be high protocol, but not extreme.

Some discussion about journaling and different methodologies. Sometimes there may be no active response. One man referenced that in his household there is generally some acknowledgment by the Master of the house – if only to put initials indicating that the item had been read. Timing can vary but the goal is to allow for an open channel of discussion that for the slave feels safe and secure.

Discussion of a specific protocol about finances and the concerns about the sharing of funds versus the oversight over their financial decisions.

Mon 10:19am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: one thing to bear in mind is not to drop an entire list on a sub all at one. Start them with a few basics, and as they become second nature, bring a new collection into play, and keep building. It’s like learning a new language that is private to a household.

Point from an audience member – he discovered that he needed protocols for him as a Master as much as for his slave to remind them both of their roles and behaviors together. He does not live with his slave – so they don’t have the 24/7 context that some relationships have. Master Jan talked about her slave and her slave’s wife in that same vein. Having a sub who is not live-in but is present regularly. She goes home to her vanilla home and then back to her Master’s home which is not… Brings to the fore an interesting sidebar of how non kinky partners and Dom or sub partners have to learn to relate to one another.

Mon 10:10am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: how does one go about creating protocols? What is important to you? What does it give you that you need?

Some examples of specific protocols were offered: a day closing protocol of a statement and the offering to the sub an opportunity to ask any question and expect a safe and secure response. The use of a side door for arriving in the Dom’s home with time to change clothes form public clothes to those specified by the Dom, allowing a transition from public with private, ending with greetings. A morning ritual of offering obedience for the day. A long distance couple – they have protocols around the timing and content of specific emails around touching base, and accountability for activities during the day.

Some specific protocols that have no meaning or don’t really work: one example was offered jokingly of waking up in the morning and every day the sub then saying ‘oh just 5 more minutes’ LOL.

There’s a list out there with something like 99 or 109 protocols. Master Jan was presented with them when she was in service, but hadn’t known that they were examples not expectations in her relationship of service, and attempted to adhere to all of them, much to the amusement of her Master at the time. After she transitioned for sub to Dom, she developed a significantly abbreviated list that she uses. They are second nature with her sub at this point, but they are enumerated, and referencable.

Mon 09:54am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: sometimes silent protocols are beneficial for being able to continue to use the, in public. It is possible to have a set of private protocols that are more vocal or mo elaborate. Protocols can be burdensome. If the slave forgets and you don’t catch it, it will lose meaning as a structural element of the relationship. For instance we have a protocol that she does not sit until after I have sat. Sometimes I’ll see her starting to sit so I will not sit, and call her on it. And it will snap her back into place. We engage in them every single day. Keep them intact all the time. It’s easier than trying to turn them on and off. There can be different levels or ways that we incorporate them. For instance with lifestyle friends she may stand at attention my the table waiting for me to take my seat. I a public restaurant, she may stand more casually there perhaps talking with other dinner members. Furniture use is another example. At home she sits on the floor, with friends she can sit on the floor in a casual environment. If its inappropriate, then she has a way to ask permission to sit on the furniture with me that serves the relationship without being ‘in your face’ with others.

Mon 09:48am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: protocol is the strict adherence to a correct etiquette and manner of action.

Protocols help maintain the Ms structure and dynamic while you aren’t actively managing the relationship. It is a way for the slave to know that they are behaving in a way that continues to be pleasing to you.

Every little thing that you like, you should train your slave in. Put it into a collection of protocols. Don’t create it just because it looks good. Create it because it has a purpose to the relationship. It could be structure, organization, or it may be a show of respect, or any of a variety of other meanings or mechanisms.

Mon 09:43am

Alex – Protocols: When and Why?: Master Jan discusses different protocols and how they play a role in an Ms relationship.

Going around the room with introductions and a mention of the extent to which protocols are involved in relationships.

Mon 09:08am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys:
Symptoms of resistence:
Projection: seeing in others the feelings that we have and the actions that we are taking.
Approaches to dealing with resistence:
Explore and clarify the details of what the conflict is about.
What are the options available – is there a third way?
Is there compromise? Master decides!
Redirecting – move the discussion to a positive frame
Maintain legitimacy – the Master Decides, the slave obeys.

Resiliency is a skill to be developed. Find a system to support yourself; attack challenges thoughtfully, thoroughly, and energetically; accept that you might doubt and feel anxious, but don’t be overwhelmed that you are still human; handle threats with grace and dignity.

Mon 09:00am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: things to be wary of as a master:
Don’t rise to baiting, don’t bait or retail irate
Don’t set the slave up for failure
Don’t start justifying
Don’t act defensive
Don’t belittle, demean, or berate
Don’t namecall
Don’t use your position or baggage as a attack or an excuse
Don’t resurrect past mistakes that have been resolved.

For a slave:
Most are the same – some different ones:
Don’t use Master as an excuse to fail
Don’t make success impossible
Don’t expect the worst
Don’t be disrespectful
Don’t try to take control or authority

Mon 08:50am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: considerations for win/win in Ms

For a master: self-control, educated, observant, mindful, firm and resolute, willingness to risk the relationship, nurturing, lead by exams, commanding, confidence.

For a slave: obedient, fulfilled by service, driven and focused, flexible, adaptive, self-control, mindful, firm and resolute.

A list of ‘perfections voices’ is presented. Questions to ask oneself and answer as honestly as possible. Use them as guides to self development.

Mon 08:40am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: issues of Outright Defiance:
Willingness to risk authority. “I will end this Ms relationship if it is not what we agreed it to be”
Is it defiance or fear? Is it really stubbornness, or is it a defiance grounded in an unspoken fear.
Is it reactance? An emotional response to a feeling of loss of control or self-destiny – a common occurrence in slaves given their commitment to handing authority over to another.

Win/win – are you trying to find a positive outcome versus trying to beat the other partner in conflict? Focus on changing from adversarial to collaborative a win/win. Coming up with a solution that is easier to be obeyed. You need to have a willingness to do so.

Mindful of: old habits, knee jerk reactions, emotion over logic, attempts to control externally versus internal

Control is internal – authority is external.

Work to minimize: separateness, disconnectedness, ingroup/outgroup, right versus wrong.

I want US to win.

Mon 08:28am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: if the aspect of Master DECIDES and slave OBEYS remains, the Relationship remains authentic and holds fast.

when this dynamic fails, the relationship is indistinguishable for any vanilla relationship.

Be very careful about mixing discipline which is part of the development of the Ds dynamic versus punishment. If spanking is part of the Ds training, using spanking for punishment requires careful framing.

Mon 08:12am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: compromise in Ms:
It is up to a Master to accept all the information available, communicate desires, consider options and points of view, be open to unknown information, accept feedback, and then be willing to DECIDE on the best outcome and communicate that decision.
A slave must be willing to communicate – needs, information, perspective. And the slave must be willing to OBEY the final decision.

Any compromise comes from the Master.

It needs to be recognized that the land mines will go off much more frequently earlier on. It’s how you deal with when they go off, that’s key to developing a sense of trust and security that strengthens the Ms connection.

Mon 08:03am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: healthy conflict responses:
Capacity to recognize and respond to our partners needs
Calm, non-defensive, respectful responses
Readiness to forgive, move past the the conflict without resentment
A belief that facing the conflict is the best thing for both sides
Ability to seek compromise and avoid punishment

Compromise and punishment in an Ms context? How does that work?

What does compromise mean in Ms?
Difference between discipline and punishment…

Mon 07:57am

Alex – Master decides…slave obeys: the superego ( our internal parental conscience) and our id (our internal child conscience) our want and must are always in conflict. Our ego serves as the adult negotiator. The voice of consideration that we have in our head that manages the decision process.

Unhealthy conflict resolutions:
You become self entered – completely forgetting the other person
Explosive and hurtful reactions
Withdrawal of love – rejection, isolation, shame, sense of abandonment
Inability or refusal to compromise
Fear of conflict, conflict avoidance – an assumption that there will always be a bad outcome.

Mon 07:50am

Alex – Master Decides…slave obeys: When they first met, Mastwr George had Bren kneeling and after an hour discovered that she was in distinct physical distress. clear communication is important. He didn’t ask if she had physical limitations, she was focused on obedience, and didn’t volunteer her limitation in that regard.

Mental emotional conflicts can show themselves as physical conflicts
There can be resultant consequences like a sense of failure, repression , resentment, and rebellion.

How do you get past the resentments and rebellion?

Mon 07:46am

Alex – Master Decides…slave obeys: Two types of conflict: emoTionsl and physical. Emotional can include things such as arguments, choices, lack of trust, insecurity, fear, personal baggage, self image, self worth.

Physical or tangible conflicts: work and chores, types of play, sexual proclivities, physical limitations.

FOr example: in the course of their time together, Bren discovered that she is not a masochist, with almost no interest in SM. for her the joy comes from the Master/ slave dynamic itself.

As we age, physical limitations is going to be more and more of an issue in the relationship.

Mon 07:40am

Alex – Master Decides…slave obeys: This is a discussion of their personal experiences, not professional. Neither is a licensed therapist and they do strongly encourage seeking professional assistance when dealing with significant relationship or personal challenges.

Definitions of conflict and resolution.

Conflict offers an opportunity for us to push past our limitations. It is not the best way to push those limits, but it is an aspect of what it offers.

Mon 07:37am

Alex – Master Decides…slave obeys: Master George and slave bren present on conflict resolution and the M/s Dynamic.

They’ve been together 11 years. In that time have faced a variety of challenges…

Mon 07:33am

Hi its Tyesha and it’s Friday Night! Yesterday was introductions of the Contestants and their demos! Hot demos included boot worship and sounds! The thuds and squeals from individuals were a delicious addition to the buzz going on over the excitement of ILSb being in Dallas!

We start off with the announcement of regions by Mark Frazier, our Master of Ceremonies! Mark is dressed fashionably hot as usual. Nom Nom Nom!

Jeffrey Payne-Roy, one of the owners of ILSb/ICBB is at the microphone giving the opening speech. He is discussing the change of ownership as well acknowledging the 10th Anniversary of ICBB!

Jeffrey asks that we remember our past and to make new memories (including getting laid) and to celebrate who we are as individuals.
“We must remember. We must respect our differences,” Jeffrey says.

He says that though we all march to a different drummer, he also believes that when a core of drums comes as one, beautiful, powerful and uplifting music is created.

An amazing opening speech by Jeffrey Payne-Roy!

Mark Frazier is now announcing all the judges for both ICBB and ILSb! Mark Frazier is reading straight from the script and chuckles abound as a few bumps are experienced…judges and cities confused and jokes about how Mark Frazier repeatedly says to not blame him, blame the script.

There is a change in how the program is usually run. The contest is split in half. Half speeches, half jockstraps and half the fantasies.

“You get more skin appeal spread over two nights,” Mark remarks.

First fantasy is done by Contestant #11 from Eastern Canada Sir, Master R. Looks like a flogging and single tail scene involving the current Eastern Canada Leatherboy who is also a contestant.

1st contestant in Jock Strap is Central Plains Region, contestant #5. Sporting a Construction Worker’s hat and Tool belt ensemble as well.

1st contestant in the Speech Category, welcomes contestant #9 Northwest Region, Leatherboy Jean Hardy. He talks about his Leather Journey and how it started 4yrs ago. The conversations was what kept boy Jean around in the Leather Community.

The judges have “whoa’d” Mark Frazier as he is wanting to make this Contest the shortest in history. He’s succeeding I think.

First boy fantasy from Eastern Canada Leatherboy, contestant #11 Dom. Looks like a baseball fantasy completely dressed in green baseball uniforms only to have the boy slowly strip his all the way off so that he can bend over and be spanked with a baseball bat by his title LeatherSIR. The Leatherboy ends up thanking his title SIR by worshiping both the SIR’s shoes and socks.

Next up giving their speech for LeatherSIR,Contestant #8, from Mid Atlantic Region, Sir Robert. What words would e use to best describe himself to the audience. Sometimes words are not the best medium of choice. We are known by our actions. He enjoys being in front of an audience openly discussing how he is “a kinky fucker”.

Next up in Jock Strap category, Central Plains Leatherboy Contestant #5, gator. 42yrs old, 5’10” and flags Light blue on the left among others including grey on the right. Loves flogging, water sports, ass play and oral. He’s handsome!

Giving the next speech is Contestant #8 from Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy Quinton. He starts out speaking and signing in ASL at the same time. He talks about how he is learning to be a great title boy and have more confidence.

Next up giving their fantasy is Northern California SIR, Contestant #10, SIR Brent. Good Morning music being played. Looks like its Thib attempting to dress SIR Brent for the day. And Thib is tied up using a string of jock straps tied together as rope. There is other punishments dealt out as the music does in fact sound Looney Toonish. And it is confirmed that this is the same Thib who was first Runner up at IML this year. Quite original and the audience enjoyed it!

Speech, Leather SIR in Northeast Region, Contestant #9, Seth. He talks about how he has been in the Leather Community for about a year. He talks about how amazing it’s been being a titleholder over the year. He thanks the Leather Community for accepting him as he is.

The audience is asking Mark Frazier to dance during the stretch times. Money is being laid on the podium by Sir Robert Helms who is one of the ASL interpreters. Other audience members and shouts of “For the Children!” are heard.

Jock Strap Contestant #2 from Great Lakes Region, Leatherboy, boy Mark. 25yrs, 5’10”. Flags yellow, grey and black in both pockets. Loved motorcycles and medical play as well.

Mark talks about how there is a cold front in Dallas. It will only be 102 in Dallas on Monday.

Fantasy by Leatherboy Contestant #10 from Northern California, Element Eclipse. Jazz music as Element tries t get through security in his fantasy. Looks like Thib and Scout are also playing roles in this fantasy. The security asks him to step over to the side. The music changes to “As Long As you Love me”…and Element is enjoying his frisking a little too much. And there is TWERKING as money change falls out of his pants as the security guard checks lower and lower. Lots of laughter from the audience.

Apparently Mark Frazier also enjoyed the fantasy as he stumbles over the name and region of Element Eclipse the Leatherboy from Northern California.

Contestant #2 LeatherSir, Sir Papa Bear from Great Lakes. 39yrs old, 6’2″. Blond hair and blue eyes with left nipple is pierced. Founder and VP of Michigan Band of Brothers. Colors include fuschia and maroon. Loves cigars, flogging and knife play.

This concludes the first half of the contest. There’s an intermission of 10 Minutes now!

And we are back! Almost….Mike Zuhl is missing…paging Mike Zuhl! And also Luna!

Mark makes an announcement that a 1-inch strip should be running down the ass crack and that if you don’t know how wide your ass crack is, to come to Mark and he will measure it for you. Keep it bar legal!!


For Fantasy, Next Contestant #5 from Central Plains Region Leatherboy gator! Looks like a shave scene done on the title SIR Contestant of that region. Nice sultry music. The leather strap is used as discipline by the SIR and oral homage is paid as well.

“Well that fantasy brought back fantasies,” exclaims Mark Frazier.

In Speech Category,for Leather SIR, Southwest Region, Contestant #4, SIR George. Talks about what is special between a Sir and His boy. Traveled from the back rooms of the Powerhouse in SF and other places. Found that they could be true to themselves.

Eastern Canada Leatherboy, Contestant #11, Dom. 25yrs old, 6’4″. Brown hair blue eyes and 5 tattoos. Flags Red, yellow, hunter green, light pink and navy blue on the right. Enjoys watersports, collecting dirty underwear.

Next Speech, Leatherboy in Southwest Region, boy Michael, Contestant #4. Talks about how he is an old guy and came out in San Francisco. He is a proud and happy boy! Talks about how he went to Phoenix and found a Sir who he wanted to make happy. Thanks his Sir for allowing him to be a boy and says there is something truly special between a Sir and his boy.

Mark Frazier introduces the audience to a Mr Friendly Leather pup who doesn’t shit on the floor and has a tight hole. He asks that people bid on items and perhaps you can take the pup home with you.

Great Lakes Region, Leatherboy Contestant #2, boy mark. A big set up for this fantasy. Looks like the scene is a rough body play fantasy. A massage chair in “restraint mode” is also used.

Famous Tucker Inn Cookies are being auctioned off tonight! They are lovely and delicious!

Contestant #6 for Gulf Coast Region, Leather SIR, Sir Jason giving his speech. Talks about how we need to embrace who we are and not be ashamed. Never judge or criticize each other. We share a bond and how Jason shares his bond with friends and family.

Next up is Northern California, Contestant #10, Leatherboy Element Eclipse. 27 yrs old, brown hair and brown eyes. Prince Albert, tattoos. Member of Chicago Hellfire. Enjoys a GREAT DEAL of kinks…so many I can’t type fast enough to keep up with. He’s an exhibitionist who loved breath play.

Next up is another speech, Leatherboy, Southeast, Contestant #3 boy Dom. Grew up in rural North Carolina and how he was harassed and tormented about being gay. First member of his family to attend College. Collared at 21 and learned protocols and his Leather walk. He lives in Atlanta and has a wonderful. Is a member of Panther L/L. Talks about to listen to the drum beat inside you and walk proudly.

Great Lakes Region, Leather Sir, SirPapa Bear, contestant #2 fantasy. Jazz Lounge scene with Michael Buble music. The waiter is seduced with a fierceness. Knife play with pup Itus. Every button cut off with the knife and knife drawn over body. Sir’s shirt comes off with drink shared mouth to mouth. Boot worship. Audience enjoys!

Next up is jock strap, contestant #10, Leather Sir, Sir Brent. 35 yrs old, brown hair and eyes. 6 gauge PA, Assoc member of Men of Discipline, Leatherman’s Discussion Group. Grey Black blue on left. Blue and Houndstooth and yellow on occasion on the right. Enjoys situational bondage.

“Tomorrow, the Contest starts at 6:30 Central Standard Time,” Mark Frazier kindly reminds everyone. He thanks the sponsors again.

Visit the bootblacks and check your silent auction bids!

Tonight is finished! Thanks for hanging with us!

It’s the final night of ILSb/ICBB contest weekend! Happy Saturday Everyone! Happy 10th Anniversary to ICBB!

Master of Ceremonies, Mark Frazier, is back to entertain us.

Introduction of Contestants again! They all look stunning in their Leather!

And now the introductions of our Judges!

Fantasy Category, Contestant #9, Northwest Leatherboy, Jean Hardy. And we have Oliver Twist music! Boot worship and food play! Gloves and a banana played a role in this fantasy. And we have a banana split on the ass of boy jean and includes fisting and eating of said banana split!

First speech of the evening, Contestant #11 from Eastern Canada, Leather SIR, Master R. Talks about his Leather history using a flogger. He offered himself at one time to be flogged by someone he respected. The Sir gave him that flogger after he use it on Master R. The flogger is 24yrs old and means a lot to him.

Next up Jock strap, from SIR Michael, from Florida Region, Contestant #7. 50yrs old, brown hair and blue eyes. Member of Tampa Bay Leather Club. Grey, red, navy, blue and yellow on left. Nipple play, bondage, chastity and wax play.

Contestant #7, Florida Region. In jock strap portion, Leatherboy, boy max. 34 yrs old, black hair brown eyes, tattoo, member of Central boys of Leather and President. Navy blue, dark pink, black and white checkered on left. Hunter green and black and white checkered on right. Water sorts, cigar play, boot worship, food play and loves sucking cock!

Eastern Canada, Contestant #11 Leatherboy, Dom. Sexual diversity wasn’t celebrated in small town when he grew up. Chopsticks for sounding, marbles up the ass were the type of experiments that he had when he was younger. He wants to inspire others to be in the community.

Next is speech, Contestant #10, Northern California LeatherSIR, Sir Brent. Talks about rules and how a Leather Sir should only do certain things. He doesn’t care. He loves getting fucked! Diversity in the community while still being cohesive. Be who you are and don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks!

Gulf Coast Region, Contestant #6, Leather SIR, Jason. 36yrs old. Brown and gray hair with hazel eyes. Tattoos. Member of GDI Leather Group, Lone Star Leathermen. Flags navy blue, light blue red tan and grey on left. Likes rope flogging, hot wax, sensory deprivation…

Jeffrey Payne comes to the stage. Thanks everyone for giving him medicine for his allergy attack.

It’s the 10th Anniversary of ICBB! A very important milestone. Talks about how 11 is a Master Number. He drew #11 at IML. He was 11 yrs old when he found the orphanage that he grew up in. Next year we will celebrate that ICBB is turning 11!

He calls up all the ICBBs to the stage to blow out the candles on the ICBB cake!

We welcome from Northern California, Leatherboy, Element Eclipse, Contestant #10 gives his speech. He sees this as a chance for a person to be a bright star for one year not just a contestant. He reads a poem much to the applause of the audience.

Now coming to the stage in fantasy portion, Northeast Leather Sir and boy, SIR Seth and boy Ben. A lovely sensual, sensory deprivation scene with wax play and flogging.

Jock category, southwest region, Contestant #4, Leather Sir, SIR George. 37 yrs old, red hair blue eyes. Septum piercing, member of Arizona Men of Leather and other groups. Black teal, red on left. He also enjoys CBT, TT, watersports, whipping, gloves and fire play among others.

Next up in jock category, from Southwest Region, Contestant #4, michael. Michael is 60yrs old, blue eyes. 7 tattoos, 9 piercings, part of the Phoenix boys of Leather. Flags blue, yellow, hunter green in right. Is an exhibitionist, whips and gloves.

Welcome speech category, Great Lakes Region, Contestant #2, boy mark. Talks about his journey. Wants more unity in the community. He wishes for everyone to get out and listen and understand that there are differences and that’s okay. We are all the same community.

Next up is fantasy from Florida Region, Contestants #7, SIR Michael and boy max. The boy wants the SIR to play and is quite flirtatious. Song is called “Lets Do It!” To change to stripping off of clothing of both contestants and a spanking scene, licking of armpits with boot and body worship of the boy to the SIR. The audience enjoys it!

Speech, contestant #5, Central Plains Region, Leather Sir, Robert. Talks about how he loves to fuck. Has a special place in his heart. Wants the community to get back to fucking and help each other relax. Open up new generation up to new adventures! Audience loved it!

Northwest region, contestant #9, Jean Hardy. Multiple piercings! Member of Seattle Men of Leather. Flags yellow, dark blue, rust and dark pink on right. Enjoys impact play and boots and floggers.

Contestant #5, Gator, Leatherboy with speech from Central Plains. It was sex that brought him into the Leather Community. He is proud to be a boy. What’s special is the trust between the SIR and the boy. Realizes that it is the journey not the destination that determines who he is.

15 Intermission with Mama’s Family Photo!

Empress Donna Dumae reads a statement. Brings greetings from Empress Nicole the Great, the Queen mother of the Americas! Empress Donna Dumae has a beautiful crown!

Fantasy, Contestant #4 SIR George and boy Michael from Southwest Region. Rough body play scene with boot worship, with boot trampling and single tail. Audience enjoys this scene.

Jock strap by both Leather SIR and boy , SIR Robert and boy quinton from Mid-Atlantic Region.

Northwest Community Bootblack, speech, Contestant #9, Paul. Leather Community was first culture he belonged to as a trans person. He is glad he now gets to introduce new people to Leather and bootblacking.

Contestant #1 Leather Sir, Seth. Blue eyes with a PA. Member of F.L.A.G. Grey, yellow, hunter green on the left. Bondage, fisting, watersports. Northeast Region, Leather SIR, Seth. Jock Categry.

Boy Ben, Northeast region, Contestant #1. 31yrs old. Brown hair, blue eyes. Mustard and navy blue on left. Impact play, sex in a sling, leather, spandex, muscle. Sex in the woods and backwards and sex “at my place”.

Speech, Gulf Coast Region, Brooklyn, Community Bootblack, Contestant #6. Kit may be small, his passion makes it big. It is his job to restore abused pieces of Leather to original design. He paints on canvas he calls boots. Audience enjoys!

Community Bootblack Region, Contestant #8, girl Amelia. She greets in several different languages and signs part of her speech. She has owned her own law firm for last seven years. She proves many wrong by being a blind Bootblack. She wants you to come with her and dream your own impossible dream. Audience Enjoys!

Fantasy, boy don, contestant #3, with a customer service scene with complainer showing up with crisco and very large dildo. Business attire with all the raunch. Fisting scene with usage of a finding or safe sex! Audience enjoys!!!

Northeast Community Bootblack, speech, Pup philthy, contestant #1, talks about how confidence isn’t his strong point but excited to be here at this contest. He noticed after he won his regional contest how he was walking taller and how he had gained pride in himself. Audience enjoys!

Speech, Contestant #4, Southwest Community Bootblack, Kyle. Gets asked a lot of questions but hardest question by far is “How much?”. He talks about how boots have an energy that he feels as he talks about with the person about here they have been. It’s the story and journey that is priceless, no matter how much or little money you have he asks that you don’t pass his chair up. Audience enjoys.

Competition is done! Tally up!!!

Step Aside Speeches by Jack Duke, Bamm Bamm and Ruin.

Winners are:

International LeatherSir 2013, Southwest Leather Sir, Sir George!
1st Runner up Intl Leather Sir, Contestant #10, Northern California Leather Sir, Brent.

International Leather boy 2013, #5 Central Plains Leatherboy, Gator
1st Runner up 2013 Intl Lthrboy is Contestant #3 Boy Don from Southeast.

2013 ICBB winner is Contestant #9 Northwest CBB Paul William Grosart!!!
2013 ICBB first runner up is #8 Girl Amelia from Mid Atlantic!

Golden Brush award goes to Bootblack, Northwest CBB, Paul William Grosart!

Eastern Canada Leather boy gets John Siracusa Award boy Dom.

Golden Flogger Award goes to Jason Kloss, Gulf Coast Leather Sir

Sun 12:27pm

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: a variety of emotions and senses were expressed about the result of the combined ritual, but there was a general sense that it was a successful approach to the goal of a refreshing mid conference ritual to relieve stress and reinvigorate for returning to the conference.

A discussion of logistics – getting the water together, moving the chairs, a further group helped coordinate and design the overall structure of the space. The replacement of chairs to the room went very smoothly and with great cooperation. The total ritual was less than two minutes but left each of us refreshed.

There are cultural meaning ps to various pieces of what we did that bring added meaning, like using water or collective applause.

We are going to have a brief ritual to close the session.

Sun 12:19pm

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: The construct ritual consist of:
Remove ones badge
Deep breath with closed eyes

Take a glass of water
Raise the glass
Invocation of us receiving stress with a drink
Take a drink
With this drink we new out thirst for knowledge
Take a second drink
Set the glass down

Shake arms and hands to release tension
Deep breath in
Clap once
Deep breath out while holding hands together
Bow from the waist with hands held together

Spontaneously added applause

Sun 11:57am

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: Group activity to develop a nurturing ritual that allows us to release the stress that has occurred so we can continue with the conference renewed. Some ideas about how to open the ritual, preform the ritual, and then close the ritual.

We’ll brainstorm, then break up into groups, develop using the ideas, then reassemble to compare ideas.

Ideas to start with: close eyes and deep breath; look up; holding hands; washing heads; hands prayer pose; remove badge.
Put head on lap comforting action; positive words; stating intent; hum or sing in harmony; pour a glass of water; a virtual toast.
Closing a ritual – some believe it should mirror the opening; others that say you leave changed and should have a different close.
How to close: a clap of hands; a cheer; a bow; parting of hands some sort of heart opening; singing.

There will be fourth group for how to shift things around to accommodate.

Sun 11:45am

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: Having a starting and ending marker lets you experiment with the content of the ritual. If its not working well you can close the ritual with the closing marker and then have a discussion about how to change or to simplify the ritual.

It may feel awkward at first because it is something that is deliberately designed to be an extraordinary action. What do I feel, what am I getting out of it?

Clarify the why and the what. Everyday rituals versus special occasion rituals. Seriousness and concentration can easily be misconstrued as discomfort.

Make sure that you continue to imbue value and recognition to the tasks that thre is an expectation to be performed over a period of time. Have a way of closing the task and calling it done.

Accidental rituals – habits like texting goodnight back and forth – that one party might have given special meaning to. Communication is invaluable for recognizing that meaning and incorporating it as a valuable and meaningful part of the way of ‘being’ together.

Sun 11:34am

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: They have rituals for starting and stopping particular modes of being together. The realities of circumstances can require that rituals be modified or altered as needed.

Doing leathers…what would make it less of a chore for you and make it hot for you? The best of intention does not necessarily lead to the best of ritual. Communication about the value helps. Energizing the actions can make them more powerful.

And sometimes it just goes weird and you just have to quit and move on… ‘backwards day’…

Sun 11:28am

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: customs, rituals, and ceremonies. We are accustomed to those of us who are in the same house to sit down to dinner at the same time. It’s not a ritual, but it is a thing that is done with a certain habituality. You have ‘your’ seat in this room. Tis is a custom and convention that we have adopted. Rituals are a bit more ‘intentional’. You start the day the same way every day as an example. Sme may be more formalized. A coffee ritual of how coffee is made and brought to the bed. How to incorporate ‘words with friends’ time. Changes of scene and schedule can impact those rituals. The dog has inserted himself into the ritual, knowing that as the coffee is being made, it’s his time to go get petted by Henry. Regularity. Consistency. Both coming from a positive place of intention. Cooking and doing of the dishes. If it doesn’t come across as being a good service then is leads to contentment. If there is a sense of resentment from the action, it is not going to serve well as a ritual. What is the purpose for the action being performed.

Ceremony – setting time apart to enact something which you leave differently from how you entered.

Sun 11:17am

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: Ritual is aout bringing additional meaning to actions that we would be performing regardless. It can range from a simple act to a very complex ceremony.

HJ – In Buddhism – there are mantras at are associated with different actions that occur. As I go into ritual space, I bring a mantra with me,, but where I have reinterpreted the individual pieces in the context of our community.

Dvelopment of mindfulness and presence in our actions.

Be open to learning from those that surround you.

Sun 11:13am

Alex – Developing Ritual for D/s Relationships: Jousting Tanis and Henry James are presenting this topic for the first time but have each spoken on it in the past. They bring a variety of experience to the concept ranging from Sir/boy to M/s to seminary to Buddhism.

Anecdote about a monk setting a table for a bunch of children with precision and care – ‘I set each place with care and a prayer to the child that will site here give a blessing to them and think on them going out into the world.’

Sun 11:06am

Loren – Afternoon classes are beginning – we’re starting with Long Term Master/slave Relationships with Master Bert and slave nadine.

Sun 10:06am

Finally getting around on Sunday morning. Last night at the Eagle was a blast.  The whole club was packed and the energy was fantastic.

Sun 07:23am

Alex – Fear of Flying: getting past fears.

Step 1: name the fear
Step 2: communication with partner – effective discussion, not confrontation
Step 3: listen to fear – don’t minimize, negate or try to fix it
Step 4: be aware that your fears may trigger their fears – ‘I’m bored’ does not imply ‘you are not interesting
Step 5: focus on the fear – not in the detail of the relationship.
‘I’m afraid that we aren’t in control of our finances’ versus ‘you are sending too much in golf’

F ace it – stop running away from the scary voice.
E xplore it – examine the nature of it, what its source is.
A ccept it – some things we cannot change
R espond to it – do the work of addressing the concerns, or alleviating the issue.

And sometimes fear is not the problem.

Sun 07:19am

Loren – We’re wrapping up with some questions and discussion and then it’s off to our next class.

Sun 07:09am

Alex – Fear of Flying: How feer can work. We feel scare at being lonely. We try to keep it inside. We start looking for ‘evidence’ and tell ourselves a false story. ‘he didn’t tell me I love you last night.’

We don’t get the full story – from our partner. He or she may be use or dealing with their own issues. Bringing our ‘evidence’ can put them on the defensive. Or – it can become e’evidence for their OWN fears.

It can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

It can be an excuse to NOT DO THE WORK we need to do and CAN DO to confront and defuse the fear.

Perceptions are not reality.

But fear can alter those perceptions and create a personal reality that does not align with actuality. It’s important to understand the fears our partner is dealing with so that we can get past the perception back to the actuality.

It’s easy to find negative evidence. It takes effort to find the good things that are suppoortive and positive.

Sun 07:05am

Loren – There’s no “gatekeeper” out there to show you the one true way.  Your way, so long as you are doing it with integrity, is the true way for you.

Sun 06:50am

Alex – Fear of Flying: doubts are created by our fears – are we good enough, are they going to leave, do they love me?

we need to remain authentic, and vulnerablerather than let fear convince us to be different than we really are?

Effective communication between partners can help us work through and around some of those fears. It fills our vulnerability with love rather than doubt.

We must choose love over fear. Don’t listen to our ego telling us that we’re not good enough. Identify with the truth versus the fear.

Sun 06:47am

Loren – A mindful Master apologizes to his slave when he/she screws up. Your slave is a person and deserves an apology when a decision goes wrong.

Sun 06:44am

Alex – Fear of Flying: when we are not in a relationship – it seems as though being in a relationship would make the pain go away. Bt then we get in a relationship and then other fears come to the surface.

Love brings our fears forward so we can set them straight. But then why don’t we set them straight.

Relationships take work, the happily ever after isn’t the truth of life. When trouble arises we point our fingers at our partner as easier than taking the opportunity to confront our own fears.

Sun 06:43am

Loren – Master Rick just related a story of a time when his slave experienced a devastating loss and he decided to give her some space, which was the absolute wrong thing to do.  She needed his Mastery more then and he pulled it away.

Sun 06:38am

Loren – A Master who fails his/her slave fails himself.

Sun 06:33am

Loren – Master Rick related a story about a Master who asked a question during another class – asking “Do you ever give your slave tasks that you know she cannot accomplish so you have a reason to punish her.”  Rick’s answer was an emphatic no.  Why would you do that?  Never put your slave in a situation where they will certainly fail.

Sun 06:33am

Alex – Fear of Flying: Fear of being lost – how can we find ourselves if we’ve never been lost. How can wwe know our happy place is our happy place if we haven’t let ourselves leave it once and again.

Fear of death – this tends to underlie our attempts to infuse our lives with purpose – to create something bigger than ourself, to participate and contribute to an institution that will have a life beyond us. We seek to create a small kind of immortality by finding a purpose in our life and externalizing it in the world around us. That purpose has to come from within. If it’s part of us, we don’t have to be afraid of it.

Fear of being alone – we look for love because we are afraid of being alone. How often have we seen horrible matches of people who are together despite not being good for each other, clearly because neither person wanted to be alone.

Sun 06:29am

Loren – Master Rick points out that while gets to make all of the decisions, from where to eat to where to spend the money, he doesn’t get to make decisions that are damaging to the relationship.  You are responsible for the consequences of your decisions.

Sun 06:26am

Loren – Master Rick points out that he is also in service.  But to what?  To his slave/submissive?  No, he feels that he is in service to the relationship.

Sun 06:26am

Alex – Fear of Flying: slave llamb – moving into the discussion of fear itself. It’s important to remember that not all fears are bad. There are healthy fears – for instance a fear of snakes… A healthy fear stands guard warning us against real danger.

Four deadly fears: fear of having lived a meaningless life, fear of being lost, fear of death, fear of being alone.

Fear saps the life out of us.

Sun 06:24am

Loren – Master Rick just presented a handout The Qualities of a Realized Master written by Master Skip Chasey

One item he pointed out:  A Master understands and accepts that he is engaging in a relationship of equals with his slave.

Sun 06:22am

Alex – Fear of Flying: The good life requires personal accountability; a deeper listening to oneself, a more raw, open and visible relationship to self, continual vulnerability, and stepping out from the masks we have both public and private.

We reach for and old on to what REALLY matters in our lives. I order to really do so, we have to look at our fears and commitments and get past them. We may have to release responsibilities or commitments.

Lifestyle: what do we bring? How do we want to live? What is the baggage that we are toting around? Only carry-on sized issues are allowed on the relationship train.

Lifestyle is one of those words that seems to have come to have a sense of a specific way to live. We need to learn that it is the way we want to live.

Lady Lynette: sidebar about the joy if turning forty, recognizing becoming an adult and being able to live according to her gown standards, not having to live up to other’s designs for her life.

I was always falling short of this ideal I had in my head of what I was supposed to be as llamb’s master or some ideal that I thought he had for what I should be, rather than just focusing n being who I am and talking with him about what works for him and for me.

It can be very scary to discover that you have been lying to yourself…and working through those things.

Sun 06:20am

Loren – the concept of Mindful Mastery is the constant awareness of what a Master/Dom needs to put in to the relationship to maintain it.

  • Watch out for the lazy Master syndrome
  • Look for opportunities for your slave to be of service
  • Depend on your slave for support
  • Lean on  your submissive
  • Never forget that their presence is a gift
  • Remember that you are not entitled

Sun 06:14am

Loren – Good morning!  Welcome to Day 2 at MsC.  Today we’re kicking off the morning at Master Rick’s class on Mindful Mastery

Sun 06:13am

Alex – Fear of Flying: Living the good life is dependent on ving with integrity. Integrity is keeping the small promises we make to ourselves. How we demonstrate integrity in out lives determines whether we live with hope or despair. To have integrity we have to be brutally honest with ourselves.

Sometimes I look at those deep dark places and see things I don’t want to see. I see a person I don’t like or don’t want to be. I see things that really scare me.

Sun 06:07am

Alex – Fear of Flying: Lady Lynette and slave llamb host a discussion of fear in the context of individuals and Ms relationships. It is nearly impossible to remove far from our lives but we can live diligently to manage our fears.

Sat 01:18pm

Hanging out in the lobby at ILSb.  The IMsL friends are meeting at the fun and there is a lot of downtime to meet friends new and old.

Sat 12:44pm

Loren – Joining Guy Baldwin for a conversation about his Keynote speech at MsC

Sat 09:20am

Alex – 5 Languages of the M/s Relationship: People are not once of these things, they tend to vary and have a combination. We statements are embracing of both people in the conveersation. It is very possible to have effective communication and still maintain roles as Master and slave. We tend to speak to others in the emotional language we want.
We want to speak to others in the emotional language they respond to best. Which may not be the ones that we respond to best ourselves.
The languages:
Appreciation – words of affirmation ‘you did well with that’ ‘that was very conscientious of you’ offers of encouragement ‘I know that deciding this is difficult, I appreciate your effort on it’
Quality time – the language of dedication. About focusing energy on your partner. Sharing experiences, thoughts in an uninterrupted context. Self-revelation. Exposing yourself back to them. Being ‘present’.
Receiving gifts – the language of the tangible. It doesn’t have to be big. It’s a matter of externalizing feelings to things. It can be a flower or a photo, a special collar, a favorite meal, particular sex acts, your physical body, ‘it’s the thought that counts’ ‘you’re thinking about me when you’re not there’
physical touch – the language of sensation. Physical contact. Can make or break a relationship. Affection. Cuddling. Sex can reflect this. Massages, bathing together.
Acts of service – the language of doing. Masters and slaves truly are in service to the relationship. What acts does your partner most appreciate? If attention is paid to the wrong acts, both parties can feel unsatisfied. They must be willing, if obligations, then they do not serve As effective communication.

What feels good to you and what seems to be effective with our partner. Share that information with you partner.

And remember – we try to use the languages with others unconsciously, the modes that we are most desiring of.

The dialect of ‘us’: the necessity of a common dialect – the combinatio that works best for the two of us. Determined with clarity and specificity.

Sat 08:46am

Alex – 5 Languages of the M/s Relationship: knowing these things can help us manage how wwe handle ourselves and communicate more effectively – intersting discussion of how one can use a dedliberate change of nonverbal cues, stance, position, tone of voice to drive the communication to a more mutually effective place.

The special case of passive/aggressiveness… worst case scenario. Avoids confrontation, but attempts to get even through manipulation.

Sat 08:32am

Alex – 5 Languages of the M/s Relationship: tyes of conflict resolution personality types: passive – putting the interests of others before ones self – tend to be apologetic, even for things that they are not responsible for. Looking down or away. Quiet speech. Lowered self esteem. False feelings of inferiority. Disrespect or pity from others an follow. Second type: assertive – standing up for ones rights while maintaining respect for the rights of others. Verbal styles – I statements, confidence, erect stature, smooth relaxed movements. Higher self esteem, self respect, respect by others, respect for others. aggressive – you stand up for your rights at the expense of the rights of others. Conveys that your feelings are important; a sense of superiority. Verbal style includes raised voice, you statements. Non verbal clues, tense, rigid posture, pointing, staring. Can lead to guilt, disrespect from others and for others, anger and fear from others, lowered self respect.

Sat 08:25am

Loren – Learning about Polyamory!

Sat 08:23am

Alex – 5 Languages of the M/s Relationship: can you change someone’s manner of communication to match yours? No. All you can do it attempt to put someone in their mode of comfort by trying to match their way of speaking. By you will still hear in your own language.
How important is this? If I am using language that matchs, but what if I use different body language…we’ll get to that.
Is this related to the types of learning…don’t know. Possible.

Sat 08:18am

Alex – 5 Languages of the M/s Relationship: how can knowing this be of benefit in an Ms relationship? You can look for changing the way your communicate to better fit your partners frame of mind, and it can help convey a different angle on the processing that they are using.
There can be a predatory aspect to this. People who are good at NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) can use this to impact what peoples opinions are they can use this to be persuasive. Auditory communicators – ‘I totally hear ya. I’m really frustrated that you don’t hear what I’m trying to tell you. You’re not hearing what I’m saying. I need you to listen to me.’ auditory tend to look to the side – primarily to the left.
Emotional – ‘I feel like such and such. I need you to understand this. ‘. Again, simple visual cues and perception will help you determine what kind of communicator someone is.

Sat 08:10am

Alex – 5 Languages of the M/s Relationship: Very full room. Brief introduction of Master Rick and slave Tina. Been together for 10 years. Known each other for 14 years. We’re to talk about communication in relationships. What feeds you emotionally. What manner of communication will work for you; for your partner?
What is communicatin – the use of words or motions to effectively convey ideas or information. Auditory, visual and emotional communicators. Knowing what kind of communicator someone is can make it easier for them to get comfortable at communicating back with you.
Everyone is a combination of the three. Facial cues give a sense. Visual – will tend to look up. Emotional – tend to look straight ahead. Visualizer ‘I see what you mean. Do you see what I’m doing here?’

Sat 07:59am

Loren – Just did a bit of schmoozing in the lobby and now ready for the next class – Polyamory: The Real Three’s Company with Master Alex Keppler

Sat 07:34am

Alex – final questions to consider: How much authority do you ACTUALLY have over your slave?
How much does your slave ACTUALLY trust you and how much do you ACTUALLY trust your slave?

Sat 07:26am

Alex – Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: what about when you risk yourself by being emotionally vulnerable and intimate with your slave? How is your relationship set up? Is it sign for emotional sharing or is it mor stoic? Is emotional intimacy a service in your relationship? Ae they a romantic partner? Is it more important for them to have that intimacy versus the safety and security of appant emotional stability? He paranoid is your slave? Are they imagining things to be far worse than they actually are? Do you as the M have another outlet for emotional sharing? Are you bottling up emotional strain for the purpose of maintaining a sense of stability.


Sat 07:18am

Alex – Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: what about when you risk the security of the home? Communication about theatre of the risk and the rewards or motivations can be valuable. Financial, public opinion (s’s tend to be much more conservative about this), decisions for children – particularly when they are not you own children. Do you as the M want this change so badly that if you were to give it up for any but the most powerful and moral reason, would you resent it? Is there a moral reason not to do it? What standArd of living are you accustomed to? What degree of recoverability does the change have? What is the degree of social disapproval are you used to? Can you be oversimplifying the consequences? What are your values and how do the risks align with your values.

Sat 07:09am

Alex here – the session with Raven Kalderaon risk assessment has been a very thoughtful discussion on how to ask questions and make evaluationsa and bear the personality of your s in mind to mitigate the strain that can come from differing risk evaluations and how to let risk management strengthen an Ms relationship rather than harm it.

Sat 07:05am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: what is your responsibility for risk management for yourself given the context of your s and relationship? Ms tend not to take well to others telling them how to live their lives. Many are very stubborn, it an be very challenging for an s to see their M not taking proper advice. Grey areas become difficult…the s wanting to keep their M healthy versus the M not wanting to be managed or controlled. How do I ask this without sounding like I’m nagging? Show your fear of the consequences.
Is your slave a worrier? Are they normally level headed, but this gets to them? Do they have personal history that may be coming into play? Did they lose two family members to lung cancer and you won’t stoop smoking? Do they have an anxiety disorder? Using fear may be nonconstructive. you may need outside help… Does engaging in specifically risky behavior make you feel more in control of your life?there can be a double standard, but … How would you feel about your slave undertaking the same risky behavior?

Sat 07:01am

Loren – Justin asked the question:  “What would you tell each of the following 4 communities about your kink or fetish – M/s Community, General Public, Family of Origin, Larger Leather Community.  Really fascinating responses from the class attendees

Sat 06:53am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: what if your s wants to take a risk that you are uncertain about ‘I want to skydive’. Send them to do ‘research’ and present pro and con arguments. Can you finds neutral third party who can provide more information to you? ‘how does it benefit ME to have ou do this?’. If this dangerous thing goes badly how are we each going to feel? What are the consequences? Will I end up serving you for two months? For something that was avoidable and that I thought was a bad idea? Hve they done this thing before? How does it compare to risky behavior that you are willing to pursue yourself?
What is their degree of success historically with risky behavior? He well does your s evaluate their ability to undertake those risks?

Sat 06:48am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: risking your s-type’s health… Asking your s to move in…but you have cats, and they’re allergic? For instance. How much authority do you have? Does your s have a history of not caring for their help? Ae you more careful with their health than they are alone? How would you perceive a friend doing the same thing?

Sat 06:37am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: continuing the discussion about an s’s self-assessment. I say I can’t and you say I can… What makes it collaborative versus antagonistic? ‘what do I need to feel like you can do this?real or imaginary’ how can you envision being able to do this? How far can you get? How close to doing this can you get? Ability to self-assess can also vary widely like mood versus skill.

Recognizing patterns…is it possible that you as an M need to accommodate an s’s processing. The initial ‘I can’t’ generates a ‘well, nevermind’ is later followed by an ‘i’ll show you’ mentality which leads to ‘okay, I think I can do this’ after some thought.

A slave may WANT to be forced, but they may NEED to be cajoled.

Sat 06:27am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: how much trust does your s have in your ability in your ability to put them back together when things go off the rails? Successful failure helps build that trust in an ability to recover. There can be a sense of failure does not equal rejection that needs to be developed. Do you have confidence in your ability to out them back to gather OR know how to handle when you can’t handle it?

If you back off, how are they going to feel? They may be relieved, but if they don’t naturally challenge themselves… Or they may then feel that you the they’re weak. If you back down, you may be giving up power that damages the power dynamic. From the s perspective…I want you to push me, to prove to me that I CAN do things I don’t have confidence in my ability to do.

Sat 06:24am

Loren – Wow…Guy Baldwin’s keynot last night at MsC was amazing.  We’ll post both the audio and the transcript in a few days.

Sat 06:19am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: is this an area that triggers? Is there baggage tied to this circumstance of pushing the s? Is this good for them, or is it something I want. Does your s have a history of not taking their self assessment seriously and thoroughly?
If you back off, you can add a ‘for now’. Some will come along on a task they think will fail with attitudes of trust in your confidence, or with a true expectaation that it will fail. ‘I need for you to have faith that it will work, and that we will succeed at this.’. A master can say – we are experimenting – it may fail but ‘we are doing it for SCIENCE!’. It can be about the doing and trying, not about the outcome. Being open and clear about the expectations. Does this require success or is it really about the attempt? Be clear about ‘this is just a test case…if it works, fantastic!’

Sat 06:11am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera: every leadership role is about risk assessment. What is the first category of risk to discuss – from the s perspective ‘what happens when they get it wrong’. Teach about how to self-assess. What if we want our s to do something, and the s says ‘I can’t bring myself to do that.’. And our thought is ‘I think you CAN do this’. What the s is going to hear is that you tink their self-assessment is bullshit. You can back off, or you can make them do it and they succeed WOO HOO! Or o make them do it and they DO fail. Then come’s the ‘I told you so’ and trust can be damaged.

Sat 06:10am

Sat 06:08am

Loren  – First class this morning at MsC is Belonging and Be-Longing with Justin Tanis

Sat 06:07am

Risk Assessment with Raven Kaldera. This will not be about what you should be doing in your relationship. It will discussion questions to keep in mind, areas of risk, determining factors. The class is targeted to M-types.

Sat 05:59am

Hi – it’s Loren Berthelsen – welcome to Saturday at the 10th Master/slave Conference, held this year in Rockville, MD.  Today we’re taking in some of the lineup of excellent classes offered at MsC.

Sat 05:29am

Guy Baldwin is the Opening Keynote Speaker. Master Taino introduced him with a video photo montage covering Guy’s long history and many roles that he has played in shaping and developing the M/s and Leather Communities.

We’re working on posting Guy’s keynote speech in its entirety.

Our emcees returned with some closing comments and a final welcome.

Sat 05:25am

Master Taino was introduced and came to the stage for Opening Remarks. Another mention of the panel discussion on Sunday about the ten years of MsC. He introduced the new venue for the event and welcomes everyone to it, thanking the staff, and introducing three members of the staff including the General Manager.
The attendance is close to the record from 2011 – 506 at the time of the opening. Just 6 short of the record.
The Board of Directors and Event Staff were introduced.
Thank yous to and recognition of the volunteers, presenters, speakers, emcees, and participants.
There are over 70 classes and 10 round table discussions this year.

Sat 05:20am

Master Z and slave raven spent some time going over the events of the weekend, the services available during the conference, including the ‘Our Traditions Live’ program including speaker Master Bob Blount, Executive Director of MAsT International. The Carter Johnson Library once again has brought a selection of work with them to the conference for people to enjoy and browse. Rick Storer is also here on behalf of the Leather Archives and Museum. The program will close with the presentation of awards. Sunday’s program will include a panel discussion celebrating the ten years that MsC has been going on.

Sat 05:14am

After the thank yous to sponsors came the heart of the opening program. The lighting of candles in remembrance of members of the community who have been lost over the past year. Five candles were lit in remembrance of: Master Dennis “Ollamh” Schmidt, slave michelle gilbert, Nicholas Pilugin, Paula “Precious” Erickson, and Ian Turner. A sixth candle was lit to stand and recognize any other family members that attendees have lost over the past year. It’s a touching and considerate part of the ceremony that has a deep emotional feel to it. You could hear a few people in the audience managing their grief, and others gently sharing it.

Sat 05:08am

The sponsors include: Founding Sponsors: Master Taino’s Leather Family, MTTA Academy, MAsT Washington; Platinum Sponsors: MAsT DC Pan, MAsT Hampton Roads, MAsT Metro New York, MAsT Masschusetts, MAsT Central New Jersey, MAsT Philadelphia, MAsT Baltimore & Laurel Women; Gold Sponsors: MAsT Wilmington, Lifestyle Sewing, Violet Wand Store, O’Whips, Passional Boutique, Barking Leather, EF Leathercraft, Le Chateau Exotique, Orchid and Serpent Stores, Stompers Boots, Leatherati; Silver Sponsors: Thumper’s Keep, Leather Leadership Conference; Bronze Sponsors: MAsT Jersey City Gay Men, MAsT Edgewater Park, Master Bear Robert’s Leather Family, Power and Surrender, MAsT Towson, Castle Griffin; Cigar Party Sponsor: House Blackheart.

Sat 05:07am

Master Z and slave raven introduced a video that intended to show for us some recollection of just how things worked in the ‘Old Time Leatherbar’ . We’ll see if we can get our hands on the video to share… It was amusing for sure.

Sat 05:06am

I think it’s becoming apparent that the whole ‘Old Guard’/’New Guard’ discussion has moved into being a part of the way we live our lives at this point in the community. It’s becoming clear that the idea of there having been an ‘Old Guard’ way is a piece of folklore. What ISN’T folklore, is that there are men and women who have been around for a lot longer than most of us, and many of them are gone, and they had various rituals and practices. But there was no consistency, and no codified aspect to them.

Sat 05:06am

After the presentation of colors, our emcees for the weekend, Master Z and slave raven came out on stage to take the mic and get the show rolling. They offered up a bit of banter to get the crowd going and offered up a tidbit of private information about the ‘Old Guard’ leather bar and rituals.

Sat 05:05am

The opening ceremonies commenced tonight with a presentation of colors including the singing of both the Canadian and American national anthems. It’s fascinating to me, and I see as an interesting reflection of our sense of inclusion the degree to which more and more people seem to be able to ‘sing along’ with the Canadian national anthem. It wasn’t that long ago, that one could hear ‘O Canada’ in a room almost full of silent voices. Today, it’s clear at most events that there are more voices than Canadians singing. This is good thing.

Thu 09:46pm

So now that everything is wrapped up for the weekend, a lot of us are relaxing at the Eagle patio enjoying the BBQ that’s happening there. At some point, Tony Buff and Draven Torres will do a pup demo.

Before that, I did an interview with Ponygrrl Bixxy, North American Pony 2014. Watch out for that!

Thu 09:46pm

The contestants were introduced. First, Andy Coatham was introduced in his full rubber outfit and the emcees reminded the audience that he has to earn a mark of 70% or more to earn his title.

The Ms Leather Toronto contestants gave excellent speeches after they were introduced.

Before the Mr Leatherman Toronto portion, Brandon and Deb suggested a drinking game where everyone drinks whenever the words “journey” or “brotherhood” are said in the upcoming speeches.

Then, Jeremy starts his speech with “journey” an “brotherhood” repeatedly.

After the speeches, the emcees introduce the judges.

Sun 02:54pm

The new titleholders were introduced to the crowd at the Black Eagle.

Soon enough, Tony Buff and Draven Torres will do a pup demo.

Sun 11:24am

My name is J.J., and I have voluntitis.

Can you figure out what workshop I was just at? Well, for once, I actually attended the Volunon workshop facilitated by fellow photographer-in-arms, Rich Stadtmiller.

Although the workshop was humourous, I definitely need to work on some things in my life.

Sun 09:22am

So the contestants received their gifts for their participation. And they were photographed with the board by Rich and me. And the photo ops are done.

Sun 08:24am

So I’m at Garage, a newish restaurant in the Toronto Village for the Victory Brunch. Everyone’s slowly trickling in, surviving from last night.

Sat 07:45pm

The contestants were brought back on stage.

The seven contestants chose the recipient of the Fellowship Award, and the recipient is T’Hayla.

For Mr. Rubber Toronto, Andy Coatham earned his title.

For Ms. Leather Toronto, Patty won.

For Mr. Leatherman Toronto, farrell won and Jason was first runner-up.

Congratulations to all the contestants.

Before the Leatherball, the audience was entertained by the Rainbow Ballroom Dancers and Michelle Ross. I took photos of the new contestants. Now it’s time to party!

Good night.

Sat 07:09pm

I apologize. There have been some technical difficulties trying to do the live blogging so I’ve concentrated on taking photos.

So we went through great speeches, great outfits, great minimal/hotwear, and a great fantasy scene (despite technical difficulties).

Cowboi Jen won the Toronto Leather Pride award.

Master Jack Pearce presented the President’s Award to the Sharon St. Cyr fund and InkedKenny.

Now the 2013 titleholders are doing their final speeches before the winners are announced.

Sat 04:33pm

Master Jack Pearce, president of Heart of the Flag Federation speaks and thanks the help of everyone who made this event possible from volunteers and sponsors. Now he brings up the emcees, Brandon Matheson and Deb Pearce.

Sat 04:18pm

Now the flags are brought out an the anthems are being played.

Sat 04:13pm

So the crowd is surprised with a performance of “Blackbird” by local talent Jackie Mcafferrey (SP?) before the contest begins.

Sat 03:28pm

Wow…what an exciting day so far here at WIL Fest!  Classes, contest presentations, leather history, and the Annual General Membership meeting for WIL-International have kept everyone swirling with activity. More on all that when things settle down. For now, don’t forget to stop by the awesome vendor’s area and shop till you drop. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight for the contest. The competition has been out of this world and we are all eager to know who will serve as the 2013 Women in Leather Legacy title holder!

Sat 10:27am

Well that’s it for now. While many are either hanging about, reuniting with old friends, or participating in the TLP Educational Series happening at the 519 (http://torontoleatherpride.ca/tlp-2013-educational-series/), I need to figure out my next outfit for tonight’s competition. And maybe get some rest…

Ciao for now!

Sat 10:21am

Wondering about this year’s contestants?

Although I will say more later tonight when the competitions begin, here are their bios from the Toronto Leather Pride website:

– Mr. Leatherman Toronto Contestants => http://torontoleatherpride.ca/tlp-contestants/

– Ms. Leather Toronto contestants => http://torontoleatherpride.ca/mslt-2013-contestants/

– Mr. Rubber Toronto contestant => http://torontoleatherpride.ca/mrt-2013-contestants/

I wish all the contestants all the best. I have been asked already what my thoughts on who might win. Honestly, it’s hard to tell at this point how this will go. All we can do is see how things unfold tonight. And if you can’t be there, follow me here! 😀

Sat 10:13am

While the judges interview the 7 contestants for all three competitions, I thought I’d post about the judging panel.

We have a very illustrious panel of judges and tallymasters for this year’s competitions:

– head judge, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2007 Steve Martin
– International Ms. Bootblack 2012, Tarna
– International Mr. Leather 2009, Jeffrey Payne-Roy
– International Ms. Leather 2008, Hobbit (who has the coolest rainbow-coloured hair and I have to get a picture of it later)
– Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2012, Alex Canning
– Mr. Leather Ottawa 2010, Mike Tattersall
– Mr. Black Eagle 2002/2005, Bob Watkin
– Sarah Pie
– Triskelan
– tallymasters, buddy and boy dana Prosser
– alternate judge, MLT 2013 Robert Miller (although the on-going joke is that he is cringing about giving up the sash during these interviews… so much that he now has a shirt with a print of that sash on it! Perhaps one of the few shirts he has in life. And the jokes just keep on going with him)

Their bios can be found on http://torontoleatherpride.ca/toronto-leather-pride-judging-panel/

Sat 01:12am

At the Eagle, TORN (Toronto Rubbermen Network) had demos in the new dungeon backroom following Tony Buff/Draven Torres’ demo. They were a combination of bondage, nipple play, and electro play. One of the demo bottoms was Robert Miller, and before he it released, the audience sang happy birthday to him before smooshing cake in his face.

It will also be Peter Rex’s birthday on Monday, and e got caked in the face too.

For Robert, I bet this is a birthday he would never forget. Especially when Rich Stadtmiller and I took pictures so he won’t forget. Ever.

Sat 12:22am

Welcome to Women in Leather International Fest 2013! The event began with bag stuffing and socializing in the hotel bar Thursday evening.  Throughout the evening, one after another amazing leather folk were arriving from the airport and long drives.  Just when I felt the bar was filled with as much history and hotness as it could hold another arrival! After hours of laughter, many photographs of the most unlikely folks posing with Angel Props’ frilly pink parasol, and a few hot make out sessions we finally closed the bar down and called it a night.

Early Friday began for me with helping Glenda Rider set up her “Show and Tell” tables in the vendor’s room. She will be offering the Keynote speech during the Sunday brunch and brought with her an incredible array of her collected history. IMsL related memorabilia including posters, pins, tee shirts, and scripts fill one long table. The center piece of the second table is Glenda’s pin vest which has to weigh at least 20 pounds and includes pins from hundreds of events most of us have only read about. Surrounding the pin vest are Playhouse newsletters, Glenda’s ‘baby’ pictures from her early years in the community, and FIST memorabilia. If you came to the event and did nothing but checkout her stuff you would still leave a happy camper.

Classes began at 2p.m. and ran through the afternoon until the evening BBQ party. The vibe was great as the whole event sat and shared a meal before getting dressed up for the evening Women in Leather Legacy contest Meet and Greet.  The Meet and Greet included the auctioning off of the baskets of the three contestants. This was our first chance to really see the contestants on stage and all of them were posed and fabulous.

Our auctioneer Caro pointed out that this year’s event theme is “Hell Bent For Leather” which “explains the weather.” She said, “Next year we will be holding this event in Hell as that will at the least be a few degrees cooler.” The crowd roared with laughter since the weather here in Dallas has indeed been crazy hot, well over 100 degrees and high muggy factor.

Once that wrapped up most folks headed for the Dallas Eagle to really get the party rolling. We opted to stay in the hotel bar and have some drinks with (dare I say it?) the early to bed crowd. Overall, WILI-Fest has going started with a bang!

Fri 08:52pm

After a humorous introduction to the contestants, judges, and current titleholders, and Carlotta basically wanting to bonk everyone (except me… But that’s okay, believe me), everyone’s headed to the Eagle for Full Fetish Friday.

And with that, good night!

Fri 07:55pm

The current titleholders are brought up on stage and they each address the crowd.

Fri 07:51pm

And Carlotta sings happy birthday to Robert along with te rest of the bar.

Fri 07:13pm

Yay, we’re finally starting Meet the Meat!

Hosted by Carlotta Carlisle, she did one song, “if you could read my mind” before introducing te contestants and judges.

And Carlotta is drooling over a lot of the contestants and judges. Yet she doesn’t care if he breaks up relationships. That’s our drag queen.

Fri 06:54pm

My God, there are a lot of titleholders in the house – from different cities in Canada and US ranging from local to international – both past and present. I see titleholders from Ottawa, Wisconsin, Montreal, Kingston, California. It’s a lovely mash up and reunion.

And of course, I have one of the best outfits. Of course, Master Tony Palazzo would kill me if I use the o-word again. 😉

Fri 05:41pm

So it’s also Robert Miller’s bday, and everyone sang happy birthday to him. Then, he dove into a box of leather pride- and harness- themed cupcakes created by his title father, Alex Canning.

Of course, I had to take pics of him eating cupcakes.

Fri 03:59pm

I’m back! And off to Woody’s/Sailor for the Toronto Leather Pride VIP reception and Meet the Contestants events.

Fri 07:49am

And I thought I’d share my roasting speech for Robert Miller (which I got a lot of help with) since I really didn’t elaborate about it at all during my live blogging last night. I’d like to thank Mr. DC Eagle 2013 Nigel Williams, Mr. Prime Choice Leather 2012 Todd Sittler, Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2012 Jeff Gruenberger, and Jeremy Feist for helping me put this together. It’s not exactly what I said word-for-word when I got up on stage, but it’s close enough.



I feel honoured to be asked by Robert to do this roast. Youkali also asked me to roast her, but I felt all I can say about her was that her ass just seemed to break everything that came in contact with her. However, I was concerned because I wasn’t sure how Robert would react. I mean, if I could knocked out unconscious by Peter (Rex) “pretending” to do a sleeper hold on me, I could only imagine what Robert could do to me. So I addressed these concerns with Robert, and he said that I would have immunity. So please remember that, Robert.


No shirt at MAL 

I see you’re not wearing a shirt, Robert. I’m shocked. It’s like hearing me say that I’m gay; that’s how shocked I am.

Out of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of him, he seemed to be shirtless in about five or ten of them. I mean, the women on Girls Gone Wild keep their shirts on longer than you.

Now, I remember Robert telling me about his leather faux pas at MAL that Jeff (Gruenberger) brought up, and he told me that he thought, “What would JJ do in this situation?”

Well, I have a response to that question: “I am wearing a shirt; it’s a see-through shirt. It’s so see-through that you’d swear that you just see my muscles… come… touch.” **drool and apologize**


Diet obsessed

Now, for this roast, I asked his fellow titleholders from his IML class for dirt on Robert. Aside from having no shirt at MAL, a common item that was brought up was Robert’s obsession with his diet. I mean, look at him; you can’t look like that without watching what you put in your mouth. Uh uh.

But even the most careful of dieters have their moments, and this was true of Robert. According to his brothers, he was observed having guilt-ridden binges at Burger King, and i bet he found a way to rid himself of that guilt **stick finger in mouth**. I’m just kidding; like Robert still has a gag reflex. But maybe you should teach Woody Woodruff a thing or two about dieting so he can zip up his title vest again.


Tight pants at IML

*to Robert* Now, Robert, are those the pants that you had made for IML?

Well I’m glad that you’re not wearing those pants. According to your IML classmates, your pants that you picked up prior to IML were so tight that you couldn’t sit down. Peter Rex can’t sit down very often either, but … that’s for different reasons. Your classmates were so concerned that they considered trying to lube you to get you in them. They were even concerned that you didn’t even eat during the competition. Well, now we know that’s not true, right?

Avoiding the muscleman pose during IML

But hey, Robert, you look very good. Why wouldn’t you show off your muscles?. **demo the muscle pose**

Oh wait, you were asked not to. Prior to IML, Master Jack suggested to Robert that he not do the muscleman pose during the competition, or he’d shoot him if he did. Well, Robert took that suggestion in, and turned it into a tease on stage. On stage, he would almost do the pose *show how*, but then would drop his arms and wave his fingers saying “no no”.*show how*. But like with his diet, he ultimately succumbed to doing that pose. Fortunately, it was the day after the competition where he was awarded as the second runner-up.


Bend Over Bitch

*to Robert* We, the community in Toronto, are very proud of what you accomplished, Robert. And although you could probably take us all down, you are a good sport when it comes to being stripped naked, tied up, and spanked/flogged in public. Because of that, I figured out a new nickname for you – B.O.B. Not “Bob” like your partner or “Bob” as a variation of your name, but spelled B-period-O-period-B-period.

*to audience* Now you all wonder what that acronym means. Well it comes from a phrase that was said to him during the recent Toronto Pride Parade.

While on the parade route, Robert was interviewed by local comedian Trevor Boris for Xtra. As they talked, Trevor asked Robert if he could slap him on the ass, and Robert agreed. Trevor took Robert’s leather glove and yelled to Robert, “BEND OVER BITCH!”. Robert bent over and took three slaps from Trevor Boris. Then, Robert said “My turn” and Trevor ran off and later commented, “Well I think that fulfills my leather quota for the year.”

And if you haven’t seen that clip, you can check it out on Youtube under “Toronto Pride highlights 2013” by xtraonline or check it out on my Facebook page. I would suggest going to Robert’s Facebook page because I posted it there as soon as I saw this link, but I noticed my post disappeared from there. Just remember, B.O.B., things will always come back to slap you in the ass.

Fri 07:37am

So at the Eagle last night, Tony Buff was there doing a rope suspension demo with Draven Torres, and they will be demoes every day for the rest of this coming weekend for Toronto Leather Pride. Check out the Black Eagle Toronto website for more details => http://blackeagletoronto.com/fetish-force-demos/

After that demo, Toronto Puppy 2013 Ego did pup demos with pups from my local pack, Black Eagle Kennel Club. Aroooooooooo!

Thu 07:37pm

Now the women and trans people stay at Crews for the SURGE! Party while the men went to the Black Eagle.

Thu 07:18pm

Finally, it’s Robert’s turn:

– Ryan Lemesurier: he talked about how they met at Northbound and how Robert freaked when he realized Ryan was a MLT. Then he said a lot of nice things.

– Jeff Gruenberger: he talked about the four lessons he learned from Robert, which included about formal being just a vest and bare chest, and an accessory spells H-A-R-N-E-S-S, and I will write the rest later.

– then me: I will post it later.

Then, each titleholder did short rebuttal. Robert said to a bunch of us, “You’re dead.”

Thu 06:13pm

Youkali’s turn:

– den dady Connor Faulkner: he did an eloquent speech with a lot of sci fi imagery in his wording!

– Dee: she talks about Youkali leaving with big slippers for the next titleholder to fill them. Then called her a “poupoun”

– Gillian: she has seen Youkali’s “poupoun” that it’s beautiful. She called her he epitome of ambassador-ship. Then she leaves wih the words describing her in dungeon, “stomping, boots, baseball, kiddie pool full of her own juices”. Then have her a crop full of mallows.

Thu 05:57pm

Now Peter Rex’s roasting begins:
– David Knott (Mr. Steamworks 2013) talks about he was the original Mr. Steamworks, and has a lot of energy for a man his age.
– boy alex is sad he doesn’t have any product to molest him with. He says he’s been around for a long time, and it’s sickening how he looks great in whatever he wears – leather, rubber, etc. he didn’t insult much because he’s worried about his husband, Steve.
– Sarah Pie: comes to fellow slut or “woman about town”. She also talks about Youkali able to pick up a luggage of leather which weighed 50lbs. Then she proceeded to rub shiny stuff on Peter’s rubber. Then she talked about Youkali’s inner fag and her matchup-matchy self, and shows off her purple skull slippers that she wore at Sarah’s place when she stayed over. Then for Robert, she talks about his boundless enthusiasm that will eventually wear a pretty hat.

Thu 05:40pm

Now, the outgoing titleholders get introduced before they get roasted.

First, Master Jack starts.
– He boasts about Peter Rex’s butt.
– For Youkali, whose name Jack couldn’t pronounce many times over. He talks about the anthology she did, and about her next book, “50 Shades of Purple” in honour of her.
– For Robert, he talked about Robert’s love of harnesses, and bought 00 of leather in the first few hours – mainly harnesses. Hence, some of his suggested names were “Mama’s Canadian Doris Day” and “Mama’s Canadian Harness”.

Now it’s Victoria Windsor’s turn:
– she gloats about this team, and talked about how much fun and hard work they brought to their titles.
– Youkali: called her a “Lyin’ bitch” and does an impression of Youkali’s sweet subtle arrogance. Don’t turn your back on her because she’ll have a knife and Youkali pulls out a knife.
– Peter: talked about she met him and his husband (head judge Steve Martin) are Ken and Ken of the community. And how disappointed how not macho he is when he puts his finger in his mouth and sticks out his ass. Then, she tested his spelling of her name, which she ribbed about how he misspelled this morning after knowing each other a long time.
– Robert: she talks about he met her, and saluted him as soon to be the master of the universe with a really pretty hat. She then pulls the Muir cap off him and wears it on herself, and says it’s an accessory. And Robert keeps calling for intermission. She said he will leave a legacy – a bobble statue in all 50 states.

Thu 05:03pm

Yay for pee break! I can try and memorize my speech.

Thu 05:00pm

Now the contestants are introduced by Victoria Windsor

Mr Rubber Toronto
– Andy Coatham

Ms. Leather Toronto
#1 – T’Hayla
#2 – Patty

Mr. Leatherman Torono
#1 – Jeremy Feist
#2 – Rick McCarthy
#3 – Jason Cole
#4 – farrell Collier

There was also acknowledgement of the Pantheon of Leather winners:
– Victoria Windsor
– Jake English
– Jeffrey Payne-Roy

Thu 04:50pm

The Heart of the Flag Federation board is introduced.

Then, acknowledgements of people in the room who are helping.

Thu 04:47pm

Before we roast, the Mama’s Family inductions happen:
– Youkali, Mama’s Canadian Youkali
– Pup Ego
– Sarah Pie
– Robert Miller, Mama’s Canadian Wrestler
– Parul C

Welcome to the Family!

Thu 04:37pm

So apparently we’re starting soon. I’m a bit nervous. And apparently a bit dry. Thanks T’Hayla for getting me water. I can’t be croaky on stage.

Thu 03:50pm

This is J.J. Deogracias coming to you live before the first of many major events for this coming week in Toronto Leather Pride Week. I will soon be heading to Crews & Tango for “Salute!”, a roast for the outgoing titleholders of 2013.

And what’s scarier is that I, your Leatherati North Correspondent will be one of the roasters for Mr. Leatherman Toronto for the next few days, Robert Miller. Fortunately, he gave me immunity for whatever I say.

Sun 03:47pm

So Toronto Leather Pride Day is wrapped up at Zipperz.

Later, there is a Steamworks after party tonight. I might go for a little bit.

Sun 03:19pm

So according to Master Jack Pearce, there were 68 people registered for the Toronto Leather Pride march. By the end of the parade, there were just under 100 people marching.

Sun 02:34pm

So I met most of the contestants.

For Mr. Leatherman Toronto, there are four contestants – Jason C, Jeremy F, boy farrell, and Rick.

For Ms. Leather Toronto, there are two contestants – T’Hayla and Patty H.

For Mr. Rubber Toronto, there is one – Andy. So he’ll be facing the 70% rule.

This is going to be an exciting week. Long, but exciting.

Sun 02:30pm

So at Vendor Market/Leather Swap, I found two interesting outfits even for me – a camo jumpsuit and a “Standard First Aid/Ontario Provincial Police” military outfit. And already I got interesting complements and interesting photos (I.e. in the bushes, saluting in front of the Leather Pride flag).

People actually wondered if I actually came with multiple costume changes. Let me set the record “straight”, I came in with ONE outfit, and now left with THREE.

Sun 11:12am

I have more pictures of the march but I’m encountering some testicle…. I mean, technical difficulties trying to upload it.

The march went well. There were puppies and rubber people and leather people, all genders, all outfits yelling, screaming, marching, and showing their Leather Pride in the major streets of Toronto. Definitely got stares, phone cameras flashing, and people hooraying.

Now, we’re at Zipperz/Cellblock where the party is hapoening outside and the vendor market and leather swap is happening inside. Off to party!

Sun 10:47am

Waiting to march.

Sun 10:39am


Sun 10:33am

Sun 09:57am

Oh and apparently , we’re being escorted by the police.

Sun 09:53am

So we’re all here at Cawthra Square beside the 519 waiting and talking before this march begins. And I like the looks of people’s faces as they see my Leather Pride Wonder Whoa-man outfit.

*sigh* the week has begun.

Sun 08:44am

This is JJ Deogracias rushing as always to get to one of many events that will be happening during Toronto Leather Pride Week. To start off today, I will be attending the Toronto Leather Pride March. Although I will be marching and taking pictures, I will not be flag twirling like I normally would in a parade. This time, the flag will be on my cape of my outfit

Sun 07:46am

This is Loren…wish I was with JJ in Toronto!

Sun 07:39am

What a great day for Leather Pride!

Sat 11:21pm

well, I guess this kind of works

Sat 11:20pm

Wow…this took is kind of weird