by Master Bella and slave rooks

Leather. Love. Cocktails. Laughter. Cocktails.

Those are the words that spring to mind when I recall our weekend at South Carolina Pride in Leather. Cocktails are thrown in there twice for the emphasis on availability. Such that, my Yankee-wired brain interpreted the Saturday morning event titled “Eye Opener” as a chance to catch a couple shots of espresso and a light breakfast. Not so. It was definitely a party-friendly weekend.

In addition, The South Carolina Leather Ambassador title was up for grabs during the relaunch of this event. The contestants Jay Vegas and Troy Johnson hailed from quite different backgrounds and seemed to establish a good rapport with the event attendees. Both contestants brought entertaining fantasy performances and insightful speeches.

all photos by slave rooks

Breaking convention, the judges awarded both contestants the title. The more you learn about the contestants; the more this decision makes sense. Were it not for their common love of leather, the two contestants could not be more different with respect to their roles and the lifestyle subcultures they have familarity with. By becoming title twins, they will together be able cast a wider net to the greater leather community in their effort to spread the SCLC love.

After the conclusion of the contest the were was a formal dinner featuring a speech from the 2015 American Leather Woman and honored guest, LE. LE provided the attendees with a thought-provoking speech centering around freedom of identity. The evening was later closed with what? Yes, more cocktails. Although this time there was definitely a noted increase in the dancing, bumping, and grinding. We’d retired to our room, but were told we missed some rather amusing interpretive dance to Baby Got Back.

In the end, if you’re looking for a leather event that’s light on the wallet yet heavy on camaraderie be sure to add SCLC for your 2017 travel list. We highly recommend it.