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“Inclusive And Exclusive:” Keynote Speech SPLF 2016 by Ms Kendra

I have a short video to share with you this morning that one of my titleholders put together last year: VIDEO Now that you have seen a little bit of history and had a good laugh, good morning. Master Jim, slave marsha and Sir Cougar, I thank you for the opportunity this morning the share some thoughts and ideas. When I was asked to give the keynote speech this year at South Plains, I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and had just spent most of the day trying to make some tough decisions that I knew would affect some lives in our Leather community. I was also able to decide what I wanted to talk with you today about.

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WA State Mr/Ms Leather & Bootblack 2016 contest Keynote “Up Yours and Suck It”

"It is a privilege to be here. I am honored to have been asked to speak today and thank you for this opportunity. I was entrusted with the title of American Leatherwoman only 5 months ago. To date, my journey has been filled with varied experiences and continued learning. I have traveled quite a bit with no plans of slowing down just yet. I have attended large events but I am really enjoying and cherishing my involvement with smaller events like this. This is where the heart beats in our community and where I can really get to know you."

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Let Your Femme Flag Fly

This was originally a blog found here. With the author's permission, it has been reprinted on Leatherati for your enjoyment. From "fuzzbutt07:" Last night I was approached by someone who is very prominent in the leather community and asked to do one thing as I gear up for the next stage in my title run. This [...]

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IMsL 2015 Speaks on Forgiveness in Lupercalia Keynote

""Im about to tell you a very personal, a very real story. Bare with me, as my face may leak. I was physically abused as a child which led me to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. My mother always got involved with these ridiculous relationships which were never healthy for her or her children. She was an alcoholic and I watched her deteriorate during my early teens. So, I was a mom to her other kids.""

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Bob Miller Leather Leadership Award Acceptance Speech at Creating Change Conference

"Thank you to the National LGBTQ Task Force for creating this award. There was a time, not so long ago, when many in the LGBTQ community wished the people into leather would dress normally at gay pride marches, and worried that we held back progress. Back then, I argued and won gay rights impact litigation by day as a practicing lawyer, but snuck my boots and leather pants out of the house at night so I could change in my car…out of sight...twice a night…night after night."

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Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend—A Sunny, Sweaty Good Time!

"Escape “snowmageddon” and head to paradise for the sixth annual Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida March 18-20, 2016."

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Leather Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

"(January 5, 2016, Cleveland, Ohio) The Board of Governors of the Leather Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the inductees for 2016."

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CLAW 16 to Include Guy Baldwin, Mark I. Chester and Judy Tenuta

CLAW has two host hotels --The Holiday Inn Cleveland South, host of CLAW 15, and a phenomenal Embassy Suites, very nearby. Both are reserved for 100% CLAW occupancy and expected to be sold out soon. They are within easy walking distance and free shuttles will be available around the clock. More than 2000 leather men are expected at CLAW 16.

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Beyond Blue, Black, and White: Race in the Leather Community

"I walk into the Eagle Los Angeles on a busy Friday night. After getting my drink, I notice one of my friends walks in with someone I don’t recognize. This stranger has a thick beard with a shaved head. He stands six feet tall. He has a stocky, muscular body adorned by an intricate harness and tight leather pants. His nipples stand on end. Mine do too. My friend makes small talk with me and proceeds to introduce me to this new stranger. This stranger interrupts, “We’ve already met. You’re Rahul. We hung out last week at the other leather bar.” Baffled, I disagreed, “No, we’ve never met before because I was working last week.” He responded, “I couldn’t forget someone as hairy as you are. You have an excellent brown skin tone too. Very hot.” Then I say, “I’m not Rahul. I’m Ali.” After inspecting my physique and my face, he says “I’m so sorry. You look exactly like . . .” I’ve had this conversation many times after moving back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. The truth is that Rahul and I are good friends, but we look nothing alike. We are different people. I turned to the internet for answers."

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4th Annual Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend Looks to Impress!

"The team behind the 4th Annual Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend (ACLFW), led by Sir Steven Parker, has been working hard at planning and coordinating all the moving parts for the event being held February 5th – 7th, 2016. “I really want to make this year something everyone can enjoy, regardless of their kink”, Parker said in his home just north of San Antonio proper. “My goal since the very beginning has been about developing three key things within the local community: to create an event that provides inclusion, acceptance, and exposure to all sorts of kinks and fetishes.”"

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Leather Library Coming To Southwest Leather Conference

"Southwest Leather Conference is excited to announce that the Carter/Johnson Leather Library will be featured at the January 21 – 24 conference held in Phoenix, AZ. The Carter/Johnson Leather Library is an extensive traveling exhibit containing more than 10,000 items, includes artwork, books, DVDs, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, club and event pins, posters and other materials that explore the world of alternative sexuality going back to the 1700s."

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Adventures in Black Leather: It’s Our Anniversary!

"Adventures in Black Leather is a monthly series about the life and times of a Black Gay Leatherman living in the big city. On the occasion of ONYX’s 20th anniversary, I thought it would be appropriate to repost my lover letter to the organization that I love, with a few addendums."

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