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Every Thirteen Minutes…

" According to the CDC, in 2013, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death for Americans of all ages.1 A staggering 41,149 suicides were reported, roughly one almost every 13 minutes.2 The CDC sites suicide as the third leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24.1 Suicide is the second cause of death among persons aged 25-34 years, the third cause of death among persons aged 15-24 years.2 Statistics are one thing, so much yadda yadda, but all the statistics in the world don’t matter when you are the one who is left to deal with the suicide attempt or suicide of another."

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IML 35 Afterthoughts

IML Afterthoughts....by Caro IMLXX5--hard to imagine that what started out over three decades ago as a “bar contest” would grow into the joyous behemoth it’s now become, and each time I go, I enjoy it even more and not just for the obvious: the “eye-candy” or the shopping, or the parties, (all more than valid [...]

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CLAW Your Way to the Top

Approximately 1500 people took over two hotels in downtown Cleveland last weekend for CLAW12 (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend), and few events offer the variety of activities that CLAW does and that may be precisely what contributes to the success and scope of this event. This year it featured classes, parties Leather fellowship, a vendor mart, [...]

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Flashback to GRID?

On April 13, 2013, the New York Times reported that there were 22 cases of bacterial meningitis reported since 2010. Thirteen infections occurred this year, resulting in 7 deaths and prompting city health officials to urge all men who regularly have intimate contact with other men to be vaccinated for bacterial meningitis. This weekend, a [...]

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Polari – Gay Banter From Another Time

In the 1970s, the only time I heard the word, “Diva” was either from my gay friends or at the opera; likewise, “drama queen.” While those words originated as “camp speak” of the 60s and 70s, now, every pre- and post-pubescent tween or teen in the US can define the terms. Recently on Facebook, there [...]

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Tampa Bay Leather n Fetish Pride

by Caro, Two Contests In St. Petersburg, FlOver Veteran’s Day Weekend, November 9-11, 2012, the Flamingo Resorts at St. Petersburg was home to the Tampa Bay LeatherSIR/boy 2013 Contest and the International Puppy contest, that were part of the Tampa Bay Leather n Fetish Pride weekend. “Leather weather,” a rarity in Florida, augmented the “al fresco” weekend. Various booths were arranged poolside and festooned with leather pride colors, giving a fair-like atmosphere to the weekend.The booths were used for classes and demos, as a bootblack station and as information stations offered by groups such as Tampa TNG, the Florida Bash, NGR Tampa and Beyond, and the Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.The festivities began with opening ceremonies and the meet-and-greet on Friday night, classes and workshops on Saturday afternoon, two contests on Saturday night, and on Sunday afternoon, a Mama’s Family picture followed by a victory brunch and military-themed tea dance on Sunday afternoon. […]

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Atlanta Leather Bash – Mr/Ms International Transgender Leather

by Caro The Atlanta Leather Bash, held weekend of September 14-16 at the Atlanta Eagle, played host to a “coming together of the tribes” and notably the first International Transgender Leather Contest (ITL). This new Leather title contest was created to allow those individuals who identify as Transgender and Leather, a platform from which to [...]

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Fifty Shades of Bilious

By CaroRecently in a News to Abuse article on Leatherati, there was an article entitled BDSM E-books Take Over Kindle Chart that reported that roughly 10% of the best-selling e books contained elements of BDSM—and this was excluding the Grey Trilogy, the BDSM/sexually-explicit novels by E.L. James that have been on the New York Times’ best-sellers list for more than three months, and continues to enjoy this phenomenal success. How phenomenal? In a word: staggering. Consider this: available as both an e-book and in print, as of May 2012, the book rights for the series have been sold in 37 countries, and the series itself has sold more than 31 million copies worldwide, with movie rights being purchased in March 2012 by Universal Pictures and Focus Features for a cool $5 million.  Australia’s Herald Sun reported that discussions were being set up with Angelina Jolie as a possible director.  To put it into another perspective: according to the UK publication, The Daily Mail, sales of Fifty Shades of Grey outperformed Harry Potter, making it the fastest-selling paperback of all time. (Personally, I can’t wait to see the Shades of Grey attraction at Universal Studios!) Shades of Grey was originally published in 2011 as an online serial story entitled, Master of the Universe, by The Writer's Coffee Shop, a small Australian virtual publisher (that was subsequently paid $1M by Vintage Books, for publishing rights). The work won the 2011 Goodreads Reader’s Choice Award for “best romance” and is now credited for helping to launch a new publishing genre, unkindly referred to as “Mommy Porn.” Much of the success can be attributed to the internet and word-of-mouth/viral marketing buoyed by the availability of the work as an e book; the 21st century answer to the plain brown wrapper. […]

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