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Pride and Polaroids

I wasn’t going to post again for a couple of weeks, but last month was Pride month, a celebration of all we are: GLBTQ, Kink, Leather.  Market Street San Francisco was lined in big beautiful rainbow flags; I can almost hear the roar of the Dykes on Bykes!  It hasn’t always been like this, you [...]

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Universal Transportation: Flight 1

The New Yoga? Sadomasochism Leads to Altered States, Study Finds By Stephanie Pappas, Senior Writer   |   February 19, 2014 02:14pm ET   It’s about time a lot of buzz is going around about BDSM and spirituality. I was on a few panel discussions long ago talking about the connection between play and spirit.  I wrote [...]

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Body of God

Surprise!  With the eclectic title, “Body of God,” would you expect a full length documentary on body piercing, tattooing and ritual?  Fortunately, a friend posted the link on Twitter! It has been my wish that the unique story of Fakir’s life be made into a film focused not only on his more than 60 years of body [...]

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The Road to Now: Heart and Mind

When my adventures in kink started, I thought that S/M practices and community would be the key to fixing my whole life.  Not quite. Along the way I did find my life partner and my chosen family, for which I am deeply grateful.  But, as a survivor of serious abuse, I had work to do; [...]

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The Road to Now: Spirit and Sex

Fakir in Kavadi Ritual Photo by Mark I Chester Playing at the Catacombs, attending Janus and Outcasts programs was my early SM education. Fakir fascinated me by the esoteric and visually amazing self-practices he presented at Janus.  Borrowing Rites from ancient cultures like the Hindu Kavadi, Fakir created fire play ordeals he called “the kiss [...]

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The Road to Now

Photo by Michael Rosen If you have been reading my blog, you know sexual diversity has always attracted me despite my very anti gay french upbringing. San Francisco was my ticket to freedom. Follow me down memory lane and meet my mentors. In 1980, KQED-TV, the San Francisco Public Broadcasting channel, produced and [...]

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Kink Is OK!

 The leather flags are unfurled on Folsom Street in San Francisco.  It is Leather Pride month and mine has already started!  Last night I was on SexOutLoud Radio with Tristan Taormino  and we had a blast talking about my leather roots, kink today and sex!  Tristan and I have presented at many National Leather Conferences over the [...]

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Cynthia’s Boots

By now you’ve heard the history of Stonewall and the activism that has brought us to this day of equality.  Cynthia Slater, who started the first west coast BDSM organization in the US, The Society of Janus, was a good friend and the boots I inherited from her fit just fine.  I grabbed them as I walked [...]

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Leather Alley in Broad Daylight!

Dore Alley Fair, aka Up Your Alley, took place on Sunday July 28, 2013.  The first took place in 1985 on Ringold Street, moving to its current location on Dore at Folsom in 1987. And yes I attended both!  If this little alley could talk it would tell you dirty, steamy tales of the anonymous leathersex [...]

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Celebration! Happy Pride!

Cléo Dubois, Kink Educator, BDSM Coach, Consultant Celebration! Happy Pride! by Cleo Dubois on June 29, 2013 2 Votes   The last Sunday in June is a day I cherish. Pride is always the last Sunday in San Francisco. Called Gay Day when I started to attend the parade, it is LGBT now, a much wider mix. [...]

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S/M NOT Stand & Model!

As you know from last week’s story, Alan wanted Sam to top him and enjoy doing so. They show up at my door and Sam looks really nervous.  I escort her to the dungeon alone where she unpacks a huge bag of clothes, new high heels, a wig, garter belt, stockings, all the stereotype costuming [...]

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How I Met Alan and Sam

When we step into our dominant shoes we want to do it right. We surely do not want to create any physical or emotional harm.  A BDSM coach can guide you along your own path. This is a true story; far from unique. A charming bear with a big friendly smile, Alan came to my [...]

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