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Leather Hall of Fame 2017 Inductee List

"P R E S S R E L E A S E Leather Hall of Fame 2017 Inductee List December 10, 2016 The Leather Hall of Fame was established to honor and preserve the legacy of the extraordinary men and women who have significantly shaped the history of the leather/BDSM communities worldwide since 1950. The Board is pleased to announce the 2017 inductees: Durk Dehner, Peter Fiske, and MSC Hamburg."

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LE Legirl Leather Fiesta Keynote “To Be or Not To Be”

It is always so wonderful to be here in Albuquerque. When Diane asked me to do the keynote this year, I was honored. When she asked me to teach, I couldn’t say no… and then there was this opportunity to get to know this year’s contestants as a judge…whatever you need! Then she asked me to sing too and I was like “Whoa! Now you are asking too much!” She wasn’t the only person that asked me to sing *cough Kathryn clears throat Gary*… and well, I hate to disappoint anyone so I will sing a little something.

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South Carolina Pride in Leather

by Master Bella and slave rooks Leather. Love. Cocktails. Laughter. Cocktails. Those are the words that spring to mind when I recall our weekend at South Carolina Pride in Leather. Cocktails are thrown in there twice for the emphasis on availability. Such that, my Yankee-wired brain interpreted the Saturday morning event titled "Eye Opener" as [...]

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Reveling in “Divine Deviance”

by Race Bannon Divine Deviance is a multi-part documentary project, by and about the global kink communities, that will reveal the stories of people who create their own fellowships, both sexual and supportive. This film and web series will honor and explore our large and fascinating community’s diversity and truth. As someone who has actively [...]

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GLLA Announces Randal Kinnear and Woody Woodruff as GLLA 2016 Contest Emcees

"July 20, 2016 The Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) announces that the GLLA 2016 contest Emcees will be Randal Kinnear and Woody Woodruff. International Leather Sir 2006 Randal Kinnear brought many laughs to GLLA last year as a contest co-Emcee, and GLLA is thrilled he will return to the stage this year. He is a fundraiser, activist, entertainer, auctioneer, producer, mentor, teacher, and Bootblack. Among Randal’s many accomplishments, he is the former owner and president of ILSb-ICBB, first runner up at International Drummer 2000, the 2003 Pantheon Leather Man of the Year, the 2005 Flesh and Fantasy Man of the Year, and the 2009 Pantheon South Central Regional Award winner. Currently, Randal resides in Dallas, Texas."

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Keynote Speech – M/s Gathering

by Catherine Gross Speech for M/s Gathering – April 22nd, 2016 Thank you for asking me to speak. It’s a particular honor to speak at a conference whose workshops are composed by those attending and not the voice of one educator at a time. Speeches are generally about what is not quite right and highlight [...]

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Live from IMsL 2016

Join the amazing Deborah Hoffman-Wade live this weekend at IMsL! Plus we'll have awesome photos to come from Photo Jan.

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Happenings in Houston

by Rooks RIPCORD, Houston’s definitive leather bar has welcomed a new tenant —The Montrose Forge — to vend inside it’s already great atmosphere. The new store opened this February, filling a much needed gap for a gear shop within the local community after a previous local business closed its doors. The store owner is no [...]

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Live at Leather HEAT

Leatherati Editor in Chief will be blogging live at Leather HEAT - check it out.

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Live at LA Leather 2016

Leatherati's own Alex Lindsay will be blogging live from the Mr Los Angeles Leather contest. Catch it all right here!

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Live in Dallas! Southplains Leatherfest

Welcome Home! The Leatherati crew is back home in the Big D for a full weekend of SPLF fun. Join Master Todd, slave elizabeth, Rooks and Loren Berthelsen for live updates right here.

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Authority Vs Anarchy: Punks, Power Exchange, and BDSM

By Steven Patton Last fall at a leather weekend event, the MC introduced someone to the stage who's bio mentioned being an anarchist. The MC questioned on the microphone how one could be an "anarchist" in BDSM? This struck me, as I too consider myself to be very much more in the punk/anarchist veign of [...]

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