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Tolerance Is Overrated

"by Tobin Britton When first asked to contribute to this peace I’ll admit I had hesitation. It came on the cusp of insane rulings that have the Black Nation reeling and those of us, including myself, who have firsthand experience of, or witness to, police brutality feeling fearful and enraged. I have my own personal accounts I could relate but I have decided that is not my goal today. I need no sympathy, we now have awareness. The awareness of the Nation. What we have apparently needed, to remind people that racism in all of its insidious forms is in no way, dead. It had been sort of, swept under the rug in the wake of gains in the 60’s and 70’s. We thought we had come out victorious with sweeping cries of tolerance and Jim Crows laws struck down. Desegregation and the mixing of races on a daily basis had us fooled because of” tolerance”. You read that correctly, tolerance. I’m sure you are thinking, “what could possibly be wrong with tolerance?”."

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Titleholder Problems-When Race Is Thrown in The Mix

" By Ramien Pierre- Part of my titleholder privilege is unearned acceptance when I go into most leather spaces, so I’m often insulated from moments when my race is conspicuous. But I’ve had a few since being named IML. These moments occur frequently enough to me and other leather men of color that I can’t dismiss them. None of these were riot-worthy or chair-throwing incidents. And without knowing the hearts and minds of the other people involved, I wouldn't even call them “racial” incidents. But they were definitely moments when I was reminded that, as a black gay Leatherman, I’m a member of a sub-culture within a sub-culture within a sub-culture."

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SECC Has A New Title Family-Adds A Bootblack To the Mix!

"Orlando, FL.It’s with great pleasure that SECC introduces our SECC Leather family for 2015. Mr SECC Leather 2015 is Jeffrey Williams from Knighthawks of Virginia. MS SECC Leather 2015 is Suzanna Stracener from SRALL, and our first ever SECC Leather Bootblack 2015 is Kat Vago also from SRALL. We are sure these 3 will have great title years and represent the SECC member clubs and business partners well."

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"Dallas, Texas: The General Membership of National Leather Association (NLA) – Dallas voted to renew the organization’s Coalition Partnership with National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) extending the relationship between the two organizations. Continuing partnership enables NLA-Dallas to continue its mission of building, strengthening and defending individuals, organizations, publications and businesses within our community, especially against threats to their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights to free association and right to equal protection under the law."

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Leather Life Photography Contest-Extended to Feb 8

"The Goal of the Leather Life Photography Contest is to explore and exhibit the various avenues, and intricate ideals of the "Leather Lifestyle". This includes a raw exploration of an individuals view point of their life and of those that live in Leather. Photography brings an unspoken awareness, connection and insight into many journeys. "

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SEAL Releases Workshop Presenter and Vendor Line-Ups

"Celebrate the return of leather to Charleston, SC at the Connections Niteclub, February 27 - March 1, 2015. This is the first regional leather contest weekend that has been held in the city, and also is bringing leather back to its roots, as the venue was formerly the Charleston Eagle, many years ago! Come and be apart of this history making weekend!"

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The Peter Fiske Whip Collection

Peter Fiske has been a player longer than many of us have been alive and along the way he’s amassed a truly spectacular, and one-of-a-kind, collection of whips. And trust me, Peter’s whips don’t just gather dust!

Check out this great video by Lord Lugh of Peter showing off some of his Tawses. […]

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Add Your Events to the Leatherati Calendar

"Leatherati has its own D-I-Y Calendar that community members can use to place their own events. You can even enhance your submission by submitting photos via email as well! If you are new to our site or have not yet used our Calendar Tab, here is a quick tutorial on how to place your event and let the world know what's happening in your area!"

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Venue Change: SFLDG Program – Are Leather Titles Necessary?

Venue Change!

Are Leather Titles Necessary? will now be held at

San Francisco LGBT Community Center
Rainbow Room
1800 Market Street, San Francisco

7:30-9:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 28, 2015

For more information, see the LDG web site

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IML Executive Board Changes and 2015 IML Judges Announced

Credit goes to Patty, IMsL 2014, for the juicy info on the changes and judges.


This year while at MAL, Jon Krongaard, a longtime board member of IML, announced that he was stepping down from day to day activity and that Joey McDonald would be stepping up to take on the role as Executive Director of […]

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MAL 2015

Live Coverage – Join Leatherati’s Tynan Fox and Alex Lindsay live at Mid Atlantic Leather in Washington, D.C.!

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Are Leather Titles Necessary?

Leather titles, and by association – leather titleholders, is definitely one of those third-rail topics in our communities and the guys at the San Francisco Leatherman’s Discussion Group are stepping square on to it.

From the SFLDG website – “Is a leather title necessary to take a leadership role? What compels contestants to run? […]

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