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S.E.A.L. Weekend Announces Judges and Dates for 2016

"*** For Immediate Release *** June 13, 2015 – The Southeastern Alliance of Leather announced the dates for the 2016 Southeastern Alliance of Leather (S.E.A.L.) Weekend contest dates and judging panel at Southeast Leatherfest 2015 Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, the S.E.A.L region has expanded to include the states of Virginia and Florida for its contest starting the 2016 contest season. The contest and workshops will be held July 28, 2016 – July 31, 2016 and the following judges have been confirmed:"

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IML 2015 Contestant Speeches – Bas Stronks and Matthew Birkhoff

Next up – two more awesome contestant speeches from IML 2015: Bas Stronks, Mr. Hoist 2015 and Matthew Birkhoff, Mr. Big Easy Leather.

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IML 2015 Contestant Speeches – Brett Murden and Andreas Moore

Here to enjoy are two more speeches from IML 2015 Contestants Brett Murden, Mr Leatherman Toronto and Andreas Moore, Bavarian Mister Leather.

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IML 2015 Contestant Speeches – Daniel DeLage and Ren Rushold

We’re back with two more excellent speeches from IML 2015 – Daniel DeLage, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2015 and Ren Rushold, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2015

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IML 2015 Contestant Speeches – Herman Groenewald and Rob Kreisinger Denk

Continuing with our coverage of the contestant speeches from IML 2015, here are Herman Groenewald and Krisinger Denk.

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IML 2015 Contestant Speeches – Greg King and Luis Tipantasig

Next up in our series of contestant speeches from IML 2015 – Greg King – Mr. Maryland Leather 2015 and Luis Tipantasig- Mr. Chicago Leather 2015.


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IML 2015 Contestant Speeches – Alex Ruiz and Arnaud Amsterdam

Everyone came out of IML 2015 talking about the amazing group of men who competed this year and especially the men who made the top 20 cut.  Leatherati’s Dream Team was on hand to capture much of the action, especially the speeches which we’ll be sharing with you over the next few days.

First up are […]

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Mr. New England Rubber 2015

By Kevin Henderson

The 5th annual Mr. New England Rubber contest was held on Saturday May 2, 2015, at the Providence Eagle in Providence, Rhode Island.  Courtaud was named the winner and will serve as leader of New England’s rubber community for the next year.  I am happy to report back on the night and offer […]

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OMsL to Give Lady Lynnette Service Award

"OMsL is pleased and honored to announce the First Annual Lady Lynette Service Award, to be awarded during this years event. Lady Lynette was much loved, and contributed greatly to not just the Midwest, but the community as a whole. Known around the country for her tireless contributions, Lady Lynette will be dearly missed by all."

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Dear Gregory

I am bewildered. When I heard the news of your suicide, all I had (and still have) are questions. Why did you take your own life? What happened in the two days since we last spoke that you realized you couldn’t take it anymore? It hurts to know that I won’t see your face or […]

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When Benign Disinterest of Gay Men Towards Women Isn’t A Bad Thing

"While clearly overshadowed by the aftermath of Puppy-gate, the question of women's participation at CLAW 15 had reached a high enough tide to justify the inclusion of a panel discussion on Saturday afternoon, with CLAW Board members and staff seeking feedback and input from attendees about women's participation...."

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International Puppy Weekend Saint Louis

The International Puppy Club is pleased to announce information for this year’s International Puppy Weekend and International Puppy Contest, July 16-19, 2015 with the majority of the weekend’s events held at JJ’s Clubhouse, 3858 Market Street, St. Louis, MO 63110

The weekend’s move was necessitated by the closing of our former venue, The Bad Dog Bar […]

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