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Portland Queer Kink and Leather

Check out Leatherati's own Co-Editor in Chief, Leland Carina's, new blog column for PQ Monthly.  Leland has been a major contributor to Leatherat's success and it's awesome to see her share her voice with the kinksters in Portland. I <heart> Leland!

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Countdown to IMBB 2014

For 20 minutes he made nasty, sweaty, greasy love to my boots. He ground the soles against his crotch. He licked them. He kissed them. He probably applied Pecard's with his tongue as he made sure that not a single inch of leather escaped his attention.

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Leading From The Closet

Recently one of my Facebook friends re-posted a question about whether or not educators and activists in the alternative sexuality communities should use their full name and not hide behind screen or scene names. It's not a new questions for sure. I hear various forms of it at almost every event I attend. On that [...]

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Sin in the City 2014 – Weekend Recap

So, a trash-talking drag queen, a pretty-boy boy stripper and a senior Elvis impersonator walk in to a bar...  It kinda does sound like the opening salvo of a nasty joke but really it's just the tip of the iceberg to one of the funnest events I've been to in a long time - Sin [...]

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SW Olympus Leather Contestant Fantasies and Speeches

Although no female contestants stepped up for the 2014 Ms SW Olympus Leather competition, on the men's side there were three guys who took the challenge: Steven, Papa Bear and Mr Dark. Each had to survive private judge interviews, an on stage pop question as well as present a speech and a fantasy. I can [...]

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Ms SW Olympus Leather 2013 Stepdown Speech

Check out TC's stepdown speech delivered at the 2014 SW Olympus Leather contest during the Sin in the City 2014 weekend event.

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Nina Hartley – Sin in the City 2014 Keynote Speech

Nina Hartley delivered the keynote speech at the Sin in the City conference in Las Vegas. The keynote was written by Nina's husband Ernest Greene who unfortunately could not be at SITC to deliver the speech, which Nina did in his absence. There's some pretty interesting stuff in the speech - check out the audio [...]

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Nastier, Dirtier, Raunchier, Wrong…er – Video Tribute to Sin in the City

Indeed the second iteration of SITC was all of those things, and since it took place in Las Vegas, I guess it's appropriate to say...In Spades! Check out the Nastier, Dirtier, Raunchier, Wrong...er video.

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Interview With KJ Nichols

We can debate for hours about whether or not contests, and especially the Big Joe Daddy of them all, International Mr Leather, are essentially beauty pageants wrapped up in yards, nay, miles of leather hide.  The comparisons aren't much of a stretch:  acres of beautiful flesh, rows of glittering white teeth (with maybe more than [...]

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BOLD 2014 – Event Recap

The weekend of February 21-23, 2014 found me at the 3rd Annual BOLD Conference in Burbank, CA. Specifically targeted to the Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather (MDHL) community, BOLD is the brainchild of the Monarchs, a Southern California MDHL exclusive group. The BOLD conference is organized around the familiar education track accompanied with socializing opportunities an [...]

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A BOLD Approach

Coming up in less than two weeks is an event which is unique among the numerous lifestyle conferences offered in the kink community - the BOLD weekend conference at the Burbank Airport Marriott, February 21 - 23, 2014. Now in it's 3rd year,  BOLD is specifically targeted to the MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather community) [...]

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SELF 19 – Breaking The Mold

Bear with me while I slightly bastardize an old saying:  “Necessity is the mother of re-invention.” As weekend BDSM/Lifestyle/Contest conference weekends have proliferated we seem to be stuck with one cookie cutter as we crank out one conference after another that look pretty much the same and offer very similar experiences.  I’m not saying that’s [...]

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