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First thing you should know about me is that leather and community are part of my soul : not a game, a hobbie or a lifestyle (Styles come and go). Labels help define us when we first start out in this life and when first meeting someone new. However, I hate to place spirits in cages so I do not feel labels are all defining on who you are. But for those who desire to know some of mine(in no particular order): *Woman *Wife *Lifestyle lecturer and educator *Leather title holder(International Trainer 2004, First Ms. Illinois Leather Pride 2008,Ms. Great Lakes Olympus 2008,International Ms. Olympus 2009) *Alternative sexuality writer *Kink Academy Educator *Sadist *Pervert *Fetishist *Bisexual *Chicago ClubFEM Head Mistress *Owner of The Studio, Chicago's Premiere private playspace. *Professional Dominatrix *Mommy *Closet Geek specifically sci-fi and comics *Shoe and boot whore At this point in my journey ,I seek to engage with those who desire to explore deeper into their submission,soul and psyche. My main focus is on my professional sessions and community education/activism. As a national educator and community activist, I seek to assist our community by helping educate where I can. I will be pleased to discuss the possibility of speaking to your group,munch,slosh or event. While I enjoy teaching on a wide array of topics, my specialties are CBT, Female dominance, medical play,mummification and needles. My complete classes listing can be found here: http://www.chicago-mistress.com/classes.htm You may also view my educational clips at Kink Academy. My musings have been published in a number of anthologies and I have a regular blog here : www.Kink-Spot.com "You have enemies? Good. That means that somewhere, some time in your life, you stood up for something." Sir Winston Churchill

A Dominatrix reviews “The History & Art of the Dominatix” by Anne O Nomis

When I was asked to review the new release “The History & Arts of the Dominatrix” by Anne O Nomis, my first thought was “ Oh god, not another book on being a dominatrix.” Over the last few years, the market has flooded with fluff about domination, BDSM and our lifestyle. Most of what I [...]

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Kinkfest 2014

In the lovely city of Portland, Oregon on the weekend of March 21st, the 16th annual Kinkfest occurred. Presented by the Portland Leather Alliance, the event gathers kinky people from all over the region for education and community. For their 16th annual event, PLA focused on bigger and richer. They gave us a bigger dungeon, [...]

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Domcon Atlanta 2013

On October 17th , Atlanta was invaded by DomCon, the World’s premier professional and lifestyle domination convention(www.domconatlanta.com). Accompanying Domcon for the weekend was the Mr. & Mrs. Southeast Olympus Leather Contest and The Pantheon Awards. Till Sunday, October 20th, lifestylers and adult alternative professionals mingled together sharing education and history. DomCon is the brainchild of [...]

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The Erotic Edge

by Miss Simone and JP3 “A deadly weapon. Sharp. Slick. Seductive. Sliding across the skin slowly, not knowing where it will stop. Caressing the curve of her neck, causing her skin to unconsciously shiver with desire. A groan escapes her taut lips. It glints as it glides down her soft belly to the moist spot [...]

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The Journey: Treading the Waters of BDSM

If you have not read the book “50 shades of Gray”, surely you know someone who has or seen it littering the bookstores shelves and on the news. This pseudo kinky romance has wet the libidos of millions of housewives across the nation. But when all is said and done, it is still a work [...]

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