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New Blood in an Old Guard World

I'm hearing more and more rumbles of alarm among older gay leathermen in other cities... "We're the core group of guys doing everything, and we're looking REALLY OLD right now. We don't have any club-members under the age of fifty or so, and when young guys show up, they look around, and the moment that [...]

By | March 28th, 2013|Community, Opinion|26 Comments

Ten-Year Time Out

I will soon be celebrating 36 years as an active member of San Diego's Leather Community. I'm also the biggest proponent of nurturing our youth, so that our community has a vibrant, lively future. So, I have a request: Can we lay off the "Old Guard" stuff for a while? Can we let everybody off [...]

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Dinosaurs vs Small Furry Animals

By Papa Tony I went to Los Angeles Fetish Pride events this last weekend, centering around the Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2012 Contest.  Each event was perfect, complete, and delivered exactly what was promised. Everything had ample quantities of zing, zap, and pow! However… I keenly feel that we are all starving for simplicity and genuineness, as a culture. We're all overdue for the Next Phase coming up. Now that we have optimized the displays, the props, the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, can we now swing the pendulum in the other direction?  That is what is happening in San Diego, and I sure would love to see it spread around a lot more. The first thing I would suggest to every city with a kinky community is to pivot 180 degrees around, and focus entirely and exclusively upon the newbies, the shy, the exotically-new, and the young among us. Leather-plated Dinosaurs from a previous era (such as myself) already have our needs handled: […]

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Flagging History

by Papa Tony I was there when flagging started in the late 1970's. Originally, on the East Coast, wearing your keys, handcuffs, bandanna, chained wallet or anything else on the LEFT meant that you were a bottom, and on the RIGHT if you were a Top. The opposite was true on the West Coast. Somehow, everybody shifted over to the current interpretation… The West Coast view prevailed. Flagging was SASSY. It was bold, in-your-face sexuality. If you walked like you knew what your butt was for, and you had a Dark Blue bandanna in your right rear pocket while strolling through a major-city crowd, you wouldn't be lonely for long. It was an unambiguous call for fun of a specific type.  Imagine what this was like, for somebody who had recently moved from a small town to a big city, anxious to escape the closed minds and constant scrutiny of anti-gay peers. All of that repression was now gone, like releasing an arrow that had been restrained for too long. Flagging was the perfect means for evading the scrutiny of the straights around you, while advertising your sexuality and desires like a neon sign to other gay males. We wore these visible items that way, because bars and street scenes in cruisy areas were the ONLY places that gay males could connect for sexual purposes. No Internet.  If you were looking for a particular sexual interest or fetish among 400 other men, you could either waste four hours buying drinks for strangers trying to find a mate, or you could use visual shortcuts to get what you want, as soon as possible. […]

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Community Cookbook, Part One: Introduction

by Papa Tony Welcome to my first article in a series that will give step-by-step instructions on building true community. What kind of "community" am I talking about? Being sweet. Everybody together, being accepting, supportive, affectionate, relaxed, joyful, effective, unified and satisfied. If you have been following my writing, you will know that I will be providing actual, PROVEN and successful tips on how to accomplish this in your own area of the world… No matter how dysfunctional, toxic or horrifying your local community has been, up until now. I'm quite aware of the pitfalls. Things WILL get better, if you're ready to get to work. You have my word on that. In order to move along with each article, I will have to identify the problems that prevent the good things from happening, first. This may appear to be standard-model bellyaching, but it's not. I promise. Each article will be in parable form, leading to an idealistic and true conclusion. What qualifies me to write about community? I've been doing this sort of work since 1981, when I became president of a car club, and I realized that the old paradigms didn't work any more. I've been intensively experimenting and observing for three decades. I have hosted over 600 events in my lifetime, and have created twelve affinity-groups that are still around. […]

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