About Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane is an AOLd Guard leatherwoman who currently hails from Chicago, IL. Sarah came up in the BDSM / Leather / Kink communities in the late 1990's, and has been teaching passion with a passion since 2000. After being a kink nomad, teaching hundreds of classes in the US, Canada, and overseas for over 12 years (while based in her home state, Virginia), she's grateful to have found a place in the Chicago community, where she manages The Pleasure Chest and serves on the board of LRA. Sarah is also an accomplished writer, with columns for websites such as Fearless Press and Eden Fantasys, and chapters in books like Tristan Taormino's "The Ultimate Guide to Kink" and Lee Harrington's "Rope, Bondage, and Power". When pressed, she identifies as a queer dominant with a penchant for cigars, knitting, and her family of choice.

Open and Accepting of Ourselves

Leatherati Body Image Series by Sarah Sloane In the leather, kink, and queer communities that I run in, I hear a lot of conversation about making the spaces a welcoming place for people with different body types, different appearances, different experiences, different genders, different genders, different orientations…you name it. We are a tribe of people [...]

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In Praise of 50 Shades

Friends, Romans, Leathermen – lend me your ears. I come here to praise 50 Shades of Gray, not to bury it. Yes, seriously. Praise. Yes, the “50 Shades phenomenon” is a little annoying to those of us that have Been Doing Leather Since G-d Was A Child. All these people talking about gray ties and [...]

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The changing of the guard, the shifting of the paradigm

by Sarah SloaneThanks, first of all, to Race Bannon, whose comment on my last article inspired me to go ahead & write about a topic that I’ve wanted to touch on, but hadn’t yet gotten around to! I talk a lot about education – the value of classes, the importance of passing on knowledge to others – but I also see a lot of the flaws of the current hierarchical system of learning that much of the Leather, BDSM & Kink communities utilize. And while I participate in that system, both as an educator and as a member of the board of a leather organization, I think it’s useful for us to really evaluate what we’re doing, and why, and how to proceed forward.Do I think that the best way of teaching is in a classroom setting? Well, the answer is both yes and no. I believe that many people learn well in a classroom, surrounded by other learners and listening to a teacher or two as they share information. It allows people to be in a safe, non-threatening space, to be able to engage with only the topics that they want to learn about, to ask questions of the educators, and to feel a sense of community with both other learners and the class leaders. I also believe that we can, with a critical eye and ear, evaluate what various educators say and do about topics that we’re interested in building our knowledge or ideas around, and we can use those varied opinions to create our own understanding. However… […]

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