About Tyesha Best

Tyesha is first and foremost, a Leatherwoman. She is also a Queer Femme Tomboy, forever student, writer, a lover of history, teacher, musician and "paper schlepper" with an outgoing nature leads her to volunteer her gifts and talents wherever needed. Tyesha has lived in the DFW and surrounding areas for the past decade and officially calls Dallas her home though she currently lives in Wilton Manors, FL. An ex military brat, she knew about her sadomasochistic nature even while a young girl living in Italy and is grateful for the opportunities to discuss and demonstrate her thoughts on it. She also enjoys talking and teaching on generational and minority issues. Tyesha has served as NLA-International Policy and Procedures Chair, President of the Dallas girls of Leather and Leatherati.com as their Calendar Editor, Staff Writing Correspondent and Contributing Editor. She still serves NLA-International and now serves as Editor for Leatherati.com and Registration Coordinator for Gender Odyssey. She has served on many other boards and committees including Beyond Vanilla and Women in Leather International and Dallas Fresh Leather. Tyesha believes that evolution does not happen without knowledge of the past, neither does it truly evolve fully without the help and creativity of the future. She knows that wisdom and foresight have no age limit. When people understand this, history will be repeated less, solutions will be achieved faster and the Elders will have the ability to go on vacation. She is grateful for the mentors and close friends and family that continue to help the growth of her Identity and journey.

Ft Lauderdale Leather Pride a Success!

"Ft Lauderdale Leather Pride has been one heck of a ride! The goal of Shades of Pride was to create events and opportunities for individuals of Ft Lauderdale and beyond, to enjoy the lust, the thrills, and the sister and brotherhood of Leather. All throughout the month of March, Shades of Pride has showcased Fort Lauderdale institutions such as: The Stonewall National Museum & Archives with a Leather Social; Ft Lauderdale had its monthly Pig Dance at the infamous Ramrod; a formal Leather Dinner at Mojo Restaurant & Lounge; and the Bootlust Party at LeatherWerks."

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On Lineage

"Most of the time when people speak and write of Old Guard values and protocols, a heated debate ensues, with one or more of our kinfolk ending up feeling insulted and no one finding consensus about the topic. Basically, we agree to disagree and we go back to our own lives creating more memories, adding to our journeys. Leather Culture is an endless amount of experiences that are developed from many rituals, traditions, scenes, and learned skill sets, many of which have been passed down from person to person. I think the one thing that many will agree on when it comes to Leather and our defining of Le Olde Guarde, is that we want to identify those aspects that individuals can hold on to and proudly say that, “Yes! These things are what made me who I am as a Leatherperson!” We want to give and pass down our most coveted items and memories to those deserving Leatherfolk so that our cultural carbon footprints are not forgotten, so that some tiny part of us lives on. But what is it really that we are passing down and preserving? And thus, I want to talk about lineage."

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Beyond Judging

by Tyesha Best

Even as many use the title holding system to obtain their platform and their voice, we have started to question how heavily we rely on this system for activists and leaders for our community. One of the most important components of the title holding system is our judges. Judges are chosen based on […]

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Forging Bonds of Intimacy: Mind, Body and Soul

"The happiness flows as we exchange our travel stories, share the judges table, sit with each other in our classes, and help with fundraisers. But what happens when we come home from our social and political activities, close our front doors and rely on our virtual and local surroundings? The number of suicides has our community both surprised and alarmed. What can we do to strengthen the connections with each other? What can we do to be there for each other during times of duress and sadness? The mental health of our community has become a hot topic and now, there are two positive causes that are developing in our community when it comes to addressing mental health and suicides in our community: We Are Here Suicide Hotline and 'Project Touch Base'."

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Leatherati Calendar: Place Your Events Here!

"Leatherati has its own D-I-Y Calendar that community members can use to place their own events. You can even enhance your submission by submitting photos via email as well! If you are new to our site or have not yet used our Calendar Tab, here is a quick tutorial on how to place your event and let the world know what's happening in your area!"

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Leatherati Woof Series: Socialize! Oh, the places you’ll go…Online and Offline!

Editor's Note: I've compiled a list of website pages of which if, regardless whether or not one is new or seasoned to the pup culture; you can start socializing online with the various pup clubs, contests, and communities. Then once you connect with them online, pup out, mosh out, hang out with your fellow pup and handlers friends offline! Don't see your event, contest or club listed?? Email me at tyesha@leatherati.com and you will be added!

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Leatherati Woof Series! Welcome to the Mosh Pit!

"Here at Leatherati, it is my goal to showcase as many aspects of the Leather, BDSM and Kink Communities. Our community is diverse with a plethora of sub groups- one being the pups and Handlers/Trainers. The pup community has been around for decades, and in recent years an influx of individuals joining this subgroup has propelled this subculture to the forefront nationally. New local clubs, social media groups and contests have sprung from in various cities across the country. The pup community, like all of our other sub communities, is not without its challenges."

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Leatherati Woof! Week: Call for Contributions


Leatherati  Woof! Series, will be making its debut starting the first full week in October 5-11. Leatherati needs your  help to pull this amazing week off!  Here is a little of what we need:

All pup and handler clubs can submit info about their clubs and members. A short feature for each club will be accepted. What I […]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series: The Intimacy of Leather

by Tyesha Best

When our proud Leatherfolk talk about our culture, especially in our speeches and in social media rants, we talk about brotherhood and sisterhood and our bonds that hold us together. We lament at times about the lack of integrity and honor from some of our peers. We turn noses up at irresponsibility and […]

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Let’s Talk About S-E-X! Leatherati Series Call for Submissions

Let’s Talk About S-E-X!- Call for Submissions
Our next Leatherati Series will be about SEX! When introducing what our Leatherati S-E-X Series will be, we first must define our subject.

Taken from several dictionaries, sex is defined as:
Sex (seks)
Noun- 1. Physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc: physical activity that is […]

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Never Say Never Book Review- A Call to Explore More!

Never Say Never- Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration For Lovers, grasps at your hand and guides you through exploring how sex can be when thinking outside of the box. Starting at the simpler fetishes and heading towards the deeper, edgier fetishes including 24/7 submission. Never Say Never, a diverse anthology, teaches you that exploring kinks […]

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Leatherati Presents: HIV/AIDS Series

Welcome to Leatherati’s newest series: HIV/AIDs. In this series you will hear from a select few individuals of our Leather Community who offer their personal stories, views on the newest medications available, the controversies surrounding PrEP and more. These group of individuals opened up their hearts, their time and very deep emotions concerning this extremely […]

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