About Tyesha Best

Tyesha is first and foremost, a Leatherwoman. She is also a Queer Femme Tomboy, forever student, writer, a lover of history, teacher, musician and "paper schlepper" with an outgoing nature leads her to volunteer her gifts and talents wherever needed. Tyesha has lived in the DFW and surrounding areas for the past decade and officially calls Dallas her home though she currently lives in Wilton Manors, FL. An ex military brat, she knew about her sadomasochistic nature even while a young girl living in Italy and is grateful for the opportunities to discuss and demonstrate her thoughts on it. She also enjoys talking and teaching on generational and minority issues. Tyesha has served as NLA-International Policy and Procedures Chair, President of the Dallas girls of Leather and Leatherati.com as their Calendar Editor, Staff Writing Correspondent and Contributing Editor. She still serves NLA-International and now serves as Editor for Leatherati.com and Registration Coordinator for Gender Odyssey. She has served on many other boards and committees including Beyond Vanilla and Women in Leather International and Dallas Fresh Leather. Tyesha believes that evolution does not happen without knowledge of the past, neither does it truly evolve fully without the help and creativity of the future. She knows that wisdom and foresight have no age limit. When people understand this, history will be repeated less, solutions will be achieved faster and the Elders will have the ability to go on vacation. She is grateful for the mentors and close friends and family that continue to help the growth of her Identity and journey.

Your Safety is My Top Priority

Here in Leather and Kink, safety should be our top priority. So I appreciate a few minutes of your attention while I explain some of the lacking features of our culture. You can follow along with your listening ears, and your privilege left behind in your pocket.

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South Carolina Pride in Leather Keynote by LE​

South Carolina Pride in Leather Keynote by LE 10 Sept 2016 “I want to feel like a bird, singing in an open cage…” Thank you South Carolina Pride in Leather for inviting me to be part of this wonderful weekend. That lyric is from a song called “Then So It Is” by Melissa Ferrick. I [...]

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GLLA Announces A LA&M Fireside Chat With Ms Kendra at GLLA 2016

The Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) announces that the GLLA 2016 Weekend will host the Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) Fireside Chat Series. This year—GLLA Weekend’s 15th Year—LA&M’s Fireside Chat host Douglas O’Keeffe will interview GLLA’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Ms Kendra about her life and Leather journey and GLLA’s history.

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GLLA Announces GLLA 2016 Weekend Keynote Speaker: Sir Ernie

"June 20, 2016 The Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) announces that one of this year’s brunch keynote speakers will be Mr. 501 Eagle 2010 and Indiana Leather Sir 2012& 13 Sir Ernie."

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Holy Toledo! A Penelope Jones Story

"Looking like she was just stepping out of a pin up girl catalog, Penelope Jones has influenced the Leather community for several years. Deeply rooted in Oklahoma and Texas Leather history, Penelope has some wild tales from her own journey. She’s an avid writer, detailed event planner and an all-around American Leatherwoman and leathergirl who chooses to be the change she wishes to see every day of her life. Penelope Jones has endless energy and it’s safe to say that she will be using much of this year as the newly sashed Women’s International Leather Legacy titleholder for 2015."

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International Ms Leather Seeking Liaisons to Meet Minority Needs

International Ms Leather Inc., recently released a press release stating that they are looking for volunteers to fill positions that will address needs from minority groups in the Leather Community. Within positions needing to be filled are three liaison positions, one each  for People of Color, Transwomen and those Under 35 years of age. IMsL has [...]

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Drag! Leatherati Series: Call for Submissions

DRAG! Leatherati Series Call for Submissions Length: At least one page in length. Due Date: August 23, 2015 Publish Beginning Date: An entry per day starting September 1st. Email Submission, Bio and Photo to: Tyesha@leatherati.com Leatherati is looking for entries on the Drag Culture to include history, political, social,  current events, and personal stories. We [...]

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New Program to Help Recover History and Spark Memories

"by Tyesha Best Currently Southwest Master and slave 2015, Sir Gareth and slave toi have introduced a program that will help our community history keeping. “Reclaiming Our Leather History” is a grass roots organization that aids in locating lost items such as pins, vests, and sashes, and bring them home- hopefully to their original owners, clubs and organizations. If the original owners can’t be located or are willing, items find themselves rehomed permanently in our community archives. Not only will this effort impact our Leather and Kink community, but those individuals who are not in Leather and kink, whom are at a loss as to what to do with previous treasures owned by Leather family members will have options."

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IML 37 Top 20 Rankings

"May, 25 2015 Chicago, IL. International Mr Leather has released the rankings of the Top 20 Leathermen who competed this weekend at IML 37. Congratulations to them and great job to all 52 Leathermen who competed!"

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IML & IMBB 2015 Class 37 Contestant Numbers Are In!

"The IML Home Game has done major work in procuring the contestant numbers for both the IML and IMBB 2015 class. Thanks to all of those who contributed to help get this list together! As the competition starts tonight, check out the IML Home Game group for statistics and "Super Bowl" style banter with some of the biggest die hard IML fans around! And without further ado, here are the contestants and their numbers:"

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Leatherati Live From IML 2015!!!!!!

"The Leatherati IML 2015 Team is eager to keep you updated with minute to minute coverage of all the contest portions. Also, something new for you to check out this year is The IML Home Game...."

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“Colorful Shades of BDSM & M/s” Exhibit Opens Today at Leather Archives

Beginning today, May 21st, the Guest Artist Gallery at the Leather Archives & Museum opens Morris Taylor's "Colorful Shades of BDSM & M/s". The GAG will showcase many of his watercolor paintings that will be available for viewing till January 2016. Today, opening reception for Master Morris' exhibit will be from 7 pm-9 pm. This reception is free to the public and visitors must be at least 18 yrs old.

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