Keynote Speech – M/s Gathering

by Catherine Gross Speech for M/s Gathering – April 22nd, 2016 Thank you for asking me to speak. It’s a particular honor to speak at a conference whose workshops are composed by those attending and not the voice of one educator at a time. Speeches are generally about what is not quite right and highlight [...]

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Live from IMsL 2016

Join the amazing Deborah Hoffman-Wade live this weekend at IMsL! Plus we'll have awesome photos to come from Photo Jan.

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Happenings in Houston

by Rooks RIPCORD, Houston’s definitive leather bar has welcomed a new tenant —The Montrose Forge — to vend inside it’s already great atmosphere. The new store opened this February, filling a much needed gap for a gear shop within the local community after a previous local business closed its doors. The store owner is no [...]

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Keynote Speech Leather HEAT 2016

Before I begin, I would like to bring you greetings from The Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington DC. I am the co-chair of that organization and I wanted to take a moment to let you know what we do and why I am involved. Woodhull's underlying principal is that sexual freedom is a basic human [...]

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Live at Leather HEAT

Leatherati Editor in Chief will be blogging live at Leather HEAT - check it out.

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Leadership — and Buying a Ticket (LLC XX Keynote)

(keynote address, Leather Leadership Conference XX, March 18, 2016)   For 37 years, my workplace has been the television industry, and trust me, it’s very industrial. Television employs about as many Americans as the firearms industry. In fact, there are about as many guns as there are TV sets in the country, upwards of 300 million. The [...]

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Live in Dallas! Southplains Leatherfest

Welcome Home! The Leatherati crew is back home in the Big D for a full weekend of SPLF fun. Join Master Todd, slave elizabeth, Rooks and Loren Berthelsen for live updates right here.

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Viola Johnson’s Southwest Leather Conference 2016 Keynote Speech

Note: The following transcript was created using the notes that Viola Johnson graciously provided to  Unfortunately no video of  the speech exists.  While these notes do not represent a full transcript of the speech, they do capture the vast majority of her remarks.  While slights edits were made for clarity, this transcript attempts to [...]

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Southwest Leather Conference 2016 In Review

Phoenix, AZ January 21 - 24, 2016 Throughout the year we were all invited by the producers of Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC) to come and “explore the heat of Leather, Sex and Spirit with your tribe.” With the theme of “Fire” this year’s Southwest Leather Conference definitely came through on the promise to ignite the [...]

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Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend—A Sunny, Sweaty Good Time!

"Escape “snowmageddon” and head to paradise for the sixth annual Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida March 18-20, 2016."

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Leatherati Live at Southwest Leather Conference 2016!

Join me, Master Todd, and slave elizabeth as we provide continuous live coverage from Southwest Leather Conference  2016 (SWLC)  in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. If you see either of us out and about at the conference be sure to stop us and share your  SWLC experiences with us so we can share them with the worldwide [...]

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The Storm of the Century

And you are all about to get soaking wet Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, January 15, 2016: Tickets are now on sale for one of the hottest, wettest charity weekend events in the Midwest! Get washed away in a perfect storm of kink, contests, education, and fun. The host hotel is the Habana Inn in the heart [...]

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