Leadership — and Buying a Ticket (LLC XX Keynote)

(keynote address, Leather Leadership Conference XX, March 18, 2016)   For 37 years, my workplace has been the television industry, and trust me, it’s very industrial. Television employs about as many Americans as the firearms industry. In fact, there are about as many guns as there are TV sets in the country, upwards of 300 million. The [...]

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Viola Johnson’s Southwest Leather Conference 2016 Keynote Speech

Note: The following transcript was created using the notes that Viola Johnson graciously provided to Leatherati.com.  Unfortunately no video of  the speech exists.  While these notes do not represent a full transcript of the speech, they do capture the vast majority of her remarks.  While slights edits were made for clarity, this transcript attempts to [...]

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Southwest Leather Conference 2016 In Review

Phoenix, AZ January 21 - 24, 2016 Throughout the year we were all invited by the producers of Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC) to come and “explore the heat of Leather, Sex and Spirit with your tribe.” With the theme of “Fire” this year’s Southwest Leather Conference definitely came through on the promise to ignite the [...]

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Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend—A Sunny, Sweaty Good Time!

"Escape “snowmageddon” and head to paradise for the sixth annual Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida March 18-20, 2016."

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Leatherati Live at Southwest Leather Conference 2016!

Join me, Master Todd, and slave elizabeth as we provide continuous live coverage from Southwest Leather Conference  2016 (SWLC)  in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. If you see either of us out and about at the conference be sure to stop us and share your  SWLC experiences with us so we can share them with the worldwide [...]

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4th Annual Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend Looks to Impress!

"The team behind the 4th Annual Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend (ACLFW), led by Sir Steven Parker, has been working hard at planning and coordinating all the moving parts for the event being held February 5th – 7th, 2016. “I really want to make this year something everyone can enjoy, regardless of their kink”, Parker said in his home just north of San Antonio proper. “My goal since the very beginning has been about developing three key things within the local community: to create an event that provides inclusion, acceptance, and exposure to all sorts of kinks and fetishes.”"

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Leather Library Coming To Southwest Leather Conference

"Southwest Leather Conference is excited to announce that the Carter/Johnson Leather Library will be featured at the January 21 – 24 conference held in Phoenix, AZ. The Carter/Johnson Leather Library is an extensive traveling exhibit containing more than 10,000 items, includes artwork, books, DVDs, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, club and event pins, posters and other materials that explore the world of alternative sexuality going back to the 1700s."

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It Must Be October! Ms. San Francisco Leather Contest 2015

Ms San Franciso Leather Contest, Oct 3, 2015 Hotel Whitcomb Who will be the next Ms San Franciso Leather?  Who will fill the sash recently worn by Mollena, Tracy, Leo, Miss Bethie Bee, Nerine, Val and Little Bad Daddy?  Come meet our 4 contestants, Eden Alexander, SaraMara, Stela D. Love and Tali Tart at the [...]

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SELF 2015

SELF’s 20th anniversary did not disappoint! As the longest running southeast event of it’s size it was a nonstop celebration. One of the highlights was a Boot’s n Cigar party that latest to the wee hours overlooking the Atlanta skyline. To celebrate 20 years, they threw a dance and opened their show with puppies and [...]

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ILSb/ICBB 2015 Contest Results

The ILSb/ICBB 2015 contests were each hotly contested. In the South Central Leather Sir Tug was crowned as the 2015 International Leather Sir.  Great Lakes Leather Sir Jim was the runner up for the Sir title. The 2015 International Leather boy is Great Lakes Leather boy Tim, with South Central Leather boy Louie being named [...]

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On “Building Community” (Master/slave Conference keynote)

Thirty-five years ago, and again ten years later, I worked for a television show named Guiding Light. Now, I realize those of you who don’t watch soap operas think they are all alike, but in truth, each of the shows has its own personality. We had a character who was born when the show was [...]

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IGNITE – Southwest Leather Conference 2016

Ignite your passions and let the fire within you glow at Southwest Leather Conference. Share in the warmth of your tribe at the annual gathering of leather, sex and spirit in Phoenix on January 21-24, 2016 You can kindle a spark or add fuel to your burning desire with innovative workshops, panels, and discussion groups. [...]

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