LDG’s A Community Treasure: richtrove.com’s 10th Anniversary



By Deborah Hoffman-Wade

A quarter of a million pictures grace the pages of richtrove.com, the largest pictorial history of the Leather community in the United States, probably the world.  Rich Stadtmiller, the man behind the camera was celebrated by the Leatherman’s DiscussionGroup monthly educational forum.

One hundred and fifty people attended the 10th Anniversary of richtrove.com.  Rich […]

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Walking The Labyrinth: IMsL 2015

By Deborah Hoffman-Wade

The rites of Leather spring ran rampant in San Jose as we met for the 29th year of IMsL. The labyrinthoio potnia, “Mistress of the Labyrinth” held us all as we walked the swirl of self, facing our own convictions, isms, biases, prejudices, as we individually walk the spiral and continually face ourselves.

IMsL’s Labyrinth […]

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Pup Mufasa Named Mr. Leather Bear Austin

Austin’s premier bear bar, the Iron Bear hosted the first Annual Mr. Leather Bear Austin contest on April 18-19, 2015. The contest featured a diverse group of five contestants and at the end Pup Mufasa was named the winner while Shawn and his magnificent beard was named first runner up.

The contest activities began on Friday […]

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Laura Antoniou Keynote Address – Leather HEAT 2015

This past weekend over 300 kinksters gathered in Los Angeles for the first-ever Leather H.E.A.T. conference at the AirTel hotel.

The weekend was packed with socializing, play parties, classes, and two contests. Capping off the amazing line-up was the brunch keynote delivered by best-selling author Laura Antoniou. Check out the podcast below.

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New IML 2015 Judge Announced

Riley Johnson, Great Lakes Bootblack 2007 and Director of the Great Lakes Bootblack Contest, has been named as a Judge for the 37th International Mr. Leather Competition. Mr. Johnson, of Chicago, IL, is replacing Daddy William of Boston, MA, who withdrew due to a pressing personal matter.

“We regret Daddy William needed to withdraw as a […]

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IMsBB 2015 slave Tabitha

The Producers announced at Brunch that a mistake in computer formula caused a miscalculation.  The First Runner up is Marta. Our new IMsBB 8 slave Tabitha!  CONGRATULATIONS!

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IMsL 2015 Winner Pics

What a contest! Thanks PhotoJan for the great pics of our amazing new IMsL Sarge and IMsBB slave Tabitha.

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Live at IMsL 2015

Leatherati’s own Deborah Hoffman Wade and Luna Bear are live IMsL with tons of pics of Photo Jan being posted all weekend. Check it out here

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IMsL 2015!

IMsL 2105

This year the contest started with a salute to all the countries but not without first speaking to the first nations and asking their welcome.

Our Co-Emcees for the Contest are Sara Vibes and Ashely Young!

Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, dandy top heavy […]

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SELF 2015 Keynote Speaker Announced

SouthEast LeatherFest is celebrating 20 years on June 11-14, 2015 in Atlanta. The 20th Anniversary theme is Erecting a Vision. This vision includes the next 20 years to come and recognizing the last 20 years during which SELF has proudly welcomed all lifestyle and kink variations.

The producers are delighted to announce Paula […]

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From The LA&M Archives: Reflections on the 2014/2015 Visiting Scholar Program

"Guest Column by Lily Emerson, 2014/2015 Visiting Scholar Elizabeth Freeman has argued that sadomasochism is an unusual sexual technique not only because its rise and elaboration can be traced to particular historical figures (Sade, Sacher Masoch, Krafft-Ebing) and moments in time (the French Revolution, the late nineteenth century) but also because it is a ‘hyperbolically historical, even metahistorical way of having sex’. During my research on the history of American sadomasochism, as a part of my PhD thesis, I have become immersed in the ways that thinking about and practicing sadomasochism constantly invoke, challenge, and solidify historically constructed racial, gendered, and sexual identities. Sadomasochism offers a unique example for the historian to look not only at the ways in which sexual identities and cultures are shaped by practices and discourses in their contemporary context, but the ways in which practitioners themselves knowingly invoke historically produced identities through their sexual practice. This thesis therefore turns its attention not only to the production of sadomasochistic identities and culture, but to the historical discourses that sadomasochists themselves appropriate through their practice."

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International Puppy Weekend Saint Louis

The International Puppy Club is pleased to announce information for this year’s International Puppy Weekend and International Puppy Contest, July 16-19, 2015 with the majority of the weekend’s events held at JJ’s Clubhouse, 3858 Market Street, St. Louis, MO 63110

The weekend’s move was necessitated by the closing of our former venue, The Bad Dog Bar […]

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