International Ms Leather Seeking Liaisons to Meet Minority Needs

International Ms Leather Inc., recently released a press release stating that they are looking for volunteers to fill positions that will address needs from minority groups in the Leather Community. Within positions needing to be filled are three liaison positions, one each  for People of Color, Transwomen and those Under 35 years of age.

IMsL has experienced […]

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IGNITE – Southwest Leather Conference 2016

"Ignite your passions and let the fire within you glow at Southwest Leather Conference. Share in the warmth of your tribe at the annual gathering of leather, sex and spirit in Phoenix on January 21-24, 2016."

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Drag! Leatherati Series: Call for Submissions

DRAG! Leatherati Series
Call for Submissions

Length: At least one page in length.

Due Date: August 23, 2015

Publish Beginning Date: An entry per day starting September 1st.

Email Submission, Bio and Photo to:

Leatherati is looking for entries on the Drag Culture to include history, political, social,  current events, and personal stories. We are looking for topics to include: […]

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Still Me

"by Bella, IMsBB 2013 NEW ALBANY, Indiana— #StillMe is a grassroots social awareness campaign that targets negative attitudes surrounding mental health diagnoses and seeks to remind all people that I am #stillme first. The campaign was born of frustration when founder Bella Oliver saw a pattern of survivors of mental illness, including herself, struggling for community acceptance. Taking it's cue from the success of Mr. Friendly's one on one conversations, #StillMe was created with a mission of helping to embracing all the facets of an individual. "

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One Thread

"The recent discussions, after the suicides of some of our extended leather family, has brought this issue once again to the fore."

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Suicide ~ My Story

"by Kody Nance Faggot…Queer…Homo…Cocksucker…Waste of life… To the majority of the guys in my high school they were just meaningless words that gave them a laugh. To me, however, these words felt like a knife being driven into my heart. This would lead me down a very dark path of self-loathing, disgust, anger and worst of all loneliness. After years of hearing the same taunts, I began to believe them….I was not worthy, I was a waste of life and that everyone would be better off without me."

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International Mr. Leather Patrick Smith’s Response to Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling

"Today, the nation’s highest court affirmed the age-old principal of equal treatment under the law and changed the lives of millions of LGBT people across the nation. This is the America I dreamed of living in as a child growing up in Canada."

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My Story – A Decade Later

"I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years. A decade without her. My story is one seen from the other side - one that not many hear about - a survivor of someone who took her own life. I was in Guam and I had just graduated with my bachelor degree from the University of Florida a week prior and I was headed home the next day - August 15th. The week prior, my coworkers had helped me celebrate my graduation with a really cool lei of cocoa nuts ordained in the UF colors of Orange and Blue."

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How to Help If You Know a Person is In Immediate Crisis

An Installment of Leatherati Suicide Series
By Deborah Hoffman-Wade in collaboration with Rover Spotts, Jorge Vieto, Jr., Ava Schmidt, and The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance

After several suicides of people in the kink community the San Francisco Bay Areal Leather Alliance partnered with the Stop AIDS Project to provide education and resources. We printed posters […]

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The Abyss

" by Loren Berthelsen People end their lives for a multitude of reasons. I want to share my experience with suicide and the reason I once chose that path. I grew up in a conservative and religious small town. A great place to live and raise a family but not exactly conducive to the whole gay thing. I spent much of my late teens vacillating between the gay and straight worlds, not comfortable in either and yearning to know what was "right" for me. Like a lot of kids dealing with sexual orientation issues I used drugs to cope "

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Every Thirteen Minutes…

" According to the CDC, in 2013, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death for Americans of all ages.1 A staggering 41,149 suicides were reported, roughly one almost every 13 minutes.2 The CDC sites suicide as the third leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24.1 Suicide is the second cause of death among persons aged 25-34 years, the third cause of death among persons aged 15-24 years.2 Statistics are one thing, so much yadda yadda, but all the statistics in the world don’t matter when you are the one who is left to deal with the suicide attempt or suicide of another."

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Introducing Adventures in Black Leather: The Skin Deep Anti-Manifesto

"Editor’s Note: I would like our readers to meet Dominion ONYX. I wanted to give our audiences more viewpoints from our Leather Culture not often seen. Representing some of our people of color, Dominion ONYX will bring vibrancy to our pages of Leatherati. His words are edgy, piercing right into those hard to reach places in our minds. I hope his column will bring more visibility, awareness and education as to what its like to live in Leather as a minority of color.-Tyesha Best, Asst. Editor-in-Chief"

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