Mr. New England Rubber 2015

By Kevin Henderson The 5th annual Mr. New England Rubber contest was held on Saturday May 2, 2015, at the Providence Eagle in Providence, Rhode Island.  Courtaud was named the winner and will serve as leader of New England’s rubber community for the next year.  I am happy to report back on the night and [...]

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Leather & Rhinestones: A RRgoL Event

"Friday February 27th 2015 marked the very first Rose Rock girls of Leather (RRgoL) event. The Leather & Rhinestones Fashion Show brought together the drag and leather communities for an amazing night. Plus 75% of the money raised went to two great charities. The first charity the Grateful Day Foundation Inc. (, provides transportation, wellness counseling, and hosts the annual HIV Wellness Retreat with those Oklahomans living with HIV/AIDS. The second charity, The Carter Johnson Leather Library (, “is a traveling collection of thousands of books, magazines, posters, art, club and event pins, newspapers, event programs and ephemera showing the Leather, fetish, and S/M erotic history of the gay, straight, and trans communities.” A total of $1675.00 was raised in just a few short hours. More amazingly, this was on a night where freeways were closed down due to the weather and several performers and the emcee had to cancel due to the snow and ice. Still the show went on and there were some great performances from drag performers, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences, and even a sexy strip tease from a past Ms. Texas Leather. During the fashion show part of the show, current and past leather title holders including the current Oklahoma Mr. Leather, Mr. Austin Leather 2015, Ms. Texas Leather 2014, and 2014 International Ms. Transgender Leather strut their sexy leather on the catwalk."

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Meet SA Leather from South Africa

'SA Leather South Africa is a Non Profit [142-496 NPO] Pan sexual membership-based organization for anyone interested in exploring and participating in the leather/BDSM/fetish lifestyle, whose purpose is to develop character and leadership in the spirit of the leather community, community service, public education, charitable outreach, and social reform without discrimination of any kind. Promoting the health and well-being of all our members, educating each other and those around us. Working together with volunteers, regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, gender, sexual orientation, belief or political affiliation."

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"Dallas, Texas: The General Membership of National Leather Association (NLA) – Dallas voted to renew the organization’s Coalition Partnership with National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) extending the relationship between the two organizations. Continuing partnership enables NLA-Dallas to continue its mission of building, strengthening and defending individuals, organizations, publications and businesses within our community, especially against threats to their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights to free association and right to equal protection under the law."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Socialize! Oh, the places you’ll go…Online and Offline!

Editor's Note: I've compiled a list of website pages of which if, regardless whether or not one is new or seasoned to the pup culture; you can start socializing online with the various pup clubs, contests, and communities. Then once you connect with them online, pup out, mosh out, hang out with your fellow pup and handlers friends offline! Don't see your event, contest or club listed?? Email me at and you will be added!

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Leatherati Woof Series: Welcome to Idaho! BOI-PAH

"BOI-PAH is excited to Co-Host with OutBoise on their first event! It's game night and Cards Against Humanity will be played on November 10th at 8pm. BOI-PAH welcomes all, both local and from afar, to join them in making history as this group starts their journey as a new pup group joining forces with a new local gay publication! Find BOI-PAH on Facebook!"

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Leatherati Woof Series: Welcome to Oregon! PDX-PAH!

PDX-PAH was founded on December 6 2012, by Daddy Dan White and Christian "Pup Alex" Hagner. The club is memory of Steven "Slave Eris" Johnson who dreamed of the pack we now have, but who never saw it come of age. March 14 1990 to December 06 2012 (our birthday). With his last breath he gave us life. Arrrooooooo!

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Leatherati Woof Series: Meet Me in St Louis with Saint Louis Puppy Patrol!

"Saint Louis Puppy Patrol is a safe, fun and social group for those into puppy and pet play in the Saint Louis Regional Area. The group's home bar is The Bad Dog Bar in Saint Louis and has a variety of events through the year where those interested can "pup out"! Since there is no "boy" group active in Saint Louis we are also welcoming all boys as well (after all every boy needs a pup!) The Saint Louis Puppy Patrol is also the founding group for the Midwest Puppy Contest also held in Saint Louis."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Houston! Welcome Houston Pups & Handlers

"Houston Pups & Handlers was established early in 2014 to provide a social club for all pups, handlers and anyone else interested in this fetish. This is intended to be a non-profit organization which holds events, moshes, and other activities to promote pup play and interaction for the purposes of learning, teaching, and growing in this part of life. "

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Leatherati Woof Series: Welcome the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps!

"Club Description: The Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps is a social club for pups, handlers, and members of the wider community interested in pup play. Although centered in Washington DC, MAKK is a regional organization that includes northern Virginia and the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Within this area, the other emerging focal points are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Together, the members within this region promote and increase awareness of pup play and related topics within their areas while coming together as a community whole to support one another."

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Leatherati Woof Series: The Golden State! Welcome the San Francisco K-9 Unit!

"The SF K9 Unit was founded in November of 2004 by Spunky. After coming onto the puppy scene, he yearned to find other people with whom he could share his newly found human canine spirit. But it seemed that the only place he could find them was on a very few social websites. As much fun as those sites were, Spunky wanted to create something more intimate—a pack bonded by brotherhood."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Oh Canada! Welcome VAN-PAH!

"Vancouver Pups and Handlers (VAN-PAH) is a group dedicated to the human pup and those who love them. VAN-PAH strives to create a sense of community and a safe environment for those involved in and interested in puppy play to explore and grow regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We started on June 1st, 2012 as a dinner gathering of a few pups and Handlers and have grown by leaps and bounds. Now VAN-PAH holds a monthly mosh on the first Saturday of every month as well as other social events throughout the year."

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