IML 2014 Heads to CampOUT

Ramien Pierre, International Mr. Leather 2014, will be CampingOUT with La Fraternitié du Loup-Garou in July in at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary near French Lick IN. La Garou is proud to welcome IML Ramien Pierre to its annual CampOUT for trans/leathermen and their supporters at its new home, Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, near French […]

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50 Years a Leatherman: Peter Fiske

How did I get to be a village elder? I don’t know, but I care about those coming into Leather now and about our future. I will continue to work (and play!) as long as I can to keep BDSM healthy, safe and fun, and to keep us free to be ourselves. My motto […]

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Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend

By Nitro Hankinson

The weekend of March 7-9 marked the second year of an awesome event for the Bootblack community. Last year Girl Dale, Elegant, and Sonya joined forces to found Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend. The weekend event, held at the Parliament Resort in Augusta, GA, was a huge success again this year. Southern Sole […]

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Interview with the Gang Bang Girls of San Diego

by Leland Carina Leatherati Co-Editor-in-Chief
There’s been buzz on Facebook recently about a new type of girl group: Gang Bang Girls. Apparently, these groups have been sprouting up in a few different cities. I was instantly curious to find out if it was indeed what it sounds like.
The charter club, based in the San Diego […]

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Mr & Ms SECC 2014

Congrats to the newly selected titleholders from the Southeast Conference of Clubs.

The SECC run was held February 13-17, 2014 at the Parliament House in Orlando, Florida. This was the first year the Weekend included a Ms Contest. Mr SECC 2014 is Sir Dre Onyx and Roscoe McCoy was selected as the first-ever Ms Secc […]

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Live at Toronto’s “Family Day” Weekend 2014: The Leather Edition

Hailing from the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, this is J.J. Deogracias, Leatherati’s Canada Editor blogging live from THREE major events during Ontario’s Family Day Weekend:

(1) Toronto Bound 2014 Weekend, which includes the Toronto Puppy 2014 Contest and the HOTF community awards.

(2) Northbound Leather’s 24th Anniversary Party.

(3) BlackKnight Toronto, the Leather-Rubber ball that took […]

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A BOLD Approach

Coming up in less than two weeks is an event which is unique among the numerous lifestyle conferences offered in the kink community – the BOLD weekend conference at the Burbank Airport Marriott, February 21 – 23, 2014.

Now in it’s 3rd year,  BOLD is specifically targeted to the MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather community) […]

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New weekend for Palm Springs Leather Pride

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert has announced the dates for Palm Springs Leather Pride 2014, which will be October 30 – November 2. It will be held the weekend before Palm Springs Gay Pride which had changed their dates to the 2nd weekend in November, however they are still bookend weekends […]

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BOLD 2014

February 21 – 23, 2014 in Burbank, CA, BOLD 2014 will bring together members of the MDHL community for two days of classes and workshops, celebrating their third year as the world’s only MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather) conference.

This event is open to ALL members of the community.  More info and online registration can […]

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Misfit’s Day Speech

The misfits are known for their infamous parodies so I thought this appropriate for them. For those that are fans of the original work, I hope you don’t make me suffer the slings and arrows from my words. Well, maybe the slings.

Years ago I broke tradition as President of NLA to award these men […]

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Austin girls of Leather Plays Host to History

Sister Lawna Jacqui was on hand to give the blessing for the Austin girls of Leather event on Sept 7, 2013. The Austin girls of Leather held a Leather History Educational event at the Iron Bear in Austin, Texas. Caro and Vincent Andrews was invited to teach on Gay vs Het History, a class […]

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Toronto Leather Pride 2013 Wrap-Up: Third Time’s A Charm

This year, for Toronto Leather Pride, Heart of the Flag Federation expanded it from a weekend to a week.

From August 3rd – August 11th, 2013, a total of 21 events – which range from bar events to educational workshops to play parties for men, women and trans* people – took place at 12 locations […]

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