A Mysterious Note

I arrived home to find a curious envelope in my mailbox, tucked between the pages of a newsprint coupon mailer and cozying up to a picture of the local realtor who deems it necessary to plaster their face on every bit of junk mail they send. This envelope was not junk mail. […]

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From the LA&M Archives: Black Leather in Color


Black Leather In Color│    August 2014

By Jakob VanLammeren, LA&M Archivist/Collections Librarian 



It was April 25th, 1993, Washington D.C. It was the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. The leather contingent was large at the third March of its kind, and people of color were well represented. During Saturday […]

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Leatherati Woof! Week: Call for Contributions


Leatherati  Woof! Series, will be making its debut starting the first full week in October 5-11. Leatherati needs your  help to pull this amazing week off!  Here is a little of what we need:

All pup and handler clubs can submit info about their clubs and members. A short feature for each club will be accepted. What […]

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I heart Race Bannon.  Not only is he an experienced kinkster and a prolific social commentator (there’s a reason they call it Racebook), he’s also possessed of one of the keenest minds I’ve ever encountered with a knack for getting straight to the heart of a matter.

In his latest Bay Area Reporter column he […]

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Pantheon of Leather Award Recipients Announced

The Leather Journal just released the names of the 2014 Pantheon of Leather award recipients. It’s a who’s who! Check it out:

Man of the Year – Jaco Lourens
Woman of the Year – Pat Baillie
Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) – Dr. Jack Fritscher, PhD
Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Woman) – Caron Ryer
Large […]

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Oregon Leather Pride 2014


For those of you who have never been to Portland for Oregon Leather Pride Week, you are missing out on a great time. Every year for the first week in August there is a huge number of events to attend, culminating in the Mr and Ms Oregon Leather and Bootblack contest.

One of my […]

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The Yanks are Coming!

by Master Michael S and slave angie S

“Let’s go to the UK if we become International Master/slave” I suggested to slave angie about a year ago. “It’ll be fun!” When we thought about Great Britain and Master/slave or kink in general, thoughts that came to mind were things like caning, Victorian lifestyles, rubber and […]

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LA&M Tumblr – The Rules of SM

Check out The Rules of SM by Joseph W. Bean on the Leather Archives & Museum Tumblr feed.

More info in the LA&M on their website.

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Leather Realm San Diego

New Team, New Logo, New Dynamic

The Leather Realm at San Diego Pride has always been geared towards education and presenting to attendees what is possibly their first taste of BDSM. This year, the Realm got a major retooling with a completely new management team.

There was only 1 workshop tent this year, […]

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What It Is That We Do

Some time ago, on “that other social networking site” I read a post by a known member of our community talking about how she feels some people are treating WIITWD (what it is that we do). Her direct quote was:

“BDSM is not a circus sideshow. It’s a means to a connection between people. Going […]

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Let’s Get Real About HIV Prevention

An article by V Andrews recently appeared on Leatherati titled To PrEP or Not to PrEP That is the Question. I have worked on HIV/STI prevention issues since the mid-80s and lately have been a strong advocate for the wider adoption of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), the HIV prevention option for which Mr. Andrews has […]

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The Enlightenment of Prevention

Answering the question To PrEP or not to PrEP…

By Eric Paul Leue, Mr LA Leather 2014

In the article To PrEP or not to PrEP That is the Question by V Andrews published on July 9th, the author expresses his concerns about the marketing of PrEP to the public, and intends to inform and provide […]

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