Where Are The Leather Dykes?

When I first started out in the kink community, I kept looking for other leather dykes
like me, and was hard pressed to find them. I did eventually find others like me, once
I found the leather community, which was a great relief! However, even now, I wonder,
where are all the leather dykes hiding? It’s true there […]

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Northwest Leather Celebration

Friday of Northwest Leather Celebration started with a full day of classes and hospitality parties! This all led up to the meet and greet of this years contestant pairs, which there was only one couple competing, Ms Rhonda and tomo from Sacramento. Even though they were the only competing couple they still had to represent […]

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Reflections on LA Leather

So, this year’s LA Pride, contest and Off Sunset Festival proved once again to be one helluva sexy well attended week long event. I arrived on Thursday for the roast and the Bullet was so welcoming. I had the honor of roasting Eric, outgoing Mr LA Leather. The roast was Comedy Central worthy

Friday […]

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The Handler/Puppy Golden Rules (Code of Conduct)

"Leaders of the Puppy Community Initiative on Facebook, have gathered together to create a "Code of Conduct" for pups and handlers to take in consideration in public spaces. As the puppy community has grown and their cultural concepts are solidifying more and more, there are some who are stepping up to ensure that a good time is had by all-both Pup community members and non. The purpose of the Puppy Community Initiative according to their Facebook page - "This is to find ways we can work within our community and be able to interact better at all community events and interact better with other aspects of the Leather/Kink Communities."

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IMsL 2015!

IMsL 2105

This year the contest started with a salute to all the countries but not without first speaking to the first nations and asking their welcome.

Our Co-Emcees for the Contest are Sara Vibes and Ashely Young!

Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, dandy top heavy […]

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The Stomping Ground San Diego — A Sex Positive Community Center

San Diego, CA – Announcing the grand opening of The Stomping Ground San Diego — A Sex Positive Community Center. Under the auspices of The Leather Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, The Stomping Group San Diego (TSGSD) provides a membership-based educational workshop and play space for all sex positive groups and organizations, centrally located in Mission […]

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GLLA Condemns SB 101

'GLLA CONDEMNS SB 101 Indianapolis, IN, March 27, 2015– Great Lakes Leather Alliance strongly condemns The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 101) recently signed into law by Governor Pence. We are working with and supporting The Freedom Indiana Team in our fight against this law and any law that discriminates."

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Keynote Speech SPLF 2015

by Liza’s slave, Jody

Thank you Master Jim, Sir Cougar, and slave marsha for inviting me to give the keynote here at
Southplains. I am deeply honored. I hope I don’t disappoint.

I would also like to thank my Mistress, Liza, for allowing me to speak today and for supporting
me as I take a risk.

I believe one of […]

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International Person of Leather

Southwest Person of Leather, Papa Bear of Las Vegas, Nevada, became the first-ever International Person of Leather during the February 26, 2015 Sin in the City weekend. Highlights of the contest were Papa Bear’s leather bar fantasy and each contestant’s very moving speeches about diversity and acceptance.  First Runner Up is Master Bill Keith, […]

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Ft Lauderdale Leather Pride a Success!

"Ft Lauderdale Leather Pride has been one heck of a ride! The goal of Shades of Pride was to create events and opportunities for individuals of Ft Lauderdale and beyond, to enjoy the lust, the thrills, and the sister and brotherhood of Leather. All throughout the month of March, Shades of Pride has showcased Fort Lauderdale institutions such as: The Stonewall National Museum & Archives with a Leather Social; Ft Lauderdale had its monthly Pig Dance at the infamous Ramrod; a formal Leather Dinner at Mojo Restaurant & Lounge; and the Bootlust Party at LeatherWerks."

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News From Down Under: What’s Happening in Australia? A Look At Melbourne!

"First of all, my name is KL Joy, I’m an Australian author of BDSM inspired erotica, a Leatherwoman walking an amazing journey along side courageous people and I’d like to share some of that story with you. Our leather communities down here are centred on the Melbourne and Sydney cities. They are about 800 km (approx 500 miles) apart, yet the divide between these two communities and the pride we hold in our home towns has a rivalry that dates back to the settlement by Englishmen and convicts in 1788!"

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Beyond Judging

by Tyesha Best

Even as many use the title holding system to obtain their platform and their voice, we have started to question how heavily we rely on this system for activists and leaders for our community. One of the most important components of the title holding system is our judges. Judges are chosen based on […]

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