Inaugural Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride

Capitalizing on the momentum generated at Great Lakes Leather Alliance where two Minnesotans won regional titles, Minnesota Leather Pride is pleased to announce the first ever Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride contest. The new contest will be part of Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend, which also features the first ever Minnesota LeatherSIR and Minnesota Leatherboy contests, […]

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Pacific Coast Power Exchange 2015

The West Coast has a new title contest- Pacific Coast Power Exchange (PCPE). This contest feeds into International Power Exchange (IPE), which is held at Beyond Leather in Florida. Last year, Stefanos & Shay represented PCPE at Beyond Leather and won the title of International Power Exchange.

This year, the Pacific Coast Power Exchange contest […]

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ROMP 2014 Shines

2014 was a very special year for the San Diego Leather Community, and it showed! ROMP, host to the Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather contests, was celebrated Aug 22 and 23 at the Victory Theater. This year, outgoing Ms. San Diego Leather Colt Everyday produced San Diego’s first local Boot Black contest as […]

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GLLA Winners

The contests just ended at Great Lakes Leather Alliance for 2014 and the winners have been announced:

Ms Leather Pride 2014 – Riches

Great Lakes Leather Bootblack 2014 – Marta

Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2014 – Jim and Great Lakes Leatherboy 2014 – Tim

Great Lakes Master/slave 2014 – Ms. Brenda and arcane

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Person of Leather

Saturday, August 16th, saw the naming of the first-ever Rocky Mountain Person of Leather, Simon/Alexandria Blaise. The Rocky Mountain Person of Leather Contest will forever be significant as the first regional feeder contest to the newly created International Person of Leather Contest, which will be held at Sin in the City in Las Vegas, […]

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Oregon Leather Pride 2014


For those of you who have never been to Portland for Oregon Leather Pride Week, you are missing out on a great time. Every year for the first week in August there is a huge number of events to attend, culminating in the Mr and Ms Oregon Leather and Bootblack contest.

One of my […]

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Live from Toronto Leather Pride 2014

Join Leatherati Canada Editor, J.J. Deogracias as he blogs live from Toronto Leather Pride this coming weekend.

It will be a special one this year as Toronto Leather Pride celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Mr. Leatherman Toronto contest.

It will also be a special one for J.J. as he tries to live blog with his new […]

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ROMP 2014

ROMP, home to the Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather Contests, returns to San Diego at the Victory Theater August 22 – 24, 2014. This is the 3rd year the Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather titles have been awarded in a single unified contest weekend and enthusiasm for ROMP continues to build! […]

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MAL 2015 Judges

The Centaur MC,  producers of the Mid-Altlantic Leather weekend, just announced the judges for MAL 2015.

They are:

Joe Birdwell, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2014
Ramien Pierre, International Mr. Leather 2014
Alan Penrod, International LeatherSIR 2011
Lady Justice
Luke Moon, Laird Leatherman 2011
Joey McDonald, Den Daddy for International Mr. Leather
Rodney Burger, Maryland Mr. Drummer 2001


Tallymasters include:

Rick “Pup Tripp” Hutchings, International Puppy […]

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Minnesota LeatherSIR/boy Contest

Producers of Minnesota Leather Pride announced they are producing a contest for a new set of leather titles: Minnesota LeatherSIR and Minnesota Leatherboy. The formal announcement of the titles took place on Friday, June 13 at A Grimm Fairy Tale Fashion Show and Bootblack Party (part of Minnesota Leather Pride June event series) with […]

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Live at SELF 2014

It’s time to break the mold! SELF 2014 is an all new expression of a hot and fun weekend event with non-stop learning and sexy fun…plus contests!

Join Leatherati’s slave elizabeth, Master Todd and Loren Berthelsen as they blog live all weekend.

Let’s get it started!

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International Power Exchange 2014 Winners

Congrats to the International Power Exchange 2014 titleholders – Stefanos and Shay. Check out their interview below:

First off, please give us a brief sketch of how you came into the Leather Community.

We came into the Leather Community together in 2003, while we were living in Minnesota. Prior to that, Stefanos had been involved in […]

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