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Leatherati Woof Series! Welcome to the Mosh Pit!

"Here at Leatherati, it is my goal to showcase as many aspects of the Leather, BDSM and Kink Communities. Our community is diverse with a plethora of sub groups- one being the pups and Handlers/Trainers. The pup community has been around for decades, and in recent years an influx of individuals joining this subgroup has propelled this subculture to the forefront nationally. New local clubs, social media groups and contests have sprung from in various cities across the country. The pup community, like all of our other sub communities, is not without its challenges."

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Après Shades, le Déluge

Valentine’s Day will be marked this year by the release of one of the most highly anticipated or dreaded movies of this century, 50 Shades of Grey. The books by E.L. James stirred a lot of interest in the BDSM community and have already spawned a line of “50 Shades” branded sex toys, […]

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RIP Mr Leather Ottawa Jon Letke

The news just came out that Mr Leather Ottawa 2014, Jon Letke, has died from an apparent suicide. Letke, 25, who was known in the leather community as “Nizzi Greatpup”, had moved to Ottawa from Toronto in 2013 and was a well-loved member of Ottawa’s leather/queer community. Letke had competed at International Mr Leather […]

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Fetishmen Gets Major Overhaul

Canadian-founded Fetishmen Networks announced today the upgraded and improved Following a complete re-write of the site and its features, users are now able to connect more with the people they share interests with. From leather to rubber, bondage to cigars, the new Fetishmen site intends to help men of all sexual orientations […]

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The Curious Case of the Covering

It came in the mail, that quaint and anachronistic service that actually delivers bits of paper with messages written on them. It was encapsulated in a fine linen envelope and was printed with slightly raised letters, much like a wedding invitation. The message was curious. It seems my presence was requested at […]

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Of Gay Pride and Gay Shaming

Non-LGBTI people are always asking, or wondering politely in silence, “Why ‘Pride’?” They get that coming-out is important, but haven’t we already done that, like to death?

I’ve had my own head-scratching Pride moments. I won’t say I ever look away from glitter-sprayed go-go boys bumping down Market Street under SMIRNOFF banners, but they do […]

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Prosthetic Citizen – New Beats From M. Arana

Nothing sets the tone in a dungeon like a great selection of appropriately dark and sexy music.  We’ve been enjoying M. Arana’s offerings for years and the latest release continues the traditon.

An all new, original 16 track lyrical album cross-breeding bold dance and backroom beats with dark poetry in a nearly seventy minute seamless […]

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Frank Strona at SF Leathermen’s Discussion Group

Join the SFLDG for this one-time opportunity to hear activist, advocate, educator and public-health official Frank Strona review, in words and pictures, a life lived in two lanes — as an unabashed sexual radical and a high-profile player in the civic and national health policy arena. With special guest host and moderator, Frank’s longtime […]

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“Heartbeat” Finalist for 2014 International Book Awards

American Book Fest announced that HEARTBEAT: Musings on Leather and Leadership by Thomas Smith (Alternate Publishing) has been honored as a finalist in THE 2014 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA) in the category of Gay and Lesbian Nonfiction on May 21, 2014. Thomas Smith said, “This is great national recognition and I am beyond thrilled!” […]

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NLA Writing Award Finalists

National Leather Association: International (NLA-I), a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather/fetish community, announced today the finalists for its annual writing awards. Named after activists and writers Geoff Mains, John Preston, Pauline Reage, Cynthia Slater, and the groundbreaking organization Samois, they are awarded annually to recognize excellence in writing and publishing about […]

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Folsom Forever Selected for Frameline

The wait is over! Documentary filmmaker Mike Skiff finally announced that Folsom Forever has been selected for Frameline the prestigious San Francisco film festival.

Screen date is June 22, 2014 at 9 PM at the Victoria Theatre. Tix available here.

From the Frameline website: Before leather and fetish went mainstream with novels […]

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Gear Leather Becomes Fetish Locker

Gear Leather and Fetish announced today that it has acquired the JIMsupport brand of portable steel BDSM furniture and eScents Of, LLC, the maker of LeatherStock™ premium leather scented products. It has consolidated all three businesses under a new corporate entity, Fetish Locker, Inc.

“It’s a huge honor to have been chosen to carry on […]

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