IMsL 2015!

IMsL 2105 This year the contest started with a salute to all the countries but not without first speaking to the first nations and asking their welcome. Our Co-Emcees for the Contest are Sara Vibes and Ashely Young! Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, [...]

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The Peter Fiske Whip Collection

Peter Fiske has been a player longer than many of us have been alive and along the way he's amassed a truly spectacular, and one-of-a-kind, collection of whips. And trust me, Peter's whips don't just gather dust! Check out this great video by Lord Lugh of Peter showing off some of his Tawses. A tawse [...]

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From the LA&M Archives: Black Leather in Color

  Black Leather In Color│    August 2014 By Jakob VanLammeren, LA&M Archivist/Collections Librarian    Foundations It was April 25th, 1993, Washington D.C. It was the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. The leather contingent was large at the third March of its kind, and people of color were well [...]

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Beyond Leather – Florida’s Yearly Leather Family Reunion

Since its inception several years ago, Beyond Leather has been a special event. I remember in the first year it felt less like a new conference but rather one that had already gained some traction. Now in its seventh iteration it still feels special. For me, that comes not only from the clockwork precision it [...]

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Master/slave Conference Intensifies Education for 2014

The Master/slave Conference 2014, now in its eleventh year, has intensified its educational efforts with a diverse array of educational opportunities. In addition to their regular 60 classes and ten round tables, this year MsC will include four intensives and at least nine service stations aimed towards slaves. MsC 2014 will take place over Labor [...]

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Kinkfest 2014

In the lovely city of Portland, Oregon on the weekend of March 21st, the 16th annual Kinkfest occurred. Presented by the Portland Leather Alliance, the event gathers kinky people from all over the region for education and community. For their 16th annual event, PLA focused on bigger and richer. They gave us a bigger dungeon, [...]

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From the LA&M Archives-Leatherati Welcomes a New Series

Editor's Note: My love of history knows no bounds. As I walk my own unique path, I welcome the opportunities to take even the tiniest of glimpses at others journeys whether they are of the past or are presently paving the way. Earlier when I was just a hatchling in the Leather Community, a fellow [...]

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A BOLD Approach

Coming up in less than two weeks is an event which is unique among the numerous lifestyle conferences offered in the kink community - the BOLD weekend conference at the Burbank Airport Marriott, February 21 - 23, 2014. Now in it's 3rd year,  BOLD is specifically targeted to the MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather community) [...]

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Primal Leather – Interview with Ms Kitty

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Ms Kitty about an event happening in mid March in Ft. Lauderdale: Primal Leather. This is the second year for this unique event which merges education with peer mentoring. It's a very unique concept which I hope has other event producers taking note. Check out the interview [...]

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MTTA 2014 Schedule

The MTTA Academy announced its schedule for 2014 for its Training Weekend Program. The Academy, in operation since 2001, will offer two weekend events for Masters of all genders and sexual orientation, one for female slaves and another for male slaves of any sexual orientation. The 2014 schedule is: March 20-23, 2014 - slave Training [...]

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Leatherati Transgender Week-Call for Contributions

Leatherati will be introducing series of articles on various topics of interest to members of our community. The month of October will be Leatherati Transgender Week. There has been much dialogue and emotional exchanges recently concerning Transgender politics and culture. Leatherati Transgender Week is an opportunity to educate and bring clarity to many facets of [...]

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Celebration! Happy Pride!

Cléo Dubois, Kink Educator, BDSM Coach, Consultant Celebration! Happy Pride! by Cleo Dubois on June 29, 2013 2 Votes   The last Sunday in June is a day I cherish. Pride is always the last Sunday in San Francisco. Called Gay Day when I started to attend the parade, it is LGBT now, a much wider mix. [...]

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