IML & IMBB 2015 Class 37 Contestant Numbers Are In!

"The IML Home Game has done major work in procuring the contestant numbers for both the IML and IMBB 2015 class. Thanks to all of those who contributed to help get this list together! As the competition starts tonight, check out the IML Home Game group for statistics and "Super Bowl" style banter with some of the biggest die hard IML fans around! And without further ado, here are the contestants and their numbers:"

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Where Are The Leather Dykes?

When I first started out in the kink community, I kept looking for other leather dykes
like me, and was hard pressed to find them. I did eventually find others like me, once
I found the leather community, which was a great relief! However, even now, I wonder,
where are all the leather dykes hiding? It’s true there […]

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Reflections on LA Leather

So, this year’s LA Pride, contest and Off Sunset Festival proved once again to be one helluva sexy well attended week long event. I arrived on Thursday for the roast and the Bullet was so welcoming. I had the honor of roasting Eric, outgoing Mr LA Leather. The roast was Comedy Central worthy

Friday […]

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Semi-Finalists Announced for 2015 NLA-I Writing Awards

National Leather Association – International (NLA-I), a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather/fetish community, announced today the semi-finalists for its annual writing awards. Named after activists and writers Geoff Mains, John Preston, Pauline Reage, Cynthia Slater, and the groundbreaking organization Samois, they are awarded annually to recognize excellence in writing and publishing […]

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An Open Letter to Elayne Angel

Some of you may be wondering why this letter has been published to Leatherati. After all, the publication is centered on issues involving the Leather Community at large from social gatherings to politics. However, we exist in a world where there is cross over and, in the growing word of social justice issues, we have recently […]

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Laura Antoniou Keynote Address – Leather HEAT 2015

This past weekend over 300 kinksters gathered in Los Angeles for the first-ever Leather H.E.A.T. conference at the AirTel hotel.

The weekend was packed with socializing, play parties, classes, and two contests. Capping off the amazing line-up was the brunch keynote delivered by best-selling author Laura Antoniou. Check out the podcast below.

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SELF 2015 Keynote Speaker Announced

SouthEast LeatherFest is celebrating 20 years on June 11-14, 2015 in Atlanta. The 20th Anniversary theme is Erecting a Vision. This vision includes the next 20 years to come and recognizing the last 20 years during which SELF has proudly welcomed all lifestyle and kink variations.

The producers are delighted to announce Paula […]

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Lady Lynette – 1955 to 2015

Lady Lynette, a prominent leader in the Master/slave community, passed away on March 3, 2015 at age 59 after a long illness.

She began her journey in her native Oklahoma where she was active in the Leather and BDSM communities. She held the title of South Plains Leather 2001. She was one of […]

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Master/slave Conference Dedicated to Lady Lynette

MsC 2015 will be dedicated to the memory of Lady Lynette, who passed away on March 3, 2015. The Executive Committee for MsC 2015 has decided to honor her by dedicating MsC 2015 in her memory.

The Legacy of Lady Lynette:

MsC Associate Producer since 2009
Member of the MTTA Board of Directors since 2008
Deputy Director of the […]

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Keynote Speech SPLF 2015

by Liza’s slave, Jody

Thank you Master Jim, Sir Cougar, and slave marsha for inviting me to give the keynote here at
Southplains. I am deeply honored. I hope I don’t disappoint.

I would also like to thank my Mistress, Liza, for allowing me to speak today and for supporting
me as I take a risk.

I believe one of […]

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Sex, Gender and Power: What Keeps Us Coming Back?

Take a quick scan around your local dungeon on any typical night, and you’ll see that most of the crowd are “newbies” who have been around for a no more than a year or two. Among them are a few more experienced players who (we hope!) are busy mentoring by conversation and by example. […]

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R.I.P. Andy Anderson

The Board of Directors and Titleholders of The Heart of the Flag Federation today announced the passing of Andy Anderson, Mr. Leather Fellowship Toronto 1989/ Mr. NLA International 1992-93.

“It is with deep regret and sadness that I share the news of the passing of a legendary member of our vibrant community,” said Robert Miller, President, […]

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