Leatherati Woof Series: Welcome to Oregon! PDX-PAH!

PDX-PAH was founded on December 6 2012, by Daddy Dan White and Christian "Pup Alex" Hagner. The club is memory of Steven "Slave Eris" Johnson who dreamed of the pack we now have, but who never saw it come of age. March 14 1990 to December 06 2012 (our birthday). With his last breath he gave us life. Arrrooooooo!

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Leatherati Woof Series: pup Spotlight- pup Mischief

"Hello there. I am Pup Mischief. I am one of the puppies of SEA-PAH up here in Seattle Washington. Around this time two years ago I was living in Pennsylvania with my brother and some friends and I was down at my best friend Michelle's house. Her son was watching shows on demand provided through their cable company. He started watching National Geographic's Taboo and I was intrigued by all of the different things that were on the show. "

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Leatherati Woof Series: pup & Handler Spotlight-Papa Woof & pup Boo

"Christopher Roth or Tyger or Papa Wolf or Papa Woof as he is known by those close to him, has been active in the community since the early 80’s and finding the Puppy Community in 1986 though his Mentor, Master Michael. Growing up in Dayton OH, then moving to Houston TX and finally landing in Saint Louis in 1999 where he took his activity in the community to all new levels. Active in and worked with such groups as the Texas Gay Rodeo Association as an officer at both the local and state level."

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When Scenes Go Bad

It seemed like the usual interrogation. The subject was reticent to reveal the desired information, and I was growing impatient. He knew he could bring it all to an end just by saying the words I wanted to hear, a little snippet of information could stop everything. He had endured being […]

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Leatherati Woof Series: How I Learned To Walk on All Fours

"Above all I consider myself a Leatherman. I love the look, smell, feel of leather. Which has brought me into various kinks, such as boot-blacking and flogging. Even animal play, specifically pup play. The latter is something that I would have never thought that I'd have gotten into."

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Leatherati Woof Series: On Being An Anxious Pup

"In my mind, I’m the type of pup who wags their tail at everyone, eager for belly rubs and romping. But when I’m honest with myself, I realize I’m really like the dog hiding behind their owner’s legs, tail tucked, ears back, maybe even peeing a bit (and not in the fun way…)."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Titleholder Profile-Pup Figaro

"Hails from Vancouver BC in the Northwest Region. Pup Figaro currently holds the title of International Puppy 2015, is Alpha Pup in the Wruff Pack and has been owned by his Daddy since 2008. Figaro is a Border Collie and as such can be found herding the local pups and Handlers to events. After moving from San Francisco, he found that he very much missed the close-knit SF pup community."

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Leatherati Woof Series: pup Spotlight-Cosmo Jetson

"I was asked to write about my how I became a pup and how the movement of the pup community has evolved, so here it goes… from my perspective. I found the Leather community on a warm and humid summer evening in Houston, Texas in 1992. Okay, this isn’t a novel, so I’ll cut the crap! I strongly identified as a boy. It wasn’t until about 1999 that a friend of mine, patrick chees, saw my inner pup. He made it his task to bring it out of me. He enlisted my help (and many others) to assist in preparing for the first pup event, the International Puppy Contest (IPC) during the year 2k. (IPC taking place in 2001) This helped ease my way into the pup scene, as well as the two of us having long talks that frequently revolved around our childhood history with bio canines."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Being A Handler Part 5

"This is going to talk about a different approach to being a Handler/Trainer than the style I’ve traditionally employed. It is one that I would like to start implementing, however, and that’s a higher protocol “working dog” training. I’ve spoken about my own identification as a working dog in previous posts, and this is something of an extension of that theme, wherein a strong Alpha dog heads a well-trained and coordinated pack."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Being A Handler Part 4

"I was browsing Fetlife this morning and read a couple of well-written articles by a Master James from Australia. One is on How to Be a Dom and another is on The Perils and Evils of Being a New Dom. Both articles are written from an unashamedly and self-proclaimed heteronormative point of view, but there’s good advice in there for anyone in the community and I highly recommend them. Still, there’s room to add on to some of his thoughts from the gay and pup play perspective, so that’s what I’m going to do. Nomenclature – I generally use top/bottom to denote sexual position and dom/sub to denote power exchange roles, and am primarily addressing dom/sub in this post. Substitute whatever words fit in your personal universe."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Being A Handler Part 3

This post was spawned from a question by stormy-aka-hohk on FetLife: “I’m curious if you the handler, trainer, owner, etc gets the same carefree sensation during pup play as most pups get. Does all your worries of daily life disappear as well?” I gave a somewhat flippant answer that supervising a mosh tends to bring about a new set of stresses, but it seems like a topic worth exploring.

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Leatherati Woof Series: Being A Handler Part 2

by Sir Loki, Atlanta GA
Reprinted with permission. Originally posted in Sir Loki’s blog on 8/23/13.

used Roman numerals for the ‘Part II’, because that way you know this is a classy blog.

Part I covered some of the most basic basics of being a handler.  From here on out, I want to talk about some of the deeper […]

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