The Peter Fiske Whip Collection

Peter Fiske has been a player longer than many of us have been alive and along the way he’s amassed a truly spectacular, and one-of-a-kind, collection of whips. And trust me, Peter’s whips don’t just gather dust!

Check out this great video by Lord Lugh of Peter showing off some of his Tawses. […]

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Forging Bonds of Intimacy: Mind, Body and Soul

"The happiness flows as we exchange our travel stories, share the judges table, sit with each other in our classes, and help with fundraisers. But what happens when we come home from our social and political activities, close our front doors and rely on our virtual and local surroundings? The number of suicides has our community both surprised and alarmed. What can we do to strengthen the connections with each other? What can we do to be there for each other during times of duress and sadness? The mental health of our community has become a hot topic and now, there are two positive causes that are developing in our community when it comes to addressing mental health and suicides in our community: We Are Here Suicide Hotline and 'Project Touch Base'."

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Leatherati Woof Series: pup Spotlight- pup Mischief

"Hello there. I am Pup Mischief. I am one of the puppies of SEA-PAH up here in Seattle Washington. Around this time two years ago I was living in Pennsylvania with my brother and some friends and I was down at my best friend Michelle's house. Her son was watching shows on demand provided through their cable company. He started watching National Geographic's Taboo and I was intrigued by all of the different things that were on the show. "

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Leatherati Woof Series: pup & Handler Spotlight-Papa Woof & pup Boo

"Christopher Roth or Tyger or Papa Wolf or Papa Woof as he is known by those close to him, has been active in the community since the early 80’s and finding the Puppy Community in 1986 though his Mentor, Master Michael. Growing up in Dayton OH, then moving to Houston TX and finally landing in Saint Louis in 1999 where he took his activity in the community to all new levels. Active in and worked with such groups as the Texas Gay Rodeo Association as an officer at both the local and state level."

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Leatherati Woof Series: How I Learned To Walk on All Fours

"Above all I consider myself a Leatherman. I love the look, smell, feel of leather. Which has brought me into various kinks, such as boot-blacking and flogging. Even animal play, specifically pup play. The latter is something that I would have never thought that I'd have gotten into."

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Leatherati Woof Series: Titleholder Profile-Pup Figaro

"Hails from Vancouver BC in the Northwest Region. Pup Figaro currently holds the title of International Puppy 2015, is Alpha Pup in the Wruff Pack and has been owned by his Daddy since 2008. Figaro is a Border Collie and as such can be found herding the local pups and Handlers to events. After moving from San Francisco, he found that he very much missed the close-knit SF pup community."

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Interview with Tobin Britton

Check out this interview with Tobin Britton! Tobin has a long history of involvement with the leather community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Listen in to find out about his recent experience as a judge for IML and what to look forward to from Blackout Leather Productions coming up in August.


More information about Oregon […]

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Interview with Pat Baille and Sharrin Spector

Now that IMsL 2014 is under the belt with new producers, new location, new logo (the jury is still out for some) and a definite new energy – it’s time to take a minute to hear from Pat Baille and Sharrin Spector who took over the venerable women’s event in the wake of embezzlement revelations […]

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Jay Falcon – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Jay Falcon is fulfilling a lifelong dream.

This Memorial Day Weekend, he will be traveling to Chicago to compete at International Mr. Leather–International Mister Bootblack, the most prestigious contest in the Leather world. “I don’t know if I’ll win,” he says honestly, “I’ll be putting my best boot forward.”

Put your money on those words. Anyone who […]

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Scout – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Scout is competing for International Mr Bootblack and we had a chance to catch up with him during a recent stop at the SF Eagle. Check out the interview below.

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Bootblack Kai – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Check out our interview with Bootblack Kai

How did you get started bootblacking?
It started out as just doing leather for my Sir but then a bootblack at South Plains Leather Fest noticed me watching and invited me over to show me everything she was doing… the act itself is hot but the comradery is what […]

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bootblack Thompson – IMBB 2014 Contestant

We ran in to bootblack Thompson at South Plains Leatherfest (awesome event btw) and did a different kind of “interview”. Very up close and personal, and maybe just a little nasty. Check it out below!

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