Interview with Tobin Britton

Check out this interview with Tobin Britton! Tobin has a long history of involvement with the leather community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Listen in to find out about his recent experience as a judge for IML and what to look forward to from Blackout Leather Productions coming up in August.


More information about […]

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Interview with Pat Baille and Sharrin Spector

Now that IMsL 2014 is under the belt with new producers, new location, new logo (the jury is still out for some) and a definite new energy – it’s time to take a minute to hear from Pat Baille and Sharrin Spector who took over the venerable women’s event in the wake of embezzlement […]

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Jay Falcon – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Jay Falcon is fulfilling a lifelong dream.

This Memorial Day Weekend, he will be traveling to Chicago to compete at International Mr. Leather–International Mister Bootblack, the most prestigious contest in the Leather world. “I don’t know if I’ll win,” he says honestly, “I’ll be putting my best boot forward.”

Put your money on those words. Anyone […]

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Scout – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Scout is competing for International Mr Bootblack and we had a chance to catch up with him during a recent stop at the SF Eagle. Check out the interview below.

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Bootblack Kai – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Check out our interview with Bootblack Kai

How did you get started bootblacking?
It started out as just doing leather for my Sir but then a bootblack at South Plains Leather Fest noticed me watching and invited me over to show me everything she was doing… the act itself is hot but the comradery is […]

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bootblack Thompson – IMBB 2014 Contestant

We ran in to bootblack Thompson at South Plains Leatherfest (awesome event btw) and did a different kind of “interview”. Very up close and personal, and maybe just a little nasty. Check it out below!

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boy erik – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Check out this interview with IMBB 2014 Contestant boy erik.

How do you get started boot blacking?

I would have to say going to Private School started me on my road to being a boot black without even knowing it at the time. My footwear was always required to be polished, my uniforms […]

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boy jason – IMBB 2014 Contestant

We caught up with boy jason recently as he prepared to compete for International Mr Bootblack in Chicago during the IML weekend.

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Ray “Piglet” Izard – IMBB 2014 Contestant

Check out our interview with Ray “Piglet” Izard, a contestant for International Mr Bootblack 2014.

How did you get started bootblacking?

When I was a member of the Buffalo Bulldogs, they used to train their pledges to Bootblack and when there were no pledges, their active members would Bootblack at events – taking turns. I […]

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Leatherati’s Deconstruction of Michael Weinstein and Eric Paul Leue? Truvada is a Party Drug?

Leatherati HIV/AIDS Series
By Michael PupRyker Kaplan 
“If a person takes Truvada when they are supposed to, they take it every day, then their chance of becoming infected with HIV is close to zero.”  —Michael Weinstein, 9 November 2013
Those words are not so much the case anymore.

In 2012, the FDA approved Truvada, manufactured by Gilead Sciences,  […]

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Loren and Alex — guests for Under the Leather Umbrella

I’m so happy to have Leatherati’s own Loren Berthelsen and Alex Lindsay on their way to Portland, Oregon tomorrow to be guests for Under the Leather Umbrella! We will be doing an interview, plus an open Q and A with the audience. If you’re in Portland please join us at the Q Center from […]

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From the LA&M Archives: Community Engagement and Participatory Archives


From the LA&M Archives │   May 2014

By Jakob VanLammeren, LA&M Archivist/Collections Librarian


Community Engagement and Participatory Archives

When a photograph, artifact, banner, patch, or run pin from our collections is posted to a social media site, it may seem like a simple Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tumblr post. When we ask “Were you here? Do you […]

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