Where Are The Leather Dykes?

When I first started out in the kink community, I kept looking for other leather dykes
like me, and was hard pressed to find them. I did eventually find others like me, once
I found the leather community, which was a great relief! However, even now, I wonder,
where are all the leather dykes hiding? It’s true there […]

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Reflections on LA Leather

So, this year’s LA Pride, contest and Off Sunset Festival proved once again to be one helluva sexy well attended week long event. I arrived on Thursday for the roast and the Bullet was so welcoming. I had the honor of roasting Eric, outgoing Mr LA Leather. The roast was Comedy Central worthy

Friday […]

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An Open Letter to Elayne Angel

Some of you may be wondering why this letter has been published to Leatherati. After all, the publication is centered on issues involving the Leather Community at large from social gatherings to politics. However, we exist in a world where there is cross over and, in the growing word of social justice issues, we have recently […]

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Keynote Speech SPLF 2015

by Liza’s slave, Jody

Thank you Master Jim, Sir Cougar, and slave marsha for inviting me to give the keynote here at
Southplains. I am deeply honored. I hope I don’t disappoint.

I would also like to thank my Mistress, Liza, for allowing me to speak today and for supporting
me as I take a risk.

I believe one of […]

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Sex, Gender and Power: What Keeps Us Coming Back?

Take a quick scan around your local dungeon on any typical night, and you’ll see that most of the crowd are “newbies” who have been around for a no more than a year or two. Among them are a few more experienced players who (we hope!) are busy mentoring by conversation and by example. […]

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This Sh*t Happens to POC Everyday: An Iranian Experience

"I began writing what you are about to read ten hours after the incident occurred. I wrote this piece as a Facebook post, and with minor editing, I’ve kept it intact for this publication. My hope is that the result of me telling, and telling, and telling my experience is that the circle of allies for people of color will widen. Primarily, I share my stories of oppression so that other oppressed peoples can know that they are not alone. That said, I do not expect for any oppressed person to feel less alone, not until every community develops an understanding of privilege and oppression so well-cultivated that the event I describe below becomes rare, unlikely, not the norm."

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SIN IN THE CITY keynote speech, Las Vegas, March 1, 2015

I seem to have reached that inevitable stage of living when I am, not obsessed, but fascinated by the question of how my life turned out the way it did, rather than some other way.

I’m not unhappy. I’m the happiest person I know. But when the first digit of your age becomes a six, it’s […]

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SA Leather Talks Race, Racism and Apartheid: Part 2

"by Herman Groenewald- I want to tell you about me, and various people in South Africa. Please understand that I will use typically South Africanisms to explain my story. I was born before the apartheid era, and lived through it, and am still here in Cape Town, where I was born, in a mixed race area. That is, there were white people and people of mixed race locally known as coloured people all living in harmony. At a very young age I went with my family (Dad, Mother and youngest sister who is three years older than me) to a big building in town to proclaim that a family living four doors away from where we lived were known as white. The father was a white man from England and the mother was coloured. They had three sons and a daughter, who were my childhood playmates. We as a family, had to state that we knew them as an all white family so they could be classified as white and therefore benefit from certain privileges, such as, they were able to go to cinemas, restaurants and white schools,where the learning was better."

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SA Leather Talks Race, Racism and Apartheid: Part 1

"by Jaco Lourens-I was born in Pretoria in the height of the struggle of against apartheid, little did I know that all this craziness was around me. I grew up in a small town called Newcastle, a miner's town. My earliest memory of meeting someone of colour was our maid who would come and clean our home once a week, besides her, I never met anyone really, as the group area's act was in place. Being raised well with manners to be friendly to everyone, I would see people of colour in the street, one would smile and go on with your own business. One particular day my dad got a man to come clean and shape up our garden, and he brought his son with, Thabo, he was a year younger than me, I was very happy to see someone else to play with me, and in the dirt with my toy cars."

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Walk Like an Egyptian: Reflections on Racism from an Immigrant Perspective

"by Ahmad Refky- When I was first approached about writing a piece for this series, I was a bit bewildered about where to start. How do I sum up everything I feel about race relations into one article? How do I sum up 14 year of experience as an immigrant into one coherent piece that articulates my views on race in the United States without offending or alienating everybody in the process? The truth is I can’t!"

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Coming Out As An Ally

"By Ruff Wray I have spent the past two weeks being angry. I’ve been seeing the reports of the lack of indictments for Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The anger is for two reasons. One is the lack of even a pretense of justice. The other is how other white people have reacted. Many have been as outraged as I am and taking action. Joining protests, engaging others, doing what they can to boost the signal. Others… they don’t see the problem. They think the grand juries made the right decision or since it’s done it’s over. Or they don’t see the point of protesting. Even better, they’re angry that the protests are in their way."

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Tolerance Is Overrated

"by Tobin Britton When first asked to contribute to this peace I’ll admit I had hesitation. It came on the cusp of insane rulings that have the Black Nation reeling and those of us, including myself, who have firsthand experience of, or witness to, police brutality feeling fearful and enraged. I have my own personal accounts I could relate but I have decided that is not my goal today. I need no sympathy, we now have awareness. The awareness of the Nation. What we have apparently needed, to remind people that racism in all of its insidious forms is in no way, dead. It had been sort of, swept under the rug in the wake of gains in the 60’s and 70’s. We thought we had come out victorious with sweeping cries of tolerance and Jim Crows laws struck down. Desegregation and the mixing of races on a daily basis had us fooled because of” tolerance”. You read that correctly, tolerance. I’m sure you are thinking, “what could possibly be wrong with tolerance?”."

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