She’s The Queen! Queen Cougar on Diversity, Life Changing Moments and Minority Issues

photograph by Leland Carina (A Part of The Black N Leather Series-Artists, Activists and Authors) Queen Cougar has made big appearances everywhere in the Leather community. From “Bloodsisters”  and other media appearances  to being a wonderful MC at the biggest events, holding two Leather titles, being a tireless activist, a teacher and mentoring across the [...]

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Top African American Historic Sites to Visit While Attending Your Favorite Leather and Kink Events

By Tyesha Best Many travel far and wide to their favorite Leather and Kink Events and Contests and do not know how much rich African American History lays within the city that they visit. There are many opportunities to tour landmarks, museums, monuments and memorials that can help enrich and give more knowledge to the [...]

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Black BEAT Looking For Volunteers

Black BEAT Inc. has released the following statement: Black BEAT is looking for volunteers to assist in the planning of Black BEAT 2014. We’re asking that you contact us via , and share your area of expertise so that we may begin the process of introduction and training. Operations for Black BEAT requires months of preparation [...]

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A Portrait of Painter Nagrom Morgan Monceaux

A Portrait of Painter Nagrom Morgan Monceaux A Part of the Black N Leather Series: Artists, Authors and Activists By Tyesha Best, Leatherati Contributing Editor Foreword: There are many persons of color that have given much of their artistic souls to help enrich, educate and make aware of what it is like to be a [...]

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