Southwest Leather Conference 2015 Wrap Up

Attending Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC) consistently reminds me of Garrison Keillor’s description of the residents of Lake Wobegon as each and every attendee manages to be strong, good looking, and well above average. The 2015 edition of SWLC began in earnest with a welcome back reception and the simultaneous opening of the bootblack lounge down [...]

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High Shine “Preview”

On Friday April 25, 2014, at the IMsL Weekend Opening Event, Christina K. Court shared with the audience the first 16 minutes of the upcoming feature-length documentary, "High Shine: 15 years of International Ms Bootblack." If you missed it--or were elsewhere--watch this sneak preview! Note: there is very mild nudity and sexual/erotic content, so this [...]

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Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend

By Nitro Hankinson The weekend of March 7-9 marked the second year of an awesome event for the Bootblack community. Last year Girl Dale, Elegant, and Sonya joined forces to found Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend. The weekend event, held at the Parliament Resort in Augusta, GA, was a huge success again this year. Southern Sole [...]

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Amsterdam Leather Pride & Kink Academy

One of the oldest streets in Amsterdam is the Warmoesstraat, familiar to many as the home of Amsterdam's leather and fetish scene. There have unfortunately been several iconic bars and clubs that closed over the years and many thought that the city wouldn't recover its kink crown. But new openings in recent years have helped [...]

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Results from ILSb and ICCB 2013

After a fabulous weekend of education, play, socializing, and contest activities in Dallas, Texas the winners of the 2013 contests have been added to the history of this amazing event. In case you missed them, they are: International LeatherSir 2013, Southwest Leather Sir, Sir George 1st Runner up Intl Leather Sir, Northern California Leather Sir, [...]

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GLLA Wrap Up

  Keynote Speaker for GLLA 2013 Gabriel Majors This past weekend, August 22 – 25, 2013, Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) Weekend proved yet again to be an amazing experience. Master and I arrived on Friday afternoon, just in time to teach our class. Right away GLLA began our event weekend with friendly efficient registration [...]

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Leatherati Bootblack Week: This is Just the Beginning by Tye Best

This is Just the Beginning       by Tye Best, Leatherati Contributing Editor This week, we as a Leather Community were given a VIP all-access backstage pass to the bootblack Community. We were laid eyes upon amazing bootblack journeys to were we read about individuals gaining confidence. We have discovered background stories about those [...]

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Leatherati Bootblack Week: The Spirituality of Bootblacking

The Spirituality of Bootblacking Written by Bamm Bamm and Tye Best Many Bootblacks describe their Bootblacking experience as spiritual. They talk about energy exchanges, bonding and healing. They also talk about how there are times where they dig deep to ensure they are meeting the needs both for themselves and those who sit in their [...]

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Leatherati Bootblack Week: Oh, Canada! Bootblacks!

Designed by bootblack slave Tabitha Arie Designed by bootblack slave Tabitha Arie Oh, Canada!!! Contests: Bootblack Ottowa Bootblack Toronto Toronto Church Street Fetish Fair Bootblack                                       Tarna Scyanne, IMsBB 2012 Not only is [...]

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IMsBB XV Celebration Film

by Christina Court, IMsL Historian and Archivist This year at IMsL 2013 Weekend, we celebrated awarding the 15th International Ms Bootblack title. (Congrats, Bella!) On Friday evening, we paid tribute to the IMsBBs in a few ways, including showing this little film I put together to honor each of the First Fourteen. Since I know [...]

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IMsL Live Coverage!

Tyesha here! Here are some of the top tweets so far for Thursday at Seduction: IMsLBB 2008, Qtip, with a swagger and smoothness numbs and grinds to a damn sexy R&B song. Stuffing bills down pants and taking money from the pretty little fingers of attendees with teeth. Indigo Blue stuns the crowd with a [...]

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It’s Not All About Chocolate Cake……..

As most of you know, bootblacks love chocolate cake. So it comes as no surprise when Cherielle called for submissions for the Bootblack Brigade’s first recipe book she got a lot of chocolate cake! This fundraiser will help the Bootblack Brigade follow its mission as a group. What is that mission you ask? Their group [...]

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