The Trans Journey

Leatherati Transgender Series by boy  alex leffers, International Deaf Leatherboy 2005 Back in 2000 when I decided I would transition, I had only been exploring kink and the leather community a few years.  Little did I know what kind of an impact my transition would have on my journey – both as a leatherboy and as [...]

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Interview with boy Richard, International Deaf Leatherboy 2012

by Tyesha Best boy Richard, Thy Name is Integrity boy Richard has a truly infectious smile that matches perfectly the vivid energy he exudes when he talks about his about his life, his goals and definitely his love of sex. As International Deaf Leatherboy 2012 he wants to make a big splash in both the Hearing and Deaf Leather communities and he has a lot he wants to say and do. A New York native, he left at age 19 and following a stint in the Army stationed first in Savannah, Georgia and then Germany. He eventually made his home to Savannah Georgia, where has lived for the past 30 years. boy Richard lost his hearing in 1998 and benefits best from his right hearing aid as his left ear does not get any benefit from a hearing aid. boy Richard wants the GLBT and Leather Communities to talk more about Domestic Violence at a National Level, “Many think that because we are into Leather (and often S&M) that Domestic Violence does not exist. There is a difference in the two though one is for pleasure and the other is done with malice. We as a community need to bring out of the shadows and start addressing it.” He talks about some of the signs of abusive relationships: Isolation from friends and family, escalated anger towards physical violence, poorly explained injuries and severe mood swings from your partner to name a few. He is not afraid to talk openly about his past in hopes that it will strengthen others to come out and speak as well about their experiences.  He exlplains, “My ex would yell at me at first and then it escalated to hitting, destroying low hanging ceiling fans with his fist, throwing furniture, throwing a furniture through a plate glass window…. when I would say I was leaving, he would first tell me that I would never find anyone and be all alone and then get apologetic.” […]

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Interview with Joey Tarin – LAL 2011 Contestant

All interviews are interesting, but some more than most.  I've never interviewed a deaf contestant before and my ASL skills are rudimentary at best.  Fortunately Joey Tarin, Mr Bullet Leather 2011, is accomplished at reading lips and is used to accommodating hearing people. Check him out.  He's got a very interesting story and fantastic goals [...]

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News to Abuse – Entry Level Porn – Prez Michelle Jackson – GaGa for Leather

NBC Bay Area online called this the "Worst Job Ever"  You've heard of the world's best job but one San Francisco company's offer might be on the other end of the spectrum. The controversial adult festish site, is looking for a helping hand as it shoots videos devoted to BDSM fetishes. The job pays $15 an hour and minimal experience is required. [...]

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