GLLA Announces Randal Kinnear and Woody Woodruff as GLLA 2016 Contest Emcees

"July 20, 2016 The Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) announces that the GLLA 2016 contest Emcees will be Randal Kinnear and Woody Woodruff. International Leather Sir 2006 Randal Kinnear brought many laughs to GLLA last year as a contest co-Emcee, and GLLA is thrilled he will return to the stage this year. He is a fundraiser, activist, entertainer, auctioneer, producer, mentor, teacher, and Bootblack. Among Randal’s many accomplishments, he is the former owner and president of ILSb-ICBB, first runner up at International Drummer 2000, the 2003 Pantheon Leather Man of the Year, the 2005 Flesh and Fantasy Man of the Year, and the 2009 Pantheon South Central Regional Award winner. Currently, Randal resides in Dallas, Texas."

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ILSb/ICBB 2015 Contest Results

The ILSb/ICBB 2015 contests were each hotly contested. In the South Central Leather Sir Tug was crowned as the 2015 International Leather Sir.  Great Lakes Leather Sir Jim was the runner up for the Sir title. The 2015 International Leather boy is Great Lakes Leather boy Tim, with South Central Leather boy Louie being named [...]

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ILS/b – ICBB 2016

Join Master Todd and slave elizabeth as they navigate the hot fun this weekend at the International LeatherSir/leatherboy and International Community Bootblack event in Dallas, TX.

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Minnesota LeatherSIR/boy Contest

Producers of Minnesota Leather Pride announced they are producing a contest for a new set of leather titles: Minnesota LeatherSIR and Minnesota Leatherboy. The formal announcement of the titles took place on Friday, June 13 at A Grimm Fairy Tale Fashion Show and Bootblack Party (part of Minnesota Leather Pride June event series) with the [...]

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On the 71: Talking Transition and Shutting Up

Leatherati Transgender Series by Riley Johnson  As some readers know, I have been been active in the Leather community since 2005, and as less of you know, I transitioned to maleness in 2001. I’ll save you from the long story, but much of my past was an uphill climb. As a part of my transition, [...]

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ONYX National Council responds to ILSb Announcement

The Men of ONYX have released a statement regarding changes announced by the board of ILSb/ICBB. You can find the original article where ILSb/ICBB first announced their changes here.  There are also articles regarding how regional producers have reacted here and here. We will continue to follow up with the board of the ILSb/ICBB and other community reactions [...]

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LeatherTigger’s Mindfruits #2 — Oh, Here We Go Again!!!

  Sunday morning, I woke up to see a post on Facebook informing me that members of the International Leather Sir/boy (ILS/b) braintrust have decided to no longer allow transgender men to compete for the title. Henceforth, when it comes to representing male players in the Community, only “bio-males” (or cisgender males) need apply. Though [...]

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Major Changes at ILSb/ICBB

Dallas, TX -The board of directors of the International Leather SIR/boy and International Community Bootblack organization announced several major changes today, which impact the structure of the contests and the regional feeder contests. First, ILSb/ICBB is dissolving contracts with the regional producers. Second, contestants for International LeatherSIR and International Leatherboy must be a cisgender (biologically-born) [...]

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Results from ILSb and ICCB 2013

After a fabulous weekend of education, play, socializing, and contest activities in Dallas, Texas the winners of the 2013 contests have been added to the history of this amazing event. In case you missed them, they are: International LeatherSir 2013, Southwest Leather Sir, Sir George 1st Runner up Intl Leather Sir, Northern California Leather Sir, [...]

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Live from ILSb

Historic ILSb-Medal Follow the adventures of this year's International Leather Sir Leather boy, ILSb, August 29 - September 2 2013. Tyesha Best, Master Todd, and I will be covering the event throughout the weekend live from Dallas, Texas. Keep up with the parties, the HOTNESS, and the contests here... or better yet, join [...]

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Unity in Leather

Check out the upcoming Unity in Leather weekend in Ft Lauderdale, FL June 14th - 16th, 2013 and the South Florida LeatherSIR/Leatherboy 2014 contest to be at the Schubert Resort June 15th, 2013.  This year's contest is dedicated to Eric Lawrence for his life commitment to the leather community. The weekend kicks off with a [...]

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JJ Deogracias – Live at ECLSb

This weekend is Eastern Canada LeatherSIR/boy and Leatherati North Correspondent, and resident fierce fashonista, JJ Deogracias will be live with tall the action. Join him if you're in the house, otherwise check out the live blog right here #eclsb on Twitter  

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