IML & IMBB 2015 Class 37 Contestant Numbers Are In!

"The IML Home Game has done major work in procuring the contestant numbers for both the IML and IMBB 2015 class. Thanks to all of those who contributed to help get this list together! As the competition starts tonight, check out the IML Home Game group for statistics and "Super Bowl" style banter with some of the biggest die hard IML fans around! And without further ado, here are the contestants and their numbers:"

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Leatherati Live From IML 2015!!!!!!

"The Leatherati IML 2015 Team is eager to keep you updated with minute to minute coverage of all the contest portions. Also, something new for you to check out this year is The IML Home Game...."

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"The Leather Archives & Museum will play host to numerous activities of which IML event goers can be a participant. Say "Hello!", sign the IML flag, test the Fort Troff sling, or drop off donations at the LA&M booth in the Congressional Room, at IML Vendor Mart on the 3rd Floor of the Congress Hotel."

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International Mr Bootblack Judges Announced

The Coordinators of International Mr. Bootblack are pleased to announce the Judges for the 23rd International Mr. Bootblack Competition. The Judges are:

Scout, Oakland, CA – International Mr. Bootblack 2014
slave tabitha arie, Phoenix, AZ – International Ms. Bootblack 2015
Daddy Tony, Seattle, WA – Co-host of the No Safe Word Podcast

International Mr. Bootblack 2015 is part of […]

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New IML 2015 Judge Announced

Riley Johnson, Great Lakes Bootblack 2007 and Director of the Great Lakes Bootblack Contest, has been named as a Judge for the 37th International Mr. Leather Competition. Mr. Johnson, of Chicago, IL, is replacing Daddy William of Boston, MA, who withdrew due to a pressing personal matter.

“We regret Daddy William needed to withdraw as a […]

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Titleholder Problems-When Race Is Thrown in The Mix

" By Ramien Pierre- Part of my titleholder privilege is unearned acceptance when I go into most leather spaces, so I’m often insulated from moments when my race is conspicuous. But I’ve had a few since being named IML. These moments occur frequently enough to me and other leather men of color that I can’t dismiss them. None of these were riot-worthy or chair-throwing incidents. And without knowing the hearts and minds of the other people involved, I wouldn't even call them “racial” incidents. But they were definitely moments when I was reminded that, as a black gay Leatherman, I’m a member of a sub-culture within a sub-culture within a sub-culture."

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IML Executive Board Changes and 2015 IML Judges Announced

Credit goes to Patty, IMsL 2014, for the juicy info on the changes and judges.


This year while at MAL, Jon Krongaard, a longtime board member of IML, announced that he was stepping down from day to day activity and that Joey McDonald would be stepping up to take on the role as Executive Director of […]

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Leatherati Woof Series: pup Spotlight-Cosmo Jetson

"I was asked to write about my how I became a pup and how the movement of the pup community has evolved, so here it goes… from my perspective. I found the Leather community on a warm and humid summer evening in Houston, Texas in 1992. Okay, this isn’t a novel, so I’ll cut the crap! I strongly identified as a boy. It wasn’t until about 1999 that a friend of mine, patrick chees, saw my inner pup. He made it his task to bring it out of me. He enlisted my help (and many others) to assist in preparing for the first pup event, the International Puppy Contest (IPC) during the year 2k. (IPC taking place in 2001) This helped ease my way into the pup scene, as well as the two of us having long talks that frequently revolved around our childhood history with bio canines."

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IML 2014 – The Contest

By West
Photos by Missy Leach

The final part of IML 2014 took place at the Harris Theatre on Sunday night.

All 46 contestants were brought together for the last time, and had a chance to wave from the stage in their formal attire before the Top Twenty finalists were announced. It was incredibly dramatic as each of […]

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IML 2014 Part 2 – Pecs and Personalities

IML 2014 Part Two
By West
Photos by Missy Leach

Welcome back to Leatherati’s coverage of IML 2014.

On Saturday evening I boarded the shuttle to the historic Park West theatre for the Pecs and Personality part of the contest. Lenny Broberg once again served as a very gracious and classy host of the proceedings.

The forty-six […]

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IML 2014 – Friday Part 1 – Rubber!

IML 2014 Part One
By West
Photos by Missy Leach

Welcome to Leatherati’s coverage of IML 2014. Part contest, part convention, part leather family reunion, IML is the granddaddy of leather events, celebrating its’ 36th Anniversary.

This year’s host hotel, the Marriott in Downtown Chicago, has been slowly filling up with leather people for the past few days, and […]

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Judging IML

The danger in our leather contests is that they can grow stale and false and reactionary, forcing the hapless men and women corralled into them to espouse fossilized standards and beliefs we no longer share, if we ever did.

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