Love Note

It has been too long since I have conveyed my love and devotion to you. Let me remedy that now: I adore you. I hold our community deep in my heart as a sacred space. As many of you know, I took a step back from the kink, leather, and sex-positive communities. I am grateful [...]

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Portland Queer Kink and Leather

Check out Leatherati's own Co-Editor in Chief, Leland Carina's, new blog column for PQ Monthly.  Leland has been a major contributor to Leatherat's success and it's awesome to see her share her voice with the kinksters in Portland. I <heart> Leland!

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Body Image: Fit and Fashion

Leatherati Body Image Series by Leland Carina, Co-Editor-in-Chief As everyone knows, body image can be very loaded topic. People of all sizes and shapes must continually deal with how they experience their own physicality, as well as how others perceive them. The dominant cultural paradigm of thinness and fitness can feel quite oppressive, even [...]

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Interview with Sassafras Lowrey

by Leland Carina Illustration by kd diamond Roving Pack is a new novel by Sassafras Lowrey that unfolds mainly in the gutterpunk scene of 1990’s Portland, Oregon. I’ve seen amazingly positive reviews of the book, done by a variety of authors and community activists. I was so excited when Sassafras contacted me with the idea to do an interview for Leatherati.Leland: Let’s start with: how does the book relate to Leather and BDSM? Sassafras: From the beginning I was really committed to creating a novel that felt representative of the gutterpunk leather communities I knew and came out into. With that in mind, leather became a key and embedded them within the novel. Many of the novel’s characters are involved in D/s (primarily Daddy/boy) relationships or otherwise engaging in BDSM play of one form or another. The novel opens as Click the novel’s main character is processing the loss of hir first Daddy and as the story unfold we watch as Click continues hir searching for belonging, but explicitly for a Daddy who will love and cherish hir. I set out to capture a very specific corner of the leather community, and on a more intimate level the intensity and hunger that many experience first finding themselves in the scene. One of the first reviews of the novel on the Kink Praxis blog by erotica writer and BDSM educator Corey Alexander offered a really nuanced review and perspective on the way leather is infused throughout Roving Pack. […]

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Interview with Cleo Dubois

by Leland Carina Warren Williams and me as 2008 Leather Marshals. Thanks everyone for such a great honor! Congratulations Race and Leland for this year South on the peninsula from San Francisco, lies the home of Cleo Dubois  and Fakir Musafar. I was lucky enough to visit one evening because Cleo requested that I interview her for Leatherati.She showed me around the house. Art, books, and mementos fill the walls and shelves. She made me tea while we spoke with her lifepartner Fakir in the kitchen. He flipped through a copy of his book, Modern Primitives, while I remarked to myself that life is truly remarkable. In college I had embarked on a research project on the subject of “fetish,” knowing that I was interested in something about it. Modern Primitives was the first book I found on the subject, and here I was in this kitchen, receiving a personally annotated story about each photograph.The tea steeped, Cleo lead me to an office for our interview. She asked, in her seductive and charismatic french accent, if I had ever read Different Loving, by Gloria Brame, an early SM anthology printed by a mainstream publisher: Random House. I made a note to check it out, surprised that I had not seen it before. She also mentioned Leatherfolk by her friend Mark Thompson for background on the roots of the leather scene.Where to start? I had notes that I had compiled from reading some extensive online interviews she had done some years back. I asked her if she would talk about her history of playing with gay men, something that I am personally interested in. […]

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Interview with IML 2012 Woody Woodruff

Leatherati Correspondent Leland Carina was at ILSb-ICBB this past weekend and had a chance to sit down with newly-sashed IML 2012 Woody Woodruff. Check it out…after the jump […]

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Rubber Men San Francisco (RMSF) update!

by Leland Carina Rubber Men San Francisco (RMSF) has been everywhere lately– hosting bar nights, marching in Pride, having gear swaps, and collaborating with other local organizations. I have been very impressed not only with their visibility, but also with their benevolence. They have helped raise money for many worthy causes in our community.Rick Holte is the group’s current leading force, having taken over from Seven Mitchell in October.The community has certainly embraced RMSF, inviting them to participate in many varied events. Back in January Rick flew to Denver to help Brian Conway with his new rubber club. He did demos and MC’d their first bar party as a member of RMSF. Miguel Rubio Mr Bolt Leather 2012 had them as guests to the Bolt and has also invited them to participate in the "Detour Alley" festival coming up in September.  Marlon Morales Mr LA Leather 2012 has invited them to do a feature party in LA for a big event in October.  They are also co-producing an event at the Beatbox in San Francisco with Gear Up. With his super busy schedule, I feel fortunate to have grabbed some time with Rick for an interview. […]

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Check out SF Pride – Live

Leatherati correspondent is on the scene - and in this case, IN the scene, at the 2012 SF Pride Parade and Festival. Check out her live posts on Leatherati Live

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6 Week Series on Rogue Leatherwomen

Leatherati Correspondent Leland Carina just published her first article in a 6-week series on Rogue Leatherwomen. Coming up in the series are Gayle Rubin, Janet Hardy, Queen Cougar, Andrea Zanin, and Tyesha N. Check it out in Leatherati Voices  

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IMsL is Underway with Leatherati Live Coverage

This weekend is IMsL in San Francisco and Leatherati correspondents Leland Carina and Deborah Isadora Wade are blogging live all weekend. Leland has already started!  Check it out on Leatherati Live

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KinkFest – Portland, Oregon

by Leland Carina The Oregon Convention Center is a beautiful space for a conference. This year, KinkFest returned to it for the second year in a row. For those of you who don’t know, KinkFest is a project of the Portland Leather Alliance (PLA). Somewhat surprisingly for Portland, attendees were treated to beautiful, sunny weather all weekend! Pam, KinkFest’s Director and a Member at Large of the PLA, granted me an opening interview. She was incredibly happy that the event was finally happening and said she was enjoying seeing all the smiling faces. More than half of conference attendees come from the Portland and Seattle area, but people attend from all over the world, which brought their total to over 1,000 this year! The conference boasted 54 educational workshops, a formal Leather dinner, and a huge amount of play space at night. Every class that I attended had a large, engaged audience, making it seem an ideal conference for presenters. I wrote small articles on a few classes for Leatherati Live, including presenters Lee Harrington (service and protocol), Fifth Angel (With Deadly Intent), Master Konrad with slave Jazz (breath play and choking), and Keri Leigh (humiliation play). I got a chance to catch up with Ms. Julie Spanks, who was President of the PLA from 2010 to 2011. She is also Blackout Leather Productions' 2011 Woman of the Year. Though she recently moved to Utah, she was still very involved with KinkFest this year as the Director of Presenters. She feels very proud that KinkFest has grown to become “one of the biggest and best events on the West Coast.” When I asked her what local groups might be interesting for me to check out, Julie couldn’t say enough good things about the BAD Girls. She said their group has experienced a rebirth lately and are quite busy with munches, socials, discussion groups, and parties. […]

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International Ms Leather coverage

by Leland Carina International Ms. Leather (IMsL) is coming up March 29th to April 1st in San Francisco, California! I’m so excited to be Leatherati’s Lead Weekend Correspondent; I will be covering the event along with the ever-beautiful Deborah Isadora Wade. Keep an eye out for us-- we’ll be taking photos, live blogging, and catching [...]

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