New Blood in an Old Guard World

I'm hearing more and more rumbles of alarm among older gay leathermen in other cities... "We're the core group of guys doing everything, and we're looking REALLY OLD right now. We don't have any club-members under the age of fifty or so, and when young guys show up, they look around, and the moment that [...]

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Worries of the Young

by Saint St. James I was discussing my recent malaise with my boy Chance and others recently and I have to get this off my chest. I am known for saying what is on my mind and I hope that those who listen to me and follow my writings can respect that. My message today [...]

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Intergenerational Leather Discussion Group

Debunking Leather Generational Myths – One Thread and Comment at a Time by Tyesha, Leatherati Calendar Editor There have been many times when communication issues and questions of the importance of learning history have surfaced, which have involved different generations of Leather. Most of the time, a solid solution has not been found.  Those who have been around longer have felt their voice and history were not being heard, their traditions were not being kept and that they were being disrespected by those younger. Those newer to the Leatherfold have sometimes felt undervalued, talked down to and as if their role was only to be quiet and listen. Many perspectives have been heard on various Elders’ panels for years. The cry for history to be kept and recorded has long since been answered and is beginning to produce fruit. What we are now just seeing is that we need balance. One step towards finding balance would be perspectives from of all walks of the Leather journey on one panel. Questions and opinions directed to and given from all sides would hopefully provide greater understanding for everyone. […]

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Rise up And Shout

Get ready for the third Rise Up And Shout! event on May 14, 2011   Rise Up And Shout! empowers gay and lesbian youth.  Bridging the generation gap between the gay elders leading the community and the gay youth struggling through the coming out process, Rise Up And Shout! brings the two groups together in [...]

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Young Gay Blood

by Tynan Fox – There’s been quite a bit of discussion about how to attract young gay blood, mostly from older members of the leather community. Perhaps we should be asking the young gay blood precisely what they think, rather than speculating.  I’m 25 years old, and have been active since I was 18.  Like it or not, here it is.My primary fetish is bondage; until recently, I’ve never wanted to explore leather.  Why?  I thought that in order to be into leather, you had to be at least 45 years old, 45 lbs overweight, and 45% covered in dark, thick body hair.  The only instances I ever saw Leathermen, whether on Recon, porn, or otherwise, consisted of men precisely like that.  When I was 23 I finally met a sexy guy close to my own age into leather.  What a changing experience that was.  Even without this, I wanted to go to IML badly for years and years, thanks to all the crazy stories friends told.  Finally, this year I had the time and money to do so.  Why would I do that, if I’ve admittedly never been that enthusiastic about leather?I attended because I wanted to get laid, and meet other guys into bondage. […]

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MLT Selects Youth Line As 2010 Beneficiary

The latest from Mr Leatherman Toronto  Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition Inc. (MLT), Canada's largest producer of leather events, is proud to announce the Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line (Youth Line) as the beneficiary of MLT's fundraising activities in 2010.The beneficiary is chosen each year by MLT's three titleholders and approved by the board of directors. Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2010 David Ivey, Bootblack Toronto 2010 Aaron Bootboy Digger, and Mr. Leather Fellowship 2010 Devin Thompson will work throughout the year at numerous fundraising events to benefit the designated charity.“Since its inception in 1994, Youth Line has been there to support youth who are dealing with questions and struggles because of their sexuality or gender identity,” says David Ivey, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2010. “The MLT titleholders will lend a hand to Youth Line’s fight to ensure that no questions go unspoken or unanswered. […]

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We Love Ben

Ben in Leather Land That's the title of a blog we stumbled across during a recent Google dive.  Ben subtitles his blog "A PUBLIC JOURNAL OF THE THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES OF A YOUNG BOY TRYING TO FIND HIS WAY THROUGH A LEATHER LABYRINTH."Ben is seriously astute for his tender 22 years of age and makes a fantastic case for the importance of coming out kinky, not just for our own peace of mind, but for the benefit of all those around us.Being OutMy parents found out I was gay when I was eleven years old. After a while, I had stopped deleting my internet history (possibly as a subconscious way of getting caught), and one day my parents found a long list of sites I had been visiting. First and foremost among them was the original I don’t know how much time passed between the discovery and the confrontation, but one day they just approached me about it. They wanted me to know they loved me and everything was all right, but that bondage and SM were dangerous. I was eleven! What do you expect? […]

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Playing with Desire: Students push sexual boundaries

This is a great article about next gen kinksters at the University of New Hampshire who are forging their own way in the BDSM world.  The only unfortunate part of it is that the women aren't comfortable being openly kinky. Courtney Jane always liked kidnapping movies as a kid. She was drawn to ropes and being tied up, but never really thought twice about it, until years later when she and an ex-boyfriend had a rough sexual experience. But it was a good kind of rough. Since then, she’s become enthralled with ropes, trying to learn all that she could about them and other fetish toys. Courtney Jane, or CJ, is the creator and coordinator of UNH’s BDSM group; an unrecognized organization that looks to give people an outlet for fulfilling their kinky sexual fantasies in a safe environment. “Everything is pretty much kink,” said CJ in an interview last Monday. “Anything that isn’t normal is kink. It’s just to what level.”  […]

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