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Amsterdam Leather Pride & Kink Academy

One of the oldest streets in Amsterdam is the Warmoesstraat, familiar to many as the home of Amsterdam’s leather and fetish scene. There have unfortunately been several iconic bars and clubs that closed over the years and many thought that the city wouldn’t recover its kink crown. But new openings in recent years have […]

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A Pup, Or Not A Pup

by Pup Tripp

Sometimes, and more often than I’d like, I still come across conversations – online and otherwise – about who is or isn’t a pup or about such conversations that left a pup hurt and disillusioned. Even worse is when these aren’t actually conversations but rather flat out –and almost always uninformed – […]

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2013 International Puppy and Trainer

The 2013 International Puppy and Trainer contest hosted at Beyond Vanilla in Dallas, Texas has just been completed!  After a fabulous two days of interviews, moshing, and show elements your 2013 International Puppy and Trainer are Pup Rylee and Trainer Daddy Rose!  Congratulations to them both and to all the contestants.  WOOF!!!

 2013 Intl Puppy Rylee […]

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Two New Contests for Beyond Vanilla XXIII

Dallas, TX – The Beyond Vanilla Committee recently announced the addition of two well known contests:  International Puppy & Trainer Contest – IPTC, and Great Plains Olympus Leather – GPOL, to be held during Beyond Vanilla XXIII in Dallas, TX during September 27-29, 2013.

The International Puppy & Trainer Contest started from humble beginnings thirteen […]

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Aroooooooo to the DFW Pups and Woofs and Wegs!!!

Aroooooooo to the DFW Pups and Woofs and Wegs!!!

by Tyesha Best, Leatherati Contributing Editor

Woof! The DFW Pups have recently formed in Dallas, Texas to the delight of many. They just had their first meeting this past January 26, 2013. It is a long time coming as there are many pups already living in the […]

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Toronto Bound 2012

This past November 2012 has been a busy month for me. I covered three events in three different cities – first Mr. Leather Ottawa-XX in Ottawa, then Mr. Leather Cowboy in Detroit, and finally the second annual Toronto Bound Weekend in Toronto, which landed on the American Thanksgiving Weekend.

This particular Toronto Bound Weekend – […]

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International Puppy 2013

by Sir Joseph

Thank you to everyone that came to our 1st Annual International Puppy Contest.  What an amazing year this was for us! We had 5 contestants from around the United States this year, with Pup Gadget from Seattle, WA, slave pup Axel from Williamsburg, VA, Pup Lucky from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Pup Shy from Tampa, FL and Jaeger Pup from Dade City, FL. competing.

International Puppy would not have been what it was, without our wonderful judges. Our heartfelt thanks go out to: Mark Frazier, Al Santora, boy mark greene, boy rick, Sir Frank, Pup Tripp & Daddy Jim. Sir Bill Hoeppner our Contest MC, Pup Hercules our Den Puppy, Daddy Mitch our Time Keeper and Peter Hanson our Tally Master, without them we could not have done it.

We would also like to thank Tampa Bay Leather n Fetish Pride for allowing us to be a part of their weekend and Tampa Bay Leather Sir/boy for being a part of this great event. We feel that the community coming together like this not only adds more diversity and fun, but shows how the community can work together.

Most of all we would like to thank our Executive Producers Sir Joseph Mastrapasqua, Pup Flip Gray & Executive Associate Producer Christopher “Woof” Roth.


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Twisted in Tulsa 2012

Twisted in Tulsa is back for another spectacular weekend educational event built on a philosophy of acceptance, diversity, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. The tribe gathers in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 14-16, 2012.Twisted in Tulsa welcomes world class presenters, teaching a wide variety of classes geared to those just learning as […]

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Woof Camp

Woof Camp 2012, the annual pup party held at International Mr. Leather (IMRL) in Chicago, IL, will be on Saturday, May 26, 2012 with two sessions: Session A from 9pm-10pm (private and not advertised, for Pups & Handlers only) and Session B from 10pm-Midnight (with viewing areas open to the general public).
Both collared and […]

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A Milkbone Divided?

By Olivier Pratt
The Leather community isn’t exempt from the trials and tribulations that plague the “normal” vanilla world. In fact, I think that because of our zest, passion and rebellious nature, our squabbles are often worse, more divisive and passionate. Even our playful Pups aren’t immune. 
A puppy brawl has ensued over the resurrection of the International Puppy name and contest.  Two different organizations claim rights to the name and two different events are in the works under that contest banner. Legalities and strife aside, let’s take a look at what we have on the table. In the end it’s the community who’ll have to decide which event will survive, if any, or perhaps both? 
Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Change is the one of the universal truths and just as Leather has been struggling with this, so are our sub communities. 
Recently I interviewed Barry Fiddick aka pup Cosmo from of Dallas, Sir Joseph Mastrapasqua from Tampa Bay and Master Phil from North Carolina about their events of the same name.  I made it clear that our position here at Leatherati was not to pick a side or an event, but to present the information to the community for them to discern what they thought was best for them. 
It’s very easy to focus on what separates these men and their events, the disagreement of who has clear ownership of the name International Puppy.  Staying clear of the quagmire of legalities, what’s more important is what these men have in common. Just about every goal and intent is identical, but perhaps these ideals are clouded through the perspectives of passion and anger. 


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Midwest Leather Weekend

The producers of the Midwest Puppy Contest and the producer of the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest are announcee the formation of the Midwest Leather Weekend, featuring both contests over the October 5 – 7, 2012 weekend.  The Midwest Leather Weekend will take place at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill, 3960 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis MO 63110.
The weekend kicks off on Friday with the Midwest Puppy Contest, the Mr. Midwest Leather Meet & Greet, and the Leather Dance with a Puppy Mosh Pit. Saturday is the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest followed by the Midwest Leather Ball. Sunday features a Leather Brunch; a great time to meet the weekend's winners and share good times.
Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them. And some chase balls and chew bones! The producers are pleased to announce the inaugural year of the Midwest Puppy Contest, produced by Christopher “Tyger” Roth & Bad Dog Enterprises, Inc. This is one of the first large regional Puppy Contests covering the states of  Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota & Ohio. The contest will follow the format of the International Puppy Contest and the winner will head to the International Puppy Contest next year!


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News to Abuse: Mr Midwest Rubber – CLAW Recap – Pup Dinner

Mr Midwest Rubber
If you're in Chicago tonight you need to hustle butt to Touché Chicago at 5412 N Clark for the Mr Midwest Rubber 2011 contest.
Rubber Willi (MIR 2003) will oversee the rubber perv party as the emcee for the evening.  And it's your chance to rub rubber with special guest judge […]

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