Funny You Don’t Look Q-ish?

As a man who has sex with men, I have long identified as being gay. Affectionally, I am in love with a man and I have been that way for most of my adult life. That pretty much qualifies as gay in my book. However, the idea of sexual identities in the LGBTQI alphabet soup [...]

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Interview with Sassafras Lowrey

photo by Syd London I love creative people. As an avid writer and a lover of visual art, I find that nothing gets my creativity going more than when I come across works of art that aren’t only technically impressive, but that I can appreciate on a personal and emotional level. Sassafras Lowrey is an [...]

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Canadian Mayhem’s Queer Spring Fling

Spring Fling takes place on Saturday, May 26th form 8 PM to 1 AM at the Maritime Labour Centre located at 1884 Triumph Street in Vancouver, BC Canada Spring Fling is a BDSM playparty for kinky Queers* who like a damn fun time. There will be BDSM play, sex play, talking, laughing, and exploring. Dress in whatever makes you [...]

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Canadian Mayhem's Queer Spring Fling

Spring Fling takes place on Saturday, May 26th form 8 PM to 1 AM at the Maritime Labour Centre located at 1884 Triumph Street in Vancouver, BC Canada Spring Fling is a BDSM playparty for kinky Queers* who like a damn fun time. There will be BDSM play, sex play, talking, laughing, and exploring. Dress in whatever makes you [...]

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Photos from IMsL 2012

by Leland Carina IMsL 2012 was amazing! There are many more photos on my web site from the weekend. Check out for more as well. […]

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The Bolt Sacramento: Fetish Gear

by Leland Carina This weekend I went over to Sacramento, California to attend Fetish Gear: A Night of Kink at the Bolt Bar. Quite a number of people from San Francisco made the trip, as I noted in an earlier article, due to the irresistible charm and charisma of Miguel Rubio Mr. Bolt Leather Sacramento 2012.Despite heavy rain, the place was packed. Not a second after I entered the door, Miguel was at the bar grabbing a clean towel; he proceeded to wipe down my latex while apologizing profusely for the weather. Quite a welcome and also a great example of his charector. Throughout the evening I was blown away by the entire staff's incredible hospitality. When I asked the owner, Kenny, if there was anything in particular he’d like to me to report on, he mentioned that he wants people to know that the Bolt is women-friendly. They are very dedicated to keeping it Queer– but gay men and dykes are all welcome. I certainly found that to be true.There were hot demos by Tyger Yoshi, Jessie Vanciel Mr. SF Leather 2012, Shawn Kinnear, Mark Sade, and Ray Middling Northern California LeatherSIR 2012. There were lots of sexy men wearing fetish gear in attendance. More photos. […]

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Queer Memoir: Leather

by Sassafras Lowrey ‎"This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good." These are the closing lines by Stitch the lost blue doglike alien from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. I watched the movie for the first time as I was prepping for Saturday’s special Queer Memoir: Leather evening of storytelling I was honored to be guest curating. My Daddy was in our kitchen preparing dozens of rainbow rice crispy treats, cheese cakes and dinosaur shaped red velvet cupcakes that would be part of the benefit bake sale, as the film left me sobbing. For me, at the core Leather is about Family. Leather is family. I found Leather in the back rooms of youth centers on wet Portland street corners, rural Southern backroads, and tied up in punk house closets turned playrooms. I found leather at barely 18 as I tenderly stepped into the world of queer gutterpunks. I was searching for a way to understand myself, my body, my desire. With leather, for the first time, things made sense. I made sense. That was a decade ago and although I have been actively in the lifestyle since, and am a regular and professional (queer) community organizer this past weekend was the very first time I’ve organized a leather event. As cliche as it sounded, and as much as I had anticipated this would be like any other event I’ve organized, it knocked me out with intensity. Saturday night’s Queer Memoir: Leather felt like going home. […]

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Making the Connection

by Leland Carina Tonight in the space above Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, Darren Bondy Mr SF Leather 2011 launched his new series of workshops called Making the Connection. The inaugural event was a class by "Knotty" Brent that showcased his skill as a rope top. […]

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Mr Powerhouse 2012

by Leland Carina This year’s annual Mr. Powerhouse contest took place last night. The bar was truly hopping with hot Leatherfolk. The judges for the contest were Troy Anicete Mr SF Leather 2003, Lance Holman Mr SF Leather 2010, Brandon Clarke Mr SF Leather 2009, and Darren Bondy Mr SF Leather 2011. All of these men hold Mr. SF Leather titles and have the double distiction of being past Mr. Powerhouse Leather title holders. […]

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Rubber Men San Francisco (RMSF)

by Leland Carina RMSF are making quite a splash on the San Francisco scene. I recently attended one of their parties as their official photographer– what a fun time! Rick Holte, the group's current leader, dressed up as Rubber Santa. Here he is with hot piece of venison boy Erik who's dressed as Piston the (flagging yellow) reindeer. RMSF was originally organized in 2001. Terry G. and Marc Webb had major roles in the leadership then. The new revival was spearheaded by Seven, who works in the latex department at Mr S Leather. He first set out to create his own rubber group, contacting all the men who listed rubber as an interest on Recon to build momentum. One of the men he reached out to was Holte who told him about RMSF. The two got together with Terry and decided to meld the groups together with the idea that Terry would retire. Dore Alley 2011 brought their first big events, which included a meet and greet at Mark I. Chester's studio and a party at the Powerhouse. Both had extremely great turnout. Holte believes this initial success was due to the group melding well with the energy created by both the Leathermen Discussion Group's Is Leather Dead panel and Gear Up. Seven has now stepped back due to the recent success of his drag persona, Aurora Switchblade, leaving Holte as the fearless leader. […]

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Leather is More than Gay Men

Here's a really interesting and status-quo-challenging article from Sir Chris of House V on the topic of defining leather.  It's a wake up call for sure but I'm not certain how many of us have the courage to answer.  Check out this and many other fantastic posts at House V.  Recently, in a discussion about title contests, the observation was made that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people willing to run for a title. In part, I can understand people’s hesitancy. First, a titleholder (at least in the Pacific Northwest) receives very little support from the community and from the title granting organization. Their travel funds are almost nonexistent. Any fundraising they do for charity must also correspond with fundraising to support themselves. And, money is tight all around. Second, the title patch on their back often acts as a target as well. People with titles are held up in the community as leaders and decision-makers, often asked to intercede in difficult situations. And, many would rather avoid such situations. Finally, there is the whole problem of losing. Generally speaking, no one likes to lose and losing a title contest is a rather high-profile loss. But, I don’t think these are the only reasons it has become increasingly difficult to find people willing to participate in title contests. For much of Leather history, it was organized around a specific identity (and in many ways, it still is). This homogeneous identity, the cisgender gay male identity, both created cultural power and also division. Cultural power is a double-edged sword. It can create identity or further strengthen an existing identity but it can also restrain or oppress identity. Also, the dividing of one group from another that comes along with identity centrism can create a sense of belonging, a sense of tribe but it can also isolate people and be used as a tool of oppression. The end result of all these various forces interacting is the problem of assimilation. And, I think this is the problem at the root of the title contest issue mentioned above. […]

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Leather-Levi Weekend (LLW) 2011

by Leland Carina I meant to send live coverage from LLW, but do you know what one of the best things about the weekend is? There's not much of a connection to the outside world. Saratoga Springs is not too far from the Bay Area, but it is just a bit off the grid. I spent four days lounging, playing, fucking, eating, swimming, chatting, and overall just relaxing. (Yes, in that order.) I've heard it described many different ways; I personally find LLW to be a super hot queer event. […]

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