Leatherati S-E-X Series Closer: I’m Here For the Orgasms

Installment of the Leatherati S-E-X Series by Gloria Brame I was enjoying a chat on-line today with a FB buddy about a red rubber “beauty” mask that I'd seen on the internet and its pervertible possibilities. He said he ordered one, but I couldn't decide if it was worth it – was it a thick rubber [...]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series: The Intimacy of Leather

by Tyesha Best   When our proud Leatherfolk talk about our culture, especially in our speeches and in social media rants, we talk about brotherhood and sisterhood and our bonds that hold us together. We lament at times about the lack of integrity and honor from some of our peers. We turn noses up at [...]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series: Butt of the Joke

  by J Baby Okay, so this is one for the "stories that are only funny to you after the fact" pile. You know those right? We've all had them, right? So here’s one of mine. Several years ago I was a wedding, or a commitment ceremony, or a domestic partnership party, or whatever they [...]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series: “Breathing” by Tenille Brown

Since the release of my first book as editor released from Cleis Press in July, I've gotten many interesting inquiries during different times and at various appearances. At my reading, which took place at Charis Books in Atlanta, an attendee wanted to know how many of my stories was in the book. Another wanted to know if [...]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series: My Sex Life Isn’t My Boss’s Business

An Installment of The Leatherati S-E-X Series by Cysteine Because of Hobby Lobby, I May Have to Out Myself to My Employer. Just after the Hobby Lobby ruling came down on June 30, writer Dan Savage joked on Twitter, “Gays don’t use birth control – that’s totally a straight thing. So Supremes kinda legalized anti-straight [...]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series: Confessions of A Fisting Addict

By Bianca James  This piece originally appeared on Thought Catalog: http://thoughtcatalog.com/roman-scandal/2013/06/confessions-of-a-fisting-addict/I remember the first time someone got their whole hand inside of me. It was on my third date with a man who provided me with some of my darkest yet most intense moments of life. A charming sociopath who missed our first date because [...]

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Leatherati S-E-X Series Intro: Sex in the Dungeon (Yes, Really)

Janet W. Hardy   My friend P has not had sex with me – just ask him. But I’ve had sex with him. No, this isn’t one of those “the doctor said ‘I can’t operate on this boy – he’s my son!’” thought problems. It’s just a matter of how you define sex. (For one [...]

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Let’s Get Real About HIV Prevention

An article by V Andrews recently appeared on Leatherati titled To PrEP or Not to PrEP That is the Question. I have worked on HIV/STI prevention issues since the mid-80s and lately have been a strong advocate for the wider adoption of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), the HIV prevention option for which Mr. Andrews has some [...]

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The Enlightenment of Prevention

Answering the question To PrEP or not to PrEP… By Eric Paul Leue, Mr LA Leather 2014 In the article To PrEP or not to PrEP That is the Question by V Andrews published on July 9th, the author expresses his concerns about the marketing of PrEP to the public, and intends to inform and [...]

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Let’s Talk About S-E-X! Leatherati Series Call for Submissions

Let’s Talk About S-E-X!- Call for Submissions Our next Leatherati Series will be about SEX! When introducing what our Leatherati S-E-X Series will be, we first must define our subject. Taken from several dictionaries, sex is defined as: Sex (seks) Noun- 1. Physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc: [...]

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Putting Sex back in SM

Note: this is based on a workshop I present often and it is a personal mission for me. Remember, this is my opinion, not a set of rules or instructions. As people who are essentially sexual renegades, leatherfolk don’t take kindly to imposed rules. Take what you like and keep and open mind about the [...]

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Amsterdam Leather Pride & Kink Academy

One of the oldest streets in Amsterdam is the Warmoesstraat, familiar to many as the home of Amsterdam's leather and fetish scene. There have unfortunately been several iconic bars and clubs that closed over the years and many thought that the city wouldn't recover its kink crown. But new openings in recent years have helped [...]

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