Dancing in the Dark

I enjoy the dance, the sometimes subtle and sometimes brazen choreography of cruising.

He was about 5’4” tall, and slim, but still had enough muscle on him to be interesting. Dressed in jeans with heavy wear on the knees, a leather vest with no insignia and a leather ball cap pulled low over […]

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Mr San Diego Eagle 2014

The Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 contest was greatly expanded over previous years, adding 2 additional days to the event weekend. Thursday was added as title holder appreciation night, honoring previous Mr. San Diego Eagles. This was followed by a Friday Meet & Greet, Contest Saturday, and concluded with a Victory Brunch on Sunday.

Friday featured […]

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Daddy Spencer Bergstedt, International Ms Leather 1994

Leatherati Transgender Seriesby Tyesha BestSir Spencer Bergstedt has the rosiest of cheeks and a beautifully full beard and mustache. Each time I have come across him, I make sure to admire his shaved head and his rugged facial hair. He swings a mean paddle and has a wonderful Leather Family that keeps his heart cheerful […]

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International Community Bootblack 2013 Paul on Love, Blacking and Allies

Leatherati Transgender Seriesby Tyesha Best  Paul is full of smiles that radiates a lovable personality before he even speaks. He sports a tag on his ear, which is one of just many clues that reveal his love of goats. Paul, who is International Community Bootblack 2013, has risen above many times this year creating bridges that […]

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Woof! International Puppy and Trainer 2013: Rylee and Rose

Leatherati Transgender Seriesby Tyesha Best

Rose and Rylee have left lasting paw prints in the Leather and pup communities. They hail from Dallas, Texas having spread their love of all things puppies by creating a safe haven for both pups and trainers in Dallas.  They both play hard and work hard, having quite the number of […]

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Community Bloggers, Books and More…

Leatherati Transgender Series


Editor’s Note: I’ve compiled a list of different Bloggers, Books, Conferences and More that were suggestions from community members including, Amy Merchant, Tony Mayes, Karen Taylor, Tyler Fong, Spencer Bergstedt, Bootblack Paul and more! This list is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the amazing and influential in our communities and beyond.- […]

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Transgender Resources: Transitioning, Advocacy and News

Leatherati Transgender Series

compiled by Mercedes Allen

Introductory Information:
Trans* can include transitioning from one physical sex to the other, living between genders (or independent of gender), or some combination of the two.  Although transsexualism is what’s most thought of when trans issues are discussed, trans people don’t always embrace a gender binary of male / female, don’t […]

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Dirty! Great Trans-positive and Trans-inclusive Porn Sites!

Leatherati Transgender Series

Editor’s Note: I asked Tony if he was able to come up with great porn websites that were positive and inclusive to Transgender individuals. Tony delivered brilliantly and has started what hopes to be a currently active list of websites that will grow larger over time!-Tyesha Best


compiled by Tony Mayes 


Dirty Stuff
* obviously all […]

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Trans Leather

Leatherati transgender Series

by Sir Loki Madmonk 

I know that the majority of people in America have only been knowingly exposed to Transpeople from sensationalist media portraying us as some kind of weird anomaly. The fact is somewhere between 1 in 250 to 1 in 500 people are born transgender (Source). Shows like Oprah, Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, […]

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On the 71: Talking Transition and Shutting Up

Leatherati Transgender Series

by Riley Johnson 

As some readers know, I have been been active in the Leather community since 2005, and as less of you know, I transitioned to maleness in 2001. I’ll save you from the long story, but much of my past was an uphill climb. As a part of my transition, I experienced […]

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Finding Leather while Trans*

Leatherati Transgender Series

by Cysteine 

When I first delved into kink and the BDSM community, it was shortly after I came out as MtF transsexual and had transitioned to living full-time as female. I was scared that I wouldn’t be accepted and seen as some kind of freak. It was that worry that fueled my fears and […]

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The Trans Journey

Leatherati Transgender Series

by boy  alex leffers, International Deaf Leatherboy 2005 Back in 2000 when I decided I would transition, I had only been exploring kink and the leather community a few years.  Little did I know what kind of an impact my transition would have on my journey – both as a leatherboy and as a […]

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